UMANG is an abbreviated word that stands for (Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance). It’s an app and developed by (MeitY) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and National e-Governance Division (NeGD) to encourage Mobile Governance in India. It was an initiative birthed under the program Digital India in their quest to create a single point of access to government services. UMANG primarily aims at providing a platform that is a free, multilingual, highly- secured portal access. It’s an exclusive mobile app from the Government of India to access more than 623 services through 116 central departments. And state government departments in several Indian languages and available on all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows).

The availability of the application in many regional languages, in addition to English, makes it easy to use and relevant for cities and especially for all rural areas that have a large audience and exposure. UMANG has an active Customer Support that works all the days of the week for user convenience. It is a regular and straightforward platform for different government services such as gas booking, Aadhaar, crop insurance, and EPF.

Umang Portal

Umang Portal

Key Features and benefits

UMANG has a load of exciting and user-friendly features that makes the app usage a wonderful experience. There are some benefits and features that UMANG offers users.

Access To various services:

On UMANG portal, you can access different government services, at least the app boasts of up to 660 services through 127 departments in 25 states. The services (whether central, states or local) made available at the user fingertips on a single mobile app.


Since UMANG aims at solving user problems, integration is one of its key features. It brings various services closer to the user by integrating a lot of customer-centered services such as Aadhaar and Digi locker.

Easy Access:

UMANG has a rich multimedia interface, with an emphasis on maximizing usage and enriching the user experience.  Access to the UMANG app done through different platforms, such as smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

Customer Services:

UMANG has an active Customer Support that works from 10 am to 6 pm all the days of the week for user convenience

Bills payment for gas, water, electricity done easily on the app.

Apart from the English language, it offers multiple languages. Up to 12 regional and local languages spoken in India is available on the app to encourage more local usage.


As discussed, the earlier UMANG portal offers more than 600 services, but we will only mention and highlight a few out of them here.

  1. Digi-Locker Facility:

    This is a highly secured platform for storing, sharing, and verifying documents; it is cloud-based. The UMANG application provides access to central, state, and regional Digi-Locker facilities quickly and helps save time and effort in collaborating with various organizations. It also enables you to connect with different customer support and complaints cells on time.

  2. Ayushman Bharat

  3. HP, Indane Gas, Bharat Gas:

    You can check for the availability of a new gas cylinder, apply for a new one, and order for the cylinder on the UMANG portal.

  4. EPFO:

    This app aids in monitoring your EPF account, check your balance, and also calculate pension and gratuity on the pension portal.

  5. Bharat Bill Pay Service (BBPS):

    Utility bills like electricity, telephone, DTH paid off immediately with Bharat Bill Pay Service is also available on UMANG

  6. CBSE:

    UMANG gives all information regarding the exams, exam centers, and also the result.

  7. Crop Insurance:

    UMANG app allows the farmers to calculate insurance principles and premiums on their crop harvest.

  8. NPS:

    You can log in to your National Pension System on the UMANG app.

  9. Aadhaar Card:

    You can view and download your Aadhaar Card from the Digi-Locker Facility

  10. e-RaktKosh:

    UMANG provides access to all blood banks across the country

  11. Passport Seva:

    Application, processing, and delivery of Passport done and traced on UMANG Portal

  12. e-Pathshala:

    Teachers on this portal can access educational resources like curriculum, audio, eBooks, video and other teaching resources

  13. PariVahan Seva Vahan:

    Allows you to download vehicle registration document

  14. Pay Income Tax

  15. Jeevan Pramaan

However, there are more hundreds of Government services than the ones listed above. Any service you need is available, just log on to the UMANG portal and search for the service. The website designed in a way that simple to understand, searching for what you need is very easy and straightforward.

Eligibility for UMANG scheme

Every citizen of India is eligible to register on the UMANG app. According to the app’s term of use, anyone below 18 will have to register with the parent’s or guardian’s consent before they can collect any information from you. The underage, as mentioned earlier, will submit the parent’s Email ID, App sends them a message to confirm from them. Also, anyone previously removed by the National e-Governance Division (NeGD)/ Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India will not be eligible for the services on the UMANG portal.

How to Download Umang App?

The app is available on all App Store, Google Play store (Android users), and the iTunes app store for iPhone users. Just visit the stores, type the UMANG app, and download straight to your phone.

  • Or you can decide to download on the app websites, https://web.umang.gov.in if you want to download on the website you have two options.
  • You can do the downloading by scanning the QR code on the official website.
  • On the other hand, call 97183-97183, and the download link sent directly to your phone, and then you can download it.


How to Apply for the UMANG scheme?

This is also equally easy, and once you have downloaded the app on your phone you can follow the steps below for registration

  • Start the UMANG app and try to log in
  • Click on the registration or create new user option
  • Next is the page for verifying your mobile number
  • Then an OTP generated with the mobile number
  • Once you have generated an OTP, create an MPIN
  • After creating the MPIN, you asked to set two security questions for account recovery
  • Do not forget the answers
  • Then you can link your AADHAR although not optional and users can also be allowed to connect with the social media accounts

Documents needed for UMANG scheme

UMANG does not need a specific document before you register apart from personal information. Information like your name, mobile number, Email ID, address, and date of birth. Sometimes you may need to supply your Aadhaar number if you are not registering with a mobile number.

However, depending on the type of services you want to access this portal, you are asked to supply a certificate or documents that support the use you want to be delivered. And you are also to acknowledge and understand that you are responsible for the authenticity of every personal detail you gave, and certificate or documents is solely for personal service delivery. And stored electronically on the website.

Always advised reading the Privacy Policy before using any service that requires certificates and documents on the UMANG portal.

 More about UMANG scheme

This app developed to fast track different governmental services to the masses. This is not a Private app, and access is Public. There are two ways of registering on the UMANG portal, is either with your mobile number or with your Aadhaar Number. Its a personalized service delivery and not in any way commercialized. Although registration is free, the license to access the UMANG portal is limited. It is limited such that when you violate laws that applied to all users. This scheme in their full capacity can terminate your account. Once this happens, you can no longer enjoy their services or even register again.


UMANG app built to integrate with our daily lives. It fosters and encourages digital usage but yet does so in a simple manner understood by everybody. UMANG app breaks regional barriers by offering its services in almost all languages known in India.

UMANG app is for all as the services cuts across every activity in our daily lives. From the kitchen (ordering gas cylinder) down to our welfare by providing trusted access to prices of scheduled and non-scheduled drugs. Also helps accessing the fastest means of getting our bills paid online, storing, and printing document. With the services, the app proves its usefulness to older adults by helping to calculate loans and gratuity.

Even rural areas not left out of the span of the UMANG app.  It also used by the farmers to calculate the principles and premiums on insurance introduced by the Government on a timely basis. This app is an all in one app. And the criteria are straightforward to be a resident/citizen above 18, have a mobile phone, a mobile number or an Aadhaar number, Email ID, and a simple knowledge about the internet. You must also have the necessary documents and certificates for the service you want to be delivered. With all these in place, then you are ready to enjoy the loads of governmental services that UMANG bringing to your doorstep.

Official website: https://web.umang.gov.in/uaw/About-umang.html

Email: customercare@umang.gov.in
Phone: 1-800-11-5246 (7 Days a week, 8 AM-8 PM)