Best Quality Volleyball Net in India-Buyers Guide

Volleyball is widely played all around the world. It is one of the most common games both indoor and outdoor. Volleyball is played between two teams; each team consists of six players. The basic things needed to play volleyball are volleyball, volleyball shoes, sleeve and knee pads, volleyball court, volleyball net, and poles. All of these things play a role in ensuring the safety of players.

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Top 10 Best Volleyball Nets in India-Buyers Guide

List of Volleyball Nets

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1. Raisco Volleyball Nets Raisco Volleyball Net
2. WILLAGE Volleyball Nets WILLAGE Volleyball Net
3. Netco Power Volleyball Nets Netco Power Volleyball Net
4. Gee Volleyball Nets Gee Volleyball Net
5. Nivia Nylon Nets Nivia Nylon Net
6. Spartan Top Volleyball Nets Spartan Top Volleyball Net
7. Dixon Volleyball Nets Dixon Volleyball Net
8. GYRONAX Classic Volleyball Nets GYRONAX Classic Volleyball Net
9. MPRT Volleyball Nets MPRT Volleyball Net
10. AMZ Sports Volleyball Nets AMZ Sports Volleyball Net

Features of Volleyball Net

  • The purpose of the volleyball net is to separate the players of the individual teams from colliding with one another.
  • The volleyball nets divide the court into two halves.
  • The central height of volleyball nets is different for both men’s and women’s play.
  • The men’s net is regulated at an average height of 7’ 11.69” (2.43 m), while the average height for women’s volleyball net is 7’ 4.35” (2.24 m).
  • The material used for volleyball nets is usually polypropylene or nylon.
  • The mesh size of the volleyball nets is mostly 10 cm, so it prevents large objects to move from one side of the court to the other.
  • However, the mesh size is large enough to avoid complete blockage of view.

Types of Volleyball Nets

Volleyball net systems are of two basic types: Institutional indoor regulation systems and recreational home systems. The volleyball net systems can either be permanent, portable, or semi-permanent. All three types have their advantages and disadvantages.


  • The purpose of permanent volleyball net systems is to keep them at the place where they are installed.
  • The advantages of a permanent volleyball system are stability and durability.
  • For volleyball leagues and clubs, permanent net systems are preferred.
  • Because they can bear the wear and tear of the competition.
  • However, installing a permanent volleyball net system requires some planning and time and can be expensive.


  • Portable net systems allow mobility.
  • Moreover, they are easy to install and uninstall.
  • You can install it anywhere anytime when you want to play and take it down when the game is over.
  • In addition, they cost less than the permanent net systems.
  • A portable recreation volleyball system is a good option for casual games on the lawn or beach.
  • The main trade-off is they are not as stable ad may tear off quickly.

Buyers Guide for Volleyball Net

Before buying a volleyball net system, decide if you want to buy a portable net system or a permanent net system.

  • The next thing to consider is the size of the net.
  • Most people choose a regulation size net.
  • However, for families with small children, a lower height net is more suitable.
  • In the case of portable net systems, look for nets that are lighter in weight.
  • Thus it will be easy for you to move the volleyball net system from one place to other.
  • The material and design of the net system contribute to the weight of the net.
  • Another thing to consider is the ease of installing or uninstalling the net system.
  • It is applicable for portable volleyball net systems.
  • Some net systems are easy to use; pop them up, and it is good to go.
  • However, others are a little more complicated.

How to Use Volleyball Net?

  • For setting up a volleyball net system indoors, first, remove the plate covers according to the location of holes. Make sure that the holes are free of any dirt or other impurities.
  • Now is the time to insert the poles in an upright position. Place the poles firmly into the sockets.
  • Now adjust the height of the poles according to your desire.
  • Unroll the net and remove any tangles or twists and stretch the net between the poles.
  • Then look for the pole hooks and tie the net rope to the pool hooks.
  • Remember to always secure the top of the net first and then the bottom.
  • Tighten and secure the net by turning the winch leader strap clockwise. Make sure that the straps of the net are all tight, secure, and lie parallel with the ground.
  • However, if you are using portable or mobile net systems, you will skip the first two steps. And will roll those into position at the place of the posts.

List of Top 10 Best Volleyball Nets in India-Buyers Guide

1. Raisco Volleyball Nets

This volleyball net is made up of nylon. Which is considered a strong material for the volleyball net. Moreover, the size is of the net is according to the standard size.

Raisco Volleyball Net


  • Cost-effective
  • Strong and durable
  • Available in white and blue color


  • It starts to wear out in two to three words
  • Some users complain that it is very much prone to knots

Raisco Volleyball Net

2. WILLAGE Volleyball Nets

The willage volleyball net is made of thick and heavy-duty nylon. The material of the net is highly durable and strong. The net is suitable for long tournaments and is long-lasting.

WILLAGE Volleyball Net


  • The material of the net is weather-resistant
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor matches
  • Portable


  • A little more expensive than other nets
  • Some users do not find the quality of the net according to the price

WILLAGE Volleyball Net

3. Netco Power Volleyball Nets 

This volleyball net comes in different fun colors and adds to the beauty of the playing area. In addition, the net material is durable and strong. It is available in the standard size and can be used for home and tournament matches.

Netco Power Volleyball Net 


  • Available in standard size
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Comes in a beautifully designed packaging


  • Some users may not find the quality very high
  • The net can get tangles and knots

Netco Power Volleyball Net 

4. Gee Volleyball Nets

This portable net is cost-effective. The size of the net is according to the standard size. The nylon used in the net is of good quality and comes in a combination of white and black.

Gee Volleyball Net


  • Cost-effective
  • Good quality net
  • Suitable for both practice and tournament matches


  • Some users complain that the net is not long-lasting
  • The net is quite heavy


5. Nivia Nylon Net 

The Nivia volleyball net is made up of synthetic nylon. It comes in the standard size with a height of 10 meters. It is durable and long-lasting.

Nivia Nylon Net 


  • Flexible and durable
  • Strong and weather-resistant
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor


  • The net is expensive
  • Requires care to keep knots away


6. Spartan Top Volleyball Nets   

The Spartan volleyball net comes in beautiful black color. This net is affordable and is made up of top-quality nylon. Due to this, it is durable and strong.

Spartan Top Volleyball Net   


  • Lightweight, hence easy to install and uninstall
  • Portable
  • High-quality material


  • The net gets knots easily
  • Those who prefer the white net may not like this product


7. Dixon Volleyball Nets

This net comes in black color and is made by a combination of nylon and tetron. The price is also affordable.

Dixon Volleyball Net


  • The net comes in standard size
  • Lightweight
  • portable


  • The mesh size is a little larger than the average
  • The net is not very strong


8. GYRONAX Classic Volleyball Nets

The Gyronax net is suitable to use both indoors and outdoors. The net is suitable for home and tournament matches.

GYRONAX Classic Volleyball Net


  • The net is water-resistant
  • Hand sewn net offers more bounce
  • portable


  • The net starts to wear off after a short time
  • The size is not standard


9. MPRT Volleyball Nets

This net comes in the standard size. It is suitable for practice matches as well as tournaments. The nylon net is durable and strong.

MPRT Volleyball Net


  • Durable and elastic
  • Portable
  • lightweight


  • Some users do not like the quality
  • The net is not very strong


10. AMZ Sports Volleyball Nets 

The AMZ net is available in standard size. The net is made up of polyethylene. The product is heavy-duty and suitable for home games and matches.

AMZ Sports Volleyball Net 


  • Heavy-duty
  • Affordable
  • The product is worth the money


  • Some consumers complain about the quality of the product
  • The net is not long-lasting



Whether you are a regular volleyball player or planning to learn volleyball, you need a volleyball net. For buying a volleyball net, you will find the above guide helpful.


Which net is best for volleyball? 

Depending upon the need, different volleyball nets can be used. Above is a list of some of the best and most affordable volleyball nets available in India.

How much is a volleyball net? 

The price of a volleyball net ranges from ₹200 to ₹2500.

What is volleyball net height?

The height of the volleyball net varies from lower to higher, depending upon the gender, age group, and skill level.