Best Cockroach Killer in India Buyers Guide

Cockroach killer is a repellent or gel that kills cockroaches & insects effectively. And cockroaches are small insects that are very common in houses, especially in summers. There are many species of cockroaches in the world.

Normally they don’t bite and do not cause any physical harm but they do carry disease-causing germs. Also, their presence in the house is very irritating and scary. They usually live in moist places and come out at night.

So, they are normally present in the kitchen, especially in cabinets, dustbins, or under the sink. Many people try many home remedies and different sprays to get rid of these pests. Also check the buyer’s guide for Mosquito Nets, Mosquito Rackets, Mosquito & flies sprays, Mosquito Killer Machines & Bed bug sprays in India.

But finding the perfect product for getting rid of roaches is very difficult because many of them are not effective. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This article will solve your problem and suggest the best cockroach-killing products that you can easily find on Amazon.

Top 10 Best Cockroach Killers in India

List of the cockroach killers Check at Amazon
1. HIT Spray Crawling Insect Killer  HIT-Spray
2. Mortein All Insect Killer  Mortein-3194D
3. Godrej HIT Cockroach Killer
HIT Roach Gel
4. Amish Cockroach Herbal Killer  Cockroach-Herbal-Office
5. Marcoz Gel Cockroach Killer  Marcoz-Ultimate
6. Cockroach Dot Cockroach Killer Cockroach-Dot
7. Good Morning Cockroach Killer  Good-Morning-Cockroach
8. MMR Cockroach Killer MMR-Making
9. Get Out Cockroach Killer Get-Out-Pack
10. Bayer Maxforce Forte Cockroach Killer Bayer-Maxforce

Buyers Guide – Cockroach Killer

When cockroaches enter a house they come in large numbers. So, it is very important to control them. As there are many types of cockroach killers available, it is best to pick the best one.

Keep in mind below things before buying a cockroach killer:

  • Not all types of killers are effective against all species of cockroaches.
  • So, it would be best to first identify the species of cockroach.
  • It is also important to check the active ingredient in the cockroach killer.
  • Some active ingredients meant to kill cockroaches be harmful to your pets and children.
  • So, it is best to be cautious.
  • Also, be cautious that the ingredients in the cockroach killer do not harm the environment.
  • They may also harm plants, so keep that in mind.
  • It is better to buy a long efficacy cockroach killer that you can use indoor as well as outdoor.

Types of Cockroach Killers

There are many types of cockroach killers available in the market. They vary in prices, range of efficiency, range of species it affects, and also how they affect the health of pets and kids.

The main types are:


  • These are small boxes with different entrance sites or traps to catch cockroaches.
  • Some poison is present in it.
  • Cockroaches are attracted to the smell of the poison and enter the box to eat it.
  • They then take it to where they are hiding and die.
  • The other cockroaches which come in contact with dead roach also die.


  • Gels contain appealing food scents in them to attract cockroaches.
  • Insecticides are used in the gels.
  • When the cockroach consumes the gel, the insecticide in it does its work and kills it.
  • However, one must exhibit caution and place the gel where it cannot access by kids and pets.


  • An organic insecticide called pyrethroid is used in spray bottles to kill cockroaches.
  • This compound attacks the nervous system of the insect and blocks it.
  • So, it is effective against all small insects. Sprays are easy to use because they can reach every corner and hole.
  • Some cockroaches have a strong immune system so they take about two weeks to die after inhaling the spray.


  • These chalks contain an active ingredient to kill cockroaches.
  • All you need to do is make lines with the chalk near cracks, holes, and corners of the room, and around kitchen and washroom sinks.
  • When the cockroach comes in contact with the poison, it will die.


  • Also called bug bombs, foggers come in a can opened and placed in the area where cockroaches have been sighted.
  • After opening the can, the fog containing the insecticide will begin to dissipate.
  • The fog can penetrate and reaches every crack or hole where the cockroaches may hiding.
  • It contains a pyrethroid that attacks the nervous system of cockroaches.
  • Foggers are not good for you, so cover all utensils and food and leave the home for a few hours.

How Does a Cockroach Killer Work?

Instead of directly killing cockroaches, cockroach killers usually attack some of the physiological systems of cockroaches and disable them.

  1. They either attack the nervous system, respiratory system, or reproductive system of the cockroach.
  2. Normally two types of pesticides are used in cockroach killers – pyrethroids and carbamates.
  3. These ingredients affect the nervous system of cockroaches and other insects.
  4. They are very effective in rapidly killing cockroaches without harming humans.

List of Top 10 Best Cockroach Killers in India Buyer’s Guide

Now you know the features, the buyer’s guide, and the types of cockroach killers on the market. But you probably don’t want to spend all your day looking for a good one.

So, to make your selection easier, here you have a top 10 list of the best cockroach killers available online along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. HIT Spray Crawling Insect Killer

This cockroach spray is available in different packages: 400ml, 625ml, and 700ml. When sprayed on areas having cockroaches including washrooms, kitchen cabinets, and under the sink, it instantly kills cockroaches.HIT Spray Crawling Insect Killer in 400ml


  • HIT Cockroach Spray kills ants and other small insects along with the cockroaches
  • The straw of the bottle is long enough to reach corners and deep in the holes of sinks and drains


  • It smells harsh and unpleasant
  • A large amount of spray is required to kill the cockroaches


2. Mortein All Insect Killer

This product not only kills cockroaches but is also effective in killing mosquitoes and other flying insects. It is in spray form and its nozzle is long enough to reach corners easily. The 600ml spray is available for Rs 280. There is also a 200ml and 400ml version available.Mortein All Insect Killer in 600 ml


  • Mortein All Insect Killer can kill a huge variety of insect species including flying & crawling insects
  • It even can kill lizards
  • This is an economical product.


  • No negative reviews by existing customers


3. Godrej HIT Cockroach Killer Anti Roach Gel

This is one of the best gel cockroach killers available. It is odorless, so it doesn’t irritate the home members, it just attracts the cockroaches. Other cockroaches that come in contact with the dead cockroaches will also die. Your home will cockroach free within 3 to 4 days.Godrej HIT Cockroach Killer Anti Roach Gel in 20g


  • Godrej HIT Cockroach Killer is effective against cockroaches and safe for humans.
  • This is easy to apply
  • Cockroaches consume this gel and go back to their nest and die.


  • The syringe pump is sometimes faulty


4. Amish Cockroach Herbal Killer Gel for Home, Office & Kitchen Pack of 2 Tubes

It’s a herbal cockroach-killing gel & the package contains two tubes of 299 grams. The gel is effective for all types of cockroaches and attracts all hidden cockroaches towards themselves. Just apply a dot of gel where you think the cockroaches can enter, and let the gel do the work.

Amish Cockroach Herbal Killer Gel for Home


  • Amish Cockroach Herbal Killer Gel is effective for all types of cockroaches.
  • It is chemical-free, so it is environment-friendly & safe for kids and pets.
  • Also, it gives results in only 4 hours


  • The tubes are too small so very difficult to press them
  • The gel does not come out of the nozzle easily

Amish Cockroach Killer

5. Marcoz Gel Cockroach Killer Ultimate Guaranteed Effect

You only have to pour a few dots of gel in the area where cockroaches come. They attract to it and eat it. Then after going back to their nest, they will die within a few hours. Other cockroaches living nearby in the nest will also die.Marcoz Gel Cockroach Killer Ultimate


  • Marcoz Gel Cockroach Killer is very effective against all types and sizes of cockroaches.
  • The package consists of two 10ml cockroach killing dispensers.


  • The quantity of the gel is very less. The bottle is also small and difficult to squeeze


6. Cockroach Dot Cockroach Killer Anti Gel Pest Control Pack of Two in 20 Gms

This gel-based cockroach killer another effective product available online. Its odor attracts cockroaches. Also, it has 11 attractants to draw cockroaches from their hideout.

Cockroach Dot Cockroach


  • Cockroach Dot Cockroach Killer is a high-performing gel that kills all types of cockroaches.
  • After applying for a few consecutive days, all cockroaches will die


  • The product is not effective against small cockroaches
  • Also, the price is high for this sized tube

Cockroach Dot Killer

7. Good Morning Cockroach Killer Paste Pack of 4 in 240g

It’s another amazing cockroach killing product available online. Packages consist of 4 packs of 240 grams. It is safe to use in the house. It cannot use on wet surfaces and only a pea size paste a place needed.Good Morning Cockroach Killer Paste Pack of 4 in 240g


  • Good Morning Cockroach Killer is a 100% organic product and has no smell.
  • When applied it will be effective for two days if kept away from water
  • Doesn’t have any chemicals in it


  • Cannot reuse once the tube opened

Good Morning Cockroach Killer

8. MMR Cockroach Killer Powerful Gel Bait Making Marvelous Arsenal Cockroach Eliminator in 30 Gram

It’s a very powerful cockroach-killing gel used at homes, grain stores, restaurants, schools, etc. Only 5 to 6 dots of this gel takes care of the pest even in large spaces.MMR Cockroach Killer Powerful Gel Bait Making Marvelous


  • MMR Cockroach Killer is effective in larger spaces.
  • The gel is effective against all types of cockroaches


  • The gel is a very thin liquid so it makes a mess
  • Also, the syringe is of bad quality

MMR Cockroach Eliminator

9. Get Out Cockroach Killer Gel Pack of 4 in 160 gms

It’s a high-performing cockroach killing gel good for killing all types of cockroaches. It is an organic gel so it is completely safe for the environment, skin, kids, and pets. The gel is odorless but very effective against cockroaches.Get Out Cockroach Killer Gel Pack of 4 in 160 g


  • Get Out Cockroach Killer is very effective and kills cockroaches within a few hours.
  • This is very safe to use
  • It’s a dermatologically tested product
  • All you need to do is pour a pea-sized portion in dry areas where cockroaches are often sighted.


  • It will not be effective when it comes into contact with even a small amount of water
  • The tube doesn’t contain the amount of product mentioned in the packaging

Get Out Cockroach Killer

10. Bayer Maxforce Forte Cockroach Killer Gel in 35 Gram

This gel is an amazing odorless product that gives instant results against roaches. This is effective even when applied in a small dose.Bayer Maxforce Forte Cockroach Killer Gel


  • Bayer Maxforce Forte Cockroach Killer is very effective against a variety of cockroach species
  • Also, this is odorless.


  • It leaves a brown stain on the floor
  • Costly

Bayer Cockroach Gel


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of the top 10 best cockroach killers. So, it should be easy for you to determine which cockroach killer is best for you.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best cockroach killers for you along with valuable benefits.


What is the best cockroach killer?

You can find many good options on Amazon. We recommend Mortein, Good morning cockroach killer, HIT Spray Crawling Insect Killer, Marcoz Gel Ultimate Cockroach Killer, and Cockroach Dot Cockroach Killer.

How do you get rid of roaches permanently?

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of them permanently because they can infiltrate your homes over and over again. However, if you pay attention to cleanliness, keep your kitchen waste outside at night, and wipe out water, it will help reduce the chances of them coming back.

Also, after every few months spray or use some home remedies against cockroaches to prevent them from coming back.

What is the best home remedy to get rid of roaches?

Boric acid is the best and cheapest product to get rid of cockroaches. Just make a mixture of an equal quantity of boric acid and sugar and pour it into every corner of the kitchen, washroom, and bedroom.

How do I kill roaches in my house?

You can use various products to kill them. Many products and ways are discussed in this article.

What kills roaches and their eggs?

Sprays and boric acid are the best way to kill cockroaches because they can kill eggs.

Why do I have roaches in my clean house?

Cockroaches come into houses in search of food and water. If your house is clean but still there is moisture or any leaking pipe, they will come.

Does vinegar kill roaches?

No, vinegar doesn’t have any properties to kill cockroaches. It is used as a disinfectant to clean the kitchen that will help keep cockroaches away.

How do I get rid of cockroaches in my kitchen?

Put the kitchen waste out at night. Clean and dry the kitchen well. You can use chalk in every corner of the kitchen or you can pour a mixture of sugar and boric acid. You will see a visible reduction in cockroaches.

How quickly does baking soda kill roaches?

Baking soda does not kill cockroaches or any insect for that matter.

How do I get rid of cockroaches in my bathroom?

Empty and clean the bathroom garbage bin. Clean your drainage and cover it. Keep your bathroom dry after bathing or taking a shower.

Does bleach kill cockroach eggs?

Yes, bleach will burn and kill the eggs.