The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan SSA scheme deals with a wide range of activities that help in the provision of holistic education in elementary schools.

Its key activities include:

  • Providing equal opportunities for learning for both boys and girls.
  • Making sure that there are enough schools and classrooms to accommodate the growing population of children
  • There are enough sanitary units like toilets so as to prevent the spread of diseases that come with poor sanitation
  • Many other projects that are of great benefit to the greater population.

SSA also plays a key role in ensuring the teachers who coach and train the students highly skilled and maximally eligible in rendering good services. They also provide free textbooks in all learning centers so that each and every child comfortably learn with minimal challenges due to inadequate reading and reference materials.

Aside from doing all of these, they also purchase uniforms for the children who come from underprivileged backgrounds. Also and make sure there is enough food and water for the children to have when they are in school.  They drove with a strong passion for ensuring that all children have access to a good education.

The SSA scheme also helps in bridging the gap that exists in transitioning from elementary then primary than secondary schools.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan-SSA mission

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan-SSA mission

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Goals

This body offers a number of services that help to achieve its vision and mission statements. Most of the services they provide normally directed to make it easy for students in elementary schools. So that students have a good foundation in reading, writing, and performing basic mathematics operations. The teachers work hard hand in hand with this board to make sure they deliver the kind of teaching services they enrolled to offer. But with the RTE Act which recently passed several changes made to the strategical operations and norms of the SSA. These incorporated changes aim to provide the following services:

SSA Services:

  • Making sure that there is equity and diversity when providing these educational services. All children from different backgrounds offered the same education services with no biases. The physically disabled children, the Muslims who happen to be the minority, the children whose parents are agricultural workers, and have no land, SC, and ST. All of them share an equal opportunity of having access to high-quality education so that they can emerge up to be very prominent and helpful individuals in society.
  • Providing top-notch and holistic education to all. Making sure the curriculum implicated in 2005 by the national curriculum framework amply used & keenly followed by the teachers and students. Also, the management of different schools should be in a position to ensure the program outlined by the SSA officials is followed.
  • Ensuring there is gender equality when it comes to the provision of education. For a long time, girls generally out skirted and given the right and privilege to go to school like the boy child. However, in the SSA scheme, the girls included attending schools and are on par with the boys.
  • Under this scheme, teachers obliged to cultivate a culture of innovation in the children’s lives. Not only inside the classrooms but also when they are not in school. This helps mitigate the feeling of segregation amongst the children and especially girls who come from oppressive homes.
  • Making sure that schools are accessible from almost any specified distance. This implies an in-depth understanding and consideration when it comes to providing education. For some groups traditionally excluded like: the SC, ST, the highly underprivileged groups, the Muslim minority group, children – disabled or physically challenged, and the girl child.
  • The RTE act followed up on by the SSA scheme emphasizes the use of moral compulsion instead of the old punitive measures used by teachers, parents, educational administrators, and other school stakeholders. This helps the students not to fear to go to school because of the brutal methods of discipline used.
  • Lastly, for the RTE act to function in this scheme, the integrated and convergent system for education should be properly implemented. Every single state should move in this direction with a maximum speed at hand.

With all of these services provided by the SSA board, everyone set to benefit from all of its work.



Eligibility for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

For on to be eligible to be a beneficiary under this scheme, you either have to be a teacher or a student.

For teachers, you must have top-notch qualifications. You should have graduated with a degree or a diploma in early childhood education. Your competence and credibility should be able to stand out from others in that your grades should be of the highest rank. You should always have clean records. Any person who wants to become a teacher under this scheme should possess no criminal records of any sort. This is because when you have been given the role of speaking and imparting in the lives of children, your morals and ethics play a very significant position.

On the student’s side, all they require a solid reason why they cannot be able to afford to pay school fees to get eligible. If they come from disadvantaged backgrounds or areas where education not valued like the SC and ST tribes. Also if where they reside schools not locally available, then they granted full access to education under this scheme.

This scheme favors or discriminates no one. Every child who comes from a family or a community unable to send him or her child to school is now well eligible for the school under this scheme.

How to download the SSA application Form?

There are two ways in which one can be able to download or have access to the application form that will make you be a member of the SSA scheme.

The first way directly visiting the SSA offices so that they can hand you the application form. They interview you with a few questions. It’s simple and straight to the point.

The second way, you can always download the application form online through the SAA website portal. This is especially very convenient for people who are unable to go all the way to their offices. This new technology launched so as to make the whole process of downloading the application forms much easy.

How to apply for SSA?

The application process is quite easy. Once you get the application form either physically or virtually from the website, all you have to do fill in the questions. When it comes to answering the questions in the application form you suppose to be highly cautious and meticulous. Because if you make any error, there is a high possibility that your application might be rejected.

You should keep in mind that several people want to benefit from this scheme. So your application should stand out from the rest.

It’s easy for you to make your application? Just follow the simple instructions outlined and Once done with filling in the blank spaces as per the instructions, submit your application.

Documents needed for SSA

For a teacher who is applying, you need to submit the following documents:

College qualification certificates, good conduct records, and the official identity card issued by the government.

For the student, all you need to present a birth certificate card.

Once you presented these very vital documents an ay forward on the next steps you supposed to follow.

More about SSA scheme

Aside from this scheme offering high-quality education for elementary school children, it also has a monitoring program. This program called UDISE. The purpose of monitoring is to help the officials of the SSA to know how to allocate finances and teachers. Where ever this scheme is used in various schools.

The bottom line is that this monitoring program helps them in accountability so that they are in a position to know the numbers they are working with in order for them to properly allocate resources.


It is very much evident that the SSA scheme has really done incredibly great things for the citizens in India. The provision of high-quality education for every child should not be taken lightly. That’s Why the SSA board should be enormously commended for the good work they are doing.

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