Best UPS for PC in India Buyers Guide

The best UPS for PC will protect your PC against data loss, damage, and power surges, voltage fluctuations, etc. And this UPS can be used as an immediate power source. UPS is an important product in the Indian market as the country still experiences power cuts and outages frequently.

What is a UPS?

A UPS is a battery-based appliance that provides power backup to your connected devices. The primary function of UPS is to provide power backup to enable you to save your work and shut down your PC systematically during power cuts.

On the other hand, if you want to provide power backup to a large number of systems and want continuous power backup for long time periods, then you should buy commercial UPS. Also, check the buyer’s guide of the best Solar Inverters in India & wireless keyboards and mice. UPS should be able to provide your total connected devices with the minimum backup time which you plan to get. This article provides a detailed buying guide for UPS and the best UPS available in the Indian market.

Best 5 UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply) for PC in India

List of the pc ups appliances

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1. APC 1100VA Back-UPS for PC BX1100C-IN with 230V APC-BX1100C-1100VA
2. iBall 600VA Nirantar UPS for PC 621V with Power Protection iBall-Nirantar-UPS-621V
3. Microtek EB 800 VA UPS Inverter Microtek-800VA-Square
4. Intex Protector 725 UPS for Computers Intex-1187-3725-0-Protector
5. Intex 1000VA Gaama UPS for PC Intex-1000VA-Gaama

Buyers Guide – Best UPS for PC

Buying a UPS for your PC can be a tedious affair. You should check on the various technical specifications of the UPS and decide the best choice for yourself. You need to consider a few things to get a perfect UPS.

Also, these will help you to make an informed buying decision. You can look to buy UPS online to get better deals and discounts.

You should consider the following factors before purchasing a UPS:

The number of Power Outlets

  • The first thing which you should consider while buying a UPS is the number of power outlets it has.
  • If you need the UPS for personal use or for a small home office that will need to power up a PC, Thermal printers, router, modem, etc.
  • Then a UPS offering a lesser number of power outlets is also fine.
  • However, if you need the UPS to provide power backup to a large number of devices in a bigger office setup, then you should look for UPS that has more power outlets.

Compatibility of the UPS

  • Once you have figured out the number of power outlets that you need on your UPS, it is time to assess the compatibility of the devices which you plan to connect to it.
  • It is no good buying a UPS and then finding that many of your devices are not compatible with it for connecting.
  • It will limit the access and utility of your UPS drastically.
  • You should inquire with the dealer about the compatibility of the UPS with specific devices which will be connected to it for power backup purposes.

Power of UPS

  • The power of the UPS is a key consideration before buying it.
  • If the power of the UPS is less than the demands of the total connected devices, then it will be unable to back up the devices and will die down.
  • This will not serve your purpose of providing power backup to your devices and you will be left stranded with no power backup even after purchasing the UPS.
  • You can check the power consumption of all your devices by using a wattmeter and buy the UPS providing the required power.
  • It is always recommended to buy a UPS which has at least 20% more power than your actual requirement for getting the best results.

Backup Time Provided

  • You should check the backup time provided by the UPS before buying it.
  • The backup time is the total time for which a UPS can provide power backup to all your connected devices.
  • Your power backup time requirement from a UPS will largely depend on your planned usage of the UPS.
  • However, if you are planning to provide uninterrupted power to your connected devices.
  • And continue working till power outage resumes, then you need to consider buying UPS with greater backup time.

Type of Usage- Domestic or Commercial

  • The choice of UPS will also depend on the type of usage you want to put it to.
  • If you want to use the UPS for domestic purposes and plan to connect only a few devices to it, then domestic UPS models will be the best choice.
  • These domestic UPS are basic appliances that have smaller power capacity and are meant for supporting a few devices only.
  • Also, these are also cheaper compared to commercial UPS.
  • They are designed to take on challenging situations and provide you with complete peace of mind while powering up multiple devices for sustained time periods.

Noise Levels

  • You should check the noise levels of the UPS before making the purchase decisions.
  • You should always prefer UPS which will not make much noise as it will create an unnecessary distraction while working.
  • Noise-free or silent UPS provides a peaceful working environment while providing power backup to you at the same time.


  • One of the most important factors while buying a UPS in India is the cost.
  • It’s a misconception that an expensive UPS is generally better.
  • It is important to look for UPS that will meet your specific requirements.
  • It should also be compatible with your devices for providing power backup.
  • You should buy the UPS from a reputed brand and manufacturer.
  • Even if it is costlier compared to local brands as it will provide you better performance and peace of mind.


  • You should always check with the dealer about the manufacturer warranty being provided with the UPS.
  • Also, you should also inquire about the terms of the warranty, parts that are included and excluded, onsite warranty, etc.
  • Reputed brands provide a warranty on their UPS which is indicative of the good quality of their products.
  • Generally, UPS in India comes with a warranty of 2-3 years as the battery dies usually down after this period.

Features of UPS for PC

Using a UPS ensures that a steady stream of power is only provided to your PC as the UPS acts as a filter. If you have a powerful UPS, you can continue working on it even during power cuts. That’s why you need to consider the features of a UPS well.

The key reasons for having or buying a UPS for your PC are as follows:

Protection Against Power Outages

  • Power outages and sudden power cuts are common in India.
  • Due to such sudden power cuts, your PC gets switched off which can cause the hardware and software to get corrupt.
  • It can also lead to loss of data and loss of unsaved work which you were doing before the power cut.
  • A UPS protects you from such power cuts and provides power backup to your PC.
  • This allows you to save your work and systematically shut down your PC which not only protects it from damage but also eliminates loss of data and unsaved work.

Protection from Voltage Fluctuations & Other Variances

  • Even if you do get power, you may experience voltage fluctuations and other types of variances that can damage your PC.
  • Sudden and sharp voltage fluctuations can cause your PC to malfunction.
  • Power surges increase in power which typically comes up when large devices like air conditioners are shut off.
  • These power surges can damage your PC due to heat.

Data Protection

  • When you work on your PC without a UPS, it is vulnerable to power surges and other variances.
  • This can lead to the loss of your precious data.
  • Your PC will also get switched off randomly due to a power failure in the absence of a UPS, which can corrupt it and the data stored in it too.
  • Using a UPS protects your PC and data from damage by providing power backup during power cuts.

Saves Your Date and Time

  • While working on a PC not connected to a UPS, it is a common experience to lose all your unsaved work due to a sudden power cut.
  • Not only is it frustrating as you lose your hard work, but you also have to redo it which takes more time.
  • Connecting your PC to a UPS saves you from such frustrating data losses and saves a lot of time also.
  • Another way you can save time using a UPS is that you don’t have to wait for power to come back for doing your work.

Major Maintenance Issues for UPS

If you wish to only provide power backup for a minimum time which will allow you to save your work on the PC and shut it down safely, then UPS with lower backup time can work for you.

The major maintenance issues for UPS are as follows:

UPS Shutting Down

  • You should check the power capacity of the UPS and the power requirements of all the plugged-in devices.
  • If the power requirement of the devices is more than the UPS power capacity, the UPS will shut down.
  • You either need to purchase a UPS with a higher power capacity or remove some devices to reduce the power requirement.

UPS Not Working After Not Using for a Long Time

  • If you don’t use the UPS for extended periods, then the battery should be fully charged every 3 months by charging it completely for 4-6 hours.
  • Otherwise, the batteries will die down and the UPS will not work.

Few Equipment Work While Others are Turned Off

  • Most UPS have 2 different outlets- battery and surge-protected outlet- which provides surge protection and battery backup.
  • The other outlet is surge-only outlets that don’t provide battery backup.
  • You should rearrange the plugging setting and plug the equipment for which you want power back up into the battery and surge-protected outlets on the UPS.

UPS Doesn’t Turn On

  • The UPS battery may not be sufficiently charged.
  • They should be charged for at least 4-6 hours before being used.
  • A circuit breaker may also have tripped in which case you should press the button inwards which will usually reset the circuit breaker.
  • You should also check if the AC outlet has a power supply or not.

List of Top 5 UPS for PC online in India-Buyers Guide

You should check with the dealer about the number of power outlets in the UPS which will actually provide surge protection before buying it. We have listed the top 5 best UPS for PC below along with their features.

The best UPS for PC available in the Indian market are discussed below:

1. APC 1100VA Back-UPS for PC BX1100C-IN with 230V

The brand APC is a trusted and reliable brand in the UPS market and this is one of the best available in the Indian market. It uses an input voltage of 230V along with 45-55Hz as input frequency.

APC 1100VA Back UPS for PC BX1100C-IN with 230V
APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back-UPS for pc


  • APC UPS for PC made with battery saver function which saves battery life and provides better backup times.
  • It comes with an alarm notification which causes an alarm to go off when there is any change in the state of the UPS.
  • It has light indicators that provide you with a good idea of the remaining battery time.
  • And it is suitable for both home & office usage.
  • This UPS will take nearly 6-hours to completely charge.

APC BX1100C UPS for PC

2. iBall 600VA Nirantar UPS for PC 621V with Power Protection

This UPS is from the iBall and it is compatible with almost every device. It is available at a low price so that this is affordable for everyone.

iBall 600VA Nirantar UPS for PC 621V with Power Protection
iBall Nirantar UPS-621V 600VA UPS with Power Protection-iBall UPS


  • iBall UPS for PC made with the Boost and Buch mechanism to stabilize input voltage when needed.
  • This is a compact and portable UPS that provides a power backup of 40-minutes.
  • It has indicators for denoting charging requirement, battery time remaining, overloading, system faults, etc.
  • Also, it has 4.44 kgs of weight so that it can be moved around easily.
  • This is a very silent UPS with noise levels of less than 40dB.

iBall Nirantar UPS for PC

3. Microtek EB 800 VA UPS Inverter

This UPS from the house of Microtek & is a popular choice among Indian consumers. The battery of this UPS needs about 4 hours of charging for getting fully charged.

Microtek 800VA UPS for PC
Microtek 800VA UPS for PC


  • Microtek UPS for PC made with Automatic Voltage Regulation feature that protects your PC during voltage fluctuations.
  • It uses double batteries of 800VA which provides a backup time of up to 50 minutes for connected devices.
  • This is compatible with almost all devices so you will not face any compatibility issues.
  • It comes with a 2-years warranty which is better than other UPS in the market.

Microtek 800VA Best UPS for PC

4. Intex Protector 725 UPS for Computers

This is from the Intex brand and it is a reliable and effective UPS for your PC. It is a lightweight and portable UPS weighing just 4.2Kg. And it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Intex Protector 725 UPS for Computers
Intex Protector 725 UPS Intex ups for computers


  • Intex UPS for PC made with off-mode charging & cold start function
  • It comes with Boost and Buck mechanism which allows it to stabilize the input voltage.
  • An excellent microprocessor is included in this UPS that control guarantees high reliability
  • This is very easy to install and you can do it on your own by just plugging it to the power source.

Intex UPS Protector 725

5. Intex 1000VA Gaama UPS for PC

This UPS is from the Intex brand & it is an affordable and reliable product. It is designed for domestic use only and is quite noiseless and produces noise of under 40dB.

Intex 1000VA Gaama UPS for PC
Intex 1000VA Gaama UPS for computer


  • Intex UPS for PC made with different types of indicators- charging, low battery, overloading, other faults- which make it more user-friendly.
  • This UPS can provide a backup of up to 50 minutes.
  • It delivers 360W and 230V with a transfer time of 4 minutes.
  • This needs 1000VA/500W input with a frequency range of 50Hz.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Intex Gaama UPS for PC


Finally, you have successfully reviewed the Top 5 Best UPS for PC available online. So, it should be easy for you to determine which one best suits your requirements. The quality always guarantees the usage of the product.

First of all, you need to check the features of the most popular pc UPS online before purchase. Above all options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best ups appliance along with valuable benefits.