Best Women & Girls Wedges in India-Buyers Guide

Wearing wedges is all the rage these days. It has become an essential fashion accessory and a necessity for many women in India. The wedge sandals are a simple, comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear with just about anything. A wedge is an adornment for the foot. It traditionally serves as a means of support and protection against the ground. Wedges are of great antiquity, and in various ways, were used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and many other nations. Women want to emphasize how they walk and carry themselves and perfect every part of their look by wearing these wedges.

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Top 10 Best Women & Girl Wedges in India – Buyers Guide

List of Wedges

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1. TRASE Comfort Wedges TRASE Comfort Wedges for Women
2. ZAPATOZ Wedges ZAPATOZ Women's/Girls Striped Design Stylish Wedges
4. Madam Glorious wedges  Madam Glorious
5. HimQuen Designer Wedges  HimQuen Designer Wedges
6. Myra Women’s Wedges  Myra Women's
7. Colo Fashionable Wedges Colo Women and Girls
8. Do Bhai Women Wedges Do Bhai Women Wedge
9. Fashion Box Women’s Wedge Fashion Box Women's Fashion
10. Catwalk Gold Wedges Catwalk Gold Wedges

Features of Wedges

Wedge sandals have an advantage over flat-heeled footwear in that they provide a more stable base to the foot than their heels do.

  • For many women, when wearing shoes with such small heel heights, walking becomes increasingly complex and challenging without some form of outward support provided by the shoe itself.
  • Many wedges today still utilize a substantial amount of arch support to help relieve stress on joints and muscles during daily wearing.
  • There are many different heel and wedge sandals on the market today.
  • A close-fitting shoe with a substantial heel typically provides greater comfort but often less stability than one without heels.

Types of Wedges

There is an almost infinite number of wedge sandals to be found today.

  • A wide variety of colors and materials are available, in addition to various pointy, rounded models for the more daring or classy new-age woman.
  • Fabric uppers cool the foot during warm weather wearings (leather shoes only get hotter).
  • At the same time, memory foam insoles provide optimum support by eliminating weight transfer from heel to midfoot with every step taken.
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  • Unfortunately, the design of modern wedges has been undergoing a relatively rapid transition from curves to straight-line construction.

Where & how to wear Wedges?

  • Some wedges have a higher heel, and some have lower heels.
  • Wedge sandals are classified as high or low cut, depending on how much the foot is visible above ground level when worn.
  • Some have liquid-filled arch supports to support the foot’s shape, while others merely use foam padding on top.
  • High-heeled sandals were initially created for women during formal occasions such as weddings and traditional balls.
  • However, they quickly became popular with women of all ages and social classes, who wore them for everyday wear.
  • Wedges help ease the wearer’s stride by redistributing pressure usually placed on their heels.

Buyer’s guide for Wedges

  • Choose a brand with a pleasant natural rubber smell and no disagreeable chemicals or waxes.
  • Wedge sandals are not a fashion statement, so steer clear of brands with fringe or silly designs.
  • If you choose well and go for comfort, colors will allow your feet to be ever-stylish! Try to avoid tight-fitting shoes as they may cause pain in the feet.
  • A perfect size wedge is a comfortable option for warmer weather wearings.
  • Wedge and sandal shoes not only help you to look chic but also supports your feet.
  • Comfort level depends on the brand, fabrics, and design.

List of Top 10 Best Women & Girls Wedges in India-Buyers Guide

1. TRASE Comfort Wedges for Women

The lightweight, Spring-loaded system makes sure your foot will never feel uncomfortable while walking and even more so when standing.

TRASE Comfort Wedges for Women


  • Excellent for all weather conditions
  • Stay stable, comfortable, and secure
  • Make walking easy, even for beginners


  • No arch support; it only has a flat sole.
  • Does not have enough support on the feet


2. ZAPATOZ Women’s/Girls Striped Design Stylish Wedges

Select this for the stylish wedge you wish. It might match your outfits or add extra pizzazz to it where necessary. It is a trendy and summer favorite.

ZAPATOZ Women's/Girls Striped Design Stylish Wedges


  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Comfortable with good arch support
  • Lightweight sole makes walking easy


  • It has a limited color choice
  • Too much sole for some users



This brand is versatile in summer’s bare feet, combining comfort and style. It can fit both formal and casual events.



  • Fashionable looking wedge sandals
  • Good arch support for added stability
  • Lightweight insole, which makes it easy to use


  • Poorly suited for hard flooring
  • May not be comfortable for some people.


4. Madam Glorious women’s/girls wedges soft comfortable

They are perfect for the sandy, hard-surface environment. Just like all Madam Foot’s shoes, you can wear them with a dress or casual clothes too.

Madam Glorious women's/girls wedges soft comfortable


  • Relaxing walking sensation
  • Comfortable and have stability
  • Perfect for barefoot-style sandals.


  • It doesn’t have good braking power
  • May is not fit feet flawlessly in one size range


5. HimQuen Designer Wedges Criss Cross Strips Embroidery Work

There is a sweet fashion note to this. It will make you feel feminine, classy, and outstanding on any occasion that involves wearing shoes!

HimQuen Designer Wedges Criss Cross Strips Embroidery Work


  • Lovely and stylish
  • Easy transferable design
  • Stylish and attractive for girls.


  • Sometimes break quickly
  • Easily bruised feet have been reported


6. Myra Women’s Combo of 3 Fashion Wedges Sandal

It is the best way to dress up with an elegant combination of colors—the perfect choice for girls who love fashion, style, and color contrast.

Myra Women's Combo of 3 Fashion Wedges Sandal


  • Easy transferable design
  • Lightweight sole making it easy to walk
  • Fashionable yet comfortable walking pleasure


  • A bit costly for some customers
  • It might hurt feet after wearing for long


7. Colo Women and Girls Fashionable Wedges

They are best for fashionistas who love to wear high heels but do not want a high price tag. They offer the best option that does not look uncomfortable.

Colo Women and Girls Fashionable Wedges


  • It is comfortable with walking pleasure.
  • Different color combinations are available
  • Fashionable enough to wear on all occasions.


  • It is not waterproof
  • Hurt feet after wearing for long


8. Do Bhai Women Wedge Platform Heel Sandal

Most of the customers are looking for the best affordable wedges they can put on with confidence. It is one of the best options.

Do Bhai Women Wedge Platform Heel Sandal


  • Beautiful style sandal
  • Cleaning and care is very easy
  • Sturdy wedge heel helps offer great comfort


  • Available in only one color
  • Not for less tight-wearing customers


9. Fashion Box Women’s Fashion Platform Heel Wedge Sandals

They are best for customers who wish to be stylish and elegant. The quality of these heel wedge sandals is impressive, with different colors combined.

Fashion Box Women's Fashion Platform Heel Wedge Sandals


  • Stylish and elegant sandal
  • Give you walking pleasure
  • Fashionable yet comfortable


  • Not for less tight-wearing customers
  • The price may be high for some people


10. Catwalk Gold Wedges Sandals for Women’s

They are best for people who prefer classic and straightforward style footwear. They bring you excellent comfort along with fashionable designs.

Catwalk Gold Wedges Sandals for Women's


  • Stylish, stunning design
  • Offer best walking pleasure
  • Excellent comfort and show


  • Available in only one color
  • Un-comfortable for wide feet



All these best wedges are the best of excellent help to make your feet look attractive, healthy, and gorgeous. For a few minutes’ stroll each day, you can enjoy top-notch comfort and a higher level of wellness than ever before. So, have fun shopping for it!


1. What are the best wedges?

It is best to try each of these wedges in your preferred styles or colors. You will get the best possible results.

2. What is the price of the wedges?

Price varies from 300 to 1350 INR depending upon the size, quality, and brand you are looking for.

3. What are the different types of wedges?

There are different types of wedges. The best choice for you should be according to your style and the kind of brand.