Best Venetian Blinds in India-Buyers Guide

It can be hard to think about a time without Venetian blinds. A staple of window décor, Venetian blinds are common window coverings, available in a variety of materials and control systems. The original development came from Persia and through trade, made its way to Europe. The first Venetian curtains patents were issued as far back as the 1760s. These blinds increased in popularity in the early 20th century, with office buildings adopting them to regulate air and light.

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Top 4 Best Venetian Blinds in India

List of Venetian Blinds

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1. MSR Aluminium Venetian  MSR-Venetian-Blinds
2. MSR Venetian (3 ft, 10 ft) MSR-Venetian-Blinds
3. MSR Venetian (5 ft, 3 ft) MSR-Venetian-Blinds
4. MSR Venetian (6 ft, 4 ft) MSR-Venetian-Blinds

Features of Venetian Blind

  • Venetians are composed of horizontal slats controlled by a system of cords.
  • The slats come in a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, and wood. Fabric tapes suspend the blinds, and the slats can rotate 180 degrees by pulling the cords up and down.
  •  Slat width can range from 16mm to 120mm

Types of Venetian Blinds

  • There are many varieties of curtains, and Venetian is one of them.
  • Venetian curtains usually fit narrow window frames located in bedrooms, kitchens, and offices.
  • The types of Venetian curtains range from PVC to wood.
  • The size is customizable depending on the window size.

Buyers Guide for Venetian Blind

  • Firstly, you need to take the correct measurements of the window you want to add blinds to.
  • Secondly, you have to decide what design you want.
  • The blind design depends on the décor of the room, which means color and materials can vary.
  • Also, Venetian curtains can come in corded or cordless designs.

How to use Venetian Blind?

  •  Venetian curtains are simple to operate.
  • Once installed to your window frame, you open and close the slats by pulling on the cord.
  • There will be two cords to use.
  • Pull on one of them to tilt or close the slats.
  • The other cord will raise the whole blind up and down.

List of Top 4 Best Venetian Blinds in India-Buyers Guide

1. MSR Aluminium Venetian Blind

Here we have a blind made from sturdy aluminum construction. The size is customizable and is best for kitchens and bathrooms.

MSR Aluminium Venetian Blinds


  • It is made from Aluminium slats
  • These blinds have a decent control mechanism to manage light
  • It is available in a wide variety of colors


  • This product doesn’t come with an instruction manual
  • Venetian blinds can be tricky to clean


2. MSR Venetian Blind

This MSR Venetian blind is ideal for covering windows and bathrooms, kitchens, and patio doors.

MSR Venetian Blinds


  • It comes in assorted colors
  • These blinds are multipurpose
  • The size is customizable to the window size


  • It might have loose parts which hinder installation
  • Venetian blinds don’t completely block out sunlight


3. MSR Venetian Blind (Metallic Bronze)

Here we have a Venetian blind in a unique color design.

MSR Venetian Blinds (Metallic Bronze)


  • This product is durable
  • These blinds customize to any window size
  • It is perfect for kitchen and bathroom windows


  • Venetian blinds do not suit sliding doors
  • It can be tricky to clean


4. MSR Venetian Blind

The MSR Venetian blind suits French doors, kitchen and bathroom windows, and bay windows.

MSR Venetian Blinds


  • It is customizable
  • These blinds are durable and easy to use
  • It comes in a variety of color designs


  • These blinds are not easy to clean
  • Lightweight blinds can damage easily



 Durable, versatile, and easy to use, Venetian blinds are the perfect window coverings. They are customized to fit a variety of window sizes and made from different materials. Consider Venetian blinds for your next home or office décor project.


Why are they called Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds originate from Venice, Italy.

How much do Venetian blinds cost?

The cost depends on window size and materials used. Prices start from 90 INR per square foot, up to 400 INR per square foot.