Best Wine Openers In India Buyers Guide

A wine opener is a corkscrew that is used for removing corks from wine bottles or any other bottle that may be sealed with a cork. Made with bark tissue, a cork is primarily used to seal wine bottles.

It is quite difficult to pop open a wine bottle without a proper wine opener. They are sturdy as well as multi-functional & equipped with all the tools for opening a bottle of wine anytime anywhere. Also, check the buyer’s guide for Soda Bottle Openers, Beer Openers, Cigarette holders, Bottle openers, Ashtray, Can Openers, and Cigarette Lighters in India.

The simplest wine opener or a corkscrew features a pointed metallic helix. And the helix is attached to the handle and is used to remove the corks from the wine bottles.

Top 10 Best Wine Openers in India

List of wine openers

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1. Xin Hui China Steel Chronowares 3 in 1 Opener Knife Xin-Hui-China
2. ROYALS 3 in 1 Cork Opener Knife with Multifunction Folding ROYALS-Bottle
3. Iktu RIMEI 2 in 1 Cork Screw  Bottle Opener IKTUAsier-Asier
4. Shopaholic 1014 Red Opener Shopaholic Wine
5. D Wine Cork Knife and Opener Set DWine-Opener
6. Glenburn Double Tap Corkscrew Opener shafire sommelier
7. Chopine HOTWINE Corkscrew Friendly Opener
HOTWINE opener
8. Generic Stainless Steel Corkscrew Generic-Stainless
9. Lukzer Stainless Steel Opener for Red Wine Champagne Lukzer-Stainless-Bottle
10. Protos India Stainless Steel Corkscrew 2 Lever Opener ProtosIndia Opener

Buyers Guide – Wine Opener

There are some factors you must consider before buying a wine opener. They are listed below.


  • First of all, you must check the material of the opener.
  • Stainless steel and carbon steel are preferred over plastic ones.

Size, Portability & Weight

  • The size of the opener should be small.
  • It must also be lightweight so that it can be easily carried.


  • Opening a wine bottle should not be rocket science.
  • So, you must buy a wine opener that you can operate easily.

Hand Strength

  • It should not demand a lot of strength – so much so that your hand hurts while trying to pry open the cork.
  • So, you must opt for an opener that quickly opens the wine bottles without much effort.

Features of a Wine Opener

There are different varieties of wine openers with various useful features. They use different mechanisms to quickly help in removing the cork out of the wine bottle.

  • It is easy to use, carry, and hold.
  • They are hand-held devices, so they must be lightweight and portable.
  • And these are coated with no-slip rubber, which allows the user to maintain a good grip.
  • To open a bottle of wine, you need a cutter, knife, and can opener.
  • Most of these are multi-functional and are equipped with all three – a cutter, an opener, and a knife.
  • It is best to opt for a 3-in-1 type.
  • The wine bottle opener must be both sturdy and durable.
  • Once you buy a good-quality wine opener, you should not have to invest in any other wine opener for a long time.

Types of Wine Openers

There are eight types of wine openers.

Waiter’s Friend Corkscrew

  • This is the most popular and simply-designed corkscrew.

Wing Screw

  • It inserts the screws into the cork and opens up the wine bottle.

Twist and Pull Screw

  • It also uses the screw to pull out the cork but needs a good amount of strength.

Bunny Ear Screw

This works similarly to the other screw family openers. It differs in the way that it has ears.

Tabletop Corkscrew

  • It is the most expensive and easy to use.

Electric Wine Opener

  • This is an automatic type.

Ah-So Cork Opener

  • It is the most awkward and hardest to operate the cork opener.
  • also, it is primarily used to open vintage wines.

Air Pressure Pump

  • It uses air pressure to open the wine bottle.

How Does a Wine Opener help?

Wine openers can be difficult to use initially. But once you have learned the art, it couldn’t be easier. A standard wine opener is the waiter’s friend. It has three important parts – cutter, opener, and worm.

  1. The foil cutter is used to remove the foil from the wine bottle.
  2. First of all, you must pierce the foil with the foil cutter and remove it.
  3. After removing the foil from the wine bottle, you have to remove the top of the wine bottle.
  4. Then, just insert the worm into the centre of the cork and strongly twist the worm inside the cork in a clockwise motion.
  5. Continue inserting the corkscrew inside the cork until it has completely gone inside it.
  6. Then, put the shorter notch on the lip of the metal bottle and pull the cork out of the wine bottle.
  7. If the need arises, use the longer notch and pull up until the cork comes out fully.

List of Top 10 Best Wine Openers in India Buyers Guide

1. Xin Hui China Steel Chronowares 3 in 1 Opener Knife:

This is made from food-grade steel & it is a top-quality wine cork opener. It is a must-have product for wine enthusiasts.Xin Hui China Steel Chronowares 3 in 1 Wine Opener


  • Xin Hui Wine Opener is a three-in-one cork opener
  • This is a foldable and compact wine opener
  • It is an easy-to-use wine opener due to its practical design


  • Users have said that the wine opener is not a long-lasting product

Xin Hui Multifunction

2. ROYALS 3 in 1 Cork Opener Knife with Multifunction Folding:

This is another 3-in-1 wine cork opener, which is strong and sturdy. Also, this is an affordable product.ROYALS 3 in 1 Cork & Wine Opener Knife with Multifunction Folding


  • ROYALS Win Cork opener has a knife, which comes in very handy
  • You can perform amazing stunts on a wine bottle with this knife – YouTube it
  • The product is sharp enough to quickly pop open the wine bottle cork


  • Users have complained that the knife is blunt

ROYALS Wine Opener

3. Iktu RIMEI 2 in 1 Cork Screw Bottle Opener – Red:

This is a highly functional as well as stylish wine opener that does an impressive job.Iktu RIMEI 2 in 1 Cork Screw & Wine Bottle Opener


  • Iktu RIMEI Wine Opener made with plastic as well as stainless steel
  • It has a helical helix screw, which looks superb
  • The screw of the opener quickly and conveniently glides to open the cork


  • Users have complained that the helical screw breaks after a few uses

IKTU Bottle Opener

4. Shopaholic 1014 Red Wine Opener:

This is an amazing quality product that looks stylish and functions well. Its unique design and colour make it stand out on this list.Shopaholic 1014 Red Wine Opener


  • It has a sturdy construction making it durable
  • Also, it has ergonomic handles that can be held easily
  • This is an eco-friendly and easy-to-use product


  • Consumers have found that the screw does not turn quickly


5. D Wine Cork Knife and Opener Set:

This is a multifunctional opener that is equipped with a great many features. It is a 3-in-1 product & available in multiple colours.D Wine Cork Knife and Opener Set


  • It is a lightweight, foldable, and compact wine opener
  • It is made of carbon steel and stainless steel which gives it an amazing lustre
  • Also, this has a bottle opener and a cutter


  • Consumers have complained that the screw does not function well


6. Glenburn Double Tap Corkscrew Opener:

This is an excellent wine opener, which features a unique design of the double-tap corkscrew.Glenburn Double Tap Corkscrew Opener


  • It is made with a tough material that makes it durable and versatile
  • It has a double-hinged fulcrum that provides improved leverage & smoother pulling-up action
  • This is a multi-functional and easy-to-use product


  • It is a heavy and bulky wine opener


7. Chopine HOTWINE Corkscrew Friendly Opener:

This is a safe and durable opener that is capable of removing the cork from the bottle efficiently. It is a foil cutter, bottle opener as well as wine opener.Chopine HOTWINE Corkscrew Friendly Wine Opener


  • It does not require any battery for operation
  • You can carry the wine opener anywhere you want
  • Also, it functions well


  • It has a fibre wire, which is fragile


8. Generic Stainless Steel Corkscrew:

Available in multiple colours, this is one of the most amazing stainless-steel corkscrews. It is a great product for home, restaurant, or bar use.Generic Stainless Steel Corkscrew


  • Generic Opener has a steel-wing corkscrew that smoothly unscrews the cork of the wine bottle
  • It has a sturdy construction, which lasts long
  • Also, this has an elegant design


  • Users have said that the product is fragile and flimsy

Generic- Corkscrew

9. Lukzer Stainless Steel Opener for Red Champagne:

This is a perfectly-designed opener that combines functionality as well as style. With this, you can quickly pop open the wine bottle.Lukzer Stainless Steel Wine Opener for Red Wine


  • It can be used to extract the longest corks
  • Due to its ergonomic handles, one can hold it firmly
  • There is a stopper which prevents the cork from breaking


  • It is made of plastic

Lukzer Champagne

10. Protos India Stainless Steel Corkscrew 2 Lever Bottle Opener:

This is a 2-in-1 Indian product that is durable and strong. Due to its compact size, you can carry it anywhere with you in your pocket.Protos India Stainless Steel 2 Lever Wine Bottle Opener


  • It is equipped with a patented 2-step system.
  • It has an improved leverage system that easily turns the cork and opens it
  • With a serrated foil cutter and bottle opener, having a drink is simple


  • It is an expensive product

ProtosIndia Wine Opener


A corkscrew is a device that is used to draw the cork out from the wine bottle or any other bottle that is capped with a cork. All of the above wine openers are good-quality and offer value for money.  Depending on your budget and your taste, you may pick the best one that fits you well.


What are the types of wine openers?

There are eight types of wine openers. They include waiter’s friend, wing screw, twist pull screw, bunny ear screw, table corkscrew, electric, ah-so cork and air pressure wine pump.

Are wine openers available online?

Yes. Wine openers can be bought online on Amazon.

What is the price of a wine opener?

On an average basis, the price of the wine opener ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 500.