Best Video Doorbell for Home in India-Buyers Guide

Technology is taking our home’s safety to a whole another level with video doorbells. These devices can help you secure your home, while also providing you with a complete set of features. You can use a video doorbell as an intercom, or you can pair it with your smartphone or other intelligent devices. This way, you will never have to worry about strangers passing through your door without notice.

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Top 10 Best Video Doorbells in India-Buyers Guide

List of Video Doorbells Check at Amazon
1. Customizable Video Doorbell from Ring Customizable Video Doorbell from Ring
2. Amcrest Weatherproof Video Doorbell Amcrest Weatherproof Video Doorbell
3. The Smart Video Doorbell from Qubo The Smart Video Doorbell from Qubo
4. Arlo Store’s no hub needed video doorbell Arlo Store’s no hub needed video doorbell
5. AMOCAM video doorbell AMOCAM video doorbell
6. EZVIZ Smart Video Doorbell EZVIZ Smart Video Doorbell
7. Hikvision Video Doorbell Hikvision Video Doorbell
8. Godrej Video Door Phone Godrej Video Door Phone
9. Okos Home Security Camera Okos Home Security Camera
10. Abodetek Video Doorbell Abodetek Video Doorbell

Features of Video Doorbell

  • Let’s look at the features the video doorbells have to offer! First, you will need to pay attention to the camera it comes with and to make sure that the doorbell has a high-definition capacity so that you don’t miss out on any details from outside.
  • One other aspect to have in mind when buying a video doorbell is the fact that it needs to be compatible with your smartphone and it will send you alerts in real-time when someone is ringing the door.

Types of Video Doorbells

  • The video doorbell can vary, from a simple device that allows you to see who’s ringing at your door, to an integrated part of your house’s security system.
  • There are lots of types of video doorbells. You can have a doorbell that can act as an intercom.
  • Or, maybe you need this device to become an integrated part of your house’s security system by using its intruder alarm.

How to use Video Doorbell for Home for Security?

  • Once purchasing a video doorbell, you will need to install the device at your front door.
  • You will need to read carefully the user’s manual for an easy set-up.
  • Then, a very important step is downloading and installing the video doorbell’s compatible app on your smartphone and connecting the device to your WiFi network.
  • After following these steps, make the most out of your new purchase by trying out all the features it has to offer and feel safer in your own home.

Buyer’s Guide for Video Doorbells

  • So, you decided to buy a video doorbell? Excellent! Now you need to take the following aspects into consideration.
  • First of all, there are your needs and expectations from your doorbell.
  • Make sure to define clearly if you need a simple, but smarter, doorbell, or a security system.
  • One other thing to check is, of course, the price.
  • The video doorbell’s price can vary and it’s proportional to the features it provides.

List of Top 10 Best Video Doorbells in India-Buyers Guide

1. Customizable Video Doorbell from Ring

With this video doorbell from Ring, you can see and speak to your visitors from everywhere. It also pairs with Alexa.

Customizable Video Doorbell from Ring


  • It has a high-definition camera;
  • You can find out who is at your door, and speak to your visitors, even when you are not at home;
  • It has an accurate motion detector.


  • You will need to pay 306 Rs every month for a subscription in order to access all its features;
  • Doesn’t work great in cold weather, as low-temperature damages the batteries.


2. Amcrest Weatherproof Video Doorbell

Amcrest meets its customers’ needs by coming up with this wireless video doorbell. The device also comes with a wide-angle camera.

Amcrest Weatherproof Video Doorbell


  • The tools you need to install the product are all included in its package;
  • You can set up the motion sensor to only work in a certain area, making it easy to avoid false alerts;
  • As it has a memory card included, you don’t need to purchase cloud space in order to keep your recordings;


  • You cannot change the IP address of the camera;
  • Doesn’t work well with night vision as it keeps disconnecting from the network.


3. The Smart Video Doorbell from Qubo

This video doorbell from Qubo offers a variety of features. One key aspect to consider is the fact that this doorbell comes with an intruder alert system.

The Smart Video Doorbell from Qubo


  • The price is lower than for the first two doorbells presented above;
  • Qubo offers a cloud service exclusively for India, so your data will stay in the country;
  • It’s easily installed, with no extra wires.


  • You cannot use a micro-SD card for it, so you need to store your data in the cloud;
  • There is a subscription fee of 1200 Rs annually.


4. Arlo Store’s no hub needed video doorbell

One special feature of this device is the fact that it comes with a rechargeable, long-lasting batteries. This being said, you won’t need wires in order to install it.

Arlo Store’s no hub needed video doorbell


  • The set-up is easy;
  • Image quality and definition are excellent;
  • The device allows you to record pre-set messages for your visitors.


  • The charging time is pretty long;
  • As mentioned for other doorbells, the battery doesn’t do great in cold weather.


5. AMOCAM video doorbell

This smart device from AMOCAM comes with an outdoor camera and an indoor LCD display. Furthermore, the video doorbell from AMOCAM also acts as an intercom.

AMOCAM video doorbell


  • Easy and simple installation;
  • It plugs in with a cable, making it unaffected by weather changes;
  • You don’t need a smartphone to use it.


  • The display ratio of the screen is different than the one of the camera;
  • Poor night quality.


6. EZVIZ Smart Video Doorbell

This device connects to your WiFi network and it also comes with a two-way audio system. Also, the camera offers a top to bottom view of your doorway.

EZVIZ Smart Video Doorbell


  • You receive a notification on your phone when someone rings the doorbell;
  • It has great image quality;
  • You can choose not to pay for a subscription.


  • The device needs to be connected to the internet in order to work;
  • It loses internet access periodically.


7. Hikvision Video Doorbell

Hikvision is providing its customers with a hands-free intercom, that can also unlock remotely. The price is lower than the one for the devices presented above.

Hikvision Video Doorbell


  • The doorbell has a great value for money;
  • Installing the device is pretty easy;
  • The camera works well even in low light.


  • The device has a slightly narrow field of view;
  • It only has one bell tone.


8. Godrej Video Door Phone

This waterproof and vandal-resistant device will keep your house safe in every circumstance. One other important feature of this doorbell is that it supports two door stations.

Godrej Video Door Phone


  • It works even without an internet connection;
  • The device comes with a free installation;
  • This video doorbell has a great quality speaker.


  • Doesn’t offer a variety of features;
  • The camera angle coverage isn’t that great.


9. Okos Home Security Camera

As well as some of the other products presented before, this video doorbell also can connect to your smartphone and send your alerts when you have a visitor. Also, it can work with batteries or it can be installed into your doorbell chime.

Okos Home Security Camera


  • The device is easy to set up;
  • It has a clean interface and it’s easy to use;
  • Okos provides its clients with great customer support.


  • Low battery life is also a con of this product;
  • Sometimes, the doorbell disconnects from the internet.


10. Abodetek Video Doorbell

This device also can provide you with the key features mentioned before. You can use it to communicate with your visitors and you can store your data by using a micro-SD card.

Abodetek Video Doorbell


  • You can find out who visits you without opening the door;
  • It has one of the lowest prices;
  • The interface is user-friendly.


  • The intercom can, sometimes, not work properly;
  • When a visitor is speaking, the sound can be very dime.



When thinking of your home’s security system, you may want to consider purchasing a video doorbell. These magnificent devices can keep all the data about your visitors (wanted and unwanted) within your reach. Also, if you opt for one that provides you with an intruder system, you will be putting your safety first.


What are the best video doorbells to buy?

Depending on your needs, right above you can find a short, yet comprehensive top 10 for India on Amazon. You may want to connect it to your smartphone, or, maybe, for you, the intercom features are more important. Choose a doorbell that has great camera definition and a greater value for money.

 How much is the monthly charge for the ring doorbell?

The subscription you will need to pay for the RING doorbell is around 306 Rs (4 dollars). Some other devices may also ask for a subscription at around 100 Rs.

What is needed for the video doorbell?

In order for the video doorbell to work properly, you will need an active internet connection (for most of them), a doorbell chime you can use to plug in the device, and a smartphone, so that you can use all its features.