Best Helmets for Men in India Buyers guide

Riding a motorcycle or a scooter without a helmet is like wishing death unconditionally. The driving schools put a lot of emphasis on wearing helmets. Helmets are termed to be the safety of the bike riders, especially when there are chances of accidentally dropping off the bike.

But every helmet is not the same. There are various types, sizes, capabilities, and safety standards in the helmets. Some suit regular driving, while some of them are good for off-road sports. We have listed the best Night Vision Goggles Bicycle Helmet, Ladies Helmet, Helmet Lock, Hercules Cycles & best Helmet cameras for your bike.

Best 14 Helmets for Men in India


List of the helmets

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1. Fastrack Helmet Matte Red Open Face Fastrack-HA01RD04-Open
2. AFX Unisex Full Face Style Helmet AFX-Unisex-Adult-Full
3. Steelbird Motorbike Dashing 580 MM Helmet Steelbird-Air-Dashing
4. Royal Enfield Full Face Street Pin Stripe Helmet Royal-Enfield-Street-Stripe
5. Studds L Size Professional Helmet BStrip Studds-STS-PRL-BLK
6. Shoei Street Bike Motorcycle Solid Qwest Helmet in Matte Black Shoei-Qwest-Street-Motorcycle
7. Bell Solid Off-Road-Dirt Bike Helmet for Men’s Bell-Solid-Off-Road
8. Vega L Size Crux Flip-up Helmet For Men Vega-CRX-B-L-Flip-up
9. HJC Treague Helmet for Men CS-R3 Helmet HJC-CS-R3-Treague-Snowmobile
10. Torc Full Face Helmet Blinc Loaded Stryker Mako Blinc-Loaded-Stryker-Helmet
11. THH ABS Poly Carbonate Bull Full Face Helmet THH-Helmets-Carbonate
12. Arai Vector 2 Aluminium Silver Helmet for Men Arai-Vector-2-Helmet
13. Wrangler Endeavor Open Face Helmet Wrangler-Endeavor-Modified
14. LS2 Rookie Full face motorcycle Helmet FF352 LS2-FF352-L-Rookie-X-Ray

Here is a detailed study on the helmets, their types, characteristics, buyer guides, and the best ones to choose:

Buyer’s Guide – Helmet for Men

Buying a helmet is not all about the perfect size and the attractive stickers on it. Instead, it is all about figuring out the best piece which would protect your skull in an accident. The protection level of the helmets is commonly measured with the help of DOT (Department of Transportation) safety standards.

  • Commonly the sizes that seem perfect apparently behave abnormally when worn for long.
  • Either they feel tight and itchy causing pains or so loose that they shake all the time.
  • Before buying a helmet, make sure you know the exact measurement of your head.
  • First, choose a style that you want to get.
  • Then get the right size, exactly the same that could fit your head.
  • Trying the helmets could give a hint that would it be suitable or not.
  • But before purchasing it, keep it worn for the next half an hour.
  • During this time if you start feeling pressure on the skull or pain in the ears, it simply means that helmet is not of your size.
  • And if it does not hurt you, you may surely get that.

Types of Helmet for men:

Every helmet looks the same, but its structural concepts are different especially when it comes to the design. Well, each type of helmet is possible to use while riding on the streets and roads. But the most suitable is that it has the best protection and the required styles.

Situations could be different and even the styling could require a different setup. Riding a motorcycle in Europe is way different than riding one in South Asia. Jaywalking, unlined car driving and crowded roads are not a part of European civilization. But South and South East Asia do have that.

Ahead of that, wearing a full-faced helmet looks odd when riding a chopper. Similarly, a motocross helmet on a 1000 cc heavy bike looks weird. That is why taking the right style matters a lot. Well, here are the common types of motorcycle helmets in the market:

  • Full-Faced Helmets
  • Open-Faced Helmets
  • Flip-up Helmets
  • Brain Buckets
  • Motocross Helmets
  • Hybrid Helmets

Each of these helmets has a unique appearance. Further, the primary objective remains safety and the secondary is style. Skull is among the sensitive portions in the human body while riding a two-wheel vehicle. You never know when a van would come out of an alley and you will bang into it, hurting yourself and damaging your ride. Well, let’s briefly explore these helmets:

  • Full-Faced Helmets:

The full-faced helmets for men are the standard helmets available in the market. That is what all the common bikers pick. They are fully safe and most of them have nice cuts on them. Actually, those cuts are the aerodynamic formations balancing the air away from the head, reducing the shakiness.

  • Open-Faced Helmets:

If you remember the helmets worn during World War II, then you certainly need no explanation of this type of helmet. Though old fashioned, still in fashion. A lot of bikers, especially the chopper riders prefer getting open-faced helmets.

  • Flip-up Helmets:

The flip-up helmets are the semi-full-faced helmets. The chin bars could be flipped up, converting the helmet into the open-faced one. These are certainly the advanced type of helmet but are slightly expensive. These helmets are mostly used by ladies. Here you can check the list of best ladies Helmet.

  • Brain Buckets:

These are much like the baseball helmets. Just repaint them, but the sign of your favorite team and start playing the ball game. Well, the youngsters prefer getting these, as they feel uncomfortable in the other forms. But these are not the best pick when you have the Suzuki Hayabusa to ride.

  • Motocross Helmets:

Going on an off-road expedition requires motocross helmets. They are designed to work off-road. The aerodynamic cuts in the helmet keep the head straight. Further, the foam cushion inside reduces even the minimal shock to the head. Well, they look much like the full-face helmets, but the additional installation of the peak on the helmet makes it separate.

  • Hybrid Helmets:

If you are impressed with the motocross design, you may get a hybrid helmet. It has both designs in it and is even available in the flip-up design.

helmet size chart
helmet size chart

List of  Top Best Helmets for Men in India Buyers Guide

Based on the constant consumer reports we have filtered some helmets that are rated among the best. They have the requisite characteristics that every rider would need while riding on crowded roads or empty streets. Go ahead and check out the list for the best helmets. Hopefully, you will be able to pick up your desired product.

1. Fastrack Helmet Matte Red Open Face:

Do you ride a chopper? Or do you like wearing the shades while driving a motorcycle? The Fastrack HA01RD04 men’s helmet is a classic open-faced helmet that comes in red matte color.

Fastrack HA01RD04 Open Face Helmet
Fastrack HA01RD04 Open Face Helmet


  • Fastrack Helmet weight is 499gms & dimension is 30.6cmx26.8cmx25.8cm
  • Design is simple and it has an old-school style.
  • Even the decals on the helmet are painted on it just like the older helmets.
  • Further, the interior is comfortable and could be worn for long.
  • It is ISI certified helmet.


  • The price appears to be too much for this type of helmet.
  • Though the comfort level and the design are outstanding.
  • But the available characteristics do not really make them match the price.

Fastrack Men's Helmet

2. AFX Unisex Full Face Style Helmet:

Unisex helmets are not so common. Especially in the regions where transgender avoids riding two-wheelers.

AFX Unisex Full Face Style Helmet
AFX FX-90 Unisex-Adult Full-Face-Helmet-Style Helmet


  • AFX Helmet for men is a unisex helmet available in a decent price range.
  • Further, it is a lightweight helmet with a nice-looking visor.
  • The visor has enhanced optics for better visibility while riding.
  • Its DOT certified helmet & the interior foam is possible to remove and wash.
  • And its weight is 2Kg & dimension is 38.1cmx 38.1cm x 38.1cm


  • So far, the product doesn’t have any disadvantages.
  • It seems like users ignored it because of its cheap price.

AFX Unisex Helmet

3. Steelbird Motorbike Dashing 580 MM Helmet:

The Steelbird Air, with the name SBA-1, is a replication of an Italian brand. The cheap price tag has nothing to do with its characteristics. This helmet is ISI-approved.

Steelbird Motorbike Dashing 580 MM Helmet
Steelbird Air Dashing Motorbike Helmet-Size-M,580 MM


  • Steelbird Men’s Helmet weight is 1.95Kg & Helmet dimension is 33.6cm x 26.2cm x 25.8cm
  • It is built using the ABS thermoplastic polymer with soft interior foam.
  • The interior could be washed to remove the dust particles and even dandruff sticking to it.
  • Further, Steelbird Air falls in DOT safety standards and even among some South Asian safety manuals.
  • Additional features include air intake sections and extractors to keep the helmet airy.
  • As a result, the rider would not perspire wearing this helmet.


  • What it misses is the scratch-resistant visor and attraction in design.
  • Rest it is all fine if you are looking for a cheap solution.

Steelbird Motorbike Helmet

4. Royal Enfield Full Face Street Pin Stripe Helmet:

This brand Royal Enfield is an Indian automaker that specializes in the two-wheelers. They also market motorcycle apparel, such as helmets.

Royal Enfield Full Face Street Pin Stripe Helmet
Royal Enfield Street Pin Stripe HES16011 Full Face Helmet


  • Royal Enfield helmet ISI & DOT Certified product.
  • It comes with ABS plastic on the exterior and the polyester lining on the internal foam.
  • The Street Pin Stripe or Mono is an advanced-level rookie helmet.
  • Total 7 ventilations provided in helmet 5 are intake & 2 are exhaust.
  • Its weight is 1.92kg & dimensions are 36.6cm x 28.5cm x 27.5cm


  • It is just like a basic helmet with enhanced protection capability.
  • But when it comes to the price, it appears to be more.

Royal Enfield Helmet for Men

5. Studds L Size Professional Helmet BStrip:

Studds Helmet is a famous brand for Men’s Helmet, originated almost 3 to 4 decades back. In the present age, there are multiple biking products launched by this manufacturer, including helmets. Studds Professional Helmet is one of the phenomenal options when it comes to safety.

Studds L Size Professional Helmet BStrip
Studds Professional Helmet BK-BStrip


  • Studds helmet weight is 1.42Kg & dimensions are 33.8cm x 25.8cm x 27.4cm
  • It is a cheap, reliable, simple & ISI Certified helmet.
  • No Bluetooth, no hands-free, nothing.
  • This helmet is scratch-proof & reserves the beauty of the helmet for a longer time.
  • Instead, it has a scratch-resistant visor, air intakes and extractors, and reflectors at the rear.


  • But cleaning it is a hell of a job.
  • The visor does not come off so easily. It needs to be screwed to get off and unless it is off it is hard to clean the screw sides of the visor.
  • Even the internal top side is way hard to clean with the visor on. Well, the rest of the cleaning is easy.

Studds Professional Helmet

6. Shoei Street Bike Motorcycle Solid Qwest Helmet in Matte Black:

Another cheap option available for city riding is the Shoei Qwest helmet. It comes with an X-Large size in Matte Black.

Shoei Street Bike Motorcycle Solid Qwest Helmet in Matte Black
Shoei Solid Qwest Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet – Matte Black


  • Shoei helmet has gone through many tests to provide the required comfort and safety level.
  • Included aerodynamic features enable the rider to keep the head straight under severe wind flow.
  • It’s weight is 2.49Kg & dimension is 40.6cmx 27.9cmx 30.5cm


  • The catches so far observed are found in the visor and the ventilation.
  • And the visor cracks just after a few blows received from the insects hitting it.
  • During the hot summer season, the helmet becomes humid, causing sweat and irritation for the driver.
  • The crack disturbs the wind block, making dust particles enter the helmet.

Shoei Qwest Motorcycle Helmet

7. Bell Solid Off-Road-Dirt Bike Helmet for Men’s:

For all the off-road riders, This brand Bell has something special for you. The Solid Men’s SX-1 is available in four different sizes.

Bell Solid Off-Road-Dirt Bike Helmet for Men's
Bell Solid Men’s SX-1 Off-Road-Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet


  • Bell Helmet is purely an off-road product.
  • It comes with a design that helps riders to protect themselves from UV rays, dirt, and head impact.
  • Certainly, you can pick the one that best fits your head.
  • It’s weight is 2.04Kg & dimension is 40.1cm x 29.2cm x27.7 cm


  • The most prominent drawback is the price factor.

Bell Solid Motorcycle Helmet

8. Vega L Size Crux Flip-up Helmet For Men:

The Vega Crux Flip-up helmet has been in the market for a very long. But it is made using the thermoplastic polymer that reduces the impact of a collision on the head.

Vega L Size Crux Flip-up Helmet
Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet


  • Vega helmet for men weight is 1.5Kg & dimensions are 63.5cm x 63.5cm x 27cm
  • It is a cheap option but has the needed characteristics.
  • The material looks substandard, even the appearance is not that much attractive.
  • This helmet is scratch & UV resistant
  • Flip-up makes this helmet unique for more usage.


  • Most of the consumers have reported that the visor screw loses grip after a few months of usage.
  • As a result, the visor slides down while riding the bike.
  • Even the flip-up screws do not remain fastened for long.

Vega CRX Helmet

9. HJC Treague Helmet for Men CS-R3 Helmet:

The HJC Treague CS-R3 is for all those who need more style on the standard full-faced street helmets.

Men's HJC Helmets Treague CS-R3 Snow Racing Snowmobile Helmet -MC-5F
Men’s HJC Helmets Treague CS-R3 Snow Racing Snowmobile Helmet -MC-5F


  • HJC Helmet design includes an increased number of cuts and slits with attractive graphics on it.
  • It is fine, but make sure you pick the right one and try it for at least fifteen minutes.
  • And its weight is 2.22Kg & Dimension is 37.8cmx 29cm x 26.9cm
  • This is a DOT-certified helmet.


  • Else, consumers reported that the helmet fit exactly fine but later with the usage, it started hurting their cheeks.
  • Certainly, that is because of the internal cushion wearing out faster than usual.

HJC Treague Snowmobile Helmethjc motorbike helmet

10. Torc Full Face Helmet Blinc Loaded Stryker Makon:

Sometimes the local products do not fulfill the requirement. In that case, the international products serve the objective as needed.

Torc Full Face Helmet Blinc Loaded Stryker Mako
Torc T14B Blinc Loaded Stryker Mako Full Face Helmet


  • Torc Helmet is an American helmet, integrated with Bluetooth and visor controls.
  • It comes in handy when you have a heavy bike to ride, such as the GIXXR series, above 500 ccs, or the Honda CBR.
  • The added Bluetooth makes it easier to talk on the phone while riding the bike.
  • But on the long journeys, you will have to jeopardize your cell phone’s battery.
  • It’s weight is 1.45Kg & dimension is 37.8cmx 27.2cm x 28.7cm for Large size


  • Ordering this helmet would really be too much expensive.
  • The taxes and the customs charge nearly double the price.

Torc Blinc Loaded Helmet

11. THH ABS Poly Carbonate Bull Full Face Helmet:

This is a premium quality helmet for men. The resulted product makes motorcycle driving enjoyable. Well, the exterior gets the reinforced thermoplastic polymer equaling 2 to 3 shells.

THH ABS Poly Carbonate Bull Full Face Helmet
THH Helmets ABS Poly Carbonate Bull Full Face Helmet


  • THH Helmet is bigger than the usual helmets, offering a greater vision.
  • The shell design, as well as the interior foam, is made of premium ingredients.
  • This helmet weight is 880gms & dimensions are 25cm x 18cm x 18cm
  • The interior has anti-allergic and washable velvet material.
  • And the air intake and exhaust have such a design that the humidity should not stay in the helmet.


  • The helmet is really excellent and lies perfectly on the safety standards.
  • But the pricing is way higher compared to some other products of the same category.

THH Carbonate Helmet

12. Arai Vector 2 Aluminium Silver Helmet for Men:

This is a Chinese brand offering a variety of helmets. And it’s a DOT approved helmet for men’s



  • Arai Helmet for Men is one of the famous products from this motorcycle apparel maker.
  • It comes with 2 front Ventilation.
  • And its weight is 3.63Kgs & dimensions are 35.6cm x 27.9cm x 27.9cm
  • This is also DOT approved helmet.


  • But it has some unavoidable issues.
  • This helmet is good for short journeys but the internal foam wraps up after a few months of usage.
  • It irritates the rider as the ears and head begins to hurt.
  • At faster speeds, the helmet is unable to sway the wind away.
  • Consequently, the shakiness increases causing trouble for the driver.

Arai Vecto Helmet

13. Wrangler Endeavor Open Face Helmet:

Must have heard of the Denim Wrangler jeans or the Jeep Wrangler. But Wrangler Endeavor is also not an unfamiliar product, especially when you drive a motorcycle.

Wrangler Endeavor Modified Open Face Helmet with Aerodynamic Cap and Visor
Wrangler Endeavor Modified Open Face Helmet with Aerodynamic Cap and Visor


  • The Wrangler Endeavor helmet is best to compare to the common open-faced helmets.
  • This is an open-faced helmet with a visor.
  • Generally, the open-faced helmets do not have the visor as space is left for the shades and glasses.
  • Further, the helmet structure, as well as the visor, is scratch resistant.
  • The helmet weighs 1.18Kg & dimensions are 33cm x 24.8cm x 23.6cm


  • The outer structure of the helmet is acceptable.
  • But inside things go bad after a few months.
  • The foam gets skewed because of perspiration, revealing the plastic underlines that start hurting the ears.
  • If used further after that point, it begins to hurt the skull.

Wrangler Endeavor Helmet

14. LS2 Rookie Full face motorcycle Helmet FF352:

This helmet is among the best helmets ever. The FF352 could be titled as the value for money. It is for the newbies, all those who have just started driving a motorcycle.

LS2 FF352 full face motorCycle helmet mens motorCycles helm FF352
LS2 FF352 full face motorCycle helmet men’s motorCycles helm FF352


  • LS2 Rookie Helmet is a scratch-resistant and stainless visor that offers a dynamic vision.
  • Its fine structure and remarkable finish make it stand away from the rest.
  • Well, their helmets do not just qualify for the roads and streets, even they are recommended for the tracks.
  • The reinforced structure offers sufficient protection to the skull.


  • The only catch so far reported is the price.
  • It is a pretty costly helmet when we compare it to some other products.
  • But as said, it is value for money.

LS2 FF352 Helmet


I hope the above list of helmets for men helped you to decide the best one for you based on the features & specifications. It provides you with all the necessary details of the products so you can easily choose the product of your own choice.