Best Wall Stickers in India-Buyers Guide

Wall stickers are the best way to decorate the interiors and walls. These wall decals have a long life. Also, these protect the walls from scaling. So, you can use these economical vinyl stickers that add to the beauty of a home’s decor. There is no need to renovate and paint walls every year. Thus, you can save on remodelling costs. Most of these are easy to apply on all kinds of surfaces. You can paste these on tiles and other smooth surfaces. These are best for bedrooms, living rooms, kid’s rooms, and dining halls. All have attractive color schemes and layouts.

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Top 10 Best Wall Stickers in India

List of Wall Stickers

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1. Decals Design Wall Stickers Decals-Design-Birds-Cages
2. Amazon Brand Solimo Amazon Brand Solimo
3. Wolpin Wall Stickers Wolpin Wall Stickers
4. Wall1ders Hexagon 3D Wall1ders Hexagon 3D
6. Angel Bear Black Board Angel Bear Black Board
7. Dreamkraft Galaxy Dreamkraft Galaxy
8. Rawpockets Decals Rawpockets Decals
9. Atulya Arts Atulya Arts
10. Wallstick Abdul Kalam Wallstick Abdul Kalam

Features of Wall Stickers

  • The wall stickers come in ideal sizes for pasting on walls or other surfaces.
  • Also, the wall decals come in a variety of eye-catching designs and pictures.
  • There are many with iconic images and color schemes to enhance the wall decorations.
  • These stickers protect the walls from all kinds of damages.
  • Plus, you can paste these in any room. Some use acrylic materials, and some have PVC vinyl coverings.
  • There are also removable, and reusable wall tops.
  • You can use glowing stickers for the walls of children’s rooms.
  • These are easy to paste and best for DIY projects.

Types of Wall Stickers

  • There are PVC vinyl wall decals, and there are acrylic silver wall stickers.
  • These come in various color schemes and patterns.
  • Also, there are detachable and reusable decals.
  • Most of the wall coverings are waterproof and use durable PVC materials.
  • You can paste these with ease. Some of the wall coverings have glowing patterns for kid’s rooms.
  • There are also blackboard stickers for the walls.
  • Thus, you can these for the classrooms.
  • Writing with chalk and erasing it is convenient.
  • Some of these have plastic layers to protect them from scratches.
  • Plus, there are decorative patterns to magnify the appeal of a room.

Buyers Guide for Wall Stickers

  • There are many wall stickers available online.
  • Also, these come in unlimited color schemes, layouts, patterns, and decorations.
  • Therefore, you can use the top ten list for the prime recommendations.
  • It also depends on the room’s interior.
  • So, you can select the wall decals that improve the look of that room.
  • There are pictures, comics, birds, nature scenery, and other designs available for these stickers.
  • Some of these focus on glowing images for kids.
  • Therefore, you can use these for the kid’s rooms.
  • If you want a demountable and reusable one, it is also available.

How to use Wall Stickers?

  • Most of the wall stickers are easy to use and paste on the walls.
  • These wall decals come with self-adhesive compounds.
  • Plus, cutting them and resizing them is easy.
  • You can use a cutter and a scale to get straight line cuts.
  • Also, you will need a measuring tape.
  • So, you can measure the spaces where you want to paste it.
  • Selecting the correct color scheme is vital for improving the decor of a house.
  • Therefore, you can choose images or designs that intensify the decorations.
  • There are also detachable stickers for the walls.
  • If you like to remodel, these can be the best option.

List of Top 10 Best Wall Stickers in India-Buyers Guide

1. Decals Design Wall Stickers

Decals Design stickers have a unique tree with birds and a cages design. Also, it is easy to paste because of the PVC vinyl layers.

Decals Design Wall Stickers


  • There are attractive birds with trees design.
  • It is a PVC vinyl wallpaper.
  • The color is brown.


  • It comes in a standard size.
  • There is one sheet.


2. Amazon Brand Solimo

There is eye-catching natural landscape scenery for these wall decals from Amazon Brand. It is usable on all smooth surfaces. Also, it is a PVC material paper.

Amazon Brand Solimo


  • There are PVC materials.
  • Amazon recommends it.
  • It has a self-adhesive layer.


  • You have to paste it on the walls.
  • The sheet comes in 100cm x 140cm sizes.


3. Wolpin Wall Stickers

These are self-adhesive PVC material wallpapers. Also, it comes in modern patterns and styles. The layers are waterproof, heatproof, and easy to clean.

Wolpin Wall Stickers


  • It is waterproof.
  • The wallpaper is easy to clean.
  • There are attractive and modern designs.


  • It will stick on smooth surfaces only.
  • You cannot paste it on moist walls.


4. Wall1ders Hexagon 3D

These wall decals come in a unique hexagon shape for a 3D decoration. The wall stickers use acrylic silver materials.

Wall1ders Hexagon 3D


  • There are premium quality acrylic wallpapers.
  • It has a modern style.
  • You can paste it with comfort.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • The stickers require dust-free surfaces.



JAAMSO ROYALS sticker is a multicolor and 3D wallpaper. There are beautiful butterflies for an attractive design.



  • There are colorful butterflies.
  • You can detach it for reuse.
  • The material is waterproof and durable.


  • It is not a full sheet but pieces of butterfly shapes.
  • You have to paste it.


6. Angel Bear Black Board

Angel Bear BlackBoard is a chalkboard wallpaper for rooms and classrooms. You can use an ink pen or chalks to write and clean with a damp cloth.

Angel Bear Black Board


  • It is chalkboard paper.
  • You can wipe of writings using a wet fabric.
  • It is easy to paste.


  • These wall stickers are best for classrooms.
  • The price is high.


7. Dreamkraft Galaxy

These wall decals are shapes of glowing stars and a moon for kid’s rooms. It is self-adhesive and glows in the dark.

Dreamkraft Galaxy


  • It is best for kid’s rooms.
  • The shapes shimmer in the night.
  • You can remove it with ease.


  • It comes in stars and moon shapes.
  • The sticker is for kids.


8. Rawpockets Decals

There is a picture of Buddha with motivational wordings. Also, it comes in a large size.

Rawpockets Decals


  • There is an image of Buddha.
  • The wallpaper has a large extent.
  • There are PVC vinyl materials.


  • It is not easy to remove.
  • The size is 95cm x 110cm.


9. Atulya Arts

These wall decals come in 100 small pieces for decorating the rooms. The stickers have a 3cm size and showcase a 3D design. Also, its surface has a mirror reflection. There is a plastic material.

Atulya Arts


  • It has a mirror reflection.
  • There are 3D plastic stickers for decorating walls.
  • The sticker comes in many colors.


  • It is not a full-size wall covering.
  • You have to paste it.


10. Wallstick Abdul Kalam

The wallpaper showcases Abdul Kalam and his quotation for the dream. It is a vinyl material wall covering. The sticker manufactures in India. Plus, you can paste it with ease. Also, it is easy to remove.

Wallstick Abdul Kalam


  • There is an iconic picture with a quote.
  • The material is vinyl.
  • It is removable.
  • You can stick it with ease.


  • The design is not fit for all kinds of interiors.
  • You can paste it on smooth surfaces.



There are many designs and color schemes for the wall stickers. Also, there are many shapes and decorations for the wall decals. Therefore, you can refer to the top ten list for the best wallpapers available online. Some of these come in butterfly shapes. There are also stars and moon stickers that can glow in the dark. Kids love glowing objects on their bedroom walls. Plus, the chalkboard wall decals are best for use in the classrooms or study rooms. You can use chalks and pens to write on these.


Are Wall Stickers easy to apply?

Most of the wall decals come in self-adhesive layers. Therefore, it is easy to paste these. Also, you can use glue to paste these on the walls.

What is the price of the wall stickers?

The price is between 200 INR to 1,000 INR.

Are Wall decals permanent?

There are removable and reusable wall stickers. Also, the PVC vinyl and acrylic wallpapers are easy to remove. However, you can confirm before buying if these will stick permanently.