How to get free stuff on amazon?

Presently, most of the people prefer online shopping because it’s simple and easy as well. Another big advantage is, if you will choose online shopping then it offers superior quality services at the best price. Online customers also able to grab the best discount and offers which offline shops are unable to offer you! That another big advantage for online shoppers. Online sites can offer an extra discount because they don’t have office administration or shop to rent. They can able to offer you always some extra which local shops are unable to offer!

Amazon is one of the best!

If you are talking about online shopping, then Amazon is the best option always. This is one of the popular online shopping sites all over the world. Most of the people prefer online amazon for shopping because they are getting a huge discount and superior quality products instantly. It helps to save your money. Amazon is one of the largest platforms which offer different types of products to their online customers like apparel, books, electronics goods, and toys. If you are an online shopper and looking for free stuff, you should try amazon.

If anyone gets a chance to save some money, then how do you feel? I know everyone will feel happy. People always love to make some extra and discount! Maybe you will get 10% off but you will like to take this. So, this is human nature. so, what could be better than an offer or discount? I think free stuff. Amazon is the best platform from where you will be able to collect free stuff! All you need to know the proper ways. You may get Amazon credit, gift cards, music, movies, and even free delivery option as well, etc.

There are several ways through which online customers able to collect amazon free stuff easily. Some of the popular ways include….

1. Sign up in the Amazon for a free box

Do you hear about the Amazon Box program? Well, this is a new program that Amazon introduced for their online customers. It is one of the unique ways to get free stuff from amazon without any type of money. Amazon has some selected boxes, now if you are an amazon prime member, you can purchase those boxes and get gifts. Yes! The amount you will spend on boxes, the equal value you will get through digital gift cards or amazon credits. If you already registered and amazon shopper, then you may choose a free sample box option. Every box includes different types of products like new amazon product samples, foods, new products, etc.  Every Amazon customer can place one sample box only. Amazon always updates about their free boxes.

2. Order Pantry products and get free samples

Amazon offers to its online customer’s free samples on pantry products. Once you place an order, you will be able to get pantry products easily. There are different types of sample pantry products you may buy like bath and body, package foods, household suppliers, snacks and beverages, diapers, baby care products, personal care, etc.

Some steps to get pantry products

  • Amazon already listed pantry products on their site.
  • Whenever you will purchase any pantry item you will be able to receive sample promo balance which you can redeem anytime.
  • Whenever you will purchase anything from Amazon Pantry, you will receive a sample.
  • Purchase any type of samples but only one unit.

3. Best deal for amazon prime membership

Amazon always takes care of its prime members. They offer an opportunity where every prime member gets an opportunity to buy 1 new product every day at Rs.1 only! Yes, this is true. But it also has terms and conditions like this deal is valid for the first 50 customers. And every customer can get an opportunity once. There are different types of pantry products available online Amazon, and you may choose any product at Rs.1. This type of deal is very limited and if you want to grab it, you have to check amazon updated notification always. Get Rs.1 free stuff on Amazon prime easily.

4. Browse free Digital Albums

Presently most of the kids love Digital music. You can find any type of music easily using this platform. Now, you can get free stuff from amazon easily, just sort out low to high and you will find the free update and free music as well. Using this little tick you will be able to get an attractive offer and sometimes free stuff from Amazon.

5. Get free Kindle e-book

If you are looking for free stuff or love to write an e-book, then you should choose Amazon kindle. This is one of the best gadgets which provide you several ebooks. Amazon offers its reader some free e-book from their store. You will find some e-book which is temporarily free but after a certain time, they charge. Another best part is, if you find one free book which is not interested, you can change it with another free book easily. So, get this free stuff from Amazon now!

6. Review – Amazon Vine

Do you hear about the Amazon vine program? This is another best program introduced by Amazon since 2007. In this program, as a client or customer, you have to provide an honest review of the product and in return, you will be able to get coupons or free stuff from amazon. Most of the items on this list are not available in the market. You may analysis from online and offline material and then need to write informative reviews.

Avail free cloud system

Amazon sometimes offers to their prime customer an opportunity to avail of their storage system. You can avail up to 5GB storage free of cost. You can able to upload videos, photos, and files to the cloud and save it. This is another best free stuff offer given by Amazon.

So, use the above ways and collect free stuff from amazon.