About PM Kisan Scheme or PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana in India

About PM Kisan Scheme

PM Kisan scheme is a concept that has its full funding and support from the Government. The basic intent of the scheme is to provide farmers with income support and help them acquire the various necessary inputs during the seasons for sowing. The project aimed at all small and marginal farmers all around India.

PM Kisan, as developed by India’s Government as a way of giving farmers ₹6,000 (84 USD) per year as an income to support the people even though they might be small. The scheme launched in February 2019. It was carried out by the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation, and Welfare of Farmers (DAC and FW). This is under the Ministry of Agriculture and Welfare of Farmers. Accessible through the Ministry of Agriculture of all governments of the states and territories of the Union.

The scheme directed to help over 12 crore farmer’s family will cost Rs.75k crores ($ 11 billion) per year and become active in December 2018 and beyond. Six thousand will be paid per year to farmers’ families that are qualified. It will be a direct deposit into his bank account to avoid being embezzled and for convenience withdrawal. What the scheme meant by a family are the husband, wife, and children. PM Kisan scheme transfers funds directly to the beneficiary account. And the responsibility of identifying the beneficiaries is left to the state government.

According to information covered on the official website of the scheme (web.pmkisan.gov.in), every farmer can enjoy it. Still, exclusion placed on some people, which we discuss under the eligibility part of this article. PM Kisan scheme creates an opportunity for living and earning a respectable life for farmers. Especially, farmers that are cultivating land up to two hectares.

Key features and Benefits of Scheme

The benefits allowed only to the families of small and marginal farmers, with combined land ownership of up to 2 hectares. Subsequently, the scheme was revised and extended to all farming families, regardless of the size of their properties. PM Kisan scheme not a get rich quick scheme. It was initiated to supplement the farmer’s income before the sowing seasons. The scheme implemented through an electronic data system connected to the Aadhaar database containing data of all members of the family of farmers. Their names appear in the land document.

When transferring financial benefits to suitable farmers, Aadhaar number must be collected for all beneficiaries. The beneficiaries will be provided with a fund of ₹6000 every four months in a year. It is a quarterly-paid benefit.


The services are further down to the benefits of the PM Kisan scheme. To get more about this, you are referred to read the revised operational guideline on the official website pmkisan.gov.in. Inside you will see criteria to be eligible for the scheme and also what can make you ineligible. The issue of calculation of benefits and transfer of benefits also solved. Additionally, it talked about the PM Kisan portal, the importance, how to use it, and also the expected essential and optional attributes of the farmers that must be input by the state.

Scheme benefits
Scheme benefits

Eligibility For PM Kisan

We will not only discuss eligibility here but also a list of things that can make a farmer non-eligible.

The scheme has its sponsorship from the Government. Therefore, farmers must country’s residents and also it should be properly registered.

Farmers classified as small and marginal agricultural workers are eligible to apply for this scheme. And must not farmland more than 2 acres.

Under the revised operational guideline, the following people will be ineligible for the Pm Kisan scheme.

  1. All owners that are financially buoyant; also
  2. Agricultural family members belonging to these categories:
  • Former and current constitutional holders
  1. All retired government employees
  2. Ministries/departments and their central or state PSE field units and Annex offices / autonomous government agencies, also the local government employees.
  3. People capable of paying tax for the previous assessment year.
  4. Pensioners that are collecting Rs.10000 monthly
  5. All professionals like doctors’ engineers, lawyers, and chartered accountant

How to download PM Kisan Application Form?

Application for PM Kisan made on the app by those who have little or more knowledge about the internet. The mobile app for the PM Kisan scheme developed by the National informatics Center under the umbrella of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. To download the app as easy as using the app. Through the PM Kisan scheme mobile app, the farmers can

– Do Registrations themselves

– Also, able to check the status of their registration and payments made.

– Correction of name according to their Aadhaar

-Get more knowledge and become more familiar with the scheme

– Be able to call helpline Numbers

You follow the outlined steps below to make things easy for you while downloading the PM Kisan scheme app.

The first step

At least when we are searching for something, the first place you consult is google.

  • Go to google.in and search for PM Kisan scheme mobile app
  • Either you directed to the official website of the scheme or Google play store, which we discuss in the following steps.

Second step: 

You can also download by going directly to the official website of PM Kisan scheme pmkisan.gov.in

  • At the upper right corner, you will see “Farmer’s corner.”
  • Click on the farmer’s corner, and under the menu, you will see the “PMKISAN mobile app.”
  • Click on it and you directed to Google play store where you can download the app

Or if you are the type that is good with the internet, you can go directly to Google play store and download it to your phone. If you have any problem concerning the app, you can always comment on the google play store page. The developers will always be there to answer you.

How to apply for PM Kisan?

Enrolment of PM Kisan scheme done in two ways;

  1. To apply for the PM Kisan scheme, the farmer will have to find their way to the revenue officer in their locality or Nodal officers approved by the Government of their state.

The authorization given to the Common Service Center (CSC) to register farmers who have made payment for the scheme after making payment.

  1. Farmers who are literate and have internet knowledge or knows someone who does can also register on the website for quicker registration.

Other things like changing names on the database according to the name on Aadhaar card done through the farmer’s corner.  They equally can also know their payment status in the farmer’s corner.

Documents needed for PM Kisan scheme

Given below the necessary documentation required to apply for the PM Kisan scheme, failure to provide the following document will make the farmer ineligible for the scheme’s Benefit.

Your certificate of citizenship, this is to prove you are a citizen. Because the scheme only applies to citizens

Land property papers: This will enable them to know the measurement of your land and also prove you are the owner of the said property

Aadhaar card

Your Bank Account information: To receive the fund directly to your account

More About the PM Kisan scheme

The considered eligible farmers under the scheme for the next five years and no changes whatsoever made in the list of beneficiaries in the PM Kisan database. However, there a transfer of ownership if there is a change of land ownership through the death of the landowner, and this duly done by following appropriate steps. But if the change in land ownership happened through sale, then the new owner will not be eligible for the Benefit, and the former owner can also become ineligible if he has no cultivable land after the change in ownership.

But if the change happened as a result of inheritance, the new landowner will be eligible only if the deceased owner was still eligible before death. And after that will be self-declaration of the new owner to appropriate authorities for the inclusion of name into the PM KISAN database.

Another important thing under the scheme that the beneficiary has identified by the individual state Governments and the union territory (UT). And their registered details maintained by the State Government/UTs manually or in an electronic form.


Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) is a government initiative that is mainly for alleviating poverty and making the citizens independent without depending on the Government for a white-collar job. Everything in life, they said, is bias and not equal. This not “not being an equal event” is in favor of citizens, particularly in the rural areas that are responsible for feeding over 1.3 billion Indians, i.e., the farmers. The Government ensured there is no interference with the scheme through corruption by developing a system that works on the collected details in the database to send the fund directly into the account of the beneficiaries.

Official Website: pmkisan.gov.in

Download PM Kisan Mobile App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nic.project.pmkisan&hl=en_IN

PM-Kisan Helpline No. 011-24300606 / 011-23381092