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Best Cork ball in India Buyers Guide

Best Cork ball in India

A cork ball is a hard-solid small ball weighing about 1.6 ounces made of cork. They are primarily used in the game of cricket in conjunction with a bat. In cricket, the cork ball has a cork core with a string wound around it and encased in leather casings. Outside cricket, cork balls can be … Read more

Best Mulethi Stick Brands in India-Buyers Guide

10 Best Mulethi Yashtimadhu in India

Mulethi, also known as liquorice, is an age-old spice and herb, commonly used for its culinary and medical purposes. It is a perennial plant that remained with humans for a long period. Mulethi also called Yashtimadhu in India Also, it is found in various parts of Asia and Europe wherein the people have used it … Read more

Best Pepper Powder in India Buyers Guide

Best 10 Pepper Powders in India

Pepper powder is also called Kali Mirch powder in India. It is a term used to refer to Indian spices & it is commonly used in Indian and Southeast Asian dishes. Pepper powder is made of chilli peppers. To make the mix of the pepper powder, the peppercorn is fine grind into powder form. Black … Read more

Best Corner Stand in India Buyers Guide

Best Corner Stand in India

A corner stand is a shelf or cabinet that is specifically designed to fit into a corner of a room. This is because the space available in the intended location is limited by several factors but you intend to maximize that space nonetheless. This is the case for the intersection of two walls. For such … Read more

Best White Pepper Powder in India Buyers Guide

10 Best White Pepper Powders in India

White pepper powder is a by-product of the black peppercorn. It consists of the inner dried seed of the peppercorn berry. When the black peppercorn matures, workers remove the outer shell of the fully-ripen peppercorn. The inner seed is the main ingredient of the pepper powder. Then, the manufacturers finely ground the inner white seed … Read more

Best Orthopaedic oil in India Buyers Guide

Best Orthopaedic oil in India

An orthopaedic oil is a kind of homoeopathic remedy for joint pain. This can be a blend of natural ingredients which are good for relieving joint pain. Calcium deficiency can lead to weaker bones causing muscle and joint pain but older people are the one who suffers from the joint pain the most. As the … Read more