Best Winter Blanket in India-Buyers Guide

Blankets are sheet-like pieces of covers. They help to keep one or more people warm. Zones in the polar can get so cold when the earth’s axis tilts away from the sun. Staying warm is everyone’s priority. A winter blanket can save you the low temperatures. It is essential to know which blanket you pick for winter. The online markets have warm and soft winter blankets at all prices.

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Top 10 Best Winter Blankets in India

List of Winter Blankets

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1. Finest Selective Microfibre Quilt Selective-Premium-Super-Microfibre-Winter
2. Home-crust Winter Blanket Home-crust Winter Blanket
3. Ab Home Design Blanket Ab Home Design Blanket
4. Rajasthan Winter Duvet Rajasthan Winter Duvet
5. Hrudaya Winter Cover Hrudaya Winter Cover
6. Fancy Walas Embossed Winter duvet Fancy Walas Embossed Winter duvet
7. BSB Home Razai BSB Home Razai
8. Homespun Winter Blanket Homespun Winter Blanket
9. Vas Blanket Collection Vas Blanket Collection
10. Home Co Winter Warmer Home Co Winter Warmer

Features of Winter Blanket

  • The materials used to make the blankets are a major determining feature.
  • Some of the best materials for the best blankets for winter are wool, polyester, cotton, microfiber, or fleece.
  • The thread count is a factor to consider when searching for a winter blanket. The more the count, the warmer the blanket.
  • Furry and soft winter blankets serve the purpose well. No one wants a rough surface on their skin.

Types of Winter Blankets

  • Single Winter blankets are meant for use by one person. They are normally small in size and best for camping. Double blankets for winter accommodate one or two adults. The largest is the king-size duvet.
  • There are winter blankets with an inner lining and an outer lining which are different in texture. Some have the same texture in and out.
  • As for design, the duvets are in a variety, plain, floral, and patterned winter blankets exist in the stores. The choice depends on one’s test.

Buyer Guide for Winter Blanket

  • Considering purchasing a blanket for winter?
  • First, you need to know the bed size that you are using. You do not want to buy a single-size blanket for a double bed. Get the right size and capacity.
  • The weight and thickness of the blanket are of great importance when making a decision. This is dependent on how you are going to carry the winter blanket around. Thick winter blankets are warmer as compared to thin ones.
  • Finally, your budget is a major factor. Winter blankets are valued differently and going for what you can afford is in your best interest.

How to use Winter Blanket?

  • Using a winter blanket is as easy as putting on a coat.
  • Start by checking for the four corners of the blanket.
  • Check for the inside and outside. The inner part should be directly in touch with the bedsheets.
  • Spread the winter blanket on your bed. Ensure that each corner fits rightly on the bed.
  • When sleeping, get in between the bed sheets and cover yourself with the winter blanket.

List of Top 10 Best Winter Blankets in India-Buyers Guide

1. Finest Selective Microfibre Quilt

A heavy-duty microfiber blanket for winter that will take you through freezing weather warmly. It is well designed to keep your bedroom looking cute.

Finest Selective Microfibre Quilt


  • It has a double capacity big enough for two
  • It is soft and fluffy
  • Made of 100% microfibre polyester material making it last long


  • It’s too weighty and needs a lot of packing space
  • The color fades with time


2. Home-crust Winter Blanket

A well-insulated blanket for winter that is meant to keep you warm in all weather. It has a unique touch and is user-friendly. It is a single size in measure.

Home-crust Winter Blanket


  • It has two sides made up of different textures; plush and smooth.
  • The blanket does not fade or shrink when washed.
  • It is easy to maintain as it can be washed using a machine


  • Cannot keep one warm in temperatures below 20 degrees as it is quite light
  • It does not have a blanket cover to keep it from getting dust


3. Ab Home Design Blanket

It has a solid pattern that makes it fit for any gender. It is wide enough and warm for two people and can be shopped from Amazon.

Ab Home Design Blanket


  • Made of fiber material that makes it last for long durations
  • Soft texture for the skin
  • Thick and warm for very cold winters


  • Needs a commercial volume dryer to wash making it expensive to use at home
  • Weighs approximately 4.3 kgs making it too heavy for convenience


4. Rajasthan Winter Duvet

A product of Rishabh creations that is perfect for single beds.

Rajasthan Winter Duvet


  • The fiber used is skin-friendly preventing allergic reactions
  • Easy to wash from home
  • Affordable rate of 950 INR


  • The edges are not stitched
  • It is light in weight


5. Hrudaya Winter Cover

Luxurious double blankets for winter with floral designs

Hrudaya Winter Cover


  • It does not shed color when washed
  • Made using great quality material- microfibre
  • User-friendly and easy usage


  • Only available for double size
  • Extremely light for extreme winter periods


6. Fancy Walas Embossed Winter duvet

Great for any season of the year and allows machine wash

Fancy Walas Embossed Winter duvet


  • An all-seasonal winter blanket
  • Durable
  • Has trimmed stitches


  • Light for winter
  • Not too soft.


7. BSB Home Razai

Comfort giving home winter blanket made of cotton on the outside and microfiber on the inside. Fit for a king size.

BSB Home Razai


  • Contains a durable comforter with a bag inside
  • Lightweight making it easy to carry
  • Can fit well in a duvet covet, keeping it clean


  • The fabric is quite rough for a soft skin
  • No single size is available


8. Homespun Winter Blanket

Made with anti-allergic micro-fiber and can be used by any person. It is available in a single size

Homespun Winter Blanket


  • Non-allergic material for hypersensitive skins
  • Fits well in a single rectangular bed
  • Light any easy to carry


  • Not good for extreme winter weather
  • Made of synthetic fibre


9. Vas Blanket Collection

A premium wool quality blanket for winter weather.

Vas Blanket Collection


  • Made of a non-flame retardant to chemicals
  • It is all-purpose and can be used for bed, sofa or camping
  • Manufactured using heavy and unadulterated wool hence intensifying the warmth


  • It is very light hence used alongside another blanket while camping.
  • Does not serve for long


10. Home Co Winter Warmer

Large for a king-size bed and can fit one or two adults

Home Co Winter Warmer


  • Made of three layers making it great for extreme winter seasons
  • The polyester material is of great quality and lasts longer
  • It does not wrinkle when stored
  • Can be washed by a machine as well as a dry wash


  • Not available in a single size
  • Bright colors fade quick



If you have been worried about the next winter, we hope that this information is helpful. Go for the best winter blanket that fits perfectly within your budget. Keeping warm during winter should be a priority.


Which blanket is best for winter?

The best winter blanket is one that has been made with wool material and has more than one layer.

Which blanket is the warmest?

A double or triple layer with a high thread count

How much does a blanket cost in India?

Winter blanket price in India ranges between 550 INR and 1800INR.