Get Gangajal online for Pooja in India-Buyers Guide

Gangaa Jal is a very important and sacred thing in the Hindu religion. It is the main part of their Pooja, they sprinkle it in their homes, and also use it to treat diseases. Their religious ceremonies are incomplete without it. The good news for you is that you can get Gangajal at your doorstep by putting an order online. We have compiled a list of top sellers that sell authentic and pure Ganga water. If you are in search of sacred water, then keep reading the article.

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Get Gangajal online for Pooja in India-Buyers Guide

List of Ganagaa Jal

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1. GANGIKA GangaJal GANGIKA GangaJal
2. GangTarang Ganga Jal GangTarang Ganga Jal
4. S3A GangaJal S3A GangaJal
6. GANGOTRI Pure GangaJal GANGOTRI Pure GangaJal
7. BUM BUM BHOLE Pure Ganga Jal BUM BUM BHOLE Pure Ganga Jal
8. Eluvina Premium GangaJal Eluvina Premium GangaJal
9. AJNALA Pavitra GangaJal AJNALA Pavitra GangaJal
10. ASIART GangaJal ASIART GangaJal

Features of Gangajal

  • The appearance of GangaJal is just like normal river water, but according to Hindus, it has many good properties.
  • Now, the river is becoming polluted because of people mishandling it.
  • There are so many living organisms in the river that make the water clean and stop its pollution.
  • And as it passes through many areas and mountains, it has many medicinal properties too.
  • You cannot keep the water in plastic bottles for a long time because it can lose its properties.
  • The Ganga water is placed in a clean place.
  • You cannot touch it with dirty hands.
  • An amazing feature of Ganga-Jal is that it has self-cleaning properties.

Buyer’s guide for Gangajal

  • As GangaJal is important for Pooja and other religious occasions, it must be authentic.
  • Some people may sell fake Ganga water but that will demise the soul of Pooja.
  • So, search for an authentic seller that gives assurance about its authenticity.
  • Check its certificate, reviews, make your mind clear, and then buy.
  • If you find one genuine brand, then it is recommended to stick with that and don’t get cheated by others.

Where & How the Gangajal is used?

  • It is used in Pooja or Hindu prayer. No Pooja is completed without it.
  • The Hindus use it to clean their sacred places.
  • It is their belief that if you pour some drops of this water into normal water and pour it anywhere, the place will become clean.
  • They also sprinkle it in their homes.
  • The Hindus also use it for drinking for medicinal purposes.

List of Top 10 Best Gangajal sellers online in India-Buyers Guide

1. GANGIKA GangaJal

This Gangika GangaJal comes in an orange plastic bottle. The company claims that it is 100 percent pure and is collected from Brahma Kund, Haridwar. It means the water is very beneficial for physical and spiritual betterment. You can get different packages of this sacred water having different quantities.



  • The water is very clean.
  • It has very good and leakage-proof packaging.
  • You can get a very reasonable price Ganga Jal at a reasonable price by sitting at home.


  • The quality of the bottle is not so good.
  • Its price is a little high.


2. GangTarang Ganga Jal

GangTarang Ganga jal is another band that is selling pure GangaJal of very good quality. The water is very clean and is suitable for drinking too. You also can use this water for Pooja and other purposes. This GangaJal is collected from a sacred area of Brahma Kund Har ki Pauri after Aarti. The workers of the company collect the water very carefully, keeping its importance and Holy value in mind.

GangTarang Ganga Jal


  • You can store this sacred water for a long time, it will not lose its quality.
  • The GangaJal is available in different size bottles.


  • Some customers got leaked bottles.



Daridra Bhanjan Ganga Jal by this brand is also very good and its authenticity is sure because it is hand-collected and packed. It is collected from Haridwar, Brahma Kund. They try to collect and sell the purest and most authentic form of this sacred water. The brand sells pure water to different far and near areas.



  • The packaging of the water jar is perfect.
  • It is pure Ganga Jal.
  • The customer service is good and the delivery time is short.


  • It is not suitable for drinking purposes.
  • Some people got unsealed jars.


4. S3A GangaJal

This S3A Ganga Jal Brand is a very good and registered brand that is approved by the government for selling pure products. This Jal is hand-collected by pandits during the holy days after the aarti. They only collect water from Haridwar so no one can doubt its authenticity. You can store Ganga Jal for years, so this one can be too.

S3A GangaJal


  • The quality of this Ganga water is good.
  • They send water in a leak-proof container.
  • Its price is also very reasonable.


  • We didn’t find anything bad about this.



This is another brand on our list that is claiming to sell pure Ganga Jal of Haridwar. You can get the packaging of 1-litre, 2-litres, 3-litres, and 4-litres and 5-litres. This is pure and unfiltered Ganga water, very suitable for Pooja purposes.



  • Its appearance shows that it is pure and un-treated sacred water.
  • The packaging of the water is also very good.


  • The water is not suitable for drinking.


6. GANGOTRI Pure GangaJal

This Ganga Jal is collected from the Ganga River’s point at the high Himalayas. It is the purest and human hands untouched form of Ganga water.  They take water from is Uttrakhand pack it. This water is approved by the Uttrakhand government. The water is not treated or filtered, hence, it is free from any chemical and is purest.

GANGOTRI Pure GangaJal


  • The water is good and pure.
  • Its price is also affordable.


  • Some people didn’t like the quality of the water.
  • A few customers also complained about the packaging.


7. BUM BUM BHOLE Pure Ganga Jal

It is a pack of 2 pure GangaJal bottles from Bum Bum BHOLE.  They are selling pure product, that’s why they sell a limited quantity of them. They make sure to collect the Ganga water from the original source of Haridwar so that your religious severities don’t destroy.

BUM BUM BHOLE Pure Ganga Jal


  • You can get 2-bottles of water at a reasonable Ganga water price.
  • The water seems of very good quality.


  • The plastic bottles are of very bad quality.


8. Eluvina Premium GangaJal

As its name indicates, it is a premium quality Ganga Jal by Eluvina. It is very pure water that will reach your door without any chemicals, filtration, or treating processes. Its high-quality PET packaging makes it leak-proof and durable. This Ganga water has healing properties and a capability of self-cleaning too.

Eluvina Premium GangaJal


  • The packaging bottles are less damaging to the environment.
  • This water is from the most sacred city of India, Hawirdar.
  • The brand’s reputation about the GangaJal is very good.


  • We didn’t find anything bad about it.


9. AJNALA Pavitra GangaJal 

The Brahma’s hand-collect water from Brahma Kund Haridwar and then pack it without any processing to give you the pure sacred water. Ajnala made sure to collect the most-possible purest form of Ganga Jal for you

AJNALA Pavitra GangaJal 


  • Its packaging is very good.
  • The water quality is also good.


  • There is nothing bad about this brand’s product.


10. ASIART GangaJal

This is the last GangaJal selling brand on our list. They also collect the water from Haridwar and pack it as it is, without filtering. This pure form of water is very good for Pooja and other rituals. They have the water in different packages.



  • The price of the Ganga water is reasonable.
  • You can trust them on the purity of Gangaa Jal.


  • You cannot drink the water.



If you are living far from the Ganga River you might have done Pooja without GangaJal. But now, there is no need to do so. You can buy Ganga-Jal in any part of India or the world. You just have to pick one from the list and place an order to get it at your doorstep.


How can I get GangaJal?

For religious reasons, you can get the Jal directly from the temple, if you live near River Ganga. Many shops in that area sell it. But if you are living in other areas, where you cannot buy it directly, then check online. There are so many websites and online stores that are selling it.

Where is Ganga Jal from?

River Ganga is the most sacred river of Hindus, originating from the Gangotri glacier. They take GangaJal from the river Ganga.

What is the price of the GangaJal?

You can easily get 1-litre GangaJal for 200 rupees.