Best Winter Jackets in India-Buyers Guide

A winter jacket is clothing that keeps you warm. Cold weather requires warm dressing. Winter jackets exist in the market stores in India. The prices vary from one retailer to another. In this article, we will list for you some of the top-rated winter jackets in India. We will also guide you on how to acquire one for the coming winter.

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Top 10 Best Winter Jackets in India

List of Winter Jackets

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1. American Crew AMERICAN-CREW-Sleeves-Applique
2. Tripole Men’s Solid winter jacket Tripole Men’s Solid winter jacket
3. Forest Club Solid’s men jacket Forest Club Solid’s men jacket
4. Trekmonk Men Regular Fleece jacket Trekmonk Men Regular Fleece jacket
5. Symbol Men’s Jacket Symbol Men’s Jacket
6. YOONIKK Regular Fit wear Bark-Cinnamon
7. KOOTY Semi-winter fleece wear KOOTY Semi-winter fleece wear
8. Urbano Fashion Jacket Urbano Fashion Jacket
9. Stylish Bomber Jacket by KLOTTHE Stylish Bomber Jacket by KLOTTHE
10. BLUEFICUS windcheater jacket BLUEFICUS windcheater jacket

Features of Winter Jacket

  • Long-sleeved winter jackets are best. This ensures that your whole hand is covered from the shivering cold weather.
  • Some winter jackets have a hood attached to them while others do not have a hood. You may need a hoodie for head covering. It protects you from the wind.
  • Winter jackets have a zip at the front part for easy wearing. Some have half zippers. It is best to find a functioning zipper. Some zippers are weak and do not last long.
  • The material used to make the jacket determines its longevity. The outer part is made of nylon or polyester. Cotton and wool make the inner parts of a winter jacket.

Types of Winter Jacket

  • There are high neck winter jackets and a low neck. The high neck, cover up to the neck, unlike the low neck.
  • We also have full zippers and half zippers. The half zippers are zipped from the chest upwards. You may also get jackets that do not have a zip.
  • There are waterproof jackets which can be used as raincoats. We also have jackets made specifically for cold seasons.

Buyer guide for Winter Jacket

  • Body size – when going for a winter jacket, consider buying one that fits you well. There is a wide range of sizes. Some people prefer burgee sizes while others o for fitting ones.
  • Weather Condition – as a buyer, you cannot ignore the weather as you buy a winter jacket. Snowy and rainy seasons will need a jacket that does not allow water or wetness in.
  • Price – your budget is also a factor to put in mind as you buy a jacket. The winter jacket price will give you an idea of which to buy.

How to use Winter Jacket?

  • Open the zipper. The zipper is usually in the front, chest area.
  • Insert your hands into the sleeves one after the other. After it, you close the zipper.
  • Winter jackets are washed either machine-washed or hand washed. This is dependent on the type of jacket. Ensure you follow the washing instructions to avoid damage.
  • Store the jacket on a hanger for good storage.

List of Top 10 Best Winter Jackets in India-Buyers Guide

1. American Crew Jacket

A long-sleeved winter jacket. It is men wear.

American Crew


  • It is made of 100% polyester fabric
  • Has a double layer of material for maximum warmth
  • Very fitting in size


  • Allows only for machine wash
  • It is lightweight for extreme winter


2. Tripole Men’s Solid winter jacket

A men’s wear is made with a waterproof fabric.

Tripole Men’s Solid winter jacket


  • It is waterproof for rainy seasons
  • Has a hood that covers you from heavy winds
  • It comes with a carrier for travelling
  • It is made with 4 pockets, 2 inside and 2 outside


  • No machine washing of the coat
  • Quite heavy for a slightly cold weather


3. Forest Club Solid’s men jacket

A water-resistant men’s jacket.

Forest Club Solid’s men jacket


  • It is a slim fitting
  • A good lightweight for traveling
  • It is a regular fit. This coat is good for warmth and style.


  • It is not 100% water-proof
  • The cloth material spoils fast


4. Trekmonk Men Regular Fleece jacket

A regular fit winter jacket for men.

Trekmonk Men Regular Fleece jacket


  • It is soft and comfortable on the inside
  • Strong fabric that does not peel off
  • Gives room to stretch


  • Can over-stretch with time
  • Does not have a hood


5. Symbol Men’s Jacket

An amazon brand product for winter.

Symbol Men’s Jacket


  • The hoodie protects the head
  • It has two side pockets that protect the hands from freezing
  • It is very warm on the inside


  • Quite expensive
  • Only machine wash


6. YOONIKK Regular Fit wear

A stylish flair for men.

YOONIKK Regular Fit wear


  • Good quality of poly-cotton materials for a long-lasting durability
  • Can be used for both casual and formal occasions
  • Comfortable for the skin


  • Cannot be washed by a machine
  • Produces some noisy sounds when won


7. KOOTY Semi-winter fleece wear

A cool winter jacket made in India for men.

KOOTY Semi-winter fleece wear


  • It is a fitting wear
  • It has a fair price
  • Full sleeved sweatshirt and easy to wear


  • It can get really wet when rained on allowing water in
  • Has no hoodie fitted.


8. Urbano Fashion Jacket

Made of pure cotton.

Urbano Fashion Jacket


  • Gives the skin a soft touch
  • Fitted with a hoodie
  • Good for casual wear and outdoor activities


  • It is non-water resistant making it unfavorable for a rainy season
  • Only works best for casual wear.


9. Stylish Bomber Jacket by KLOTTHE

A classically designed winter jacket that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Stylish Bomber Jacket by KLOTTHE


  • Made with a densely knitted nylon fabric
  • It does not wrinkle
  • Wear it for various activities, jogging, cycling, climbing, hiking among others


  • Loose zipper that can easily fall off
  • Only favours outdoor activities.


10. BLUEFICUS windcheater jacket

It has firmly fitted zippers with a hoodie.

BLUEFICUS windcheater jacket


  • Heavy enough for extreme winter seasons
  • Deep side way pockets for carrying your stuff
  • Has a pull-neck collar
  • It has a detachable hoodie


  • The winter jacket is too warm for other seasons
  • Hand-washing which is time-consuming



Winter jackets are available on the online market stores. It is easy to order one that works best with you. One thing to consider is your body size, budget and how you want to use the jacket. This guide is to help you make an informed decision, quality, price, and durability.


What Jacket is good for winter?

To enjoy some warmth in winter, you need to get a warm winter jacket. A winter jacket that is made of wool or cotton on the inside is perfect. You also need to buy a winter jacket that is water-resistant. One that fits you well, will also be an added advantage making you look stylish.

Which is the best winter jacket?

The best winter jacket is waterproof. Strong fabrics last long. It is more durable and does not tear up easily. Hand-washing a jacket is more economical but time-consuming. Machine washing saves a lot of time but is costly.

A winter jacket with a hoodie is great, it will cover you 100% from the cold. It is better if the hoodie is detachable.

What is the price of a winter jacket?

Winter jacket prices range from 750 INR to 1800INR. The prices differ depending on the material of the winter jacket. It also depends on the manufacturer of the jacket.