Best Wing Chairs in India-Buyers Guide

 There are many sofa sets for sitting and decorating. These help you furnish homes and use them for making guests comfortable. The wing chair uses solid hardwood that can accommodate people. Also, these have premium-quality free-floating covers. So, you can relax and read books or watch TV. Some of these have quality fabrics and attractive color schemes to enhance the interior. You will also find pine wood and upholstery fabric for these quality chairs. The wing chair price depends on the overall quality of wood and other materials. Therefore, we have the top ten recommendations for you. Also, check the buyers guide for the best Lounge chairs, office chairs, computer chairs & Baby swings.

List of Top 10 Best Wing Chairs in India

List of Wing Chairs

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1. Surefit Stretch Morgan Sure-Fit-Stretch-Morgan
2. Lustre Enterprise Wing Chair Lustre-Enterprise-Chair
3. Furniture Street Leatherette Furniture-street-Orange
4. Zikra Arm Chair Zikra-Solid-Meera-Fabric
5. Magnetic Crafts Magnetic-Crafts-Living
6. Home Centre Home-Centre-Victor-Wing
7. Interio Canape Interio-Canape-Colour
8. Urban Wood Birdie Urban-Wood-Birdie-Upholstered
9. Lustre Blue Chair Lustre-Enterprise-Wing-Chair
10. Janzo Furniture Furnitures-Living-Fabric

Features of Wing Chair

  • The sofa chair has high-quality foam and wood materials.
  • Also, there are single sofa chairs with a cushion or
  • Some of these chairs come in exotic designs and colors.
  • So, you can sit with comfort.
  • The skillful craftsmen make these chairs for improving house interiors.
  • These have soft and warm covers that let you relax.
  • Some of the manufacturers also offer up to 6 months warranty for the chair.
  • The wing chair price is high because of the premium quality wood and foam covers.
  • There help you decorate home furniture for parties and guests.

Types of Wing Chairs

  • The highly skilled craftsmen make a wing chair.
  • That is why it comes in many versatile designs.
  • Some of the chairs have a hollow sofa shape.
  • Others can have luxurious styles and attractive colors.
  • It is why the wing chair price is often high.
  • Many of these chairs support persons of any weight.
  • Some come with cushions and some without one.
  • You will find eye-catching color schemes and designs for these single sofas.
  • Also, these have comfy foams and soft covers.
  • You can use these for bedrooms, sitting rooms, hallways, and balconies.

Buyers Guide for Wing Chair

  • There are many stylish and exotic sofa chairs available online.
  • Therefore, we have a top ten list for you.
  • The list has quality chairs with premium-quality wood and cover materials.
  • Some of the chairs have cushions.
  • Thus, you can buy a chair with or without pillows.
  • You will find many luxurious colors for the luxury chair.
  • So, you can select the color that matches your interior.
  • Also, you can buy a contrasting color chair that will heighten the look.
  • The wing chair price is considerably high compared to other chairs.
  • It is because of its quality foams and wood stuff.

How to use a Wing Chair?

  • There are many colors available for a sofa chair.
  • So, you can buy a color scheme that improves the look of the room.
  • These chairs have simple or pattern designs for the covers.
  • Therefore, you can maintain cleanliness accordingly.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner to dust the foam covers.
  • However, avoid using wet clothes to clean it.
  • Always use a dry cloth to wipe away dust.
  • The thick foam covers catch a lot of dust.
  • Thus, cleaning these daily can help you maintain them.
  • Also, it will increase the life of the foams and the cover.

List of Top 10 Best Wing Chairs in India-Buyers Guide

1. Surefit Stretch Morgan

It has a stretchable foam cover to support the person’s weight. There are narrow arms with foams.

Surefit Stretch Morgan


  • There is free-floating elastic inside the hem.
  • It has stretchable foam covering.
  • There is an elastic cover for the base.


  • It is pricey.
  • There is no pillow.


2. Lustre Enterprise Wing Chair

This chair has an exotic yellow color design. Its frame tilts for a classic sofa look. Also, it has high-density foams for extra comfort.

Lustre Enterprise Wing Chair


  • The foams have a high density.
  • It has an eye-catching yellow color.
  • There is walnut polish for wood materials.


  • It has 15kg in weight.
  • You cannot use it for all interior color schemes.


3. Furniture Street Leatherette

It comes in a classical style sofa design. There are thick foams with leather covers all around. Also, this sofa chair has a removable sitting cushion.

Furniture street Orange leathrete Wing Chair


  • The style is vintage.
  • It has leather covers with a stitching design.
  • There is a 3-year warranty.


  • The wing chair price is high.
  • You have to maintain it.


4. Zikra Arm Chair

The Zikra armchair uses an upholstery fabric of high quality. It comes with a comfy pillow.

Zikra Arm Chair


  • It has premium-quality wood and foam covers.
  • There is a berry color for the chair.
  • It is comfortable.


  • It is pricey.
  • You have to keep it clean.


5. Magnetic Crafts

Its legs have a carving and beautiful design. The wing chair price is less compared to other sofa chairs. Also, it uses cotton fabric.

Magnetic Crafts


  • Skillful carpenters make it.
  • It has less price.
  • The design feels royal and luxurious.


  • You have to clean it.
  • It has an old-fashion design.


6. Home Centre

It has high-quality wood and covers. Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty. There are polyester fabric covers for the chair and foams.

Home Centre


  • It has a 1-year warranty.
  • You can sit with comfort.
  • All of the materials are of high quality.


  • It can be unavailable.
  • There are no cushions.


7. Interio Canape

The pinewood and upholstery fabric with a comfy pillow make it a luxurious chair. Plus, it has a 6-month warranty.

Interio Canape


  • There are comfortable foams.
  • It has a pillow.
  • There is a 6-month warranty.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • The weight is a little bit heavy.

Interio-Canape-Colour-Fabric8. Urban Wood Birdie

The wing chair price is high because of the premium-quality Sheesham wood. Also, the sitting cushion is wide for more space.

Urban Wood Birdie


  • It has Sheesham wood materials.
  • The wing chair is durable.
  • There is a walnut finish.


  • It is expensive.
  • You have to dust it regularly.


9. Lustre Blue Chair

It has a dense foam and luxurious design. Also, the color scheme is attractive. Plus, it comes with a walnut finish.

Lustre Blue Chair


  • It enhances the interiors.
  • The chair is comfortable.
  • You can rest your arms.
  • There is a pillow.


  • It has no warranty.
  • The covers can catch dust.


10. Janzo Furniture

The professional carpentry work makes it a durable chair. Also, it has foamy patterns for the backrest. It comes in a vintage look.

Janzo Furnitures


  • The design is classical.
  • It has more space for sitting.
  • There are foam patterns.


  • There is no resting cushion.
  • The price is high.



There is nothing more relaxing than a luxurious and foamy wing chair. These come in classical and modern styles. Also, these have quality wood and foam materials. Some of the sofa chairs use a resting pillow. Therefore, you can buy the best one from our top ten list. There are luxury chairs that have warranties. The wing chair price is a little high because of the craftsmanship. Only professional carpenters make and design these premium sofa chairs. You can use these to improve the interior design of any room. Plus, these help you relax in your leisure time.


What is a wing chair used for?

It is a luxury sofa chair to relax or decorate the interiors. Also, it comes in royal and vintage designs with comfy cushions.

Which is the best wing chair?

There are many premium quality sofa chairs. The Sheesham wood or pinewood chairs are durable.

What is the price of the wing chair?     

The wing chair price is between 15,000 INR to 25,000 INR.