Best Electronic Drum Pad in India – Buyers Guide

An electronic drum pad is an advanced and innovative version of the standard electronic drum set. It comprises soft rubber sheets along with electrical components. They produce sounds similar to an electric drum set.

The final product is a drum kit that is smaller than anything previously manufactured. And the soft rubber sheets are the playing surface that consists of the drums, cymbals, hi-hats, and snare. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best drum set, Snare Drum, Acoustic Guitars, Flutes, Dholaks, Damru, Mouth organs, Chimatas, Ghungroo, Keyboard Pianos, Casio Keyboards, MIDI Keyboards, Harmoniums, Karaoke Mics, Karaoke Systems in India.

The module also known as the brain of the electric pad produces all the sound and is located at the top of the pad. The speakers are located on this part of the electric drum pad.

Top 8 Electronic Drum Pads in India

List of Electronic drum pads

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1. Yamaha DTX Multi Electronic Drum Pad Yamaha-DTXM12
2. Alesis Compact Electronic Table-top Drum Alesis-7-Pad-Portable
3. Kat Percussion Electronic Percussion Percussion-KTMP1
4. RockJam Electronic Drum Set Roll RockJam-RJ760MD
5. ROCKSTAR Electronic Drum Pad  ROCKSTAR-Rockstar-Electronic
6. Powerpak G3001A Electronic Drum Powerpak-G3001A
7. Ashton Electronic Drum Pad 
8. Roland Octapad Electric Drum Roland-SPD20X

Buyers Guide – Electronic Drum Pad

In case you’re new to drumming and not prepared for a proper electronic drum kit, the following points might be suitable for you.

Below are the major factors you have to consider while picking an electronic drum pad:

  • One of the most important factors to consider is the sound quality.
  • Each drum pad produces diverse sonic qualities & some may feel very fake or computerized, others may sound like a drum.
  • A decent quality electronic drum pad shouldn’t sound excessively digital and should be able to produce an acoustic sound.
  • Another important factor to consider is the materials.
  • The type of materials can affect the performance of the drum pad.
  • For example, mesh pads can be somewhat calmer than rubber pads, yet the rubber ones feel reliable.
  • Regardless of whether you pick the rubber or mesh pads, there should be a perfect balance between quality, material, and usability.
  • Average electronic drum pads come with standard features like a recorder, built-in tracks for playback, and a metronome.
  • These features will help build up your skills and advance at playing drum sets.
  • The more advance the features the harder it gets to practice with them especially if you are a beginner.
  • Therefore, it is important to consider the features before purchasing an electric drum pad.

Features of an Electronic Drum Pad

An electric drum pad is smaller and lighter than a standard electric drum set. The average weight of an electric drum pad is under 5 pounds. The kit can easily fit in a small hand luggage bag.

Just consider the below features while choosing electronic drum pads:

  • Most models come with a wide range of presets that will assist you with boosting your abilities in record time.
  • They may also consist of a metronome that will help you in building up your timing and rhythm.
  • You can also edit your songs and tracks with the features of the software.
  • Above all else, electronic drum pads are an ideal option for individuals who are beginners and want to learn and practice at home.
  • The kit is economical, portable, and takes minimal space compared to a standard electric drum kit.

Types of Electronic Drum Pads

A wide range of different types of electric drum pads is available in the market.

Below are the most common and easily available ones:

Roll-up Drums

  • Most artists would not consider these genuine musical instruments due to their limitations and features.
  • These sets are suitable for children who are music enthusiasts and want to start with the basics of drumming.
  • The soft rubber sheets are easily foldable which makes them very portable.

Tabletop Drums

  • Tabletop drums are to some degree a cross between an electronic drum kit and a practice pad.
  • The arrangement of the pad layout is similar to a standard kit.
  • It is heavier and bigger unlike the practice pad and roll-up drum pad that is compact.
  • However, they are small in size and require little space to set up in a room.
  • These kits would appeal to individuals with space constraints and have the alow budget.

Practice Pads

  • Practice pads are largely designed for musicians to practice while away from their kits.
  • These pads are ideal for only practising and not recording or performing.

How Does an Electric Drum Pad Work?

For something more advanced and innovative than regular mesh or rubber pads, there is a wide range of electric drum pad options.

  1. Electric pads are ideal for practising and also adding variety to the acoustic sound of the drum.
  2. It can function as a standalone instrument and also as a percussion for your setup.
  3. You can connect the pads to PA systems or amplifiers for enhanced sound.
  4. Another amazing feature of the electronic drum pads is the option for connectivity with smart devices and PCs.
  5. Synchronizing them with software like BFD, Battery, and EZDrummer can provide a wide range of drum sounds ranging from electronic to realistic samples.
  6. In addition to playing, practising, and recording, they could function as drum sequencers for programming the drum beats.

List of Top 8 Best Electronic Drum Pads in India Buyers Guide

High-end electronic drum pads featured advanced options such as good sound quality, sampling pads, easy-to-use interface, various metronome options, external input jacks, large screen, large and soft pads, etc.

1. Yamaha DTX Multi Electronic Drum Pad:

This is a multi-pad that offers various applications. Most professional drummers use this as a percussion for their acoustic drum set. It is equipped with 5 trigger sources and a wide range of 1,061 drum sounds, percussion, and impacts for playback recording.Yamaha DTX Multi Electronic Drum Pad


  • Yamaha DTX Electronic Drum Pad has 42 built-in effects for editing the chorus and reverb
  • It has 1,061 preset drum sounds, MIDI voices, and percussion voices


  • Some might not find this multi-pad durable enough

Yamaha Multi Pad

2. Alesis Compact 7-Pad Electronic Table-top Drum Kit with Velocity-Sensitive Drum Pads, Drum Sticks & USB-MIDI Output:

This tabletop model consists of seven drum pads that generate realistic drum sounds. Featured with two pedals for kick drum and hi-hat, it has over 100 preset drum kits, playback songs, and various built-in percussion sounds.Alesis Compact 7-Pad Electronic Table-top Drum


  • Alesis Electronic Drum Pad made with 3-digit LCD that helps to monitor your operations & settings
  • The interface is simple and easy to use
  • Stylish & portable design that requires less space for setting up


  • Slightly heavy for some to carry around

Alesis-Compact Kit

3. Kat Percussion KTMP1 Electronic Percussion Drum Pad with Sound Module:

This is a compact and a percussion drum pad featuring 4 pads. It has 50 built-in sounds for recording and playback with separate volume adjustments for all pads. It has multiple cable ports for connecting with headphones, PCs, speakers, and music software.Kat Percussion KTMP1 Electronic Percussion


  • Kat KTMP1 Electronic Drum Pad has a compact size & shape
  • And that makes it convenient for mobility
  • It has 50 preset drum sounds with adjustable volume for the pads


  • Preset drum sounds are not that great
  • The kit does not come with a built-in speaker, therefore, it requires an amplifier or headset

Kat Percussion Electronic

4. RockJam RJ760MD Electronic Drum Set Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit with Built-in Speakers:

This is a compact roll-up electric drum with a built-in speaker and 9 pads. There are various drum kits and playback songs featured with a recording option. It comes with a kick drum and a hi-hat pedal. You can connect the drum set to your PC and other gear via MIDI connectivity.RockJam RJ760MD Electronic Drum Set Roll


  • RockJam Electronic Drum Pad comes with built-in speakers and does not require an amplifier
  • To avoid disturbing others, you can connect your headphones to the drum pad
  • The pads are durable enough for hand-playing without the use of drumsticks.
  • Can connect to the MIDI interface or PC for external sounds


  • Preset drum sounds are not that great
  • Does not support battery, and requires a power supply

RockJam Electronic

5. ROCKSTAR Electronic Drum Pad Rockstar Pro with 29 Buttons & 8 Pads:

The Rockstar PAD20 Pro is an electric multi-pad drum that comes with 8 pads. It has 29 different monitoring and operating functions. Also, it has 1,120 percussion and drum sounds for playback and recording.ROCKSTAR Electronic Drum Pad Rockstar


  • ROCKSTAR Electronic Drum Pad has 42 built-in effects for editing the chorus and reverb
  • It has 1,120 preset drum sounds and percussion voices


  • Not durable build quality


6. Powerpak G3001A Electronic Drum Pad in Black & White:

This is a versatile model that comes with 2 drum pedals and 7 pads. It has a built-in speaker and connects to amplifiers for enhanced sound volume. This is foldable and lightweight which makes it portable.Powerpak G3001A Electronic Drum Pad


  • Powerpak Electric Drum Pad is a compact and foldable product that makes it convenient for mobility
  • This is powered by a DC 5v USB charger or a PC.
  • It has 50 preset drum sounds with adjustable volume for the pads


  • Not suitable for intermediate or professional drummers

Powerpak Electronic Drum Pad

7. Ashton Electronic Drum Pad EDP450 in Black:

This is ideal for those who do not have sufficient space for a normal drum set. It has 7 drum pads, 2 pedals, and ports for USB and headphones. Also, it has 25 preset drum kits, 5 user drum kits, and over 100 songs for playback recording.Ashton Electronic Drum Pad EDP450 in Black


  • Ashton EDP450 Electric Drum Pad has a built-in metronome with 2 voices
  • This kit is extremely portable making it suitable for playing at live events.
  • It has 25 preset drum sounds, 215 different percussion voices, and 128 MIDI voices


  • The build quality of the drum pad is not durable

Ashton Electronic Drum

8. Roland SPD20X Octapad Electric Drum Pad in Black:

This drum pad comes with a total of 8 pads. This kit is used as a percussion for an acoustic drum set. It has 4 trigger inputs with about 700 multiple percussions and drum sounds for recording and playback. Also, it has built-in effects for editing sounds.Roland SPD20X Octapad Electric Drum Pad in Black


  • Roland SPD20X Electric Drum Pad has 700 percussion and preset drum sounds
  • It comes with 45 built-in effects for editing sounds
  • The drum pad has a comfortable shape that makes it convenient for portability


  • The drum pad does not come with a built-in speaker, it requires an amplifier or headset

Roland Octapad Drum


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of the top 10 best electronic drum pads in India. So, it should be easy for you to determine which drum pad is best for you. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best electric drum pad.


What is an electronic drum pad?

Electric drum pads are an advanced and innovative version of standard electronic drum sets. They comprise soft rubber sheets along with electrical components. They produce sounds similar to electric drum sets.

What is the best electronic drum kit for beginners?

The Powerpak G3001A is a suitable drum pad for beginners. It comes with 2 drum pedals and 7 pads. The drum pad is compact and foldable which makes it convenient for mobility. It has 50 pre-set drum sounds with adjustable volume for the pads.

Is it OK to learn drums on an electronic kit?

Most electronic drum sets come with the option of connecting headphones. This helps to eliminate the loud sounds of acoustic drum sets. The feature of pre-set drum sounds makes it easier for beginners to learn on these drum sets.

Are electronic drums better than regular ones?

Electronic drum sets are only better due to the noise cancellation option. However, if noise is not a concern then acoustic drums are better as they provide a more realistic drum sound.

Why are electronic drums so expensive?

The electronic drums comprise different rubber and electric components. Furthermore, the quality of the hardware, build quality, and finishing makes the electronic drum sets expensive.

Should I buy acoustic or electric drums?

Individuals who do not want to disturb others with the drum sound may prefer an electric drum set. If that is not a concern, then an acoustic drum set is a better choice as it provides a more realistic drum sound.

Are electric drums good for beginners?

The additional features of pre-set drum sounds and user drum kits on an electric drum make it easier for beginners to learn.

How much does an electronic drum kit cost?

With the wide range of electric drum sets available in the market, the price range varies depending on the brand, quality, and features. An average electric drum set would cost about 22,000 Indian rupees.