NSIC Infrastructure Scheme – IT Incubator is the scheme that focuses to create sustainable entrepreneurship development in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) area.

About NSIC:

NSIC means National Small Industries Corporation & is an enterprise of the Government of India.

– It works to upgrade the micro, small and medium enterprises of the country, support them and enhance their development.

– National Small Industries Corporation had established in 1955.

NSIC started upgrading new and old small enterprises in the country and abroad from its established year itself.

– It also carries out its financial condition, marketing, raw material distribution schemes, and technical support programs.

– It carries out its operations smoothly through its branch offices and technical service centers spread across the country.

Apart from all these functions, NSIC mainly consists of training and incubation of businessmen in the industry. NSIC provides a wide range of services as per the needs of the business manpower as well as the industry enterprise sector.

National Small Industries Corporation is operating through a network of branch offices and technical service centers spread across the country.

To manage its operations in African countries, NSIC has opened its office in Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition, NSIC has opened a training and incubation centers. NSIC, with its vast commercial manpower, provides a package of services as per the requirements of the micro small and medium enterprises sector.

The National Small Industries Corporation carries forward its mission of supporting small enterprises with a set of specially designed schemes. So that these small scale industries can become a competitive and profitable position. These schemes include marketing assistance, loan assistance, technology support, and other support services.

NSIC Services:

  • Infrastructure
  1. Integrated Marketing Development Centre – Bhubaneswar
  2. NSIC Office Building at Sector-V, Salt Lake – Kolkata
  3. Exhibition-Cum-Marketing Development Business Park (EMDBP)
  4. Software Technology cum Business Parks
  5. IT Incubator
  • National SC & ST Hub
  • Exhibition & Event management
  • Procurement & Marketing Support
  • ASPIRE Scheme

Here, this article is about the IT incubator service provided under the NSIC infrastructure support scheme. 

NSIC Incubation of unemployed youth for setting up new micro and small enterprises:

This program helps in setting up new enterprises by creating self-employment opportunities for unemployed persons across the country.

The objective of the scheme is to provide integrated services in the field of training for entrepreneurship skills development, selection of small projects, preparation of project profile/report, locating plants, machines and equipment and informing them about their resources, sanctioning credit facility.

By setting up new small enterprises and helping them in the production and services sector. Other support services are to grant to accelerate the development of small enterprises in scripture.

Benefits of the NSIC Infrastructure Scheme – IT Incubator:

– Ready to move in Built-up space, access to SW library, Business center and internet facilities.

– IT Incubator in a conducive environment.

– Preliminary level counseling and training.

– Facilitation in finely tuning business plans.

– Specialized market exposure, mentoring services, and training.

– Advanced level of venture capital and facilitating seed finance, maturity level, documentation support, and support in legal formalities.

– Business partners sourcing, legal and statutory formalities for enterprise launch.

What are the eligibility and the NSIC registration process?

– MSMEs are eligible.

– For the use of the space and infrastructure of NSIC-TBI, the potential capitalist shall pay a monthly license cost to NSIC.

– In accumulation to the license fee, the internet, telephone, and business center charges are also payable on actuals.

– Experts help services like accountancy, legal, marketing, etc. are also chargeable.

More details can be found at http://www.nsic.co.in/Schemes/Infrastructure.aspx

Online registration of NSIC:

To apply online at NSIC, one must first go to the website of NSIC.

After opening the website, you have to click on the button to apply online.

Now the registration form will open in front of you.

Now all you have to do is fill in the information asked in the form carefully and attach the required documents and submit it.

Offline registration of NSIC:

For offline registration, filling the form and storing the required documents have to submit to the nearest office of National Small Industries Corporation.

Download NSIC Registration form



NSIC Infrastructure Scheme - IT Incubator registration form 2

After Filling the offline NSIC registration form send it to below address:

NSIC Project Manager –
NTSC Premises, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi-110020
Contact Number: 011-26926513
E-mail Id: itincubator@nsic.co.in


Facilities provided by NSIC to traders:

– The National Small Industries Corporation helps small scale industries (small and medium businesses) make available domestic and foreign machines on rent and purchase.

– Financial assistance to Small Scale Industries (Small and Medium Businesses) through various schemes,

– Assistance in obtaining product design including CAD.

– Providing classroom and practical training for skill development for technical proficiency.

– Assistance in getting government orders: To help in getting orders for the purchase of those products in the offices of the central and state governments for the sale of the product made by the small and cottage industries (micro and small industries).

– Arrangement for exhibition and advertisement: The Central Government and the State Government arrange advertisements for exhibition and government expenditure for cottage and small scale industries from time to time.

NSIC arranges various exhibitions and advertisements organized by the Central Government and the State Government to increase sales and promote their promotion of small and medium scale industries.

– Providing energy and environmental service at selected centers.

– Advising on the adoption of new technologies.

– Co-ordinating with big companies: There is a general belief that if the product belongs to a large company, it will be better. This increases sales.

NSIC coordinates between Small Scale Industries (Small Business) and Large Scale Industries (Large Companies) so that small scale products can be sold along with the products of large industries. This method is very helpful for small and medium businesses to increase sales.

Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS) for government procurement:

– The National Small Industries Corporation runs a single point registration scheme under the Government Procurement Program.

– In which registered SSI units receive priority for procurement in the Government Procurement Program

– They are exempted from payment of advance funds etc. Units registered under this scheme enjoy the following facilities:

– Issue of free tender sets.

– Advance notice of tenders to issue by DGS & D.

– Exemption from payment of the earnest deposit.

– Exemption in security deposit to the extent to which the unit registers.

– In case the value of an order rises above the monetary limit, issue a certificate of competence after necessary investigation.

The evaluation process involved in SPRS certificate:

single point registration scheme-registration steps SPR NISC

single point registration scheme-registration steps SPR NISC

How to Apply for NSIC Certificate:

  1. To Get the NSIC SPRS certificate. Visit the link. https://www.nsic.co.in/Schemes/Single-Point-Registration.aspx
  2. Scroll down the page to the bottom click on “Apply From here”. A new page will be open with fresh URL http://www.nsicspronline.com/home.aspx
  3. In the middle of the page click on the button “Online registration”.
  4. It takes to form of interest page here read the Registration criteria & registration process
    spr criteria

    spr criteria

  5. Fill the company details
    single point registration company details

    single point registration company details

  6. Fill the Further information section.
    single point registration details

    single point registration details

  7. Click on the register.


Verify the SPRS Certificate:

  1. To verify the NSIC SPRS certificate. Visit the link. https://www.nsic.co.in/Schemes/Single-Point-Registration.aspx
  2. It takes you to http://www.nsicspronline.com/Final_Verify.aspx
  3. Enter the organization name & Registration number. Then click on the search."verify

National Small Industries Corporation registration fees:

Fees are required to be registered for registration of industry in National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC). The fees are as follows:

– For a business with 1 crore turnover, a fee of Rs. 5,000 is to pay for registration under Single Point Registration scheme.

– If the turnover of the business is more than 1 crore, the registration fee is Rs. 5,000 for the first 1 crore and 2,000 for the rest.

– The registration fee is not included, so the tax money is added separately.

– After registration, half of the amount given as registration fee for any kind of edit or modification is to give again as a fee.

– If you want to renew your NSIC certificate then you have to pay 50% of the registration fee.

– 5,000 separate fees have to pay for the Competency Certificate of the industry.

– Subsidy of up to 20% of National Small Industries Corporation registration fees is provided to SC, ST people.

– 6,000 for inspection of cottage (micro) industries and 8 thousand for small (small business) inspection.


Overall, the National Small Industries Corporation is an organization to help small scale industries get the benefit of special schemes made for small and medium industries.

National Small Industries Corporation carries forward its mission of supporting small enterprises with a set of schemes so that these small scale industries can become a competitor and reach a profit position.

Important Links:

NSIC Infrastructure: https://www.nsic.co.in/Schemes/Infrastructure.aspx