Best Wall Hangings in India-Buyers Guide

Wall hanging is a large piece of material, fabric, or sewing that is hung on a wall for decoration. In other words, it is a tool that helps to add beauty and elegance to the walls of your home. Wall hanging allows a person to decorate their home on a low budget and give their home a feeling alive. Moreover, it can be useful as a source of light too as some wall hangings have lights and some glow in the darkness.

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Top 10 Selected Best Wall Hangings in India-Buyers Guide

List of Wall Hangings

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1. Urooz Macrame Wall Hanging Urooz Macrame Wall Hanging
2. ILU dream catcher with lights Ilu dream catcher with lights
3. Okayji store wall hanging Okayji store wall hanging
4. Tied Ribbons Store Hand Decor Tied Ribbons Store Hand Decor
5. Kuber Industries Wall Hanging Magazine Kuber Industries Wall Hanging Magazine
6. Collectible India Wall Hanging Store Collectible India Wall Hanging Store
7. Tied Ribbons Wall Hanging Tied Ribbons Wall Hanging
8. Rag28 Wooden Wall Hanging Rag28 Wooden Wall Hanging
9. Sehaz Artworks Wall Hanging Sehaz Artworks Wall Hanging
10. CraftVatika Wall Hanging CraftVatika Wall Hanging

Features of Wall Hangings

  • One feature of the wall hanging is it can fill the empty spaces of your wall in a stylish way.
  • The other main characteristic of the wall hanging is it comes in all sizes and shapes, because of availability in all sizes it allows everyone to decorate their home according to the space they have.
  • The main impact of the wall hanging is that you can choose the design, color which best shows your personality and taste.

Types of Wall Hangings

There are many different types of wall hangings.

  • Some of the most common are wall art, tapestries, and mirrors.
  • Wall art is a type of decoration ranging from canvases to framed prints to other artistic embellishments that hang on a wall.
  • Tapestries are wall hangings that are made of woven material, it adds a pop of color and pattern, as well as a sense of softness to a neutral space.

How to use Wall Hangings?

  • Firstly, the easiest way to hang wall hanging is by nails or push pins.
  • It is most suitable for many people as it doesn’t need them to do a hole in their walls and it also fits well in the wall.
  • Secondly, one can use a wall adhesive which is also a great option.
  • There are many wall adhesives available, including velcro strips, sticky strips, or adhesive clips—simply choose the one you like the look of best, stick them to your wall, and then attach the tapestry.
  • Thirdly, if you do not have an issue with drilling holes into your wall then it is a better way to go, as it allows hanging to be fitted more smoothly.

Buyer’s guide for Wall Hangings

  • One thing you should consider before buying is the size of wall hanging you should order as it will vary to the space your wall has.
  • You should also make sure what type of person you are, a nature, a tourist, or creative so that you can order the type you love.
  • If you like fabric you should go for tapestry, and if you like pictures you should go for the frame.
  • The most important thing to consider is the color you choose for wall hanging, it should match the color of your walls to enhance the beauty of your house.

List of Top 10 Best Wall Hangings in India-Buyers Guide

 1. Urooz Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

Wall decor for bedroom, drawing room with wood hanging shelf organizer. To locate mundane and or any item.

Urooz Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf


  • Comes with a wooden shelf organizer to place a showpiece and decorate your home.
  • Handmade woven cotton rope.
  • It is an eco-friendly product.


  • Not good for people who want colors in their lives as it is colorless.
  • Size is small, not good for big space.


2. Ilu dream catcher with lights

Wall hanging with lights, blue feathers, threads, and beads. Best to glow house with charming lights. Designed for beautiful people who want their house to glow in the darkness.

Ilu dream catcher with lights


  • This Dreamcatcher glows in the Dark and it comes with copper wire LED fairy lights with 2 free CR2032 batteries
  • It is perfect for a bedroom, balcony, cafe, garden.


  • Only available in blue color.
  • Batteries can be dead and need to be recharged.


3. Okayji store wall hanging

Crystal Owl Eyes Evil Wall Hanging in blue color for home and offices, specially designed by artists for bird lovers.

Okayji store wall hanging


  • It is possible to use both indoors and outdoors and its beauty will not have an impact.
  • These beaded car charms come with a rope that can be easily hung on the rearview car mirror.
  • This mirror hanging is decorated with a blue evil eye amulet which gives you the strength to eradicate all evil energies in the universe.


  • The design is quite old.
  • Not everyone likes birds and believes in their supremacy so it isn’t admired by everyone.
  • The main beauty is Crystal, which is not liked by everyone.


4. Tied Ribbons Store Hand Decor

Hand Painted & handmade decorative hanging Parrot for home decoration. Exceptionally designed for Parrot lovers.

Tied Ribbons Store Hand Decor


  • The sculpture is hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high-quality designer resin.
  • It comes with a polished iron hanger and a Parrot fit in the slot.


  • Is quite expensive, not affordable by everyone most likely for the upper class.
  • The main beauty is the Parrot which isn’t everyone’s choice.


5. Kuber Industries Wall Hanging Magazine

Cotton 2-piece wall hanging magazine with letter holder in Cream and Maroon color. So, you have a good place for your letters, cards, and notes.

Kuber Industries Wall Hanging Magazine


  • Have two pieces of the wall hanging.
  • Good to store tarot cards.
  • Have deep pockets to store your daily accessories.


  • Quite simple art not so good looking.
  • It has pockets that are good for keeping things but will not enhance the beauty of your house due to its low design.


6. Collectible India Wall Hanging Store

The Metal tree of life wall hanging decor for living room bedroom, handmade Golden wall hanging art decor sculpture Birds sitting on branches.

Collectible India Wall Hanging Store


  • It is constructed from metal which makes it strong and durable.
  • Birds sitting on tree branches complement a nature-inspired decor.
  • Classic work of craftsmanship.


  • Price is very high and the product is for upper-class families.
  • Can get rusty due to the metal.


7. Tied Ribbons Wall Hanging

Wood shelf with metal lantern candle holder for home bedroom, balcony decoration. Forgiving your home the finest look.

Tied Ribbons Wall Hanging


  • The cup holder has a precise size for standard tea lights.
  • Lanterns come with a meticulously polished wooden base for convenient hanging.
  • Portable to carry.


  • Design is basically old-fashioned and will not be a great choice for everyone.
  • Lanterns will get rusty with time.


8. Rag28 Wooden Wall Hanging

Vintage designer wooden wall hangings home decor is now available in multicolor. To provide finishing to your wall.

Rag28 Wooden Wall Hanging


  • Options of multicolor, great for people who want color in their lives.
  • Good quality digital print on frame
  • Easy to hang and portable to carry.


  • Size is a little long and cannot be a great option for everyone.
  • Text choices are limited.


9. Sehaz Artworks Wall Hanging

Wooden wall hanging with Zardozi string to be hung easily at your walls. Good for those who like wooden stuff.

Sehaz Artworks Wall Hanging


  • Comes with Laminated engineered wood.
  • Easy to install
  • Good quality on a low budget.


  • Design is outdated so if you don’t like old things, it is not for you.
  • Size restriction so cannot be hanged everywhere.


10. CraftVatika Wall Hanging

Metal iron painted round boat wall art sculpture hanging for Decor. Good for giving a gift because of its present time design.

CraftVatika Wall Hanging


  • It comes in multicolor so you get color choice.
  • Modern-day designed
  • Made of metal so easy to clean.


  • The danger of getting rusty
  • You can only get in one size



Good quality and design will enhance your wall look and will increase the beauty of your home and office. While shopping for good designs of wall hanging, you will find the info in this guide highly useful.


How can I decorate my room walls?

One that matches your personality, fits the wall, adds beauty, and taste, to your house.

What should I put on my bedroom wall?

One that will give a brighter look to your room and will give you a feeling of peace and love.

What is the price of the wall hangings?

Wall hanging price range varies from 250 to 1000 rupees, depending on quality, design, and size.