How to request return & Refund for damaged item -Amazon India

how to return & get Refund for product on amazon india

Steps to follow to Return or replace / Return and Refund on Amazon India: Before placing return request below points to be considered by the customer a. Mainly to place the return order first customer need to verify the return policy for the product purchased. For most of the products, Amazon India considers return within … Read more

Best BP Machine|Blood Pressure Machines in India Buyers Guide

best bp machine in india| Blood Pressure Machines

The BP Machine(Blood Pressure machine) is one such must-have device. It offers the benefit of keeping you conveniently updated on your blood pressure hence directly reduces the risk of fatal conditions like a stroke or a heart attack. Awareness of one’s blood pressure levels will, therefore, prompt immediate medical attention where necessary as well as provide … Read more

Best Wine Brands in India – Buyers Guide

best wine brands in india

The wine market in India thriving with many national wine brands also entering the market giving tough competition to the established international brands. Winemaking is an art and it takes extensive research and efforts to come up with a winning wine preparation. Wine is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic drinks globally as it … Read more

Best Trimmers in India Buyers Guide

best trimmers in india

The Best Trimmer is becoming a very popular and sought-after personal grooming appliance among Indian men due to their current fashion trend of following the bearded look. When you grow a beard, it has to be regularly trimmed and styled for it to look professional and decent. Also, trimmers play an important role as they … Read more