Best Wax Heaters in India Buyers Guide

A Wax heater is a device designed to melt hair removal wax, whether hard or soft, by operating at an optimal temperature. It operates based on the oils and other compounds present in the wax. And it can reach a temperature of forty degrees or above.

It helps to melt the wax mixture that is then applied to the body. If this type of waxing is complicated, you can opt for cold waxing where individual strips are used for waxing. Cold waxing is also good since it lasts longer – approximately five weeks or more.

The strips heat quickly via any heat source, which makes it convenient for those who require a fast waxing process. However, hot waxing is preferable for hair that is challenging to remove, but it is not suitable for those who can’t use enough force.

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Top 10 Best Wax Heaters in India

List of wax heaters

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1. Concepta Heater Automatic Machine Concepta-Paraffin
2. Ozomax Oil and Wax Heater Ozomax-BL-207
3. Herbia Beautech Automatic Heater Herbia Automatic
4. Wishbone Hot Warmer Wax100 Wishbone-Heaters
5. OZOmax Automatic Wax Heater OZOmax-Automatic
6. Fllik Automatic Heater for Women Fllik-Automatic
7. KYLIE Pro Wax Heater Wax100 Warmer
KYLIE Warmer
8. Neuron Ecco Wax Heater Neuron-Ecco
9. Blushia Electric Heater Hair Remover blushia-Electric
10. Jini Collection®Hot Heater Wax100 Jini-Collection

Buyers Guide – Wax Heater

A wax heater that melts the wax in less than fifteen minutes is convenient compared to those that take up to forty-five minutes. Therefore, the heater that heats up faster is suitable for professional use like salons.

  • Before purchasing a wax heater, familiarize yourself with the various components of the heater and choose based on your needs.
  • Portability is the primary consideration while choosing wax heaters.
  • Therefore, a lightweight heater is best if you travel more.
  • Identify the heating speed.
  • It is also important to consider the durability of the heater since every tool wears out after consistent use.
  • Therefore, choose a heater that is made with quality material that can withstand frequent use and can be repaired easily and economically.
  • As a buyer, opt for long-lasting guarantees, quality brands, and seals.

Features of Wax Heaters

Wax heaters have a temperature control lever or trigger switch to control the various heat requirements for waxing. It ranges between low, medium, and high levels.

Just consider the below features while choosing a wax heater:

  • The wax heater has a trigger on and off switch with a light indicator to alert the operator of the temperature levels
  • And when the wax is melted and suitable for hair removal.
  • The body of the heater is made with durable heat-resistant material. That does not affect the outside of the heater thus preventing accidental burning.
  • The aluminium container melts down the wax based on the set temperature and it has a handle for the operator to efficiently use the heater.
  • Therefore, the heater bowl is suitable for hard waxes, soft, and paraffin waxes.

Types of Wax Heaters

There are two different types of heaters:

Wax Heater

  • For hot waxing, the wax needs to reach a high temperature so that the hair follicles can dilate properly.
  • This heater is convenient for the removal of resistant hair and offers precise and long-lasting results.
  • The only limitation is that hot waxing requires time and a specific physical ability to avoid burning or damaging skin.

Wax Warmers

  • These are the most common heaters, mostly preferred due to their mechanism of retaining the appropriate temperature for waxing.

The wax heater reduces the complexity of its operation and consists of two categories

  • Roller wax heater also referred to as a roll-on heater applicator, melts the wax within it through cartridges which heat to optimal temperatures.
  • It is the most convenient heater device that operates through direct application to the waxed area.
  • The heater is accurate, easy to use, and clean. The roll-on wax heater keeps the wax at appropriate temperatures by the use of a thermostat.
  • A Wax heater is the most economical hair removal method.
  • It operates by a cord and feeder and requires 20 to 30 minutes for the wax to melt.
  • The heater is suitable for facial waxing due to its precision & it can be refilled once the wax is almost finished.
  • The jar wax heater is made of a jar or bowl that operates by the use of electricity to melt the wax.
  • And the wax is removed and spread to the surface to be waxed with the use of a spatula.
  • The heater model comprises various types based on their design.

How to use Wax Heater?

Most wax heaters have an on/off switch while others are automatic with a convenient indicator to alert the operator that the suitable temperature for hair removal has been reached.

  1. Before using the heater – clean the portion that requires hair removal
  2. If you are using a wax warmer, plug the heater into the power source
  3. And melt the wax to a temperature of approximately 55 to 75 degrees.
  4. Heat the hard wax, soft wax, or beans until it completely melts.
  5. Once the melting point reaches, regulate to a moderate temperature.
  6. Apply the wax over the skin and wait for a few minutes to peel off the dried wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  7. Clean the residual wax on the skin with oil to prevent skin damage.

List of Top 10 Best Wax Heaters in India Buyers Guide 

The wax heater is convenient for professional use since it requires a high quantity of wax that can be used by more than one person. And the spatula is replaceable to maintain hygiene.

1. Concepta Wax Heater Automatic Machine Warmer for Hard, Strip & Paraffin Waxing :

This is moulded in a durable heat-resistant material and finished with a stylish appearance. Also, the machine is lightweight making it convenient for mobility.

It is for multipurpose use both at home or in professional settings like salons. Also, it is a convenient, automatic waxing tool for hard strips and paraffin waxing.Concepta Wax Heater Automatic Machine


  • Concepta Wax Heater is built with aluminium & fitted with a heating coil for a fast wax meltdown.
  • This is easy to use
  • Also, this is affordable for everyone
  • Convenient temperature control


  • It takes a lot of time to heat and cool

Concepta Heater

2. Ozomax Oil and Wax Heater:

This is non-automatic and designed with a trigger on and off switch and has an indicator light. It operates under 90 watts which is approximately 220 to 240 volts.

This is convenient for various types of wax-hot wax, beans, or lipo-soluble. It is made with a non-stick wax container and an automatic cut off switch.Ozomax Oil and Wax Heater


  • Ozomax Wax Heater has a solid body and is built with the light material.
  • So that it is portable and easy to use.
  • This heater is affordable for everyone
  • Non-stick wax container


  • Defective product
  • Duplicate products

Ozomax Wax Heater

3. Herbia Beautech Automatic Warmer with Auto Cut-Off:

This is fitted with a heating coil for a fast wax meltdown. It is moulded in a durable heat resistant material. This is designed with control to regulate temperature and an indicator light.

It is suitable for professional, and home use and used for various wax types like strip waxing, hard waxing, and paraffin waxing.Herbia Beautech Automatic Wax Heater


  • Herbia Beautech Wax Heater built with an automatic cut off switch
  • This device is durable & easy to use
  • Also, this is a good quality product


  • Quite expensive
  • Defective parts


4. Wishbone Hot Wax Heater Wax100 Warmer Automatic Machine for Hard, Strip & Paraffin Waxing For Waxing:

This is an automatic heater that has a heating coil for a fast wax meltdown. It features a control to regulate the temperature, which is adjustable from zero to fifty-five degrees.

Also, it can be used for hard or strip waxing and paraffin waxing. Therefore, Wishbone is suitable for hair removal and exfoliation making it convenient for both professional and home use.Wishbone Hot Wax Heater Wax100


  • Wishbone Pro Wax Heater moulded in a durable heat-resistant material protecting the outside of the heater.
  • You can long-lasting results
  • This is a good quality product
  • Also, this is easy to use


  • Poor packaging


5. OZOmax Automatic Wax Heater & Warmer with Auto Cut-Off Feature:

This heater switches off automatically when the heating when the wax reaches its optimal temperature. Vice versa, if it senses the wax or oil is cold, the heater automatically switches on.

The heater weighs 345 grams and is therefore lightweight and portable. It is easy to use and made with quality material that makes it long-lasting.OZOmax Automatic Wax Heater


  • Ozomax automatic  wax heater is an automatic cut-off device Easy to use
  • This is affordable for everyone
  • It comes with an automatic trigger switch


  • Cheap product
  • Small size


6. Fllik Automatic Wax Heater for Women & Girls for Salon and Home Use:

The Fllik is an automatic device featuring an on and off trigger switch and has an indicator light. The heater is made with a lightweight material suitable for portability. It is ideal for both home and professional use.Fllik Automatic Wax Heater for Women


  • Fllik Wax Heater is made with lightweight material.
  • This is affordable for everyone
  • Also, this is easy to use
  • It is a portable product


  • Poor quality product
  • Defective parts

Fllik Heater

7. KYLIE Pro Wax Heater Wax100 Warmer for Hard, Strip & Paraffin Waxing:

The temperature is adjustable in various degrees from zero to fifty-five degrees. This is easy to use & it comprises a heating coil suitable for melting wax fast, and the coil is moulded in a durable heat-resistant material.

It is optimal for various hair removal waxes like paraffin waxing, hard waxing, and strip waxing. It is, therefore, suitable for both home and professional use.KYLIE Pro Wax Heater Wax100 Warmer


  • Kylie Heater comes with a regular temperature control switch and an indicator light.
  • It has a removable handle, and a container made of aluminium.
  • Visually appealing
  • It is affordable for everyone.


  • Defective parts
  • Prone to internal short circuit


8. Neuron Ecco Wax Heater:

This is moulded in a durable heat-resistant guaranteed quality material. The heater has an on/off switch with a light indicator. Used plastic is durable, therefore, convenient for professional and home use.Neuron Ecco Wax Heater


  • Neuron Ecco Heater made with a heating coil for a fast wax meltdown.
  • This is affordable for everyone
  • Also, this is easy to use
  • It is a durable product.


  • Over-heats on the outside
  • Has no automatic cut-off

Neuron Wax Heater

9. Blushia Electric Wax Heater Hair Remover:

This device operates electrically and is built with compact materials, hence durable. It is shockproof and offers a convenient & economical way to wax.Blushia Electric Wax Heater Hair Remover


  • Blushia Heater shockproof
  • This is easy to use
  • Also, this is durable


  • Poor quality product
  • Expensive

blushia Heater

10. Jini Collection® Hot Wax Heater Wax100 Pro Warmer for Hard, Strip & Paraffin Waxing:

This heater comes with a conventional temperature control system. And it comes with an indicator light to alert the operator. The temperature is adjustable from zero to fifty-five degrees.

It has a heating coil for a fast meltdown of the wax and is moulded in a double heat resistant material, thus durable. Also, it is convenient for both professional and home use.Jini Collection®Hot Wax Heater Wax100


  • Jini Collection Heater made with extra aluminium & removable handle for easy maintenance.
  • This is affordable for everyone
  • Also, this is durable
  • It is a quality product


  • It takes time to heat
  • Small bowl

Jini Warmer Heater


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of the top 10 best wax heaters in India. So, it should be easy for you to determine which one is best for you.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best heater for you along with valuable benefits.


Which wax heater is the best in India?

Wax warmers are the best wax heaters. The OZOmax automatic heater best out of all other models.

What is the price of the wax heater?

The heaters vary in price depending on their design. It can be anywhere between seventeen to forty dollars.

Which heater is used for Rica wax?

There are various brands available, but GIGI and OZOmax are the typical heaters used for Rica wax.

How can I heat wax without a heater?

You can place the container containing the wax in hot water until the wax melts or use a microwave, which is more convenient.

Which wax is good for the face?

Hot waxing is convenient for the face since it can remove very small hair follicles.

What is the difference between hot and cold wax?

Hot wax utilizes melted wax and does not require the use of strips but cold wax requires strips since it is repeatedly applied to the surface of skin waxed to remove all the hair.

Which wax is good for waxing?

GIGI Brazilian waxing kit is the best overall wax for complete hair removal.

What to do after waxing legs?

After waxing, take a cold shower to reduce skin irritation and sensitivity.