Best Weighing Machine for Luggage- Buyers Guide

A weighing machine is an instrument or a device that assists in the precise measurement of the masses of objects. The scales vary with the level of requirement and the products to be measured.

Weighing machines come with different types of capacities with their own small, medium and large scales depending on the objects, their sizes, shapes, and weight. Now a day’s, innovative tools are created to further improve the functioning of scales for the larger quantity products for quality measurements.

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List of Best Weighing Machines

List of Luggage Weighing Machines
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1. Belita Silver Luggage Scale (BPS-1161) Belita Digital Weighing Machine belita-bps
2. Soehnle 66172 Luggage Travel Scale Soehnle Luggage
3. PETRICE Luggage Spring Scale PETRICE-Portable-Electronic
4. Tarkan Travel Baggage weighing machine Digital Luggage Weighing Machine
5. GLUN Hook Type weighing machine GLUN-Digital-Electronic
6. Beurer Digital luggage scale Beurer-Digital-Luggage-Scale
7. CASON weighing machine CASON-DEVICE-Luggage-Weighing
8. Belita Bps-L-1164 portable weighing machine Belita-Portable-Weighing
9. MCP FactoryDirectPro Factorydirectpro-Portable-Weighing-Machine
10.EAYIRA electronic weighing machine EAYIRA-Portable-Electronic
11. Ace Digital hanging weighing machine Digital-Electronic-Luggage-Hanging
12. HK MART Travel luggage weighing scale HK-MART-Electronic-Weighing-Scale
13. Harikrishnavilla digital luggage weighing machine Harikrishnavilla-Electronic-Luggage-Weighing-Scale
14. BSITFOW portable luggage weighing machine BSITFOW-Portable-Digital-Weighing

Importance of Weighing Machine

On an individual level, the weighing machine proves influential for people who aim to keep up with their physical conditions. Those who intend to get the precise information of fluctuations in their weights keep with them regular scaling machines. At the industrial level, weighing machines are now commonly used by the food industry, hardware industry, chemical, shipping industries, and many more.

Buyers Guide – Weighing Machines

Before purchasing the weighing machines there are certain factors that a person should know beforehand. The guide will make it easy for people to make comparisons, assessments, and analyses to decide which product is the right decision. They are explained below.

  • Weighing range or Capacity

The maximum reading a weighing machine can display shows its capacity. Analog weighing machines come with a capacity of 100kg to 150 kg, on the other hand, the capacity of the digital weighing machine range from 50-100 kg to 180kg.

  • Environment

The environment has an effect on weighing machines. Humidity and moisture can affect so some machines are designed with waterproof or shockproof features.

  • Units of display

Most of the weight machine scales are displayed in kilograms. But the scales depending on the requirements of the devices.

  • Skidproof

The skidproof design of the device can help the user not to prevent the user from getting a fall from the weighing machine.

  • Shape

Weighing machines come in different shapes. Shapes do not affect the efficiency but they can matter to the personal choice of people.

Types of Weighing Machines or Scales

There are different types of scales available in the market like the Truck scale, Platform floor scales, etc. They are designed to provide the precise outcome of a specific object or things intended to be measured. For example, Vehicle scales are used to measure the mass of the vehicle.

The types of weighing machines are in hundreds but our focus is on luggage weighing machines.

Luggage Weighing Scale

The luggage weighing scales are designed specifically to facilitate travelers and home users to measure their baggage in different units of scale. The importance of this scale is high because every extra kg/ unit counts as a big cost while traveling and for the home, the extra kg means the person will have to handle the extra weight.

So, the device helps in assisting people to weigh their bags before leaving for the airport or while shopping in supermarkets.

List of Top Best Top Luggage Weighing Machines Scales

Presently, Weighing Machines or Scales that are designed can manage and calculate up to 36,000 kg load of mass with the help of sensors. It is important to read the manual before using any weighing machine because the functions of each machine vary with their specifications.

1.  Belita Silver Weighing Machine

Belita Weighing Machine is an efficient and comfortable luggage scale with human engineering design. And the strap is made with rugged nylon material and the clasp is durable. You can easily adjust the strap with the help of a metal hook.

Belita Silver Luggage Scale-BPS-1161
Belita Silver Luggage Scale


  • Weight of Machine= 145.149 g
  • Product Dimensions= 15.01cmx3.98cmx 10.49cm
  • Night Vision Backlight
  • Capacity: 50Kg / 110lb
  • Graduation: 50g/ 0.1lb
  • Power: 1x 3V Lithium Cell


  • Warranty (if there is a manufacture’s fault)
  • Long-lasting sturdy product
  • Efficient and comfortable design
  • Low battery & overload indicators


  • No laptop compatibility

2.  Soehnle Luggage Travel Weighing  Machine

This is one of the convenient luggage weighing machines and is best for universal use. Very portable and convenient too. And this product is approved by the Legal Metrology of the Indian Government.

Soehnle 66172 Luggage Travel Scale
Soehnle Luggage Travel Weighing Scale


  • Capacity Range= 50 kg
  • Have Convenient Tare Function
  • The shape is ergonomic which makes it easy to handle
  • Luggage Scale dimension is 26.2cm x12cmx 4.5cm with 95.3 gms


  • Has one year warranty


  • Weight range is limited


3.  PETRICE Weighing Machine Luggage Spring Scale:

This small and lightweight weighing machine is designed by the Petrice brand includes an electronic LCD digital scale. And the hook is totally stainless and kept in the back slot.

PETRICE LCD Screen 110 lb-50 kg Portable Electronic Postal Hook Multicolour Luggage Spring Scale
PETRICE Portable Electronic Postal Hook Multicolour Luggage Scale


  • LED screen
  • Weight measure capacity= 50kh/110lb
  • Portable Electronic postal hook
  • Auto power off a system after 120 seconds which saves battery
  • The blue backlight makes it visible at night


  • Good for frequent travelers
  • Accurately measure luggage units
  • Convenient to carry
  • Store easily in a pocket
  • The accurate range is 5g or 10g
  • Decent price
  • Data lock
  • Overload Indication


  • It is a sensitive instrument and slight mishandling can damage the scale


4. Tarkan Digital Luggage Weighing Machine with Tape Measure Scale: 

Tarkan Weighing Machine is designed ideally for grocery shopping or home usage. You can use this for traveling too. Make sure that you need to maintain the spirit level in the middle of the scale which ensures the scale is held horizontally. So that you can get the perfect reading. You can void the hassles at the checking counter, travel, and saving money with confidence.

Tarkan Hand Digital Luggage Weighing Machine -Upto 50 kg-with Tape Measure Scale for Travel Baggage Weight
Tarkan Weighing Machine with Tape Measure Scale for Travel Baggage


  • Hand luggage digital weighing machine
  • Capacity up to 50 kg
  • Tape measure scale for travel baggage
  • Precision rate is up to 20g
  • Warning lights in case of overweight
  • Auto-off function
  • Low battery indicator
  • LED display with backlight
  • AAA batteries


  • Ideal for people in their travel and grocery shopping limits
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Stainless steel body makes it durable
  • Long-lasting investment
  • 12 months limited warranty


  • Overload can damage the scale


5.  GLUN Digital Luggage Weighing Machine with Digital LED Screen:

This is also one of the LCD Electronic digital scales in weighing machines Which is small and lightweight and easy to carry. Capacity is up to 50kgs with 5g or 10g accuracy. Also, it includes a suitable weighing unit switch and data lock. The auto power-off feature is very helpful, this will automatically turn off after 120 seconds without any operation.

GLUN Hook Type 50 kg Digital Bolt Electronic Portable Fishing Hook Type Digital LED Screen Luggage Weighing Scale 50 kg
GLUN Electronic Portable Fishing Hook Type Weighing Machine with Digital LED Screen


  • The capacity range is 50 kg
  • Electronic portable fishing hook type
  • Digital LED screen that weighs luggage scale
  • Family accurate weighing tool
  • Auto Power Off, Overload indication & easy to use


  • Simple and user-friendly design
  • Unit conversion and data locking tools
  • Save stress and money
  • Durable steel hook


  • Difficult to use because of too many buttons


6.  Beurer Weighing Machine Digital Luggage Scale:

You can overcome the baggage charges while traveling with the help of the Beurer Digital Weighing Machine. The automatic hold function is included in this machine with a beep.

Beurer Digital Luggage Scale
Beurer Digital Luggage Weighing Machine


  • Digital measuring Luggage scale
  • Ideal product for air travel
  • Practical torch
  • Beeps when the scale is measuring units
  • Weight capacity: 50 kg
  • Length of strap: 22.5 cm


  • Small and handy
  • Automatic switch-off


  • It is expensive
  • Availability of replacement battery is difficult


7.  CASON Electronic Travel Luggage Weight Scale

CASON Weighing Machine is best for weights up to 50kgs. This product has a green backlight with an LCD display screen. The firm strap has a convenient and simple buckle. You can expect the best and fast results with this luggage scale.

CASON 10g-50 kg Electronic Travel Luggage Weighing Weight Scale with Belt
CASON 10g-50 kg Electronic Travel Luggage Weighing Weight Scale with Belt


  • Maximum capacity= 10g to 50kg
  • Electronic travel luggage weighing scale
  • The belt for ease in handling
  • Provides four suitable units: g, kg, oz
  • Backlight facility
  • Automatic zero travel
  • Automatic power-off function after 30 minutes


  • Multicolor belt
  • Compact and portable design


  • The belt is not as reliable as the hook
  • Problems with accuracy if overloaded


8.  Belita Digital Portable Luggage Weighing Machine: 

This product comes with an efficient human engineering design with auto power-off function and overload indicators also included. Included red light is automatically locking the readings after the completion of weighing up. So that you can easily note down the readings.

Belita Bps-L-1164 -Digital Portable Luggage Travel Weighing Scale Upto 50 Kg
Belita  Digital Portable Luggage Scale


  • It is a digital luggage weighing scale
  • The capacity to measure weight is 50 kg
  • Product dimensions are 130mm X 62mm X 30mm
  • Durable and rugged nylon material
  • Backlight that assists in night vision
  • Auto power-off function
  • Indicators for low battery, load, and temperature


  • Bear strong metal hooks with adjustable straps
  • Efficient results


  • Affected by room temperature
  • Limited use age in a day as it hangs if used up to 20-30 times in a day


9.  MCP Digital Weighing Machine:

This product comes with a strong stainless steel handle which is easy to carry the weights. You can conveniently use this outdoors, kitchen, luggage, and fishing too. and the hook comes with a diameter of up to 4 cm. Keep in mind that MCP weighing machine comes without any belt, comes with only multicolor stock.

MCP FactoryDirectPro Digital Hand Gripped Portable Luggage Belt Type Weighing Scale
MCP FactoryDirectPro Portable Luggage Belt Weighing Scale


  • Uniquely designed portable luggage belt type weighing scale
  • Sturdy stainless steel formation
  • Very simple and easy to operate
  • Equipped with a hook that is 4 cm in diameter
  • The thick hook makes its handling and grip strong
  • Comes in Multiple colors


  • The large LED screen that displays all the relevant measuring information
  • Gives accuracy of result up to 10gm
  • Can hold the automatic reading for the person to record easily


  • Lightweight makes it difficult to calculate the products of 20-30 kg
  • Gives a Little Flimsy feeling


10.  EAYIRA Portable Digital Electronic Weighing Machine:

This weighing machine is ideally designed for Luggage measuring, fishing, parcel, or tare weighing. The sound indicator makes a sound after measurement completion. Auto turn-off option is also included with this machine.

EAYIRA Mini Digital Portable Electronic Hook Hanging Scale LCD Backlight Weight Balance Luggage 50 kg-10 g
EAYIRA Portable Luggage Weighing Machine with Electronic Hook


  • It is a mini digital scale with an electronic hook
  • LED screen with backlight makes it visible at night time
  • Luggage measuring capacity is 50 kg
  • Automatic shutting down of power if not in use for more than 90 seconds
  • Indicators for overweight or any problem sounds with beeps


  • The product is ideal for fishing, tare weighing or measuring of Parcel or Luggage
  • Readable even in a dim environment
  • Steel round grip that strengthens the handling
  • Good for travelers to weigh their bags or for daily home-based measurements


  • It is dependent on batteries which easily lose their power


11.  Ace Digital Electronic LCD Luggage Weighing Scale:

This is one of the best Digital Electronic Weighing Scales. You can use this weighing machine in many places like homes, laboratories, and shops for testing purposes. Also one of the highly durable products.

Ace Digital Electronic LCD Black Luggage Hanging Weighing Scale
Ace Digital Electronic LCD Black Luggage Hanging Weighing Scale


  • It is black in color
  • Simple, small, and easy to carry
  • Luggage weighing scale with a hook
  • Weight scale capacity is 50 kg


  • It is a highly durable and long-lasting quality
  • Can be used in various areas for measurement such as Laboratories, Shops, travel, and home
  • It is a pocket handing scale
  • Has Corrosion resistance
  • Has the accuracy of about 10gm


  • Slowly shows results


12.  HK MART Mini Digital Luggage Weighing Scale: 

HK MART weighing scale is an extremely accurate product in the range of ultra-portable digital weighing scales. You can easily find the readings of your old Newspapers, luggage, Scrap, etc with the help of a large digital display.

HK MART 50 kg-10 g Digital Scale for Luggage,Travel Luggage Weighing Scale
HK MART Digital Travel Luggage Weighing Scale


  • Digital scale with a portable hanging scale and hook
  • The LCD screen with Backlight option
  • Travel luggage scale
  • Auto shut off power
  • Sound indicator once the measurement of items finishes
  • It is ideal for luggage and fishing measurement
  • Dimensions: 10cm x 5cm x 20cm & device weight is 20 gms


  • The LED is large enough for easy reading
  • It can weigh in different units: pounds, kg


  • Shows problems with accuracy if slightly overweighed


13.  Harikrishnavilla Weighing Machine with LCD Display and Tempered Glass:

This is also one of the Digital electronic digital weighing machines. This product comes with an LCD display screen along with a thick tempered glass body. Best scale for checking our body weight. Harikrishnavilla Thick Tempered Glass Black Electronic Weighing Scale

  • The instrument has a 50 kg capacity
  • It is so small and light that can be easily stored in a pocket
  • Displays scales on the LCD screen
  • Uses data lock and weighing units
  • Stainless steel hook


  • Easy and durable to use
  • Readable values both day and night
  • Show accurate figures
  • Multiple unit conversions
  • Can be easily switched over to different units of measure
  • Electronic fishing scale, also suitable for home, shipping, postage, and outdoor weighing needs


  • Constant switching of the units can hang the device
  • It is sensitive to overload


14.  BSITFOW weight weighing scales

This is a multi-purpose weighing scale specially designed for Outdoors, Shops and Family kitchens, etc. The tare function and double precision are two major features of this product. Automatic weight locks are helpful in finding the proper weights.

BSITFOW 40Kg 10g Portable Handy Electronic Digital LCD Scale Hanging Fishing Hook Luggage Balance Weight Weighing Scales
BSITFOW Portable Handy Electronic Digital LCD Scale Hanging Fishing Hook Weighing Scale


  • The capacity of this handy device is 40 kg
  • Comes with AAA battery
  • Accuracy weight measuring range is 5-10gm
  • It is a mini digital scale with a hanging fishing hook
  • LCD digital screen
  • Serve multi-purpose functions for family, shops, outdoors, etc.


  • Automatic calculations of weights
  • It is affordable
  • Indicates low battery level
  • High performance or price ratio
  • Convenient to switch units


  • Weight is limited



Now, you have a better point of view to think about the various Best Weighing Machines available in the same market. You have become familiar with the buying guide, pros, cons, and features of weighing scales that are recommended by professionals for buying.

So, it might be easy for you to make the final decision of buying the best weighing machine for your home and office during this festival season.