Buy Best Camping Tent online in India-Buyer Guide

A perfect camping tent will definitely make the trip enjoyable. After all, when the night falls upon you, there’s nothing to do but take a break. Hitting the outdoors to live under the stars is just one timeless tradition. There’s surely nothing more relaxing and adventurous. People don’t really realize that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to camping gear. Most rookie campers actually just grab the first stuff they run into. While this may be convenient, acquiring generic gear might end up ruining the adventure.

So tents are basically just outdoor shelters & these mainly consist of a mainframe that shapes it up and the fabric covering. Also, these are always designed with a specific usage purpose. For instance, there are sunny weather tents that can shield you from the heat yet keep you well breezed. Also, check the buyer’s guide on the best Garden Umbrella, Trekking shoes, Sleeping Bags, High Ankle Shoes, Shoe covers, Rain shoes, Duffle Bags, LED Torch LightsMilitary Shoes, Military T-shirts, Wildcraft Shoes in India

Whether it’s a backpacking trip or a mountain hike or a car expedition, you will definitely need some gear along the way. It is critical to choose the perfect camping tent that is suited for your trip. Also, it is the difference between a good night’s rest and an awkward cramp-infested experience.

Top 11 Best Camping Tents in India-Buyers Guide

List of the camping tents

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1. Jiya Enterprise Outdoor Camping Hiking Tent Waterproof Portable Enterprise-Waterproof-Portable
2. Krevia Portable Waterproof Amazing Picnic Tent for 2 Persons Krevia-Portable-Waterproof
3. AmazonBasics Camping Tent for 8 People AmazonBasics-Person-Resistant
4. Coleman Sundome Tent with Fibreglass Pole Water Column 2 Man Coleman-Sundome-7ft
5. Vruta Picnic Tent Portable, Waterproof for All Weather Dome Vruta-Portable-Waterproof
6. GOCART Instant FamilyPortable, Foldable Dome Shape Shelter Tent GOCART-Portable-Backpacking
7. YFXOHAR Camping Dome Tent Portable Waterproof for 4 Person with Bag YFXOHAR-Picnic-Camping
8. Camplite Portable Waterproof Dome Tent for Camping & Picnic Camplite-Camping-Outdoor
9. Jukkre Portable Waterproof Outdoor Camping Tent for 6 Person Jukkre-Portable-Outdoor
10. Saiyam Camping Picnic Tent Portable, Waterproof & Dome Tent for 4 Person Saiyam-Camping-Portable
11. SMILE Camping Picnic Tent Portable, Waterproof & Outdoor for 6-8 Person SMILE-Portable-Foldable

Importance & Usage of Camping Tent

Now, there’s a very misguided notion out there that tents are a recreational accessory. Recreation, of course, is the more common purpose however not entirely so. Tents are actually a permanent structure of the residence. This is true in both recreational and ordinary daily activities.

  • There are even places known as ‘tent cities’ in many low-income neighborhoods and societies.
  • While this might not be the technically correct use, it just goes to show how important this gear can be.
  • This is especially so when mother nature chooses to unleash harsher weather elements.
  • While camping is, in essence, a form of ‘living wild’, there are certain limits.
  • This is not to say there are no people who camp out without the comfort-providing gear.
  • Sleeping out in the open is definitely not a good idea, therefore.
More uses:
  • Camping in protected areas is the only exception with no danger of rattlesnakes, bears, or any other wild threat.
  • Typically however in any region, the cold will definitely deal you a heavy hand.
  • Even with sleeping bags and such, the absence of a tent will still complicate the whole experience.
  • Making a tent part of your gear eliminates quite several concerns.
  • The key to these is safety, especially against wild animals also, tents will protect you from pesky bugs.

Most well-designed tents will come with nettings for this very purpose. You can even enjoy your stargazing through rooftop openings AKA skylights.

Features or Benefits of a Camping Tent

We can all agree that backpacking can be tiresome right? Imagine all that load on your back. Of course, for others, this is part of the whole experience. The convenience of having your own set of wheels along the way is totally undeniable.

After all, we as humans enjoy the creature’s comforts. In fact, even the wildest of backpacking adventures could do with a car along the way for convenience.

Several benefits make the whole car tent worthwhile as mentioned below:

Pitching Ease

  • We all struggle with what we aren’t familiar with right? Well, we rarely get to go camping daily and pitching can just be a horror.
  • Funny enough, the ads and the instructions make it seem so easy but it can be a really tough nut to crack.
  • Camping tents, however, make our lives easier. Some are even self-pitching with the click of a button.


  • Fine, let’s say we got the pitching out of the way.
  • How comfortable are these ground tents really? What if the ground is soggy? What if it’s rough and uneven?
  • Some nice padding takes care of this for sure but some discomfort will remain still.
  • Eve flooring, however, comes with these car tents.
  • You can rest comfortably on a straight surface with little to worry about.

Vantage Viewing

  • The lofty perch of a camping tent is far from just regular.
  • It provides a perfect vantage viewing post.
  • Whether you’re game viewing or simply enjoying nature’s sights, it’s the perfect place to be.
  • Car tents come with side openings that can allow you to enjoy the nature around you while lounging in the comfort of your tent.


  • The security of the car tent has nothing to do with your abilities as a camper.
  • No slimy or venomous creature is going to wander along for sure.
  • The reinforcements that come with the design are also solid enough to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Pitching on the ground, however, does not guarantee you all this.
  • It implies needs your expertise & it is simply just guaranteed.
  • Without the proper skills, you just might wake up snuggling to a rattlesnake or perhaps find yourself lying in the open with your tent soaring up with the winds.


  • Car tents are generally designed for multiple purposes.
  • This goes from several weather settings to alternative usage.
  • Considering that they can be stowed up nicely in the car, they are one less burden to worry about.


  • The whole point of having a tent in the first place is to enjoy an indoor experience right? Car tents offer some of the most spacious interiors.
  • The minimal limitations in weight make their design more generous than the regular backpacking tents.
  • They’re perfectly ideal for those who hate cramped spaces.


  • Finally, you’re more likely to fit in a few creature comforts in your camping tent than any other.
  • The availability of car battery power makes accessories such as charging ports and led lighting a reality.
  • Just enjoy the wild experience with your dear creature comforts at ease.

Buyers Guide – Camping Tent

The choices for camping tents are quite inexhaustible. The selection process is easily very distracting. Not knowing what to look for is dangerous, especially with these clever marketing people all around.

Equip yourself with the practical knowledge of what exactly is necessary to have in a tent.  Knowledge avoids flustering from this witty salesman. Do not overlook the following when selecting your wilderness home.

You should consider the following before buying a camping tent for yourself:

Tent Capacity

In terms of size, retailers and manufacturers tend to exaggerate their products’ abilities. You’d be surprised with what other manufacturers try to pass off as two-man tents.  Carefully read out the dimensions stated in any design. To get a better feel of it, map it out on the ground and see what it’s truly like.

  • This should probably be the first consideration.
  • You need to know how many people you actually intend to house in a tent.
  • It automatically eliminates options based on their capacity.
  • Smaller and lighter backpacking tents are usually meant for one person.
  • Two at the very most. As such, avoid the backpacking category when accommodating large parties.
  • In fact, these categories are usually for solo adventures.
  • Of course, they are also ideal for a group of friends each sleeping in his or her tent.
  • The best scenario would be to actually see a pitched version of the tent.
  • The picture isn’t enough for this too because these cameramen in marketing are really sneaky.

One great determiner of capacity for any tent is the dimensions. It is better to get more headroom than a broader space in your tent. This will ensure a larger occupation capacity for sure. Of course, you’re more likely to enjoy your occupation of the tent if you’re not all bundled up every time. Great dimensions also ensure better relaxation and perhaps viewing through side openings and skylight features.


  • Not everyone is comfortable sharing their living space.
  • The fact that you are in the wild simply doesn’t matter.
  • Each person gets his or her privacy in a personal space.
  • The one-man tents come in handy in such scenarios.
  • For couples, there are quite a number of available options for both backpacking trips and car treks.


  • Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature.
  • She can easily and quickly turn your adventure into a nightmare. Always stay alert for weather patterns and changes.
  • Select the most appropriate tent for the season at the camping location.
  • Many people make the mistake of assuming that the weather at their destination is the same as their origin.
  • The versatile tents are way better when you’re unsure of what to expect.
  • These can be adjusted to suit any weather condition with detachable flaps, optional layers, etc.

Tent Features

  • Quite a number of tent features make the tent pleasant.
  • For instance, padded flooring greatly improves the comfort of ground-pitched tents.
  • The last thing you need is a bumpy floor that pokes at your ribs all night.
  • Openings are also important for aeration, especially in summer weather.
  • After all, the tent should be a haven, not a stuffy hut.
  • The tent must also provide protective features like rain flaps and insect nets to improve comfort levels inside.

Most of these are however useless in stormy weather conditions. Similarly, a wide range is also available for more callous conditions. Likewise, these categories can be pretty stuffy in the heat. Each selection must, therefore, match the occasion for a better experience.

List of Top 11 Best Camping Tents Online in India-Buyers Guide

A short and squat tent will take fewer people no matter how broad it may be. The comfort of the tent will also come into play with these dimensions. Put a lot of thought and consideration into the camping gear selection. This goes from seasonal factors to comfort considerations. Let’s just explore some of the nitty-gritty of setting out into the wild.

1. Jiya Enterprise Outdoor Camping Hiking Tent Waterproof Portable for 6 Persons

This tent is top-of-the-range and is definitely a must-have for fun-loving campers. It is made of polyester hence ensuring a lifetime of outdoor adventure and fun.

jiya Enterprise Outdoor Camping Hiking Tent Waterproof Portable for 6 Persons
jiya Enterprise Outdoor Waterproof Portable 6 Person 2 Layer 1 Door Camping Hiking Tent


  • Jiya Camping Tent is made with UV-resistant polyester fabric material.
  • It is waterproof to protect you against all the wetter elements.
  • This is totally windproof, anti-UV & portable tent.
  • The tent is also easily packed up and stowed into the vehicle.
  • Capacity is an amazing 6 adults that accommodates the whole family or quad.
  • It offers insect shielding features and proper ventilation flaps ad openings.


  • The tent is quite cumbersome and that can be tricky to pitch up without the proper knowledge or skill.

Jiya Enterprise Car Camping Tent

2. Krevia Portable Waterproof Amazing Picnic Camping Tent for 2 Persons

This tent design is the ultimate picnicking solution with quite a beautiful design and comfortable interior capacity. It is pretty lightweight and easy to set up too.

Krevia Portable Waterproof Amazing Picnic Camping Tent for 2 Persons
Krevia Amazing Picnic Camping Portable Waterproof Tent for 2 Person


  • Krevia Camping Tent is made with a durable polyester fabric wall and roof with silver polyurethane and a shock-corded fiberglass pole frame.
  • It comes with rust-free lightweight steel rods for strength.
  • This is waterproof to protect its inhabitants from any surprise rainfall.
  • It’s a comfortable travel tent & suitable for 2 people.
  • The side openings ensure a cool ventilation effect and utmost aeration out in the open.
  • It has quite ample space inside for greater comfort.


  • This design doesn’t offer much headroom which discourages upright positions.

Krevia Amazing Camping

3. AmazonBasics Camping Tent for 8 People

As the name suggests, this design provides all the necessary features bound to make any outdoor activity enjoyable. It has 15 x 9 (LxW) feet with a 6-foot center height to stand & move. You will get a 1-year warranty on this product.

AmazonBasics Tent for Camping
AmazonBasics Tent for Camping


  • Amazonbasics Camping Tent is made with coated-polyester fabric and welded 1000D-polyethylene tub-style floor with inverted seams.
  • It is water-resistant, durable & offers perfect outdoor insulation whether rain or heat shielding.
  • The tent is quite roomy ad can take up to eight people comfortably inside.
  • Best for accommodating a small family-size camping tent
  • A storage bag is provided for this tent.


  • This design comes with limited openings and might not provide proper ventilation in really stuffy weather.

AmazonBasics Car Camping Tent

4. Coleman Sundome 2 Camping Tent with Fibreglass Poles 600 mm Water Column for 2 Man

The Coleman Sundome is the perfect two-man tent solution for sunny weather. The camping tent dimensions are 6.8 x 4.9 x  3.9 feet & the weight is 4 kgs.

Coleman Sundome 2 Camping Tent with Fibreglass Poles 600 mm Water Column for 2 man
Coleman Sundome 2 Tent 2 man Camping Tent with Fibreglass poles 600 mm Water Column


  • Coleman Camping Tent outer sheet material made with polyester taffeta & inner tent polyester taffeta 68D with polyester mesh material
  • The floor is made with polyethylene 1000D material
  • It comes in a dome structure with 1 door (Round shape) & can accommodate 2 people
  • The polyester and aluminum frame is light and durable which makes it very portable ad solid.
  • It has perfect sun-shielding features and ample aeration vents.


  • The headroom in this compact tent is a bit limited to sitting positions only.

Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

5. Vruta Picnic Tent Portable, Backpacking & Waterproof for All Weather Dome

The Vruta tent is an all-weather must-have tent. It is fully customizable to meet everyone’s needs in any season. This tent’s weight is about  450 grams.

Vruta Picnic Camping Tent Portable, Backpacking & Waterproof for All Weather Dome
Vruta Portable Waterproof Camping Tent & Picnic Tent All Weather Dome Backpacking Tent


  • Vruta Camping Tent is made with high-quality waterproof polyester 190T & the outer body is 100% cotton jersey material.
  • It comes with a double door for in & out.
  • The water sealing design keeps everyone dry in any storm.
  • The tent design is pretty lightweight & it is best for fall-winter.
  • It is readily packable and storable in the backpack.


  • The tent isn’t that roomy and is ideal for single-person use only.

Vruta Portable Best Camping Tent

6. GOCART Instant Family Camping Tent WITH G LOGO Portable, Foldable, Water Proof Backpacking & Dome Shape Shelter Tent

The GOCART tent is the perfect family housing in the wild. It comes with awesome comfort features. The sturdy design lasts for generations.

GOCART Instant Family Camping Tent WITH G LOGO Portable, Foldable, Water Proof Backpacking & Dome Shape Shelter Tent
GOCART WITH G LOGO Portable Foldable Instant Family Camp Home Tent Dome Shape Shelter Tent Water Proof Backpacking Tent


  • GoCart Camping Tent made with polyester material
  • It comes with lightweight fiberglass frame poles along with anti-insect netting
  • This tent can be used in all seasons.
  • Fully waterproof, you need not worry about getting wet.
  • The camping & hiking tent is spacious and can take the whole family of up to 4 adults.


  • Quite cumbersome, and not ideal for backpacking.

GOCART Adventure Camping Tent

7. YFXOHAR Camping Dome Tent Portable, Most Picnic, Hiking & Waterproof for 4 Person with Bag

This design is quite attractive and suitable for just about every outdoor adventure from picnicking to hiking trips.

YFXOHAR Camping Dome Tent Portable, Most Picnic, Hiking & Waterproof for 4 Person with Bag
YFXOHAR Most Picnic Hiking Camping Portable Dome Tent for 4 Person Waterproof with Bag


  • YFXOHAR Camping Tent made with waterproof floor & breathable polyester fabric material.
  • The tent is totally waterproof and its lightweight nature makes it pretty easy to carry around.
  • It is also easy to pitch up and the solid frame offers ultimate secureness features.
  • This tent can be used in all seasons.


  • Not ideal for families of more than 4 people.

YFXOHAR Picnic Camping Portable Tent

8. Camplite Portable Waterproof Dome Tent for Camping Picnic Outdoor & Hiking

This is an all-purpose tent that is pretty versatile and convenient for all outdoor needs. Its dimensions are 200 x 200 x 135 cm.

Camplite Portable Waterproof Dome Tent for Camping Picnic Outdoor & Hiking
Camplite Picnic-Camping-Outdoor-Hiking-Portable Waterproof Dome Tents


  • Camplite Camping Tent is made with polyester material and offers numerous customization adjustments for its users.
  • This is a quick setup automatic tent body that is instantly set up by a single person
  • Its a lightweight and good-strength hiking tent
  • This tent is quite spacious & accommodates 4 people.


  • Offers fewer ventilation openings.

Camplite Camping Outdoor Tent

9. Jukkre Portable Waterproof Outdoor Camping Tent for 6 Person

The Jukkre family tent is the ideal choice for extended outdoor fun with its durable frame ad protective openings. This camping tent is suitable for 8 people.


  • Jukkre Camping Tent is made with coated polyester fabric material along with combined webbing & zippers.
  • This design is quite spacious and can accommodate a family of 6 adults quite comfortably inside.
  • Fully covered, dry entry wind-protected tent that provides sufficient aeration.
  • This tent is water-resistant & UV resistant


  • The tent is a bit heavy and requires some muscle power to pitch up.

Jukkre Camping Tent

10. Saiyam Picnic Tent Portable, Waterproof & Dome Tent for 4 Person

This 4 person tent offers the utmost indoor comfort in any outdoor setting. Ideal for smaller families in any weather. Its dimensions are 200 x 180 x 130 cm.

Saiyam Camping Picnic Tent Portable, Waterproof & Dome Tent for 4 Person
Saiyam Picnic Camping Portable Waterproof Dome Tent-4 Person Tent


  • Saiyam Camping Tent made with 190T waterproof polyester with 1500 to 1800mm rating.
  • It has a lightweight design that makes the tent very portable.
  • This 4-person tent with large double doors for easy in-and-out.
  • It is well ventilated and offers cool nature viewing and stargazing from the comfort of its interior.


  • The tent is a bit low on headroom and offers more sitting than upright comfort.

Saiyam Car Camping Tent

11. SMILE Picnic Tent Portable, Waterproof & Outdoor for 6-8 Person:

This outdoor tent is quite roomy and fits any family of up to 6 adults quite comfortably. It is easy to pitch up and quite attractive with its multicolor range.

SMILE Camping Picnic Tent Portable, Waterproof & Outdoor for 6-8 Person
SMILE 6 Person Portable Picnic Camping Tent Portable Waterproof Tent Outdoor and Camping Tent for 6-8 Person


  • Smile Camping Tent inner material polyester pongee & bottom material is terylene cloth.
  • The frame is both sturdy and easy to assemble which makes the whole tent durable enough to last generations.
  • It comes with a large door for easy in & out
  • This has a spacious interior and freedom of entry or exit.


  • Smaller families may find it a bit hard to handle.

SMILE Portable Camping Tent


Camping Tents are convenient for picnic &outdoor activities. It provides the perfect way to enjoy your camping. I hope this article helped you select the best camping tent.