Best Wood Polish in India-Buyers Guide

Wood polish is mainly used to improve the appearance of wooden furniture items. Through the polish, you can make wooden furniture that has started to look dull shine again. Further, the polish also protects wooden items from discoloration. This includes the almost inevitable discoloration that arises due to exposure to the sun and other elements.

Polish can also be helpful at protecting the furniture from grime and dirt. It can prevent the cracking and drying that wooden furniture almost inevitably starts experiencing after some time. Another area where polish can be somewhat useful is that of protecting wooden items from water damage. Also, check the buyers guide for the best Wooden chairs & bed bug Sprays in India

Top 10 Best Wood Polish Online in India

List of Wood Polishes

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1. Waxpol Universal Furniture Polish Waxpol-Universal-Furnitur
2. Valspar/Guardsman Furniture Polish Valspar/Guardsman Wood Furniture Polish  
3. Tetraclean Furniture Polish Tetraclean Furniture Polish  
4. BlueOxy Beeswax Furniture Polish BlueOxy Beeswax Furniture Polish
5. Dazlo Wax Polish For Funiture Dazlo Wax Polish For Wood  
6. Pledge Johnson Furniture Classic Polish  Pledge Johnson Wood
7. Heebo Furniture Polish Heebo Wood Furniture Polish
8. K’TRiQ K4 Wood and Furniture Maintainer and Polish K'TRiQ K4 Wood and Furniture
9. Banna (BDGWP-04) Furniture Polish Banna (BDGWP-04) Wood Polish
10. Zimmer Aufraumen Improved Polish Zimmer Aufraumen Improved

Features of Wood Polish

  • One feature that matters in a wood polish is the ease with which it can be applied.
  • There are some, for instance, whose application is just a matter of spraying, spreading, and wiping.
  • There are others whose application can be much more tedious.
  • Another feature that matters in a wooden items polish product is its versatility.
  • This determines the types of wood surfaces on which it can be used.
  • You want to avoid a situation where you have to buy separate polishes for various types of wooden items.
  • Thankfully, some polishes can be used on almost any type of wooden surface.
  • Yet another key feature in a wood polish is the smell.
  • You want to avoid polishes whose smell is too strong.
  • That is because staying in rooms with wooden items polished using such products can be uncomfortable (and possibly unhealthy).
  • The amount of time that the luster brought about by a wood polish lasts is also important.
  • Ideal polish is one whose shininess/protection effects last reasonably long.

Types of Wood Polishes

  • There are wood polishes that come in spray form.
  • Then there are others that come in ordinary liquid form.
  • We also have those that come in powder and solid wax forms.
  • There are polishes that are ideal for use on all wood surfaces.
  • Then we have others that are only ideal for use on specific wood surfaces.
  • We have silicon-based wood polishes.
  • Then we have others that are silicon-free.

How to use a Wood Polish?

  • In most cases, you have to start by cleaning the wooden item that requires polishing.
  • The next step is to apply the wood polish on the item that requires polishing.
  • This may be by way of spraying (if the polish is in the form of a spray) or it may be by way of dabbing (if the polish is in the form of a liquid).
  • Thereafter, you need to spread the spray on the surface that requires polishing.
  • This may be through the use of a piece of cloth, brush, or some other similar tool.
  • There are cases where you need to wipe/ buff the surface, in order for the luster to be visible.

Buying guide for Wood Polish

  • First of all, you need to consider the type of wooden surface you wish to polish.
  • Then ensure that you go for a polish that is most ideal for that type of surface.
  • Ideally, you should go for a wood polish that is easy to apply.
  • Also, go for one whose effects last for a reasonably long period of time.
  • Consider the wood polish price too.
  • You will discover that there is a great variation in wood polish prices.
  • Go for a polish whose price offers you good value for money: considering its quantity, features, and utility.
  • Remember, a higher wood polish price is not always indicative of superior quality.
  • Sometimes, you may find a cheap yet very effective polish product.

List of Top 10 Best Wood Polishes online in India-Buyers Guide

1. Waxpol Universal Furniture Polish (Restorer)

This product comes in a 200 ml package. It is in the form of a spray.

Waxpol Universal Furniture Polish


  • Easy to apply (you just spray, spread, and wipe)
  • Doesn’t dissolve or strip the finish of the product undergoing polishing
  • Gives a long-lasting shine


  • Has rather a modest scratch repair/scratch covering capability
  • Quantity is only 200 ml


2. Valspar/Guardsman Wood Furniture Polish

Silicon-free wooden items polish. Comes with ultraviolet (UV) absorbers.

Valspar/Guardsman Wood Furniture Polish


  • Gives long-lasting luster
  • Doesn’t contain silicon
  • Capable of concealing/repairing minor furniture surface scratches


  • Proper application of this polish can take considerable time
  • Some may find the price to be on the higher side


3. Tetraclean Furniture Polish

Comes in a 1000 ml package. Ideal for cleaning, polishing, and smoothing wooden surfaces.

Tetraclean Furniture Polish


  • Capable of removing stubborn stains (including oil and grease) from wooden surfaces
  • Quantity is adequate (at 1,000 ml)
  • Offers polymer protection


  • Some may find this polish to be somewhat sticky
  • The application can be somewhat tiring


4. BlueOxy Beeswax Furniture Polish

This is an eco-friendly polish. The quantity is 500 ml.

BlueOxy Beeswax Furniture Polish


  • Versatile (suitable for use on almost all types of wooden surfaces)
  • Contains orange oil
  • Reasonably easy to apply


  • Requires 20 minutes between application and buffing
  • May require frequent applications to maintain luster


5. Dazlo Wax Polish For Wood

What you get here is a solid paste wax. The quantity is 400 grams.

Dazlo Wax Polish For Wood


  • Promises long-lasting shine
  • Price is reasonable
  • Has good anti-fading and anti-aging properties


  • The application can be quite tedious
  • It May does not work well on certain surfaces (has modest versatility)


6. Pledge Johnson Wood Furniture Classic Polish 

Besides the normal polishing effect, this product also has allergen removal properties. It comes in the form of a spray.

Pledge Johnson Wood Furniture Classic Polish 


  • Has remarkable shining/smoothing effect on almost all wood surfaces
  • Application is easy (this being a spray)
  • Price is within most people’s reach


  • The spray pump system is quite delicate
  • May require frequent reapplication to maintain the effect


7. Heebo Wood Furniture Polish

What you get are 2 bottles (each 450 ml) of spray. The product promises cleaning, polishing, and protection utility.

Heebo Wood Furniture Polish


  • Has a nice citrus fragrance
  • Gives UV-rays protection
  • Quite easy to apply


  • May have modest ability to remove very stubborn stains
  • Price may be out of reach for some


8. K’TRiQ K4 Wood and Furniture Maintainer and Polish

The quantity is 400 ml. Ktriq wood polish is in the form of a liquid.

K'TRiQ K4 Wood and Furniture Maintainer and Polish


  • It is versatile (suitable for use on a wide range of wood surfaces)
  • Has a pleasant fragrance
  • Quantity (at 1,000 ml) is adequate for most needs


  • The application can be somewhat time-consuming and tiring
  • The luster lasts for a quite short period (after which reapplication is necessary)


9. Banna (BDGWP-04) Wood Polish

Quantity is 440 ml. The Banna polish is in spray form.

Banna (BDGWP-04) Wood Polish


  • Not prone to messy spills (this being a spray form product)
  • The price is reasonable
  • Application is simple


  • It May is not be ideal for use on some types of woods
  • Maybe incapable of sealing/concealing even minor scratches on wood


10. Zimmer Aufraumen Improved Wood Polish

Zimmer wood polish is a unique, spray form polish for wooden surfaces. The quantity is 475 ml.

Zimmer Aufraumen Improved Wood Polish


  • Comes in ready to use the form
  • Only a small amount is required per application
  • Doesn’t affect the surface’s original varnish, paint or polish


  • If the spray mechanism malfunctions, the product would be unusable
  • May require frequent reuse to maintain shininess results



A proper wood polish can help you in keeping your wooden furniture items looking as good as new. The information in this guide can help you in selecting an ideal polish product for your specific needs.


What can I use to polish wood?

There are sprays, liquids, powders, and solid wax products that can be used in wood polishing.

What is a good natural wood polish?

Good natural wood polish is one that doesn’t contain toxic ingredients, gives good/lasting results, and is easy to apply.

What is the price of the wood polish?

Wood polish price range is mostly between 200 and 800 rupees.