Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At we give a high priority to the privacy of those visiting our site. You can trust that all the information that we collect are in safe hands and we will only use it to improve your user experience.

For us to deliver the best services our site has to be familiar with your taste, choice, and preferences. And for this reason, we have to collect some personal information from time to time. We collect personal information for the sole purpose of using it on our website only. There are security measures put in place to ensure that all your personal information is safe at all times. So at no point during your use of our site will we sell your information to any third party.

Through our systems intelligence service, all information collecting procedures are done automatically with regards to your searches. This makes it easy because you do not have to fill any digital forms. With each page that you visit and the products you view, the system is able to know all your likes. The automated information collection procedure executes different methods in obtaining personal data about you.

Here are some of the common ways through which collects your personal information:

Log Files

Log files are like the diaries that a computer system uses to record and store useful vents that take place within a period of time. They register all events and this makes them very useful in collecting user information. Like most websites, also makes use of log files when gathering personal information on our website visitors.

From the log files, we can know your internet protocol(IP) address, your internet service provider (ISP), and the type of browser you are using. All these avenues give us information that helps us to know more about you. This information helps our systems to know what to show and what not to show you during your visit on the website. We use the information on IP addresses to know your estimated geographical location. This enables us to only show you products that are relevant to that particular area. This can particularly be helpful when you are in need of a product but you do not know exactly where to get it. Through our systems, you will be able to get the best product suggestions that suit your current location.

Information on the type of browser you use is also very important because it helps us in tailoring the best delivery method. Browsers also have their own policies so depending on the type we may or not be able to perform certain actions. We also use log files to know the time you visit our website and how many times you do it. This helps in pinpointing the exact activities that you took part in during your visit on the website. As you can see all this information is just collected for your own good. If you are a regular visitor to the website, you may notice that you get a better user experience compared to a first time visitor. This is possible due to the personal information that our systems collect from the log files.

Website Cookies

Apart from using log files also uses web cookies to collect and store personal information. Through the use of cookies, our website will be able to store all the information that relates to your previous visits. This can assist us in knowing some of your preferences thereby helping in showing you relevant content. Our website may generate pop-ups once in a while based on your user preference. Pop-ups are another way through which we improve your user experience. Through them, we can give you other suggestions that may relate to your current search.

Cookies will make it easy for you to interact with our website. Through them, you will only get that which matches your needs. However, if you do not like the cookies function you can head on to your browser settings and disable it.The other way you can do this is by installing security management software such as Avast Security and Norton Security.

Caution, disabling the cookies function may affect how interact with you. When cookies are not working the site will not be able to collect useful information that can assist you. Without an idea of your preferences, you may have a difficult time locating the item you are searching for. We, therefore, recommend that the cookies function be left active so as to deliver the best services.

Web Beacons

Like cookies, also use web beacons to collect informational data on website visitors. Website beacons basically assist us in carrying out analytics and tagging pages that you visit. By using web beacons we can know how many times you visit the website. Aside from that we can also get to know all the pages that you commonly visit. This can come in handy when you perform a search. The results you get are most likely to correlate with previous searches.

Advertisements relies on third party ads for support so during your use of our site we may send short adverts. It is important to note that all the ads on are harmless. They can in no way cause your computer to malfunction. Another thing to keep in mind is that we can control how they are shown to you. So during your user session, you may or may not see an ad.

We tailor all ads using personal information such as IP addresses, browser type, and your ISP. At time we also use website beacons and cookies. Using cookies makes retargeting very easy as it enables us to only show ads that relate to your preferences. For example, if you are a person who likes to look up dog food, the ads you get will be mostly on dog food. And depending on your current location you will also get ads that correlate to that place.