Best Keyboard Piano in India – Buyers Guide

The Keyboard piano is an electric musical instrument that produces sounds when a performer presses the keys of the piano-style keyboard. Like everything else, this age-old musical instrument is also modernized to suit the times.

Music is not only an art form but is also said to have healing powers. While there is a massive number of musical instruments one can opt for, the piano has managed to stay a notch above and has almost become a universal rage.

Consequently, you can now find many digital keyboards to help take your music endeavour to the next level. These new-age digital keyboards are half the size of conventional pianos but still produce top-notch quality sound.

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We know it is not an easy job to go and pick up a good-quality keyboard piano in India. But perhaps this guide helps you choose one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Top 6 Best Keyboard Pianos in India

List of keyboard pianos

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1. Yamaha Portable Keyboard Piano  Yamaha-PSRF51
2. Casio Portable Keyboard Touch Sensitive Casio-CTX700-Sensitive
3. RockJam RJ561 61-Keys Electronic RockJam-RJ561
4. Roland E-X20 Arranger Keyboard Roland-Arranger
5. KS Foldable Musical Roll-Up Foldable-Musical
6. 6ixtech Roll Up BR-A Keyboard Piano 6ixtech-Rechargeable

Buyers Guide – Keyboard Piano

By the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about pianos such as the types of keyboards, how to select the best one, and much more.

The points below will make your choice simpler while selecting the best keyboard piano:


  • The size of keyboard pianos differs from one model to another.
  • You need to choose the best one based on whether you will need to carry the piano with you often
  • And of course the availability of space in your room.


  • Again, based on the type of piano and the brand, the cost will vary.
  • Hence, decide the functionality you need, such as the size of the speakers, the number of keys, etc., and choose as per your budget.

Headphone Port

  • Many keyboards come without a headphone jack.
  • If you want to practice a lot and don’t want to disturb others, you must buy a keyboard with a headphone jack.
  • It will allow you to play the keyboard without worrying about others.


  • Most digital keyboards come with 61 keys, but if you want to learn to play an authentic piano
  • We recommend going for the ones with 81 keys.

Recording Capabilities

  • Many keyboards come with the inbuilt recording option.
  • If you are composing or practising a song, then it is best to opt for these types of keyboards since it allows you to record and check your performance.

Features of a Keyboard Piano

The common features mentioned below are what you need to take a look at while buying a keyboard piano.

Headphone Jack

  • It is hugely advantageous to buy a keyboard that comes with a headphone jack.
  • You might think it will not make much difference, but trust us, it does.
  • Especially if you are a beginner, it is crucial to buy one with a headphone jack.
  • The main reason is, that while you are practising, people around you may not want to hear your session.
  • So, you can plug in your headphones and start practising privately.


  • It will be surprising to note that not all digital keyboards will come with speakers.
  • To hear the notes with clarity, you will need speakers.
  • Therefore, it would be best to opt for one with an inbuilt speaker.

USB Cable

  • Nowadays, connecting the instrument to your computer is necessary.
  • So, many pianos offer the USB connection feature.


  • A classical piano comes with 88 keys.
  • But in digital pianos, you can find some with 88 keys and some with just 61 keys.
  • If you want the experience of playing a traditional keyboard, find the one which has 88 keys.

Types of Keyboard Pianos

Digital Pianos and Organs

These types of pianos can be grand, upright, or portable pianos. It will come with the inbuilt speakers. If you choose a portable one, the speaker will be smaller and produce less sound.


  • It comes with many features.
  • This is designed for a one-man-band feature, which means you can find bass, electronic drums, scads of sounds, and recording and playback options.

Stage Pianos

  • These pianos were made for onstage performances.
  • But it will not be available with as many features you find in arrangers.
  • You have to arrange extra speakers so that the sound can be heard by the audience.


  • Synthesizers come with more sound options to work with.
  • You can find many variants, such as 61-,73- and 88-keys keyboards.

How Does a Keyboard Piano Works?

  1. The science behind the working of a piano is simple.
  2. Once you press a key on the piano, it results in a small hammer inside it hitting a string or collection of strings based on the key you pressed.
  3. Each key is assigned to a hammer or hammers connected with a line or strings.
  4. So, when a hammer hits a string, it creates vibration and causes the sound.

List of Top Keyboard Pianos in India Buyers Guide

Now you know the features, the buyer’s guide, and the types of keyboard pianos on the market. But you probably don’t want to spend all your day looking for a good one.

So, to make your selection easier, here you have the top 6 best keyboard pianos available in the market along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. Yamaha PSRF51 Portable Keyboard Piano with 61 Keys:

When it comes to the piano keyboards, you will hear the name Yamaha quite frequently. This keyboard from Yamaha is straightforward to use.

The size is compact, however, it produces world-class quality music with 120 voices and 114 rhythms. It comes with two 2.5 W amplifiers that provide excellent sound quality.Yamaha PSRF51 Portable Keyboard 61 Keys


  • Yamaha Keyboard Piano best suited for beginners
  • Colour-coded and intuitive keyboard
  • Great versatility with 114 rhythms and 120 voices
  • Operated with batteries


  • If you buy online, it is hard to get a warranty

Yamaha Portable Keyboard

2. Casio CTX700 Portable Keyboard Piano with Touch Sensitive & 61 Keys

Casio is another brand that is famous among keyboard users. The keyboard comes with 61 sensitive keys, and the device is compatible with USB type B ports. It features a vast number of rhythms and voices.

It comes with 195 beats and 600 tones. The advanced rhythm controlling features such as sync start/stop and tap start options are available.Casio CTX700 Portable Keyboard Touch Sensitive


  • Casio Keyboard Piano is tailor-made for piano learners to start their musical journey.
  • It comes with 21 Indian tones as well as 26 Indian rhythms
  • Incredibly easy to use and easy to master
  • You can capture your ideas with the recorder


  • The bright screen makes it difficult to read what’s on the keys

Casio Sensitive Keyboard

3. RockJam RJ561 61-Keys Electronic Keyboard Piano SuperKit:

As the name suggests, this super kit includes all the necessary things you are looking for in a keyboard set. It consists of a 61-keys keyboard, an adjustable stool, a stand, and a pair of fabulous quality headphones.

The best thing is, that you have the option of connecting the device directly to the power socket, or you can use it with the help of rechargeable batteries.RockJam RJ561 61-Keys Electronic


  • Keyboard Piano is a complete kit including stands, LCD screen, headphones, and stool.
  • It is the perfect keyboard for both beginners and professionals.
  • Available with 100 rhythms and 100 sounds with 50 demo songs to practice
  • Sturdy stand to keep the keyboard intact


  • The headphones and inbuilt speaker quality is poor

RockJam Electronic Keyboard

4. Roland E-X20 Arranger Keyboard Piano with a Carry Bag:

The sound that comes out of this piano is top-notch. The arranger function will take your fun to another level. With this, you can develop new rhythms and techniques. The keyboard is very portable since it weighs just 5 kilograms. You can practice music wherever you go with such a portable keyboard.Roland E-X20 Arranger Keyboard


  • Roland Keyboard Piano is available with arranger functionality
  • Maximum polyphony made possible with 128 varieties of voices
  • Easy to carry anywhere you go


  • The keyboard doesn’t come with an adapter even though mentioned on the pack

Roland Keyboard Carry

5. KS Foldable Musical Roll Up Keyboard Piano with 88 Keys:

If you want to use a keyboard that performs similar to the classic piano, then buy this product because it comes with 88 keys. With this keyboard, you can control the tempo from 30 to 300 levels. It comes with 28 types of rhythms.KS Foldable Musical Roll Up


  • KS Musical Keyboard comes with recording options
  • The drumkit options let you produce the drum sounds by pressing each key
  • Available with 30 demo tracks


  • Unimpressive design

KS Foldable Keyboard

6. 6ixtech Roll Up BR-A Keyboard Piano with 88 Keys & Adapter:

This is another keyboard that comes with 88 keys. This keyboard is foldable. Hence, you can easily save space if you have space constraints. If you are a beginner, it is the best keyboard for you because it doesn’t cost much.6ixtech Roll Up BR-A Keyboard Piano


  • 6ixtech Keyboard Piano is perfect for beginners and intermediates
  • Made with silicon rubber
  • Built-in high-quality speakers


  • The quality of the keys is not that great

6ixtech Keyboard Piano


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of top 6 keyboard pianos in India. So, it should be easy for you to determine which keyboard piano is best for you. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best one.


1. What keyboard is best for the piano?

The Yamaha PSRF51 61-Keys Portable Keyboard is the best keyboard for you considering all aspects such as size, sound quality, portability, and other essential features.

2. What is the cost of the piano in India?

You can find many varieties and brands of pianos in India. As a result, the price range is also huge. You can find piano keyboards ranging from Rs 500 to 10,00,000.

3. What’s the best piano for a beginner?

Yamaha YPT-260 is the best piano if you are just starting your musical journey.

4. Is it OK to learn the piano on a keyboard?

Yes, you can learn to play the piano using the keyboard. You can find a variety of key layouts but it is best to opt for an 81 keys keyboard for an (almost) authentic experience of practising on a classical piano.

5. Should I get a 61 or 88 key keyboard?

The answer depends on the purpose. If you are looking to acquire the same level of experience as a traditional piano, opt for an 81 keys keyboard. If you are looking for sound quality only, then it doesn’t make much difference in both variants.

6. Is Yamaha or Casio keyboard better?

There isn’t much difference between the two brands. However, Casio provides the same features at a lesser price than Yamaha.

7. Is a piano or keyboard better?

Piano and keyboards operate similarly. But if you want the authentic classical piano playing experience, then go for a piano. However, you need to pay much more for the traditional piano than the digital keyboard.

8. Which keyboard brand is best?

In India, Casio offers excellent features and is relatively cheaper than the other brands. Alternatively, you can also opt for the piano keyboards from the Yamaha brand for a similar experience and build quality and other features.