How to choose the best drill machine?

About Drill Machine

The machine that helps us to make holes in wood, metal, concrete, glass, etc. is known as drill machine. Normally, it is a motor-driven machine. The motor helps to run the tool and make holes by rotating the sharp head. It will help you to make holes with accurate measurement.

You can use it for both indoor and outdoor tasks. The electricity-driven drill machines are the most popular ones. Before, scientists invented electricity, people used to drill and make a hole by manual machines. The electric and battery-operated ones are really making a great change in our lives.

For the power drill, there is an electric cord at the end of the machine for continuous power supply. The machine does all types of drilling, reaming, boring, counterboring, countersinking, spot facing, tapping, lapping, grinding and trepanning.

The basic parts are a power source, drill chuck, chuck keys, switch with forward or reverse, drill shafts and bits. Also, designers have introduced many newer designs in the market.

Types of Drill Machines

Many types of drill machine are there. You have to choose according to your purpose and comfort. Some are manual driven by hand and the other type uses electricity. To use on the hard surface like stone, brick or concrete you need a hammer drill.

The engineers also dig holes in the ground for searching or supplying water or oil. For this type of work, you will need drilling rigs.

With a corded drill, you can use many tools to use it for various applications. You will also find the cordless drill in the market. The battery helps to operate these types. You can carry it easily. But always keep spare batteries for charging the machine. This is the most expensive type of drill machine.

For small-sized holes, you can use portable and sensitive drill machine. In the industry, upright, radial, gang, multi-spindle, automatic and deep hole drilling machine are used. These types are bigger in size and make big holes. You will see those in the factory where work is done at the highest speed.


If you are in a construction field or a craftsman, it is a very necessary tool for you. There are various applications which are impossible without using the drill. For any builders or workers, this is a basic tool. If you are creating or building something, making perfect holes is a common problem. Also, you cannot do that on the hard surface easily. There are chances for you to get an injury while doing that manually. So, people invented the drill machine to make the task easy.

The machine works with accuracy and high precision. So, you will get the perfect diameter without any mistake. Making holes on a hard surface is very difficult and time-consuming. But with the drilling machine, you can complete it easily and timely.

You do not need lots of manpower also. You just need to know the correct coordinates and distance to get the perfect hole. If you need to repair something in your house, no need to call anyone. You can easily do that all by yourself by following the manual. It saves your money as well.

The doctors also use a drill machine for skull or bone surgery. Even jewelers use the machine for making ornaments. But they do not use the bigger and powerful machines as the building works. Not only for making holes, but you can also use it for screwing and tightening.

Buyers guide

  • To choose the drilling machine for your work, research properly to get the best one. There are lots of online shops where you will find details services and features of each model. First, you need to decide the purpose of purchasing the item. If you want it for small indoor work or heavy work, decide that. There are machines which is available with tool kits. So, you can use your machine for multiple purposes.
  • Both cheap and expensive models are available for you. If you have a tight budget and then choose the less expensive one. But, remember the cheap one may come with low quality. Also, some machines are made from plastic while some are from metals. Definitely, the metal ones are heavier than the plastic.
  • Check whether the package has a warranty and manual or not. If the warranty card is not provided, you will not able to get any service from the manufacturer.If you are a first-time user, then you need a manual to use the machine. A manual provides all the necessary information to run the machine. If possible, ask someone who has the experience to use the machine before.
  • Otherwise, you may face any accident. A machine from the famous brand will serve you for a long time. You do not need to worry about changing or replacing that. Also, choose the best battery to get the best service. If you travel frequently and work where continuous power is not available, then choose the battery-operated ones. These are lighter in weight as you do not need to use the power cord.
  • You can only use the battery for a limited time. So, always carry extra batteries for emergency use. Otherwise, your project will not be completed within the time frame.
  • For the electric or power drill machines, you need to check the input power and voltage carefully. Otherwise, your drill machine will not work or the motor will be ruined. For the corded drill, normally power supply with 300W to 1300W is needed to run the machine. Many drill machines have different modes to control the speed and adjust other options. If you are a beginner, you will get lots of help with that.
  • The small drill machines are not designed for heavy works. Also, check the overheating and sparking issue. For any kind of confusion and query, ask everything to the buyer or the manufacturer. Purchase only when you are fully satisfied with the answers. So, read all the instruction properly before purchasing your drill machine.

List of Best drill machine kits

In the market, you will find many types of drill machine from a different brand. The features also vary from one model to another. For hanging something on your wall or fixing furniture or shelves, you definitely need the machine. With a personal one, you can fix that all by yourself. Also, if you are in a creative field, then small drill machines will be very helpful for your work. Here, we are discussing a few drill machines a small description. It will be helpful for you to choose the right one.

  1. Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit

  • After purchasing this tool kit, you will get a warranty of six months.
  • Both professionals and beginners can use it easily.
  • This Bosch drilling machine tool kit has 100 accessories.
  • It is made from plastic and MS. Its chuck capacity is 1-10mm.
  • The drilling diameter for masonry and concrete is 10mm. For steel, the diameter is 8 mm and for wood 20mm.
  • you can easily repair anything with the help of this tool.
  • This is a very compact design, so you can use it to any small spaces.
  • The impact rate is 0 – 41,600bpm. You need to manage 500 W power for this machine.
  • You will get 0 – 2600rpm as no-load speed.
  • Dimensions: 39.1 x 33.5 x 12.1 cm


  1. The drill machine is lightweight, only 1.5 kg. You can easily carry it.


1. Some customer says that the machine becomes hot very easily.

  1. It does not last for a very long time.
Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit, MS and Plastic

Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit, MS and Plastic

2. Skil 6513 JJ 550 watts 13 mm Impact Drill Machine

  • You will get the drill machine kits with 138 accessories.
  • This is a complete package for you to do any repair work in your home.
  • The motor needs 550W as input power.
  • Drilling machine has a strong ball and also needle bearing system.
  • For the screw driving option, you will do the operation smoothly by the forward/reverse switch.
  • There is a lock-on button to help you for continuous application.
  • The weight of the machine is 1.5kg. For concrete and steel, the drilling diameter is 13mm.
  • For masonry, the diameter is 16 mm and for wood, it is 35mm, for steel & concrete 13 mm. you can easily adjust the speed at different levels.
  • The highest speed is 3000rpm.


  1. The grip area is very comfortable. It will be helpful for you to work for a long time.


  1. The manufacturer does not provide any warranty card.
    Skil 6513 JJ 550 watts 13 mm Impact Drill Machine-138 Pieces

    Skil 6513 JJ 550 watts 13 mm Impact Drill Machine-138 Pieces

3. BLACK+DECKER HD555KA50 13mm 550 Watt Impact Drill Kit

  • This kit does not have many accessories like the previous two kits.
  • But the price is quite affordable.
  • The color is orange and you will get 50 accessories with this package.
  • The drill machine needs 550W as input power, 220-240 volts as operating voltage.
  • You will get hammered drill, chuck key, drill bits, masonry drill bits, screw driving bits, plastic kit box, plastic anchors and screws.
  • You will get 6 months warranty while purchasing this product. The machine weighs 1.78kg.
  • Dimensions: 270x 200x 90 mm or 27x20x9 cm


  1. You can easily screw with the clockwise mode and unscrew with the anti-clockwise mode.


  1. This is a small drill. So, it is not for working for a long time. If you run it for more than 10 minutes, there will be an overheating issue. Also, the motor will not work properly.
  2. You cannot use it on a very hard surface.
    BLACK+DECKER HD555KA50 13mm 550 Watt Impact Drill Kit-50 Accessories

    BLACK+DECKER HD555KA50 13mm 550 Watt Impact Drill Kit-50 Accessories

4. Bosch Mechanic Kit GSB 550-Watt Impact Drill Kit

  • This Bosch drill machine kit is very useful.
  • You will get 122 pieces with the machine.
  • The input power is 550W.
  • The drilling diameter in concrete is 13mm, for wood 25mm, 13mm in masonry and 10 mm in steel.
  • 0 – 41600 bpm is the impact rate. It is made of plastic.
  • No-load RPM of 0-2700 & impact rate 0-41600 bpm
  • The bosch drilling machine price is 4717 Rupees
  • Comes with 6 months warranty.
  1. The design of this machine is slim and compact. So, you can easily use that.
  1. Bosch only made the drill machine. Other tools are made in a different country.
    Bosch Mechanic Kit GSB 550-Watt Impact Drill Kit -122-Pieces

    Bosch Mechanic Kit GSB 550-Watt Impact Drill Kit -122-Pieces

5. TOOLSCENTRE Plastic Electric Simple Combo Drill Machine

  • This is a simple tool and quite affordable.
  • If you have a small budget, then you can choose this.
  • Plastic is used to make it. You can use it for small or professional work.
  • The diamond tip is good for using on a hard surface.
  • The input power is 300W. It has 10mm bit for marble, glass, and granite. It weighs 1.5kg.
  • 10 mm rpm 2600 10mm in glass/ marble bit, 13 pcs hss bit set plastic wood aluminum


  1. You can easily carry it for outdoor work.


  1. You will not get any warranty card.
TOOLSCENTRE Plastic Electric Simple Combo Drill Machine with 10mm Bit for Glass-Marble-Granite

TOOLS CENTRE Plastic Electric Simple Combo Drill Machine with 10mm Bit for Glass-Marble-Granite

6. Bellstone Impact Drill Machine 650W-13mm

If you want to buy just a drill machine without any other accessories, then go for it. It is also less expensive. The input power is 650W.


  1. You can use it on any hard surface.


1. The user manual is not available with this product. So, if you are a new user, then you may find difficulties.

Bellstone Impact Drill Machine 650W-13mm

Bellstone Impact Drill Machine 650W-13mm

7. DigitalCraft DCRAFT_22 10Mm Drill Machine

  • This drill machine is good for you to do all types of indoor works.
  • You will get 13pieces HSS drill set. It is for metal, wood, and plastic.
  • There is also 5-piece masonry drill set for the hard surface like concretes and walls.


  1. It has a pistol grip which will make you comfortable while working.


1. Some customers complain that they could not use it for a long time.

DigitalCraft DCRAFT 22 10Mm Drill Machine -13 Pieces Hss Drill Set for Wood, Metal, Plastic and 5 Pieces Masonary Drill Set for Wall, Concretes + Free Pocket Bag

DigitalCraft DCRAFT 22 10Mm Drill Machine -13 Pieces Hss Drill Set for Wood, Metal, Plastic and 5 Pieces Masonary Drill Set for Wall, Concretes + Free Pocket Bag

8. APS Clif Plus Ed10A 10 mm Electric Drill Machine

  • The machine weighs only 500grams.
  • You can easily carry that. It is made of high-quality steel and plastic.
  • If you are a professional construction worker, you can purchase it.
  • You will get 13 pieces hss drill set and 5-piece masonry drill set.
  • It comes with a 1.5m power cord. The input power is 300W.
  • The drilling capacity if this machine is 10 mm.


  1. As it is good for hard surface, you can use it for your home or industrial applications.
  2. The machine is very durable.


  1. Though the machine is good but other accessories are not so high standard.
APS Clif Plus Ed10A 10 mm Electric Drill 450 W High Power Drill Drilling Machine + 2 Multi-Purpose Drill Sets

APS Clif Plus Ed10A 10 mm Electric Drill 450 W High Power Drill Drilling Machine + 2 Multi-Purpose Drill Sets