About India Post Agent-Franchise Scheme

About India Post Agent-Franchise Scheme

India has the largest postal network in the world with more than 150 000 post offices. Still, more post offices are in demand, especially in recent developing urban areas. To solve this demand, India Post offers a postal service franchise scheme. The franchise scheme is of two types:

  1. Franchise Outlets and supply counter services where post offices cannot open
  2. Postal Agents and supply stamps and stationery either in urban or rural areas

1. Key features and benefits of the Franchisee Outlet

The main goal of a Franchise Outlet is the counter services. Other services such as delivery and transmission continue through India Post. The franchise is responsible to link franchisees to entities. The features and benefits for the franchisees are as follows:

  • Implementation

The franchise model applies in fast-growth urban areas. In order to evaluate the franchisees, duties review occurs twice a year. The first review is after 6 months of the space opening. The second review is at the end of a year and it counts as the final decision.

  • Balance

Each franchise must have a balanced revenue. Thereby, the minimum revenue depends on the range of services, location, investments, cost of the facilities, etc.

  • Remuneration

The franchisees earn remuneration and commission on services, as set out in the document called Schedule of Memorandum of Agreement. This document is part of a pdf file that is available for download. To get the document, the franchise must check the section “How to download the application?”.

  • Monitoring

It is the inspectors who make the monitoring of the franchise each month. Later, the addition of an electronic tool aims to complete the monitoring process.

  • Training

Franchisees get manuals and do have training. The training is on the objectives, products, and services. It includes themes such as building maintenance and customer support.

  • Pre-printed Barcode Stickers

A point of sale software makes these barcode stickers for the franchisees.

  • Awards

The Circle Head will offer annual awards for the Franchise Outlets’ good work.

Services of the Franchisee Outlet

The franchisee will work for a minimum defined time schedule with 24-hour availability.

The services that Franchise Outlet Scheme can deliver are as follows:

  • Sale of stamps and stationery (it includes philatelic stuff).
  • Booking registered articles, speed post articles, money orders, e-post, etc. Bulk booking of registered/speed post articles is possible without any limit. The franchisees cannot do the bulk booking from ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ customers. Further, Link Post Offices shall report any cases of heavy bulk bookings.
  • Franchise outlets cannot book any money order for a value less thanRs.100.
  • Functioning as a direct agent for Postal Life Insurance and providing related after-sales service, including a collection of premia.
  • Marketing products and follow-up services.
  • Providing retail including sale of revenue stamps and Central Recruitment Fee stamps and bill/tax/fine collection/payment services.
  • Facilitating governance through the electronic platform and citizen-centric services.
  • Requires in accordance with other organizations.

The flexibility of the model allows a range of services to extend through the outlets according to the need/demand. Additionally, the range of counter services can vary, keeping in view the location and its capacity to generate revenues.

Eligibility of The Franchise Outlets

Criteria for the selection of Franchise Outlets are as follows:

  • Individual as well as institutions/organizations/others(corner shops, stationery shops, etc.).
  • Urban areas, rural areas, special economic zones, major highway projects, industrial centers, educational institutions, etc.
  • Will enter into an agreement: the individual, in the case of individual the corresponding Head of the institution/organization/other entity.
  • The family members cannot take the franchise in the same Division in which postal employees are working.
  • Age: above 18 years and there is no upper age limit.
  • Educational qualifications: 8th class pass from a recognized school.
  • Preference for postal pensioners and those able to provide computer facilities.
  • Premises must be accessible, properly located, and maintained with a suitable display of approved signages.
  • The Applicant makes the necessary investments to conduct the business. It provides details on how the premises will run, proposals for marketing products, role in the local community, etc.
  • The business plan requires the anticipated minimum level of business/revenue.
  • Security Deposit requires the maximum possible level of financial transactions on a daily basis. The minimum value is set at Rs.5,000/-and its rise succeeds from average daily revenue.
  • The concerned Divisional Head selects within 14 days from the date of receipt of application.
India Post Agent Portal login
India Post Agent Portal login

2. Key features and benefits of the Postal Agents

India Post Agent only takes into account counter services of postal stamps and stationery along with philatelic stuff. The franchisee will work for a minimum defined time schedule with 24-hour availability.

Services of the India Post Agent

The offer of products and services consists of the sale of postal stamps and stationery(which includes philatelic material).

Eligibility of The Indian Postal Agents

The criteria for the selection of India Post Agent are as follows:

  • Individual as well as institutions/organizations/others (corner shops, stationery shops, etc.).
  • In urban and rural areas are eligible for taking up the postal agent work.
  • If In the case of individuals, the Photo Identity Card will be issued in an individual’s name. In the case of organizations/ institutions/shops, etc., a Photo Identity Card will be issued in the name of the respective Head/Nominated person.
  • The family members cannot take this franchise in the same Division in which postal employees are working.
  • Age: above 18 years with no upper age limit.
  • Educational qualifications: no prescribed educational qualification.
  • Premises must be properly maintained with a suitable display of approved signages. Postal Divisional office/Link sub-post office provides the signages.
  • Postal Agents neither need a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department nor doing security deposits.
  • The In-charge of the Link Post Office will make ensure the availability of stamps and stationery to the Postal Agents.
  • The purchase is by cash only and subjects to a minimum transaction value of Rs.300/-. The Postal Agents commission/deduction on the total purchases is 5%.
  • Sales registration is the responsibility of the Link Post Office.
  • Postal Agent’s license does not strictly follow the distance norms for the opening of post offices.
  • Postal Agents License is valid for a 12 months period. Successive evaluation occurs after every 3 years.
  • Department of Post scan terminate/cancel the license for a valid reason.
  • Any dispute or difference arising between the parties goes through the resolution by the concerned Head of the Postal Division/Circle.

How to download the application?

Applicants to either Franchise Outlet or India Post Agent may download the form at https://www.indiapost.gov.in/VAS/Pages/Content/Franchise_Scheme.aspx

The link takes to the Department of Posts of the Indian Government. The homepage of the Department of Posts has a text with the heading ‘Franchise Scheme’. At the end of the text, by pressing the red button ‘Click Here’ it allows the download of the pdf file.

How to apply?

Before sending the required documents, those interested in the franchise must create an account. The next link will lead to the India Post-registration homepage:


Inside the account, the users choose the category ‘OSA/Franchise’.

Documents needed

Applicants for franchises need to submit an application by filling the appropriate forms.

  • In the case of Franchise Outlets

The applicant for the franchise needs to submit first the Agreement Form (Annex-I). Then, the selected franchise will sign a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Posts (Annex-II).

  • In the case of Postal Agents

The applicant for Postal Agent needs to submit first the Agreement Form (Annex-III).

The selection of the postal agent takes place under the concerned Divisional Head.

The selected postal agent approaches the concerned Divisional Head to get and fill the Photo Identity Card model (Annex-IV).

indian postal agent features
indian postal agent features

More about India Post Agent & Franchise scheme

  • Branding

All franchised outlets and India post agents will get the standard Signages.

  • Advertisement and Publicity

Is the concerned Divisional Head that supports advertisement & publicity.

The goal is to call the interest among the public, thus ensuring more franchisees every year.

You can get additional info about the franchise scheme by contacting the following number:

Customer Care Toll-Free Number 1800 266 6868


Due to the importance of increasing the post offices in developing areas, the Indian Government welcomes new franchises. The postal services also extend to rural areas as well. The two types of franchises to which interested can apply are Franchise Outlet and India Post Agent. The applications are accessible to a wide range of individuals and to a variety of entities. To facilitate, Concerned Divisional Head evaluates applications in a short period of time. When starting the business, either Franchise Outlet or Postal Agents receive free signages and advertisement support.

India Post recognizes the determination and positive results of the franchisees by means of awards. This act may influence other franchisees for the quality of services, thus causing a good impact on customers’ confidence. Both types of franchises work 24 hours daily, which is of great benefit to people. Since all franchise posts do sell stamps and stationery, people interested in philatelic items can address any of the posts.

Important Links:

Outsourcing & Franchise Info: https://www.indiapost.gov.in/VAS/Pages/faqs.aspx?Category=Jgo4qG+ZxEdnNjDV6ag+QXuwe8G8apH1u3IyRqHj2fmjgBJ9iRK2Pp8w2yvgWTxnLbSIGKBkZ0c8WD8TE6hu8U9MlCWlmzov

India Post Agent Login: https://dopagent.indiapost.gov.in/corp/AuthenticationController?FORMSGROUP_ID__=AuthenticationFG&__START_TRAN_FLAG__=Y&__FG_BUTTONS__=LOAD&ACTION.LOAD=Y&AuthenticationFG.LOGIN_FLAG=3&BANK_ID=DOP&AGENT_FLAG=Y