Best Wheelchair in India Buying Guide

A wheelchair is a chair that comes with wheels. These are best for persons who are suffering from disabilities or injuries, senior citizens, and adults. Wheelchairs are also not cheap therefore it cannot be discarded if the user is not satisfied with it.

If you or someone in your house is a patient with mobility issues, then you know how difficult it is to move around especially if you do not have a good wheelchair that can manoeuvre well both indoors and outdoors.

It is challenging to opt for the best wheelchair because of the wide variety of wheelchairs available in the market. Hence, it is important to choose wisely. We are providing you with a complete guide that will hopefully help you choose the right wheelchair.

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Top 11 Best Wheelchairs to Buy Online in India

List of the wheelchairs

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1. KosmoCare Foldable chair with Dura Rexine KosmoCare-Rexine
2. Viva Healthcare Foldable Wheelchair Healthcare-Spoke
3. Dr Trust (USA) Manual Wheelchair Premium Dr-Trust-Portable dr-trust-wheelchairs
4. Instant Mobility Victory Standard chair Instant-Mobility vms-pneumatic-wheel
5. KosmoCare Foldable Wheelchair Elite KosmoCare-Compact
6. FASTWELL Wheelchair Premium Fastwell-Premium tr-1863-manual
7. VMS Careline Stainless Steel Wheelchair Pneumatic
VMS-Careline vms-vwe-1016
8. Karma Fighter C Foldable Wheelchair Karma-Foldable karma-fighter-c
9. KHL Dwk611 Attendant Steel Wheelchair KHL-Attendant

Buyers Guide – Wheelchair

Just consider below points while choosing a wheelchair:

Wheelchair Price

  • The price of wheelchairs varies depending on the type and the number of features it offers.
  • For self-powered chairs, the cost will be less, and for powered chairs, you need to pay more.
  • Based on the type of illness, choose the chair accordingly.


  • As we mentioned above, you can get a variety of wheelchairs.
  • You need to select the one as per your needs.
  • If the patient is active enough and wants to move both indoor and outdoor, opt for an all-terrain chair.
  • In the same way, if the patient is unable to propel the chair, then buy powered wheelchairs, it will not need much strength to control and move the wheels.

Features of a Wheelchair

Just consider below features while choosing a wheelchair.


  • Most wheelchairs come with safety options such as attendant brake and also with self-controlled breaks.
  • Brakes allow the patients to control the chairs from bumping into objects and also control the speed of the chair.


  • Wheelchairs come with comfortable and wide armrest so the patient can sit and place his/her arms comfortably on the armrest.
  • Generally, armrests can be either be desk-length or full-length.


  • Some of the wheelchairs provide comfortable and reclinable backrest.
  • It is available in a wide range of heights so you can get as per your comfort level.

Wheels and Tyres

  • You can get a wide variety of heel heights, and all these are made for the specific uses.
  • The tyres vary based on the type of surface it is meant for.

Types of Wheelchairs

Generally, there are 4 type os wheelchairs available in the market like mentioned below.


  • In this type of chair, users have to move forward and backwards manually with their hands.

Powered Wheelchairs

  • These types of wheelchairs are powered by battery or electric power.
  • Users can propel the chair using the controls available in the chair.

Paediatric Chairs

  • These are specially designed for kids.
  • Also, these can either be manual or powered chairs.

All-terrain Wheelchair

  • As the name suggests, it can be used on all types of surfaces.

How Does a Wheelchair Works?

  1. The workings of a wheelchair are quite simple, depending on the kind you get.
  2. The manual ones have simple functions, however, the electric ones have some complex features.
  3. But all are fitted with brakes to control the speed and stop with ease.

List of Top 10 Wheelchairs online in India

1. Kosmocare Foldable Wheelchair with Safety Belt & Dura Rexine Mag Wheel Regular:

If you are looking for a wheelchair with excellent safety features, then this is for you. It can be folded when not in use, thus save space. This feature also makes them more portable. You can fold and take this chair wherever you go. It suits most people because it can handle the weight of up to 100kg.

KosmoCare Foldable Wheelchair with Dura Rexine


  • Kosmocare Wheelchair is suitable for a majority of people weighing up to 100kg
  • The sturdy stainless-steel frame and simple design make this is a good option for you.
  • Highly portable with the foldable option
  • Also, this has excellent quality wheels


  • No user manual or accessories to tighten the screws

KosmoCare Wheelchair

2. Viva Healthcare Foldable Wheelchair Regular with Spoke Wheel & Self Drive:

This is from Viva Healthcare brand & it is one of the best wheelchairs for indoor usage. It comes with the most needed feature of controlling it with the break option. This chair has a fixed footrest and armrest.

The belt comes with a locking clip and a flexible option. It prevents the patient from tripping over. The overall weight of the chair is 18kg, and it can bear the burden of up to 100kg.

Viva Healthcare Foldable Wheelchair


  • Viva Healthcare Wheelchair comes with the safety belt & high armrest helps prevent falling
  • It is made of a chrome-plated steel frame that provides stability
  • Excellent wheelchair for indoor purpose
  • Break option for the person who is pushing the chair
  • Great value for money


  • Not suitable for outdoor usage

Healthcare Wheel

3. Dr Trust (USA) Manual Wheelchair Premium Quality Portable & Foldable for Pain Relief:

This is from Dr Trust brand & it helps the operator move outside with ease. The most significant benefit of this chair is that its lightweight and portable. The foldability of the chair makes it even better for porting the wheelchair without any hiccups.

Its adjustable seat helps the patients to adjust the height as per their preference. The rear wheels are 24 inches in height, so it is convenient for moving smoothly on the rough surfaces as well.

Dr Trust (USA) Manual Wheelchair Premium


  • Dr Trust Wheelchair suits many people since it can bear a weight of up to 150kg
  • The right-hand side break helps to control the wheelchair
  • It is a portable and durable chair with folding options
  • It is good for rough terrain too


  • The footrest is tight and makes you feel uncomfortable

Dr.Trust Foldabledr-trust-usa

4. Instant Mobility Victory Standard Wheelchair:

The ergonomically-designed chair comes with a firm grip and brake handles that help to control the movement of the chair by the attendant.

It has a triple layer coated chrome plate, and it is durable due to its frame, which is made of 1.2mm-thick steel. It can bear a load of up to 110kg. The rear tyres are solid with 24-inch diameter wheels.

Instant Mobility Victory Standard Wheelchair


  • Instant Mobility Wheelchair is compact in design so you can easily fold & carry it wherever you go
  • It can be self-propelled and can also be handled by an attendant
  • Robust and sturdy materials have been used to make the product more durable
  • In terms of comfort, this product is also good because of its stable & wide footrest.


  • The product does not come with any warranty


5. KosmoCare Foldable Wheelchair Elite Compact & Lightweight:

This is a lightweight but sturdy wheelchair. Also, this can be folded as well. The aluminium material used in the chair makes it more compact when folded. This can bear up to 100kg weight. Transporting this wheelchair is more comfortable because it weighs only 11kg.

KosmoCare Foldable Wheelchair Elite


  • Kosmocare Elite Wheelchair is convenient to carry wherever you go
  • It looks like a chair made for kids and lightweight people
  • Foldable design with lightweight features
  • Safety features such as handbrake, rear-wheel lock and drops back handle


  • Competitors provide the same functionality at a lesser price

KosmoCare Lightweight

6. FASTWELL Wheelchair Premium Folding with Dual Break & Seat Belt:

Unlike most dull and drab wheelchairs, this is a charming and vibrant looking red chair from FASTWELL brand. It has a modern look, and also you can fold the chair and take it with you quickly. The high-quality rubber tyres provide durability with very little need for maintenance.

FASTWELL Wheelchair Premium


  • FASTWELL Wheelchair comes with a break that your attendant can use to control the speed of the chair.
  • This has a modern and stylish look
  • Also, it is suitable for most surfaces
  • Well-equipped safety features


  • The design is good but the material used is not very sturdy

Fastwell Foldingtr wheelchair

7. VMS Careline Stainless Steel Wheelchair Pneumatic Regular with Foldable & Safety Belt:

This is yet another good looking and sturdy wheelchair. It is a self-propelled wheelchair, as a result, you don’t need anyone’s support to move as per your wish.

This is durable & lightweight, so it is easy for your caretaker to handle and carry it wherever you want to go. The footrest can flip up, so it provides easy access to and from the wheelchair.

VMS Careline Stainless Steel Wheelchair Pneumatic


  • VMS Wheelchair comes with armrest and footrest for providing the required comfort.
  • It has a compact design
  • Highly portable with folding option
  • The chrome-plated steel frame offers superior quality


  • Not easy to handle

VMS Pneumaticvms wheelchair

8. Karma Fighter C Foldable Wheelchair:

Ass the name suggests this is foldable. It is a regular wheelchair, but it is quite economical. This gives excellent long-lasting comfort because the chair is made with polyester material that looks and feels like leather. However, it is suited for indoor use only.

Karma Fighter C Foldable Wheelchair


  • Karma Foldable Wheelchair has an ample space to sit & relax for hours
  • It can handle up to 100kg weight
  • Comfortable to sit because of its leather-like material


  • Not suitable for outdoor usage

Karma Wheelchairkarma-c-manual

9. KHL Dwk611 Attendant Steel Wheelchair:

This is made with robust materials to provide an extended life for the product. It comes with a water cushion, making it more comfortable for patients to sit without experiencing pain or discomfort.

If you are looking for a small wheeled chair, then this product is tailor-made for you. The quality is also good because it is made with stainless steel and is dustproof and durable.

KHL Dwk611 Attendant Steel Wheelchair


  • KHL Wheelchair made with durable materials
  • Provides more comfort because it comes with a water cushion
  • Foldable and more portable because of small wheels


  • No user manual
  • Hard to fold

KHL Wheelchair

10. KARMA HEALTH CARE Aurora 5 Wheelchair:

If you are bored with your dull wheelchair, then you have to check out this KARMA Aurora 5 chair. Not only does it look good, but it is also quite comfortable.

Overall, it is a quality foldable product and the best thing is it is quite reasonably-priced. The wheels are also smaller in size, so it is easy to carry wherever you travel.

KARMA HEALTH CARE Aurora 5 Wheelchair


  • Karma Healthcare Wheelchair has small wheels and compact design
  • It comes with an attendant’s brake and also flip-up footrest.
  • This chair looks stylish
  • Also, it is foldable and easy to carry


  • Because of smaller wheels, it is not suitable for all surfaces



Hope the above list of wheelchairs and its Pros & Cons helps you decide the best one for your requirements.


What are the best wheelchairs?

All-terrain wheelchairs are best since you can use them in all conditions.

What is the size of a wheelchair?

The size of the wheelchairs is not uniform. It is made for different kinds of people, and hence the size varies.

What is wheelchair price ranges?

Again, the price depends on brands and features. You can get it from Rs 5000to over Rs 2,00,000.

What is the best lightweight wheelchair?

KosmoCare Elite Compact Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair is highly recommended.

Can a wheel chair fit through a 30-inch door?

Yes, you can find chairs that can go through 30-inch doors.

How do I know what size wheel chair to buy?

Measure the hip size of the patient and add two-inch and select the chair.

Where can I purchase a wheelchair?

You can buy these in stores as well as online.

Are all wheelchairs foldable?

No, but most of them are.

How heavy is a wheelchair?

It depends on the type of chair. The manual and kid’s chair weigh less and powered ones will weigh more.