Best Solar Street Lights in India Buyers Guide

Now solar street light saves a lot of electrical energy in many places. The decreasing resources to produce electricity is forcing people towards solar. The growing need for alternate power sources is steadily shifting the world towards solar energy.

Developing as well as the developed nations have certain segments shifted to solar power. Those include many industrial and household equipment been partially or fully shifted to solar. Similarly, the need for solar-powered street lights is also developing.

Not every country in the world has enough power resources to keep its street lights on the whole night. The examples could be taken from South Asia, where power outage is a major issue.

Before the streets go dark forever, it would be wise to install a solar street light. The scientist does tell how soon that could happen. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Pendant Lights, Garden Lights, Hanging Lights, Decorative Lights, LED Torch lights, Chandelier Lights, Rechargeable emergency lights, LED Tube light, and best solar inverters online in India.

Top 10 Solar Street Lights in India

List of the best solar street lights

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1. SPARKEL LED Street Light  SPARKEL-Streetlight-Without
2. Mazda Energy Solar LED Street Light  Mazda-Energy-Solar
3. IFITech Solar Street Light  IFITech-Heavy-Solar-Street
4. Quace Solar Street Light  Quace-Waterproof-Solar
5. Sukam 9W Solar Street Light 9W-Sukam-Solar
6. Hardoll 60 LED Solar Light  Hardoll-Bright-Solar-
7. FOS Solar LED Street Light  FOS-Solar-Street-Light
8. BR Solar Street Light  Solar-9-Watt-Street-Light
9. CINAGRO Solar LED Street Light  CINAGRO®-Integrated-Batteries
10. Miracle Solar Metal Street Light  Miracle-Solar-Metal-Street

Buyers Guide – Solar Street Lights

All the solar street lights look the same. But deep inside they are all different. Some have higher luminosity, while some have long-lasting batteries. As specified above, the lights are divided into types. And even they may have some modern tech on them that is not much in practice.

  • Before purchasing a solar street light, make sure to read the reviews about the products you wish to acquire.
  • It is better you choose according to your requirement.
  • There is a variety of technical standards among solar street lights.
  • Another aspect is to look into is the battery position.
  • Now some systems have batteries included within them.
  • But some have the bigger batteries that are to be attached outside the system.
  • Ahead of that, the control system also varies for every panel.
  • Choose the one that you may control easily. Some are automatic and base on motion-detecting sensors.
  • But some need to be controlled manually. There are even some panels that do not require and control segment. Just turn them on and they start working.
  • Certainly, consider the aspects of the area to be lit, the design required, and the total output.
  • It is not necessary that stringent arithmetic should be run to get the calculation.

Even the closest hunch could do the job if taken all the aspects into account. Else you may face trouble like many other irate users.

Features of Solar Street Lights

There are plenty of advantages or features of solar power street lights. Foremost, these street lights run on a free power source. Besides being run on an alternative power source, there are plenty of other benefits linked to solar lamps as well.

Such as, there is no or nearly very little expense of maintenance involved. Though the installation cost would still stay there unless you know how to install it. Ahead of that, every month electricity consumers pay utility bills along with the tax.

  • With a solar street light installed, a huge amount of money could be saved as there is no utility charge or tax on solar power consumption.
  • Certainly, solar power is free! Use it for good.
  • Further, for all the environment-friendly folks, solar street lights are the best solution towards the greener tomorrow.
  • Not just the environment-friendly guys, it is for everyone.
  • Many times the pollution produced by power-generating furnaces has been measured.
  • But they were never eloquently addressed, as they were required.
  • The resultant was dying in nature.
  • Now, humanity has a chance to revive nature and bring back life to planet earth.

Types of Solar Street Lights:

The solar street lights are either available with LED bulbs or with halogen bulbs. Both of these lamps have similar characteristics but have varied applications. LED bulb solar street lights are the ones recommended for the streets.

They have higher luminosity and require less power to light. And the halogen one works as the decoration. They are installed on the storefronts, parks, and parking lots of the hotels. But they consume more power and have dimmer luminosity.

Ahead of that, the solar street lights are distinguished into these types:

Independent Solar Street Lights:

  • This is the purest example of a solar street light.
  • These could be either LEDs or halogen bulbs.
  • They work independently on solar power, without any induction of the grid power.
  • There are a battery and inverter inside the system that converts and stores the energy that could be used when there is no or less sunlight.
  • Such as in the night or the overcast conditions.

Semi-Solar Street Lights:

  • This type is used for the areas where there is plenty of power resource and the substitute is only required to save that power.
  • These lights have hybrid power systems.
  • They primarily work on the form of power received from solar energy.
  • Alongside it also works on the grid power.
  • In some systems, wind energy is also sourced for power generation for the lights.

Multifunction Solar Street Lights:

  • This is an advanced type of solar lighting system, which is readily available, but not so famous.
  • It is a sensible system that detects movement and raises luminosity accordingly.
  • Whenever the streets are empty, the bulbs come down to low luminosity to save power.
  • Besides the types, the design also matters for solar street lights.
  • Each design has a specific use like the pathway solar street lights, that appear good to be for the pavements in the parks.
  • Similarly, fancy solar street lights are used to decorate the gardens.
  • They add life to the gardens then the caped lights, that work for the posts at the garage pathway and over the rail of the terrace.
  • They all function the same way, and even they share similar characteristics.
  • But all that differs is their shape and installation process.

List of Top 10 Best Solar Street Lights in India Buyers Guide

At times it becomes a hard job to find the needed solar street light. Some models surpass the requirement level, while some do not fall onto them. Because of all such issues, we have identified some solar street lights that may be useful to you:

1. SPARKEL LED Street Light 36W DC 230-12V Adapter or Battery without Controller:

This is from the SPARKEL brand &  it comes without a controller to operate it. The reverse polarity guard is included. The total output is 36W. But it is also available in as low as 12W and as high as 60W variants.

And the company claims a 120 lumens per watt brightness. This light dimensions are 38 cm x 15 cm x 5.3 cm & weight is 1.9kgs.

SPARKEL LED Street Light 36W DC 230-12V Adapter or Battery without Controller
SPARKEL 36W DC LED Street Light without Controller, Works on Solar, 230-12V Adapter or Battery


  • SPARKEL Solar Street Light is made with an IP66 certified waterproof covering panel with rigid glass.
  • It comes with a Waterproof IP66 Grade outdoor body with a glass cover.
  • The power supply from the solar panel could be made directly to the light with a 12V DC adapter.
  • Further, it also takes power supply using the 230V AC to 12V DC converter adapter.
  • Consumers usually rate this product to be good enough as per its price tag.
  • Further, the users recommend installing it no more than at a 15-ft height.
  • Color Temperature of 5700K cools white color
  • The LED lights are paneled on an aluminum board so that the system should not heat up.

SPARKEL Solar Street light

2. Mazda Energy Solar LED Street Light 12W with 20W Battery & Panel Light in White:

The Mazda solar street light comes straight from Japan. It has experimented with the best results under severe and normal situations. The box includes a 20W solar panel, a battery, and the light. And the total luminary output is 12W.  You will get a 1-year warranty on parts & 6 months on the battery.

Mazda Energy Solar LED Street Light 12W with 20W Battery & Panel Light in White
Mazda Energy Solar LED Street Light 12W White, Battery- 20W Panel-Light


  • Mazda Solar Street Light is made with a kind of self-operating system, that turns on and off as per the luminary conditions.
  • This street light is best for all those streets where grid power supply is not available.
  • Ahead of that, the company suggests the lamp be installed as high as 4 meters.
  • Else the luminosity could appear dispersed or low.
  • There are also the 10 and 7.5W systems available with lower luminosities.
  • 3SMF Battery inbuilt into the luminary.
  • Light spreads to 10 Meters distance.
  • a 6V battery is installed with the lamp reducing the external installation requirements.


  • Besides, there are plenty of catches the users have notated. First, the luminosity is low and it even gets lower with the use.
  • Secondly, people frequently complain about the battery going out within a year. And the replacement battery is just a hit and try.
  • Some even complain about Mazda’s customer support as they respond lethargically.

Mazda Solar Street Light

3. IFITech Solar Street Courtyard Heavy Duty Light with 1000 Lumen All-in-one Light:

This is from the IFITECH brand & it is a multifunction solar light available in the market. Its preferable use is for the courtyards, lawns, garages, and wider gateways. And the dimensions are 30 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm & weight is 2.37 kgs.

IFITech Solar Street Courtyard Heavy Duty Light with 1000 Lumen All-in-one Light
IFITech Heavy Duty Solar Street Courtyard Light 1000 Lumen All-in-one Light


  • IFITECH Solar Street Light made with Aluminum and ABS Plastic materials.
  • It features 1000 lumens per watt brightness that increases and reduces after detecting motion.
  • Its lowest output, with no detected motion around, is 150 lumens per watt.
  • This light charging time is 8 to 10 hours.
  • Along with that, it has the remote control feature to adjust the brightness.
  • Further, the system includes 3.7V batteries included in the system with adjustable settings.


  • It is too expensive.

IFITech Solar Street Light

4. Quace Solar Street Light LED Waterproof Radar Sensor Lamp with 10W & German Technology:

Well, this street light uses a German tech. It is a small street light, good for the small gardens and yards. The producer claims that the light could last for 2 nights on a single charge.And the dimensions are 40 cm x 21 cm x 4.5 cm & motion angle is 120 degrees.

Quace Solar Street Light LED Waterproof Radar Sensor Lamp with 10W & German Technology
Quace Waterproof Solar Street Light LED Radar Sensor Lamp – German Technology – 10W


  • Quace Solar Street Light made with anti-oxidation ABS & polycrystalline solar panels.
  • The max output is 1,400 lumens with 40 LEDs, which is indeed fine.
  • Further, this one is also multifunction as it detects motion and turns off and on based on the sunlight. Contains radar sensor
  • The exterior covering of the light is IP65 certified and has a rigid glass to protect the LEDs inside.
  • Solar Panel 10W / 6V with battery 10000MAH
  • The lighting area of this light is 40 sq. meters & light arm height is 38mm diameter


  • The luminosity decreases gradually with use.
  • And the battery output shrinks quickly with constant use.

Quace Waterproof Street Light

5. Sukam 9W Solar Street Light:

This is one of the costly solutions for electric solar lights. This is from the Sukam brand & it has an inbuilt battery. You will get a 1-year warranty on this product.

Sukam 9W Solar Street Light
Sukam 9W Solar Street Light


  • The reason for that is its bigger panel that charges the battery faster and even works in overcast conditions.
  • Besides the luminosity is fine and good enough for wider spaces.
  • Further, it has a built-in battery. This reduces battery theft risk.
  • It provides 30 to 50% brightness compared to other lights.


  • The only issue consumers would face is its hefty price.

Sukam Solar Street Light

6. Hardoll 60 LED Solar Light with Motion Sensor for Home, Garden & Outdoor:

The Hardoll 60 LED Solar street Light is a considerable cheap option. This light is suitable for lawns and home gardens. This works much as a security light than a street light. It comes with 5 Meter wire & auto on & off swatch day & night.  Its total output is 600 lumens per watt with 60 LED bulbs.

Hardoll 60 LED Solar Light with Motion Sensor for Home, Garden & Outdoor
Hardoll 60 LED Solar Light for Home Garden Motion Sensor Outdoor Lamp


  • Hardoll Solar Street Light made with heavy-duty & durable ABS plastic and aluminum materials.
  • This solar-powered motion light has a fully waterproof design.
  • The ABS thermoplastic polymer is used for the exterior covering.
  • Along with that, aluminum padding is added behind the LED bulbs panel.
  • Further, it has a motion detector, automatic turning on the feature, and an IP44 certified outer covering.
  • Ahead of that, it detects motion within 30ft and at an angle of 180o.
  • It has 3.7V power & comes with a 4400 mah battery along with 3 adjusting dials.


  • Its motion detector is good, but the sensors stop working pretty frequently if there is dust on them.
  • The luminosity also decreases with time & it appears like it is because of its battery.

Hardoll Solar Lights

7. FOS Solar LED Street Light IP65 Water-Proof with 40W LED Chips & 6500k, Cool White:

The FOS solar street light comes with 40 chips LED lamp with an output of 400 lumens per watt. It is a multifunctional or all-in-one lighting system. And the dimensions are 50 cm x 23 cm x 7 cm & you will get a 1-year warranty.

FOS Solar LED Street Light IP65 Water-Proof with 40W LED Chips & 6500k Cool White
FOS Solar LED Street Light 40W LED Chips – All-in-ONE, Cool White 6500k IP65 Water-Proof


  • The FOS Solar street Light exterior structure is IP65 certified.
  • It has motion & optical sensors & comes with a corrosion-resisting shield.
  • This weatherproof solar light charging time is 6 to 8 hours
  • It includes option motion sensors that detect movement, turning the light high and low.
  • Ahead of that it also includes the auto turning on the feature.
  • This light system includes a 9W solar panel and a 3.2V lithium-ion battery.


  • It is expensive, but it justifies its price.
  • Just a few consumers reported it to have the luminosity and battery issues.

FOS Solar Street Light

8. BR Solar Street Light with 9-Watt DC LED:

This is from the BR brand & it has 9 Watts power. Its weight is 299 gms & you can install this easily. This is an environment-friendly streetlight.

BR Solar Street Light with 9-Watt DC LED
BR Solar 9-Watt DC LED Street Light


  • BR Solar Street Light made with This LED street light is suitable for lower luminosity requirements.
  • Everything is built-in, with no exterior installation required.
  • Further, it comes with a 9W solar panel and a decent battery pack that lasts a reasonable age.
  • This street light installation is easy but quality-wise it is just fine.

BR Solar Street Light

9. CINAGRO Cool Light 6500k Solar LED Street Light with 40W, Water Proof IP65, Integrated Solar Panel, and Batteries:

The Cinagro solar street light 40W is a multifunction system. This light detection system works for up to 19ft. If there is a movement within the prescribed range. Otherwise, it will stay dim. Further, it has a 40W output in total. It is a built-in system, with the panel, battery, and lamp packed together.

CINAGRO Cool Light 6500k Solar LED Street Light with 40W, Water Proof IP65, Integrated Solar Panel and Batteries
CINAGRO – 40W Water Proof IP65, Cool Light 6500k Solar LED Street Light with Integrated Solar Panel and Batteries


  • Chinagro Solar Street Light made with Anti-oxidation ABS & Polycrystalline solar panels.
  • It comes with 2 modes like dim mode & bright mode. When the light turns on at night, it’s dim, when a person comes over, the light will become brighter within 30 seconds.
  • Also, it comes with a 10W solar panel & 15000mah battery.
  • Motion distance 5-8m &  The sensing range is 19.6ft, 120-degree angle.


  • All the consumers could complain about is its price. But its quality easily justifies it.

CINAGRO Solar Street Lights

10. Miracle Solar Metal Street Light with 10W:

This is from the Miracle brand & it comes with a very low price.

Miracle Solar Metal Street Light with 10W
Miracle 10w Solar Metal Street Light


  • Miracle Solar Street Light is a cheap solution.
  • This solar metal street light is made with steel & plastic materials.
  • It totally has a 10W powering panel and is available in black color only.


  • The product quality is doubtful.

Miracle Solar Street Light


At present, you have successfully checked the list of Best Solar Street Lights in India. So, it should be easy for you to determine which solar street light best suits your requirements.

Now you are familiar with the features of the most popular solar lights which are available in the Indian market along with a good buying guide. All the above options make it easy for you to make a proper choice of the best solar street light in India.