Best Yokohama Tyres in India-Buyers Guide

Yokohama or YRS is a well-known rubber company that is making the best quality tyres since 1917. With time, they have used different technologies and improved the quality and performance of the tyres. They have tyres of different sizes, models for different models of vehicles. If you are planning to change the tyres of your vehicle, then this article is for you. You will find a lot of information about Yokohama tyres.

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Top 10 Best Yokohama Tyres in India

List of Yokohama Tyres

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1. Yokohama Earth-1 car Tyre  Yokohama Earth-1 car Tyre 
2. Yokohama Earth-1 R14 88H Car Tyre Yokohama Earth-1 R14 88H Car Tyre
3. Yokohama Earth-1 R14 82H Car Tyre Yokohama Earth-1 R14 82H Car Tyre
4. Yokohama Tyre Earth Tubeless Car Tyre Yokohama Tyre Earth Tubeless Car Tyre
5. Yokohama Tyre Earth 195/55 R16 87V Yokohama Tyre Earth 195/55 R16 87V
6. Yokohama Earth-1 Tubeless Car Tyres Yokohama Earth-1 Tubeless Car Tyre
7. Yokohama Earth-1 Tyres Yokohama Earth-1 Tyre
8. Yokohama Geolander Tubeless Car Tyres Yokohama Geolander Tubeless Car Tyre
9. YOKOHAMA TYRE Tubeless Car Tyres YOKOHAMA TYRE Tubeless Car Tyre
10. Yokohama Tubeless Car Tyres Yokohama Tubeless Car Tyre

Features of Yokohama Tyre

  • A high-quality rubber is used in the manufacturing of these tyres.
  • Their construction is very good.
  • Yokohama tyres are durable and strong to support heavy cars.
  • New technologies have been introduced in the tyres to improve their performance.
  • The treads and grooves are made in the tyres for safety.

Types of Yokohama Tyre

Earth-1 Yokohama tyres

  • These are India-made tyres based on Japanese technology.
  • These tyres have special construction to resist deterioration and tearing.
  • The tread patterns and grooves on these tyres make them suitable for any road.

BluEarth RV-02

  • These are touring tyres designed for special vehicles.
  • These tyres have very good performance and zero, or very little noise production.
  • These tyres help with fuel-saving, are very comfortable, have good mileage, and are very easy to handle.
  • They are perfect for wet roads.

Buyer’s guide for Yokohama Tyre

  • Check the compatibility of the tyre with your vehicle.
  • Buy the tyre according to the size of your car’s tyre capacity.
  • The size of the rim, and especially the tyre’s thickness is a very important feature to check.
  • Search for the authentic place to buy the original Yokohama tyre.
  • Check the design and treads of the tyre because they are responsible for the tyre’s performance.
  • Always check the ratings, compare the product on different sites, and then buy it.
  • Many people are selling Yokohama tyres by using their name, go for the authentic one.

List of Top 10 Best Yokohama Tyres in India-Buyers Guide

1. Yokohama Earth-1 car Tyre P165/80 R14 85T (yk047 )

This is a car tyre by Yokohama, the top product on our best-chosen items. It is 165mm in width and the rim size is 14-inches. The tyre is covered by nylon. The tyre is safe in hard braking, acceleration, and fast speed. It has compatibility with Maruti Suzuki Swift, Ritz, Szire, fat Punto, and grand Punto. The sides of the tyre are steel reinforced to make it durable. Its material is very good so it is the best for any weather and road conditions.

Yokohama Earth-1 car Tyre


  • A 5-years warranty is available on the tyre.
  • Its performance is very good, even on a rainy day.
  • The quality of the tyre is good


  • It is not very durable.
  • The customer service is not good.


2. Yokohama Earth-1 P185/70 R14 88H Car Tyre

It is a tubeless car Yokohama tyre that can fit in man vehicles including Nissan sunny, Mahindra Verito, Logan edge, and some others too. This tyre is suitable for all seasons because nylon covering prevents it from damaging. The treads and the sides are reinforced to increase safety and its lifespan.

Yokohama Earth-1 P185/70 R14 88H Car Tyre


  • The tyre has unique construction for preventing deterioration and wear.
  • Yokohama is providing a 5-years warranty for it.
  • Its price is very affordable.


  • The seller’s service is not good. Some people got old, used tyres.


3. Yokohama Earth-1 P175/65 R14 82H Car Tyre

It is the third 14-inches rim Yokohama on our top list. Its design and treads make it suitable for any type of road. The thickness of the tyre is about 175mm and its weight is 6kg. The tyre is suitable for many models of vehicles including some models of Tata, Toyota, Ford classic, Honda Amaze, Hondai Getz prime, and a few more. You will also get tyre-fitting service on ordering the tyre.

Yokohama Earth-1 P175/65 R14 82H Car Tyre


  • The quality of the tyres is very good.
  • Its price is very reasonable according to the quality.


  • Some customers didn’t find it durable.


4. Yokohama Tyre Earth Tubeless Car Tyre (TYRE103)

It is another car tyre by Yokohama that you must check. Its design is very good and seems to have a good grip on the road. There is a central rib in the tyre between tread patterns that assure its stability on the road. The tire is 19 meters wide, the rim size is 16-inches, and has the size 195/55 R16. This tyre has a very unique design and the blocks’ grooves reduce the noise production by the car.

Yokohama Tyre Earth Tubeless Car Tyre


  • The ride of the car by these tyres is so calm and noiseless.
  • It has a very good grip on the road, even in wet weather.
  • Its performance is very good.


  • Some people didn’t like its quality.


5. Yokohama Tyre Earth 195/55 R16 87V (TYRE103 )

Another amazing Yokohama tyre is here with so many good features. It is a thick tyre of 20mm width and 16-inches rim. The tyre is compatible with Honda accord, Hyundai Creta, Nissan Teana, Maruti S Cross, and Toyota Alphard. This is a heavy tyre that also has the capacity to bear heavyweights. Its design with a central rib stabilizes its strong grip on the road.

Yokohama Tyre Earth 195/55 R16 87V


  • It is available at a reasonable Yokohama tyre price.
  • The noise production by the tyre is almost zero.
  • It gives a good height to the car’s body.


  • The customer service should be improved.


6. Yokohama Earth-1 P185/65 R15 88H Tubeless Car Tyre

It is another good and reasonable Yokohama tyre for cars. Its manufacturing is very good and steel reinforcement and nylon covering are applied to make it safe. The tyre provides good safety during high speed, heavy brakes, and high acceleration. Tyre alignment is needed after the usage of 5000km.

Yokohama Earth-1 P185/65 R15 88H Tubeless Car Tyre


  • It is suitable for all seasons and weather conditions.
  • The company is giving a 5-years warranty.


  • Many customers got tyres with an old manufacturing date.


7. Yokohama Earth-1 P205/65 R15 94H Tyre

It is also a high-quality Yokohama tyre that you can buy if it is compatible with your vehicle. You can check its car’s compatibility on the site. A few compatible car models are Toyota Innova, Quanto, ICML extreme, etc. the tyre is nylon covered and steel reinforced. It has all the good features that Yokohama is introducing in the tyres to improve the performance and make them smooth and safe.

Yokohama Earth-1 P205/65 R15 94H Tyre


  • The quality of the tyre is amazing.
  • Its price is very reasonable.


  • There are some service issues.
  • We didn’t see anything bad about the performance and quality of the tyre.


8. Yokohama Geolander 235/65 R17 110V Tubeless Car Tyre

This tyre has tight treads all over its surface to make it anti-skid. It is a 235mm thick tyre that has a 1-inches rim. It is compatible with so many luxury and other cars. A few of the compatible models are Range Rover Evoque and Freelander, Mercedes Benz M, Tata Aria, Porsche Cayenne, and others. The tyres are strong, as well as, have a very good look to enhance the vehicle’s charm.

Yokohama Geolander 235/65 R17 110V Tubeless Car Tyre


  • Its performance is superb.
  • The price is very low.


  • Some customers didn’t like its quality and lifespan.


9. YOKOHAMA TYRE AE50 185/70 R14 88H Tubeless Car Tyre

Yokohama tyre is a 14-inches rim, and 185mm wide tyre for many cars. It has deeply grooved treads that are resent in linear lines in whole circles. It has improved and innovative design to improve the performance. The tyre has a special technology of air resistance reduction, AERO dynamic technology.

YOKOHAMA TYRE AE50 185/70 R14 88H Tubeless Car Tyre


  • The fit and performance of the tyre are great.
  • It has a smooth and noiseless ride.


  • Some customers are complaining about its durability.


10. Yokohama P205/60 R14 88H Tubeless Car Tyre

This is the last Yokohama tyre on our list that is a must-checked item. This is rim size is small, that is 14-inches and the thickness is 205mm. the tyre is specially designed for Hyundai Grandeur. Its multi-grooves design distributes the stress in the tyre, thus, protects tearing. Its design feels like a sports car so is very good at safety during high speed.

Yokohama P205/60 R14 88H Tubeless Car Tyre


  • It is a high-performance Yokohama tyre.
  • The tyre can fit in other car models too.


  • A few people claimed about its bad quality.



Yokohama is a company that will never compromise on the quality of its products. So, if you are looking for a tyre for your car, you can trust them.


Are Yokohama tires good?

Yes, Yokohama tyres are very good. They have introduced new technologies and high-standard materials to give the best products.

Is Yokohama a budget TYRE?

Yes, these tyres are very reasonable. Even, you can buy tyres for your luxury cars at reasonable prices.

Which is the best Yokohama Tyre?

This question is difficult to answer because each Yokohama tyre is suitable for different vehicles. All have good features and good manufacturing. Still, we have managed to make a list of the best tyres in this article that you can check.