Buy Best Cloves Online In India-Buyers Guide

Cloves are the flowers, used as the spices in the food. It belongs to the tree in the family Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum. The tree of cloves is native to Indonesia, which bears dry and aromatic flower buds.

When cloves turn pink on the trees, they are put on the large sheets to get sundried. Cloves dry under the open skies unless they turn into becoming the brown color. Cloves are preferable in the whole form. However, there are some dishes that require the powdered cloves.

So, both whole and ground cloves are used. When the chefs soak the cloves into the water, the cloves become softer and more flavorful. Cloves are available in all seasons as cloves harvest seasons vary from one country to another.

Top 10 Best Cloves in India

List of cloves

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1. Manushree Spices Whole Cloves Special Laung Manushree-Spic special-long
2. Seeds and Hands Laung Whole Cloves 100g Seeds-Hands
3. Pehchan E Shahi Natural Cloves Pack of 2 Pehchan Fresh pehchan-e-shahi
4. Amazon Brand Vedaka Cloves Amazon-Brand
5. WONDERLAND FOODS Cloves Premium Quality 250 g WONDERLAND-FOODS foods-whole
6. Cape Fresh Kanyakumari Spices Whole Dried Cloves Cape-Fresh cape-fresh-200g
7. obbi fresh Large Size Whole Hills of Kerala & Karnataka
8. Mannat Cloves 200g Mannat-200g
9. Chataka Cloves 100g Chataka100g clove-50-gm
10. Urban Platter Whole Cloves 100g Urban-Platter platter-wlavin

Buyers Guide – Cloves

Cloves have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Also, these are the best ingredient that enriches your food and the body.

You should consider the following facts at the time of buying the cloves in the market:

Size of the Cloves:

  • The size of the cloves determines the quality of the cloves.
  • And the large size of the cloves has the best taste, flavor, and aroma packed inside it.

Quality of the Cloves:

  • You must never compromise on the quality of the cloves.
  • In order to ensure the quality of the cloves, the origin and processing method of the cloves should be read.

The freshness of the Cloves:

  • Cloves must be fresh.
  • You must buy the packet of the recently manufactured cloves.


  • The packets of the cloves should be clean.
  • There must not be a little dirt on the cloves.


  • There are many producers of the clove that offer clove at competitive prices.
  • So, you must dig a little bit and buy the reasonably priced cloves.


  • There are various brands of cloves.
  • Each brand packs its own unique taste, flavor, and aroma in the cloves.
  • After reading proper reviews of the users, you may choose to buy the product.

Color of the Cloves:

  • When cloves dry, they turn into a dark brown color.
  • You should check the color otherwise, it would have no taste and flavor.

Features of Cloves

  • Cloves are antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antioxidant.
  • The main determinants of the best features of the cloves are its sources and processing methods.
  • Handpicked cloves are pink in color, which become brown having been sun-dried.
  • Cloves are fresh and clean.
  • They dried in a hygienic and clean place. After proper drying and cleaning, cloves are packed in tightly.
  • Whether a pouch or a container, the cloves are preserved in a fresh state.
  • Cloves are packed with a good many beneficial properties.
  • Manufacturers ensure high aroma, strong flavor, and pungent taste.
  • The top-quality of the cloves are large in size and firm.
  • They do not break or shrink off.
  • The organically produced homestead cloves are the best cloves, filled with the natural fragrance.

Types of Cloves

The types of cloves can be based on their place of origin. Cloves are harvested worldwide in different countries.

  • If the cloves are harvested in Indian, it would be termed as the Indian authentic clove’s spice.
  • Types of cloves can also be divided according to their sizes.
  • There are large, medium, and small-sized cloves.
  • Large cloves are the finest type of cloves.
  • Medium and small-sized cloves have good taste and natural fragrance.
  • Indonesian cloves are famous in the world, which has a strong flavor and aroma.
  • Likewise, cloves are produced in different countries around the world.
  • Cloves of different countries are packed with the essential spice flavor.

Benefits of Cloves?

Cloves are used in a variety of dishes as well as purposes. Cloves are used in the whole and powdered form. There are non-culinary uses of the cloves.

  1. Cloves have medical uses as wells as adverse effects.
  2. When you are intending to use clove for medical purposes, you should only take the recommended dosage.
  3. Many studies have been conducted that establishes its effectiveness for fever reduction.
  4. It is also an effective mosquito repellent.
  5. Cloves have great uses in the dental fields also.
  6. There is strong evidence that suggests that cloves are effective healers of teeth pain.
  7. Cloves are a traditional medicine as the essential oil, which has great applications in aromatherapy.
  8. Overuse of the cloves can also cause adverse effects such as food allergies, blood clotting, immune system disorders, liver diseases, etc.
  9. All in all, clove is a main food ingredient as well as a highly effective medicine.

List of Top 10 Cloves in the Market

1. Manushree Spices Whole Special Laung 100g:

Manushree is a premium-quality brand, which offers affordable and special whole cloves. Cloves give the authentic Indian spice taste.Manushree Spices Whole Cloves Special Laung


  • Cloves have the best-quality aroma and taste.
  • These do not contain any agents. They are pure and natural.
  • Also, these are bigger in its size and reddish in the color.


  • This is a non-returnable product.

Spices-Wholemanushree clove

2. Seeds and Hands Idukki Cloves Whole:

This is a premium and authentic Indian spice. The cloves are homestead produce, which are 100% organic.Seeds and Hands Laung Whole Cloves 100g


  • Each clove is cherry-picked so as to ensure the quality of the cloves.
  • Cloves are full of aroma and flavor.
  • They are 100% organic cloves.


  • This is a non-returnable product.

Seeds Hands Cloves

3. Pehchan E Shahi Fresh & Natural Cloves(Laung)- Pack of 2, 400 Gram:

Pehchan e Shahi brings the best taste and aroma to your doorstep. You get a pack of 2,400 grams of cloves for under INR.Pehchan E Shahi Natural Cloves Pack of 2


  • The natural cloves come in a easy to use pouch.
  • Cloves bring a warm and spicy taste to the cooked food.
  • The cloves are full of a strong aroma and flavor.


  • Users have said that it has a strong taste.

Pehchan Freshpehchan cloves

4. Amazon Brand Vedaka Clove 50g:

This brand of cloves offers value for the money. The manufacturer produces high-quality cloves across the year.Amazon Brand Vedaka Cloves


  • Amazon Brand promises not to add artificial colors or additives.
  • The Amazon Brand puts through the cloves under stringent laboratory tests so as to ensure safety and healthiness.
  • Workers take special care for packaging the cloves.


  • Users have said that these cloves are not as good as the organic one’s.


5. WONDERLAND FOODS Premium Quality Whole Laung Sabut 250 g:

Wonderland Foods offer the top-quality whole clove spices. They are exceptionally clean as well as long in the size.WONDERLAND FOODS Cloves Premium Quality 250 g


  • Manufacturers of the product ensure the nutritional value.
  • This is a vegetarian product.
  • Cloves are pungent and fragrant.


  • Users have said that this is not a good quality product.


6. Cape Fresh Spices Whole Natural Raw Dried Clove:

The Cape Fresh is a premium-quality brand of cloves. It is popular for its flavor and smell.Cape Fresh Kanyakumari Spices Whole Dried Cloves


  • It is a handpicked, sundried and naturally grown cloves product.
  • From the hills of the cape of Comorin, it comes packed in the airtight jar.
  • Cloves are full of oil, which increases the taste of the cooked food.


  • Users have complained that the cloves are dry and bland in flavor.


7. Obbi Fresh Laung Large Size Whole Export:

Sourced from the hills of Kerala, the Obbi brand offers premium-quality cloves. They are brown in the color.obbi fresh Large Size Whole Export Quality Cloves Fresh from Hills of Kerala & Karnataka


  • It is a large-sized clove.
  • Cloves have the best imported-quality.
  • Also, these preserve freshness in zipper packaging.


  • They are not as flavorful and aromatic as others listed here.

obbi fresh Cloves

8. Mannat Cloves 200g:

The Mannat offers top-quality and long cloves to the consumers. They are flavorful and highly aromatic.Mannat Cloves 200g


  • The aroma of the clove has the perfect fragrance.
  • They are available at a competitive price.
  • They are delivered delicious and fresh.


  • Consumers have complained that they are not edible.


9. Chataka Clove 100g:

Chataka is the best-quality and hygienically packed clove. They add great flavor to your food.Chataka Cloves 100g


  • They are well-dried cloves.
  • The Chataka cloves are natural and pure.
  • They are affordable at a good price.


  • Users have complained that cloves were broken.

Chataka-Cloveschataka lavang

10. Urban Platter Whole Cloves (Laving), 100g:

Offered by the Urban Platter, they come fresh to your house from Indonesia. They come packed in the best-quality jars.Urban Platter Whole Cloves 100g


  • Urban platter produces the longer and fresher cloves.
  • Manufacturers preserve the original and natural fragrance.
  • The cloves have a large size.


  • Users have complained that cloves are a bit dry.

Urban Clovesurban wholen


Cloves are the dried flowers, which have great aroma, flavor, and taste. These are used around the world due to their specific pungency and sharp taste in food. Also, these have a great many medical applications as well.

They are beneficial for blood sugar levels, liver, stomach ulcers, teeth pain, etc. Also, these fight against cancer.


Is Laung or clove good for health?

Cloves offer a good many health benefits. It prevents the growth of bacteria and maintains blood sugar.

Also, these are full of antioxidant properties that combat radical damage and increase the immunity of the consumer.

What are the side effects of cloves?

There are many side effects of the clove, which cause erection problems, delayed ejaculation, rashes, itching, etc. They are also effective in healing sore gums, tooth changes, swollen gums, mouth irritation, etc.

What are the benefits of eating clove?

Following are some of the top benefits of consuming the cloves:

  1. Cloves are replete with antioxidants.
  2. They contain important nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, manganese, etc.
  3. It helps protect against cancer.
  4. It has antimicrobial properties, which kills the bacteria.
  5. Also, it is beneficial for liver health.
  6. Compounds in the cloves help to maintain the sugar blood levels.
  7. It is also effective in promoting bone health.
  8. Clove also helpful in treating stomach ulcers.

Is Laung good for cough?

Yes. Chewing a burnt cough is the best treatment for the cough.

Is Clove an antiviral?

Yes. Cloves have antiviral properties.

How many cloves can I eat in a day?

On daily basis, you can consume 2-3 cloves.