Best Wall Bracket in India-Buyers Guide

The wall bracket is a useful thing to buy for your homes or offices. There are so many things for which you can use these wall brackets. If your house is small, you can make a temporary study table, or ironing table with it and fold it when not in use. You can make extra storage space when required.

You also can hang many decorative things on it, make it a bookshelf, and so on. So what is stopping you to buy this useful thing? If it is complicated for you to make the decision of buying this then read the full article. You will gain enough knowledge about a wall bracket and you will make your mind about buying it. Also check the buyer’s guide for the best bookshelf, wall shelf, Pooja Mandir & chest of drawers in India.

Top 10 Best Wall Brackets in India-Buyers Guide

List of Wall Brackets

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1. Compal Folding Shelf Table Brackets Compal Folding Shelf Table Brackets
2. Sharpex Metal Brackets  Sharpex Metal Brackets
3. Caprigo Wall Mount Bracket Caprigo Wall Mount Bracket
4. Volo Premium Heavy Duty fold Down Rack Volo Premium Heavy Duty fold Down Rack
5. Simran Handicrafts Metal Wall Bracket Craftree-Bracket-Planters
6. TRUPHE Metal Hanging Hooks TRUPHE Metal Hanging Hooks
7. Wood Art Store Wall Bracket Wood Art Store Wall Bracket
8. Casa Decor Golden Wall Bracket Casa Decor Golden Wall Bracket
9. Retailmonk Wall Bracket Retailmonk Wall Bracket
10. CASADECOR Wall Bracket Hang CASADECOR Wall Bracket

Features of Wall Bracket

  • The wall brackets are usually metallic to hold heavy weights.
  • They can be of different shapes and types. Some are used to make shelves while some are for hanging decorative items.
  • They have holes for screws and you have to assemble them by drilling their screws in the wall.
  • Some wall brackets are rotatable, some are foldable and you can change their angles too.
  • They are strong enough to hold heavy weights but sometimes more wall brackets are used to make a wall-mounted rack.

Types of Wall Brackets

Shelving brackets

  • These brackets are used to make shelves in the rooms.
  • They are strong and sturdy to hold heavy items.
  • You have to place a wooden, glass, or plywood board to make a shelf.
  • They have further types including angle shelf brackets, lip shelf brackets, heavy-duty hidden shelf brackets, etc.

Countertop bracket

  • These are also heavy brackets having the capability to hold marble, granite, or quartz countertops.

Hanging brackets

  • These are decorative and stylish brackets on which you can hang decorative material such as flower baskets etc.

Buyers Guide for Wall Bracket

  • First of all, know your need of buying a wall bracket and then take according to that.
  • Check the material and its sturdiness.
  • Its finishing is also an important thing to check.
  • Check its dimensions whether it is meeting your needs or not.
  • Its weight holding capacity is also an important factor to check.
  • Check the prices on different sites and then buy the wall bracket.

How to use Wall Bracket?

  • You can use wall brackets for hanging different kinds of things.
  • First of all, when you get the bracket, install it on the wall by drilling the screws.
  • Once installed, it is ready to use.
  • It is a rack bracket then place a wooden board on it and place books, toys, decoration pieces, kitchen stuff, or anything you want.
  • If it is a hanging bracket then it must have some hooks to hang the stuff.
  • You can install these anywhere, in the porch, living area, garden, room, or gallery.

List of Top 10 Best Wall Brackets in India-Buyers Guide

1. Compal Folding Shelf Table Brackets

Compal folding shelf table bracket is a set of 2 silver color brackets for homes and offices. These are 20 inches foldable table brackets that are made up of powder-coated, heavy-duty brackets. These brackets are helpful in making a collapsible table for you.

Compal Folding Shelf Table Brackets


  • The stands are very strong and can hold up to 45kg weight.
  • Its installation accessories are available in the package.


  • Some customers claimed that the brackets are shaky.


2. Sharpex Wall Mounted Metal Bracket for Hanging Pots

Sharpex Bracket is a set of 4 wall brackets available in black color. You can hang planters, bird’s water and feed baskets, flower basket, and much more. A good quality, heavy, and rust-resistance metal is used in the construction of these wall-mounted brackets. They have a very good design and neat finishing so you can use them for indoor decoration too.

Sharpex Wall Mounted Metal Bracket for Hanging Pots


  • This set of wall bracket prices is very reasonable.
  • These hangers can bear rain and sunlight because they are powder-coated.
  • The hangers are rigid and strong.


  • A few customers are not happy with its quality.
  • The screws in the package must be checked before delivery.


3. Caprigo Super Heavy Duty Wall Mount Bracket

This is a TV bracket suitable to hang 23 to 42 inches LCD or LED. It is a rotatable wall hanger having tilt and swivel adjustments. This wall-mounted bracket is heavy-duty made from a very strong gauge steel alloy material.  It comes 14 inches apart from the wall after extension. The hanger can hold about 20kg weight.

Caprigo Super Heavy Duty Wall Mount Bracket


  • The quality and sturdiness are on the point.
  • Its installation is very easy.


  • Its tilt angle must be improved.


4. Volo Premium Heavy Duty fold Down Rack

It is a set of 2, 8 inches foldable table brackets for multiple uses. It is a beneficial thing for a small space to make a wall-mounted work table and fold it after that. These brackets are stainless and rust-resistant and very easy to install. You can use it to make a working bench, ironing table, study desk, for laundry room, and much.

Volo Premium Heavy Duty fold Down Rack


  • Its folding and unfolding process is very smooth and easy.
  • Its quality, finishing, and weight carrying capacity are great.


  • This wall bracket price is slightly higher.


5. Simran Handicrafts Metal Wall Bracket

It is another decorative wall bracket that you can buy to hang different items. This is a metal-made, powder-coated, black color bracket that can hold up to 10 kg weight. You will buy 2 brackets of 14*9*1 inches dimensions at a reasonable wall bracket price.

Simran Handicrafts Metal Wall Bracket


  • These are strong metallic brackets.
  • You can hang so many decorative items on these.


  • A few customers didn’t get screws with the brackets.
  • Some customers are not satisfied with the seller’s services.


6. TRUPHE Metal Hanging Hooks

It is a set of 4 plant hangers, each with 2 hooks. Each hanger can hold up to 7kg weight. You can hang different items including plants pots, artificial flower baskets, bird feeders, lanterns, wind chimes, and more. These are strong iron hooks having a smooth and black finishing. Their design is very good and attractive to use indoors.

TRUPHE Metal Hanging Hooks


  • The finishing of the hangers is very good.
  • These are very good to hang in gardens too as they can tolerate rain and sunlight.


  • The hangers are long so you cannot place them near doors etc. Because they can hit your head.


7. Wood Art Store Wall Bracket

It is another set of 2 plant hangers for your home. They are powder-coated, black color, metallic wall brackets having the dimensions 14*9*1 inch. These are strong hangers of 700grams weight that can hold up to 10kg weight.

Wood Art Store Wall Bracket


  • The hooks are so strong that you can make a rack by putting a wooden slab on them.
  • Their size is also good.


  • The screws are not included in the package.
  • Some customers found them thin.


8. Casa Decor Golden Wall Bracket

These are beautiful, golden color, decorative wall brackets for your home. It is a set of 2 metallic, luxurious look brackets inspired by an eclectic look. You can use them as floating bookshelves, kitchen shelves, garden shelves, and much more. These are strong brackets can hold up to 20kg weight.

Casa Decor Golden Wall Bracket


  • The size of the brackets is perfect for multiple uses.
  • The quality of wrought iron is very good.


  • The package doesn’t contain screws.


9. Retailmonk Wall Bracket

It is a pack of 6, “L” shaped wall brackets made up of iron. You can create useful and extended storage space by using these wall hangers. The dimensions of each hanger are 6*4*1 inches with 3mm thickness. These are made up of heavy-duty material that can hold up to 15kg weight. You also can make decoration racks by using these brackets.

Retailmonk Wall Bracket


  • Different sizes of screws are available to assemble the hangers.
  • They are powder-coated to make them durable.


  • They are not very strong to carry heavyweight.


10. CASADECOR Wall Bracket Hang

It is a beautiful, golden color vintage wall bracket for decoration. The dimensions of the bracket are 7*7.5 inches. You can use it indoors for hanging plants pots, flowers basket, holiday’s decorations, etc. the package comes with all the necessary accessories.

CASADECOR Wall Bracket Hang


  • You can hang up to 20kg weight decorative items.
  • It is a beautiful piece that will look attractive.
  • These are sturdy brackets with an awesome holding capacity


  • It is an expensive product.



Why are you thinking so much to buy such a useful and attractive product for your home? You will not regret it if you choose a product from our compiled list. Go and select the most suitable wall bracket for you.


What is the use of a wall bracket?

Wall brackets are multiple uses of hangers that you can use for hanging different things including decorative things. You can make racks, foldable study tables, bookshelves, and much more.

How much weight can a wall bracket hold?

It depends on the material, size, and strength. Small light brackets can hold up to 6kg weight while racks brackets can hold up to 20kg weight.

Which is the best wall bracket?

It depends on your needs and demands. Check the list above and see which one clicks your mind as the best and buy it.