Best Turmeric Powder in India-Buyers Guide

Turmeric is one of the most popular spices in India. People add it to dishes in order to improve the dishes’ tastes, aromas, and colors. It can also have the effect of making soups thicker. Besides being a spice, turmeric also has medicinal properties. Therefore many people use it as a remedy or prevention for various ailments. It is known to have some usefulness as an immunity booster.

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There are also anti-inflammatory properties associated with turmeric. At yet another level, turmeric has antioxidant effects. It can therefore be useful at fighting free radicals. Genuine turmeric powder comes from grinding turmeric roots.

Top 10 Best Turmeric Powder in India

List of Turmeric Powders

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1. Carmel Organics Turmeric Root Carmel-Organics-Certified-Turmeric
2. Pushp Brand Turmeric Pouch Pushp Brand Turmeric Powder
3. VASANT Turmeric VASANT Turmeric Powder
4. Marwar Turmeric Haldi Marwar Turmeric Haldi Powder
5. Bliss of Earth Organic Lakadong Turmeric Bliss of Earth Organic Lakadong Turmeric Powder
7. Aashirvaad Turmeric Power Aashirvaad Turmeric Power
8. Adani Spices Turmeric Selam Adani Spices Turmeric Powder Selam
9. Maharaja 100% Pure Turmeric Maharaja 100% Pure Turmeric Powder
10. TSG Masala Turmeric TSG Masala Turmeric Powder

Features of Turmeric Powder

  • There are five key features that matter in a turmeric powder product.
  • First is the curcumin level in the product. This determines how effective the powder will be, either as a spice or as a remedy.
  • The second is the product’s aroma. The best of these powders have aromas that are close to those from freshly ground turmeric.
  • The third is the product’s taste. The best of these powders have the natural turmeric taste (without artificial flavoring).
  • Fourth is the product’s color. There is a certain deep yellow color that defines genuine turmeric, and which the best turmeric powders have.
  • Fifth is the product’s texture. The best of these powders have smooth texture which makes it easy to add them in various recipes.

Types of Turmeric Powder

  • There are high curcumin turmeric powders. Then there are low curcumin turmeric powders.
  • The high curcumin powders have greater efficacy. But they tend to be costlier.
  • There are turmeric powders that are organic.
  • Then we have others that are not organic.
  • Organic powders tend to have greater appeal.
  • But they cost more: with people on lower budgets often having to make do with those that are not organic.
  • We have pure turmeric powders.
  • Then we have others in which the turmeric is mixed with other substances.

How to consume Turmeric Powder?

There are two ways in which you can use turmeric powder.

  • The first is where you use it as a spice (in cooking). If you are using it as a spice, you will need to follow the recipe instructions. They may typically entail adding the powder in the course of sautéing cooking processes.
  • But there are also cases where the powder is supposed to be added in the course of deep-frying.
  • In other recipes, you add the powder to already cooked dishes on the table.
  • The second is where you use it as a remedy.
  • Where you are using the powder as a remedy, you normally need to add it to water.
  • Then you consume it in the required quantities and at the required frequency, to get the desired health benefits.

Buying guide for Turmeric Powder

There are four things that you need to pay attention to while buying turmeric powder.

  • First of all, consider the product’s purity. Go for a powder that has a high level of purity.
  • Secondly, consider the product’s packaging. Go for a powder whose packaging preserves freshness.
  • Thirdly, consider the product’s shelf life. Ideally, go for a powder that was recently ground (and still has lots of freshness).
  • Finally, consider the product’s price. Ensure that the turmeric powder you buy is one whose price is good value for money.

List of Top 10 Best Turmeric Powders in India-Buyers Guide

1. Carmel Organics Turmeric Root Powder

What you get here is 1.2 kg powder. The product is USDA certified.

Carmel Organics Turmeric Root Powder


  • This is organic Haldi turmeric powder
  • Quantity is good enough for most people’s needs
  • Versatile (ideal for use in a wide array of recipes and remedies)


  • Some may find the packaging to be a bit inconvenient
  • The price is on the higher side for some


2. Pushp Brand Turmeric Powder Pouch

This is 100% pure and natural, according to the vendor. Quantity is 1.1 kg.

Pushp Brand Turmeric Powder Pouch


  • The price is reasonable for the quality and quantity
  • The Haldi powder Packaging preserves freshness
  • The texture is rather smooth


  • The aroma may be overwhelming for some
  • Has a limited shelf life


3. VASANT Turmeric Powder

Quantity is 1 kg. Comes in ready to use form.

VASANT Turmeric Powder


  • Haldi Powder Color is bright yellow (as one would expect in genuine turmeric)
  • Also ideal for use as a cooling spice in summer
  • Price is reasonable


  • Some may find the texture not fine enough
  • Requires careful handling after pouch’s first time opening


4. Marwar Turmeric Haldi Powder

This is Agmark grade powder. The quantity is one kilo.

Marwar Turmeric Haldi Powder


  • This Haldi Powder has a high purity
  • The packaging is inspiring
  • Price is low for this quality and quantity


  • Some may find the aroma overwhelming
  • There is a limit to this product’s shelf-life


5. Bliss of Earth Organic Lakadong Turmeric Powder

Comes with a high curcumin level. The amount is 1 kg.

Bliss of Earth Organic Lakadong Turmeric Powder


  • The color is authentic
  • The texture is very fine
  • Packaging is of high quality


  • The price is relatively high
  • There may be a limit to the types of recipes in which this powder can be used



What you get here are two sachets, each with 1 kg powder. Turmeric in this case is a product of low temperature grinding process.



  • Quantity (at 2 kg) is adequate for most people’s needs
  • The product is allergen-free
  • Suitable for vegetarian use


  • The price may be beyond the reach of some
  • May require special storage once one opens the sachet


7. Aashirvaad Turmeric Power

This product prides itself on being pure and natural. The quantity is 500 grams.

Aashirvaad Turmeric Power


  • The powder is very finely ground
  • Aroma is authentic
  • Price is within most people’s reach


  • Quantity is only 500 grams
  • The packaging is quite basic


8. Adani Spices Turmeric Powder Selam

Coarse ground turmeric powder. Quantity is one full kg.

Adani Spices Turmeric Powder Selam


  • The level of curcumin is high
  • The color is deep yellow
  • Versatile (suitable for use in multiple recipes)


  • Some may find the turmeric particles rather large
  • Shelf life is only 8 months


9. Maharaja 100% Pure Turmeric Powder

This is another high curcumin turmeric product. It prides itself on not having any added flavors or colors.

Maharaja 100% Pure Turmeric Powder


  • Haldi Powder Price is quite low for the given quantity
  • Aroma has authenticity
  • Ideal for use in cooking as well as a medical remedy


  • Packaging is basic
  • Some may feel that the powder particles are quite coarse


10. TSG Masala Turmeric Powder

What you get here is one full kg of turmeric. The Haldi Powder is flavor-locked.

TSG Masala Turmeric Powder


  • It has authentic turmeric color
  • Quite finely ground
  • Price is reasonable


  • May require storage in an airtight container after opening the package
  • Shelf life is limited



Turmeric powder can give you various benefits: whether you use it as a spice or as a medical remedy. This guide empowers you to make the best possible choice while shopping for turmeric powder.


What is turmeric powder good for?

It is ideal for use in cooking and as a medical remedy for certain ailments.

What is the best way to take turmeric powder?

You may mix it with water or use it as a spice when it is added to various dishes.

What is the price of turmeric powder?

Prices mostly range from 120 to 550 rupees, depending on the quantity and quality.