As their name indicates, these are the devices that help create a vacuum. These vacuum pumps have inlets and outlets. One part is attached with the device from which the air has to be removed. It releases all air and gas particles and creates a vacuum. This is a very important device in many commercial, industrial, and domestic uses. These are used in metal and glass coating. They are also used in medical applications such as radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

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In homes, the vacuum pumps are help clean carpets and floors by sucking dust and dirt.  These have many other commercial and domestic uses too. So, if you want to buy one for yourself then keep reading the article. You will find all the important things about a vacuum pump in this article.

Top 10 Best vacuum pump Brands in India

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1. i-Rex RX-1S Single Stage Vacuum Pump i-Rex RX-1S Single Stage Vacuum Pump i-Rex RX-1S Single Stage Vacuum Pump
2. Value Vacuum Pumps Value Vacuum Pump
3. Uniweld U5VP2 Vacuum Pumps Uniweld U5VP2 Vacuum Pump
4. Totaline Two Stage Vacuum Pumps Totaline Two Stage Vacuum Pump
5. Mlabs Value Vacuum Pumps Mlabs Value Vacuum Pump VE - 115N Mlabs Value Vacuum Pump VE - 115N
6. Skybound Value Vacuum Pumps Skybound Value Vacuum Pump Skybound Value Vacuum Pump
7. Lablink Portable Oil Vacuum Pump Lablink Portable Oil Vacuum Pump
8. SSU Value Vacuum Pump Ve SSU Value Vacuum Pump Ve
9. SSU Labpro Oil Free Vacuum Pumps SSU Labpro Oil Free Vacuum Pump
10. EROSE Vacuum Pumps oil-free EROSE Vacuum Pump oil-free


Features of vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps will have the following main features.

  • A compressor is present in a vacuum pump that provides gas to the medium to make a vacuum.
  • It has inlets that we attach with the medium in which vacuum is required. From this point, gas enters in medium to produce pressure difference to make a vacuum.
  • It has a motor at its back that operates the function of a vacuum pump.
  • It also has an outlet to take the air and gases from the medium to the outside environment.
  • If the pump is oil-based, it also has a storage system for oil storage and a glass viewer to show the level of oil.

Types of vacuum pumps

Here are various types of vacuum pumps that we are discussing here.

Rotatory vane vacuum pumps

  • These pumps are small and compact but are high-performance pumps.
  • These are suitable for making vacuums in high-boiling liquid solutions.
  • These pumps require oil for functioning because it lubricates the pump’s parts and helps in vacuum cooling.

Diaphragm vacuum pumps

  • They have a strong and anti-corrosive body so they are suitable for acids and harsh nature chemicals.
  • These pumps are very common in food and commercial, and chemical industries.
  • They are also suitable for evaporation on volatile liquids.
  • These pumps don’t require oil for their functioning so require little maintenance cost.
  • These are slightly expensive.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

  • In these pumps, some liquid is centrifuged to make the walls of the pump airtight.
  • These pumps are suitable for heavy industries like the petroleum industry, sugar factories, mines, and power plants.
  • These are hard nature vacuum pumps that are suitable for heat-sensitive and explosive products.
  • In these pumps, it is very important to maintain the pressure.

Scroll vacuum pumps

  • These are the laboratory vacuum pumps used for research purposes.
  • These are also dry pumps that don’t require oil.
  • These pumps use 2 scrolls, one for pumping and the other to compress the gas or liquid media.
  • The spiral joints of the pump make it airtight so proper maintenance of the joints is necessary to maintain its airtightness.

Turbomolecular vacuum pumps

  • These are the clean vacuum pumps that produce high vacuum for lab and industrial uses.
  • They also work without oil.
  • They are expensive and complex so require more maintenance.

Buyers guide – Vacuum pump

The vacuum-making capacity of different vacuums is different and the vacuum power for different tasks is also different. More is the pressure of a vacuum pump, less will be the vacuum. These are necessary for homes but are expensive, so keep these things in mind before buying a vacuum pump.

  • A lubrication system is important for a vacuum pump. Some pumps use oil as a lubricant and some don’t. Oil-dependent pumps are more efficient but require more maintenance. So first know about your choice, work, and then buy it.
  • Different vacuum pumps are designed for different purposes. So, each pump is compatible with some specific chemicals, liquids, and gases. So, buy them according to your need.
  • Vacuum flow capacity is very important for its efficiency. Low vacuum pumps are suitable for domestic uses while high volume vacuum pumps produce more vacuum so are best for industrial use. High vacuum producing pumps are expensive too so buy according to your need.
  • The price and maintenance costs of different vacuums are different. So buy according to the budget and need.

How to use Vacuum Pumps

  • Vacuum means the space that doesn’t have any air or gas molecules.
  • So It is a device that removes all gas and air molecules from a media by creating a pressure difference and create a vacuum. Attach the inlet to the medium that needs a vacuum.
  • On the electric supply of the pump, the motor will operate the compressor that will transfer heat to the medium through the inlet.
  • This will make a pressure difference between the atmosphere and the medium.
  • Don’t create too much pressure because it will result in blockage of vacuum creation.
  • Due to pressure difference, the vacuum pump will take inside air and exhaust it to the environment.
  • This will result in vacuum formation in the medium.

List of Top 10 Best Vacuum Pump Brands in India

1. i-Rex RX-1S Single Stage Vacuum Pumps

It is a green vacuum pump weighing about 5.6kg. This is a single-stage vacuum pump that is very efficient in its work. The motor has a high speed of 2880 RPM and has a power of 150 watts. This pump works on oil and has a 1.5-milliliter oil capacity.

i-Rex RX-1S Single Stage Vacuum Pumps


  • It is a very good quality pump and doesn’t produce any sound while working.
  • This is an easy-to-maintain and easy-to-work vacuum pump.


  • It heats up when works for a long time. So, you have to wait for some time to cool it during work.

i-Rex RX-1S Single Stage Vacuum Pumpsi-Rex RX-1S Single Stage Vacuum Pumps

2. Value Vacuum Pumps

It is a lightweight vacuum pump weighing 3 kg, very suitable for your work. It can create about 600-620 mmHg vacuum within 10 minutes. People also use it for many domestic uses as filling gas in ACs. The company is also providing a 1-year warranty for the “Value vacuum pump”.

Value Vacuum Pumps


  • It is a very useful pump for many tasks at the home.
  • The quality is good and can create a good vacuum in less time.


  • No bad things are seen in the product.

Value Vacuum Pumps

3. Uniweld U5VP2 Vacuum Pumps

Uniweld U5VP2 is a 2 stage, heavy-duty vacuum pump weighing 10kg. This Pump has an oil holding capacity of 11 ounces or 350ml and it works on 5.5CFM. It is suitable for deep services of home and commercial appliances. It uses CFC and HFC along with alkylbenzene oil, ester oil, or mineral oil for vacuum services. The package contains an oil bottle, drain dome, and a vacuum pump.

Uniweld U5VP2 Vacuum Pumps


  • It is an internationally competitive product at such an affordable price.
  • Uniweld U5VP2 vacuum pump is suitable for heavy-duty vacuum services.


  • It gets hot after some time of use.

Uniweld U5VP2 Vacuum Pumps

4. Totaline Two Stage Vacuum Pumps

It is also a good quality aluminum vacuum pump for making a vacuum in the medium. This pump is a 2 stage pump with having a pressure of 20Pa. it is an easy to carry and easy-to-use pump having amazing efficiency. It has a capacity of 129liters per minute. The motor has a thermal protector to prevent overheating of the motor. The pump weighs about 11kg.

Totaline Two Stage Vacuum Pumps


  • It has a compact design and is very easy to use.


  • Some customers complained about the delivery services of the product.

Totaline Two Stage Vacuum Pumps

5.  Mlabs Value Vacuum Pumps VE – 115N

It is a 1/4HP vacuum pump weighing 4kg this pump has a 150-micron vacuum and has a pump integrated body. It has a good design and has a large area to control the increase of heat. This vaccum pump is reliable to use because it has a glass sight that ensures to tells the oil level and makes it sure to avoid it working without oil.



  • It is an easy to operate vacuum pump that is also affordable in price.
  • This is a strong pump that doesn’t produce sound while working.


  • Not such bad things are observed in this pump.

Mlabs Value Vacuum Pumps VEMlabs Value Vacuum Pumps VE

6. Skybound Value Vacuum Pumps   VE 115N

It is another good quality, the single-stage vacuum pump that is a must-have product for your home. Skybound value vacuum pump works on 230V voltage and has air displacement of 2.0 CFM. The pump weights6.6kg.

Skybound Value Vacuum Pumps   VE 115N


  • It is a very good pump for lab experiments, especially for filtration assembly.
  • It works very smoothly and is a worth-buying product.


  • It is a worth buying product because no one complained about its bad performance.

Skybound Value Vacuum PumpsSkybound Value Vacuum Pumps

7. Lablink Portable Oil Vacuum Pumps

It is a China-origin, single-stage vacuum pump that is very good in quality. This pump is about 4.8kg in weight. Due to its less weight, it is easily portable. The motor has copper winding and has a capacity of 1/4horsepower. Its capacity is 50liters per minute. You can use it for various purposes in your home where a vacuum is required. It also has a 1-year warranty.

Lablink Portable Oil Vacuum Pumps


  • It is a very good product, very suitable for making vacuums in refrigerators.
  • It has a strong body but is light in weight.


The body heats up when using for a long time.

Lablink Portable Oil Vacuum Pumps

8. SSU Value Vacuum Pump Ve

It has many advantages as you can use it as a suction pump, filtration pump, vacuum pump, or refrigeration pump. It works on 230 or 240 voltage and has an oil capacity of 250ml per minute and has a weight of 6kg.

SSU Value Vacuum Pump Ve


  • It has a strong and sturdy body.
  • It produces a good capacity vacuum in the medium.


  • We didn’t find anything bad about the product.

SSU Value Vacuum Pump Ve

9. SSU Labpro Oil Free Vacuum Pump

It is an oil-free vacuum pump having a capacity of 15 liters. This Pump is used as vacuum ovens and vacuum evaporators. It is suitable for different applications in laboratories. This pump doesn’t require any lubricant but still is very efficient in its work.

SSU Labpro Oil Free Vacuum Pumps


  • It is a lightweight vacuum pump so it is portable.
  • It produces very little noise while working.


It is not suitable for heavy-duty works.

SSU Labpro Oil Free Vacuum Pumps

10. EROSE Vacuum Pumps oil-free

It is also a very good vacuum pump on our top list. It is an oil-free pump very suitable for industrial and laboratory use

EROSE Vacuum Pumps oil-free.


  • It is industrial use vacuum pump so it produces a good power vacuum suitable for heavy tasks.


We didn’t find anything bad about the product.

EROSE Vacuum Pumps oil-free


Vacuum pumps are one of the essential things that we need in many places. So if you want to buy a vacuum pump either for your home or for a lab, or any industry, read this article. We have gathered all the information and compiled it in this article. Hope you will find it helpful for buying a vacuum pump.


What does a vacuum pump do?

A vacuum pump sucks the air and gases from a vessel thus leaving behind space or vacuum. This vacuum is important in many things and has many applications.  It helps clean the houses. The vacuum is important to keep the packaged food fresh. It also has importance in many other industries.

What happens when a vacuum pump fails?

When a vacuum pump fails, its sucking property slows down. This will result in increasing the pressure so when the pressure is more, there will be less or no vacuum production.