Best Vegetable Peelers in India-Buyers Guide

Vegetable peelers are one of the most useful tools. You can have it in your kitchen for multiple uses, peel potatoes, carrots, and any other vegetable. Or even to make slices of them and make chips. It consists of a basic metal sharp blade. That is placed onto a slot, all that attached to a handle. It can vary in style, size, and colour. To use it you just need to slice it from the top of the vegetable to the bottom of it. To remove the outer layer. Also check the buyers guide for the Kitchen weighing Scale in India.

These tools are easy to find in any convenience store, easy to replace. You may find two types of peelers. In a lot of varieties, and choose the perfect one to cover up all your needs.

Top 10 Best Vegetable Peelers in India

List of Vegetable Peelers

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1. Victorinox, Swiss Classic Multipurpose Peeler Victorinox-Stainless-Steel-Peeler Victorinox-Stainless-Steel-Peeler
2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Stainless Kitchen Peeler Amazon-Brand-Solimo-Stainless-Kitchen
3. Victorinox Potato Peeler Victorinox-Potato-Peeler Victorinox-Potato-Peeler
4. Ritu Peeling Knife Jumbo Stainless Steel Blade Ritu-Jumbo-Stainless-Steel-Peeler
5. Tupperware Plastic Peeler Tupperware-Plastic-Peeler Tupperware-Plastic-Peeler
6. Anjali S.S. Peeler Anjali-101053-S-S-Peeler Anjali-101053-S-S-Peeler
7. Ritu Stainless Steel Movable Peeler Ritu-Stainless-Movable-Peeler
8. Ritu Stainless Steel Peeler, Silver Ritu-Stainless-Steel-Peeler Ritu-Stainless-Steel-Peeler
9. NOVA Magic Peeler and Cheese Grater NOVA-Peeler-Cheese-Standard NOVA-Peeler-Cheese-Standard
10. Crystal Sleek Peeler and Scraper Crystal-Sleek-Peeler Crystal-Sleek-Peeler

Features of Vegetable Peelers

  • A common vegetable peeler consists of a blade with a sharp edge, which is what is commonly called a “hole”.
  • That hole allows the peel to feel through and be discarded.
  • All of that is attached to a handle.
  • The handle may variate depending on the blade, or the shape itself.
  • Also, the shape of the blade allows it not to cut too deep onto the vegetable.
  • It is a handy useful little artefact to keep in your kitchen at all times.
  • With a peeler, you will be saving a lot of time at the moment of cooking.
  • Peelers can be used by human hand, or they can be handled with electricity or a battery. Such as industrial peelers.

Types of Vegetable Peelers

  • As we mentioned before, you have two types of peelers, the Y-shaped and the straight one.
  • Both of them own sharp blades that will allow you to peel almost any type of fruit or vegetable.
  • First, let’s talk about the straight peeler, the blade on this type of peeler is parallel to the handle itself.
  • The blade could be fixated or made to pivot from the handle.
  • Back in the day, the French economic designs had a fixated blade that was not able to move.
  • And a single edge.
  • The Y peeler, also known as a fast or speed peeler, has a blade perpendicular to the handle.
  • Which makes it safer and easier for anyone to use it.

Buyers Guide – Vegetable Peelers

  • Be sure to follow certain guidelines to choose the best peeler for you.
  • You will have a lot of options to choose from.
  • The conventional shaped ones to the ones with different blades.
  • And as mentioned before the colour.
  • As difficult as it can be, this is one of the easiest gadgets to look after.
  •  You will only have two shapes that are the most common, the Y-shaped one and the regular straight one.
  • We know this is the most comfortable kitchen gadget you can acquire.
  • You can have more than one at a time.
  • In reality, is convenient that you have multiple ones at the time.
  • Giving you the advantage to pick the one you like the most for the occasion.
  • You can also find industrial peelers in the market, but those are heavy-duty more for restaurants and high traffic places.
  • So this is an opportunity to invest in a really simple tool that can make your life easier. And keep it around at all times.

How To Use Vegetable Peelers

  • You need to learn how to properly use a vegetable peeler.
  • To safely use it you will want to: First, take the vegetable onto your hand.
  • If you washed it, please make sure is not slippery and that the vegetable is dry.
  • To practice, we recommend using a carrot at first, which is the easiest one.
  • You need to hold the peeler with the hand you write, hold the carrot with the opposite hand.
  • To remove the peel, hold the peeler near to the top of the carrot, and gently, applying a little bit of pressure scrape from top to bottom.
  • Remember to turn the carrot to remove the peel from all of it.

List of Top 10 Best Vegetable Peelers in India

Here we bring a list of the top 10 vegetable peelers.

1. Victorinox, Swiss Classic Multipurpose Peeler

This is a multi-colored tool you are going to love.

Victorinox, Swiss Classic Multipurpose Peeler

1. Good sharp blade.
2. Minimum waste of vegetable material.
3. Can peel even the hardest vegetables.
4. Durable, made out of great materials.

1. It can be difficult to handle for beginners.

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Stainless Steel Kitchen Peeler, Set of 2

Bright neon colour, perfect not to lose it.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Stainless Steel Kitchen Peeler

1. Easy to use, smooth product.
2. Blades seem to be sharp.
3. Portable, you can use it n a picnic day.

1. Kinda small for bigger jobs.

3. Victorinox Potato Peeler, 13.4cm

Interesting shape, but very useful.

Victorinox Potato Peeler


  1. Made especially for left-handed people.
  2. Make peeling completely effortless.
  3. Comfortable to use.

1. Quality in some of them will be questionable.

4. Ritu Peeling Knife Jumbo Stainless Steel Blade 

Colour may vary.

Ritu Peeling Knife Jumbo Stainless Steel Blade 

1. Good sharp blades overall.
2. Easy to handle.
3. Durable product, last more than a year.

1. Be careful with the teeth on the side, you can cut yourself.

5. Tupperware Plastic Peeler, 200ml 

Cute and simplistic design.

Tupperware Plastic Peeler

1. Really good quality materials.
2. Easy to carry around if needed.
3. Perfect as a present.

1. The blade can rotate out of its place.

6. Anjali S.S. Peeler No.5

Pocket-sized peeler, stylish and useful.

Anjali S.S. Peeler

1. Sturdy and handy.
2. Design of this peeler is one of the best.
3. Durable and good quality.

1. Try not to use it for hard peels.

7. Ritu Stainless Steel Movable Peeler

Interesting design, multipurpose.

Ritu Stainless Steel Movable Peeler

1. Sturdy material.
2. Packing is nice as well

1. Peel can come out too thick if you are not careful enough.


8. Ritu Stainless Steel Peeler, Silver

This is a well-known brand and a pretty peeler.

Ritu Stainless Steel Peeler

1. The plastic attachments on it are of good quality.
2. Easy to use and maneuver.

According to the reviews, there is not an issue with this peeler.


9. NOVA Magic Peeler and Cheese Grater, Standard

Two products in one, a great deal.

NOVA Magic Peeler and Cheese Grater, Standard

1. Great peeler and great cheese grinder.
2. Made of high-quality materials.
3. Design makes it a great product
4. Sharp blades.

1. It seems it comes with an offer that never arrives.


10. Crystal Sleek Peeler and Scraper, MKA009

This is a decent blade to have around.

Crystal Sleek Peeler and Scraper

1. Nice quality.
2. Good customer service.

1. Blade seems to be not sharp enough.
2. Missing items.



Consider adding one or maybe multiple of these gadgets to your kitchen is a great idea, you will be using a gadget that is easy to understand, helpful in so many ways and that will last a lot of time. Even owning several ones at the time seems like a great idea. So do not hesitate and find one for yourself.


Why use y shaped vegetable peeler?
Y-shaped peelers are made to be easier to use. Is the perfect one to buy if you are starting to know about this gadget. As a beginner purchasing a Y-shaped peeler is the best option for you.

Is using a peeler is good?
Using any type of peeler will improve your cooking abilities, saving you a lot of time at the moment of ingredients preparation, also you may be able to use it to carve and even cut in different shapes any vegetable.