How to price match on amazon?

Amazon is one of the giant eCommerce sites worldwide. Now, most of the customers in this world prefer Amazon because they are trusted and they always offer superior quality products from the seller. So, the brand Amazon provides trust in people’s minds. But there are some customers available who want to compare the price with other eCommerce websites and then want to place an order. This is called price match policies. Before some years, Amazon also provided this opportunity but now they can’t offer! If you want to price match with other sites or other brands and then buy, then you should choose some popular websites that help in this regard.

Amazon offer price match on selected products

Though amazon stop this “price match” concept still there are some products available where amazon provides a price match option like TV or mobile phone. This giant platform always prefers to make their customer happy after the purchased product from them. So, during TV or any type of expensive electronic goods, you can find their product comparison chart below and they will compare your selection with the other two seller’s products! Now, you have to compare and find the details and may choose the best one from them!

Why customers prefer a price match option?

Every online customer always prefers complete analysis before purchasing any goods. Though Amazon is one of the best platforms but still before purchase customers prefer to check more reliable and matched seller products within Amazon and find which one the best. In the Amazon, most of the seller offers superior quality product so it will be quite tough for a common customer to identify which product has a lower price than others. This is one of the best options which offer several benefits. Grab the best deal now!

Amazon asked their clients about the price match

Yes! This is the truth. In the case of some electronic goods, Amazon asks their buyers about the best price. Most of the customer did not able to find the page but if you search in the product page, at the bottom where amazon shows you product specification, besides that portion, you will find an option like “would you like to tell us about a lower price” and if you click on that, you will find a page. You have to fill up and submit.

Amazon never believes the price matched option now!

Presently, Amazon never believes this price match concept. They never believe this option because they don’t worry about their sale. They itself is one of the biggest competitors in the world market online and they are confident about their seller’s products. In this case, the entire seller in amazon always tries to offer the best and competitive price. The price matching concept is there till now but in a whole new concept.

Always remember, as in the Amazon the competition is very tough, so every manufacturer or seller tries to offer the best competitive price to maximize their profits. In the typical retail selling process, the more you will lower the price the more people will attract. But the lower price means less profit as well. So, lowering the price is not the solution. You have to offer your customer always superior quality product so they never give up on your brand.

As a seller calculate the cost

If you follow strategic pricing on Amazon, then first figure our costs at the SKU level. You can also figure out the price floor. You have to calculate your operational cost, packing cost, and other costs and then select a price for your product. After that, you have to compete with your competitors and decide what will be the maximum selling price!

If you check online now, you will find amazon informed all their customers that they do not offer price match option but they are constantly trying to maintain the price structure to get you a better deal.

How to find the best price on Amazon?

If you are looking for the best price for amazon products, you have to consider few things…

  • Check products and sellers name
  • Now search from amazon search bar with same product name
  • You will find some other sellers and their price details
  • Check features, advantages, and costs
  • Whether they are offering free delivery option or not
  • Now check the reviews and then select the best one.

Why Amazon did not offer a price match option now?

Some online websites offer price match option. Previously amazon also offered the same. But now, amazon stops this option. Amazon never believes the price match option now because they are offering to their customer’s price protection. Amazon also offers a refund policy if the price will dropdown. And if you become an amazon prime member, then you will be able to get free shipping and you will find several items at a cheaper rate. So, they never use this price match option anymore.

Sometimes, Amazon offers the lowest product price but they never provide a guarantee at the lowest price. The main thing about amazon is, the price structure is constantly changing. Sometimes, they changed their price structure because of customer’s benefits. They always try to compare with other market and they always offer their customer the best and superior quality product at the best price. Also, Amazon offers different types of benefits, discounts, coupons, credit scores which attract customers more than other sites as well.


So, the main thing is, amazon never believe on price match but if you research on their website properly you will find they will sometimes offer you compare option with 2-3 products together. You can check and select the best product as per your need. But this option will come with some selected items, not every product. Amazon always tries to minimize their products price so that customers will get constant benefits from them. So, if you want to buy electronic goods or mobile phones, go to amazon and search with the brand and find different sellers. Check and analyze and then select the best offer in your pocket!