Best Window Blinds in India Buyers Guide

Window blinds allow you to control the amount of light entering through your window. They can also help protect you from too much sun heat. In that regard, they serve as ‘shades’. On another note, window blinds can help you enhance privacy. That is because it would be very hard for someone to peep through a room where there are window blinds.

Thus using window blinds, you can enhance privacy while still allowing some light to come in. At yet another level, window blinds can offer you protection from wind, hail, and dust. That is because they help you enclose your windows more strongly than you would be able to do with curtains.

Top 10 Best Window Blinds in India-Buyers Guide

List of Window blinds

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1. ZEBRA BLINDS Blue Polyresin Curtain ZEBRA-BLINDS-Polyester ZEBRA-BLINDS-Polyester
2. Kurtzy Roll-up Bamboo Blind Kurtzy Roll-up Bamboo Blind Kurtzy Roll-up Bamboo Blind
3. TCLPVC Bamboo Window Blind TCLPVC Bamboo Window Blind TCLPVC Bamboo Window Blind
4. Bamboo Roll-up Window Blind Bamboo Roll-up
5. Deco Polyester Roller Window Blinds Deco Polyester Deco Polyester
6. Kayra Decor PVC Roller Window Blind Kayra Decor PVC Roller
7. HIPPO Fabric Roller Blind HIPPO Fabric Roller
8. Moonga Polyester Zebra Blind Moonga Polyester Moonga Polyester
9. Ikea Pleated Polyester Haren Blind Ikea Pleated Polyester

Features of Window Blinds

  • Size (height and width) is an important feature in a window blind.
  • The blind should be big enough to adequately cover the window/space for which it is being bought.
  • The level of light diffusion that any window blind offers is another important feature.
  • The level of ultraviolet ray protection (UV protection) and insulation that a window blind offers is also critical.
  • The options for opening and closing the window blind are important, as is the window blind’s aesthetic appeal.

Types of Window Blinds

  • There are certain window blinds that are made from natural materials, like bamboo.
  • Then there are window blinds that are made from synthetic materials such as polyresin and PVC.
  • Some window blinds are hand-made. Others are machines produced in factories.
  • There are window blinds that only open or close manually.
  • Then there are window blinds that can be operated using pulley systems.
  • Some can even open or close via remote control and phone app commands.
  • We have window blinds that are only ideal for indoor usage.
  • Then we have others that are suitable for outdoor use. Others work well both indoors and outdoors.

How to use a Window Blind?

  • Most window blinds come with brackets for hanging.
  • So the first step is to affix the brackets to the walls where you want the window blinds to hang.
  • This you can usually do using screws that are provided for the purpose.
  • You may then need to attach the mechanism for opening or closing the window blind.
  • This only applies if the blind doesn’t come already assembled.
  • Thus if the blind has a chain mechanism for closing/opening, you attach it at this point.
  • The next step is to hook the window blinds to the brackets.
  • Then test the window blind by opening it and closing it (to ensure that everything is working as it should).
  • In terms of everyday usage, you can be opening the blinds when you want more light to come in.
  • And you can be closing the blinds when you want less light to come in.
  • Remember to be regularly cleaning the blinds.

Buying guide for Window Blinds

  • There are three key questions you need to ask yourself, before buying a window blind.
  • Firstly, what is the window blind made from? This will determine the level of light control that the window blind will offer to you.
  • Secondly, how does the window blind work? For instance, is it possible to open it using a remote control? How much light does it let in when fully closed? How easy is it to clean it? These are important considerations.
  • This is also where you consider ease of installation.
  • Thirdly, how big is the window blind? Is it big enough to fully cover the window/space where you plan to deploy it?
  • You may also check the window blind price, and ensure that it is reasonable for the quality and features.

List of Top 10 Best Window Blinds in India-Buyers Guide

1. ZEBRA BLINDS Blue Polyresin Curtain

It comes in 50 x 30 cm dimensions. It is, therefore, suitable to cover most standard-size windows.

ZEBRA BLINDS Blue Polyresin Curtain


  • Offers good insulation effect
  • Not prone to accumulating dust
  • Reasonably easy to install


  • It May does not work well for bigger windows
  • Color tends to fade with rough washing


2. Kurtzy Roll-up Bamboo Blinds

These come in beige color. They are quite large in size, with a good roll-up mechanism

Kurtzy Roll-up Bamboo Blinds


  • Adequate size for most windows
  • Easy to use a roll-up mechanism
  • Works well both in summer and winter


  • Not ideal for outdoor use
  • May develop slight mold during monsoon season


3. TCLPVC Bamboo Window Blind

These blinds come in four sizes. They offer good dust and wind protection, on top of light control.

TCLPVC Bamboo Window Blind


  • Installation is very simple
  • It is made from natural material (bamboo)
  • The design is aesthetically appealing


  • Price is quite high for the given features
  • Prone to becoming dusty


4. Bamboo Roll-up Window Blind

The primary material here is bamboo. It gives a very good cooling effect when used during hotter seasons.

Bamboo Roll-up Window Blind


  • It can be very durable
  • When fully drawn, it gives a cool shade
  • Quite easy to clean (by simply wiping)


  • Bamboo may sometimes attract a little fungi
  • Installation may require certain hard to use tools


5. Deco Polyester Roller Window Blinds

Very elegant window blind. Suitable for use even in long/high windows.

Deco Polyester Roller Window Blinds


  • It has heat reflection capability
  • Size should be adequate even for larger windows
  • Has water repulsion capability


  • Can be hard to keep clean (being snow white)
  • Price may look too high for some


6. Kayra Decor PVC Roller Window Blind

Has the capability to completely blackout the room when fully drawn. Made from PVC, hence durable.

Kayra Decor PVC Roller Window Blind


  • Smooth to roll up and down
  • Can last for long with minimal care
  • Has good light control capability


  • Made from synthetic material (PVC), not natural
  • Quite high in cost


7. HIPPO Fabric Roller Blind

Dimensions are 7ft by 4ft. It comes with pre-assembled accessories.

HIPPO Fabric Roller Blind


  • Size is adequate for most people
  • Assembly and installation is easy
  • Has good light filtering capability


  • May require frequent cleaning
  • Color options are limited to one


8. Moonga Polyester Zebra Blinds

Suitable for use both in windows and doors. Has a good zebra-like visual design scheme.

Moonga Polyester Zebra Blinds


  • Has decent capacity to control UV light
  • Doesn’t attract dust easily
  • Huge size for almost any imaginable need


  • Relatively higher price
  • Made from synthetic (polyester) material


9. Ikea Pleated Polyester Haren Blind

This is one of the cheaper window blinds. The size is decent, at 90 x 190 cm.

Ikea Pleated Polyester Haren Blind


  • Very easy to install
  • Price is affordable by almost everyone
  • Lightweight yet effective


  • Colors may not be very bright
  • May be prone to attracting dust



The dimensions for these blinds are 36 inches (length) by 36 inches (width). The core material is polyester.



  • Relatively low price
  • Offers genuine blacking out effect when desired
  • Quite easy to clean


  • Installation requires a bit of time
  • The visual design scheme is basic



A good window blind can help you eliminate sun glare and enhance privacy. With the information in this guide, you should be able to easily identify and purchase the best window blinds.


How much does it cost to replace window blinds?

The actual window blinds can cost anything from 500 Indian rupees to 2,000 Indian rupees. The cost depends on size and features. For blinds that are hard to install, you would then need to pay a technician to fix them for you. So the total cost can go up to between 1,000 and 3,000 Indian rupees.

Which window blinds are best?

The best window blinds are those that allow you to fully control the amount of light entering a room/space. Those with the capacity to mimic full blackout are even better. Further, the best window blinds are adequately big, easy to install, and easy to clean.