Best Tubeless Tyres in India-Buyers Guide

The tubeless tyre has a longer life because of its tread design. Also, the tubeless scooter tyre has better road grip and handling. You can find compatible tires for Honda, Suzuki, Hero, Maestro, and other brands. These use tread patterns that have less rubber scrapping. Therefore, you can ride for more mileages and without any worries about punctures. The tubeless tyre price is affordable. Most of the tires manufacture in India and come with warranties. These are best for city, urban, and rural areas. Some use parallel groove design for better grip and road safety. Also check the buyer’s guide for the Tubeless tyre Puncture repair kits, Vacuum Pumps & car air Pumps in India.

Top 10 Best Tubeless Tyres in India

List of Tubeless Tyres

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1. Ceat Milaze Tubeless Tyre Ceat-Milaze-Tubeless-Scooter
2. Michelin City Pro Michelin City Pro
3. JK Tyre BLAZE BA22 JK Tyre BLAZE BA22
5. Ceat Zoom D Scooter Tyre Ceat Zoom D Tubeless Scooter Tyre
6. MRF Nylogrip Zapper MRF Nylogrip Zapper
7. Ralco Speed Blaster Ralco Speed Blaster
8. MRF Mogrip Moto-D MRF Mogrip Moto-D
9. Metro Conti Zip Metro Conti Zip
10. TVS Euro grip TVS Eurogrip

Features of Tubeless Tyre

  • The tubeless tyre for scooters or Bikes in India comes from many top manufacturers.
  • These have firm road grips and tread designs that add to road safety.
  • Also, there are the shoulder patterns for the treads.
  • So, you can ride the scooter in urban or rural areas.
  • The tubeless scooter tyre passes many sturdiness tests.
  • Plus, these come with up to six years of warranty.
  • Some have a rounded shoulder style, and others provide better road tractions.
  • There are also scooter tires that use more rubber mass for endurance.
  • You can buy these with comfort because of the economical tubeless tyre price.

Types of Tubeless Tyres

  • The tubeless tyre comes in different tread designs, rubber mass, and grooves.
  • There is a tubeless scooter tyre with a groove design that helps in better drainage.
  • You will find tires that provide a higher road grip for making turns at higher speeds.
  • Some have sophisticated styles for these that have better agility.
  • Also, there are scooter tires with new compounds that increase road grip.
  • The tires also come in wide or thinner diameters.
  • All of the tires come with warranties.
  • There are nylon materials and rubber materials for these tires.

Buyers Guide for Tubeless Tyre

  • Most of the Bike tyres are compatible with brands like Hero Maestro, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha.
  • However, you can check if the tubeless tyre is fit for your scooter model before buying.
  • The tubeless scooter tyre comes for both the front and the rear.
  • If you drive in wet road conditions, then you can use less wide tires.
  • It is because these have better drainage designs.
  • However, if you make a lot of turns and drive fast, use wide tires.
  • The wider tires do make the vehicle consume more fuel.
  • The top ten list has the best recommendations with a budget-friendly tubeless tyre price.

How to use Tubeless Tyre?

  • When you plan to buy a tubeless tire for the scooter, check its compatibility.
  • There are different tread and groove designs.
  • These let you drive the scooter on dry or wet roads.
  • Also, there are tires with nylon and rubber materials.
  • The nylon tires are best for all types of roads.
  • Some tires use extra rubber to prolong their life.
  • Thus, there have warranties of up to five or more years.
  • The narrower tires are best for rainy areas and the wide tires for high-speed vehicles.
  • Some even use zing zag groove styles for stability.
  • So, you can use a tire design that is according to your demands.

List of Top 10 Best Tubeless Tyres in India-Buyers Guide

1. Ceat Milaze Tubeless Tyre

Ceat Milaze tyre is a 90mm size scooter tire with a 10-inch rim. There are higher NSD with connected blocks. Also, it is compatible with Hero, Yamaha, Suzuki, and other brands.

Ceat Milaze Tubeless Tyre


  • CEAT tyre has a higher NSD.
  • There is a continuous center groove.
  • The tire has an excellent road grip.
  • There are wider grooves.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • The tire is wide.


2. Michelin City Pro

The Michelin tubeless scooter tyre has a 90mm size with a 53 load index rating. It has an attractive tread design with high performance.

Michelin City Pro


  • The tire has a long life.
  • It is compatible with many scooter brands.
  • There is an increased grip for better safety.


  • It is without a rim.
  • Some scooter brands are not compatible.


3. JK Tyre BLAZE BA22

JK Tyre uses optimization for the treads. There are big and spacious center blocks with more rubber mass.



  • It has better tire mileage.
  • There is slighter rubber shuffling.
  • The road grip is outstanding.


  • Wider tires consume more fuel.
  • It is best for urban, city, and rural driving.



There is a 7mm tread depth for this TVS tubeless scooter tyre. So, it has a better grip for all urban and rural applications.



  • There are parallel groves for the best drainage.
  • The shoulder has a round shape.
  • It has a bold and rugged pattern.


  • It is not a wide tire.
  • There is no universal compatibility.


5. Ceat Zoom D Tubeless Scooter Tyre

The Ceat Zoom D tubeless tyre uses a continuous zig-zag tread design. Taking corner turns and driving is better because of connected grooves.

Ceat Zoom D Tubeless Scooter Tyre


  • It has a zig-zag groove.
  • The rubber has more mass.
  • Handling is better.


  • The more tire width consumes fuel.
  • It is pricey.


6. MRF Nylogrip Zapper

MRF Nylogrip zapper is a front tubeless scooter tyre with a complex groove structure. Also, it has large tread sections.

MRF Nylogrip Zapper


  • It has more agility.
  • The water drains fast.
  • It provides a comfortable ride.


  • You can use it for the front.
  • The tire is pricey.


7. Ralco Speed Blaster

The Ralco tubeless tyre is compatible with all terrains. It has a shoulder pattern for making easy turns. Also, it is best for wet roads. There is a cool compound technology that extends its life and durability.

Ralco Speed Blaster


  • Ralco Tyres has a better road grip.
  • The water drains fast.
  • You can drive on wet roads with comfort.
  • There is a unique cool compound technology.


  • The tire is expensive.
  • It is no compatible with all scooter brands.


8. MRF Mogrip Moto-D

There are brands of scooters that are compatible with it. Also, it has excellent traction and grip. Therefore, it is a high-performance tubeless scooter tyre.

MRF Mogrip Moto-D


  • The tire has better traction.
  • MRF tyres is compatible with many scooter models.
  • There are large tread sections.


  • You can use it for the rear.
  • It is a bit pricey.


9. Metro Conti Zip

Metro Conti zip tyre uses its design from Germany and manufactures in India. There is a new compound for better grip. Also, it has a long life and passes many road tests.

Metro Conti Zip


  • The carcass structure is better.
  • Metro Tyres has a long life.
  • The drive is stable.


  • There is no tube.
  • You have to fit the tube inside.


10. TVS Euro grip

You can use it for a Raksha or a scooter. It is best for mid and high-powered scooters.

TVS Eurogrip


  • TVS Tyres provides better maneuverability.
  • There is quicker water drainage.
  • The grooves use optimization.


  • The size is 70mm.
  • You have to fit the tire.



There are many tread and carcass designs for a tubeless tyre. Also, these have compounds and grooves for better road grips. There will be no sudden air loss when the tire receives a puncture. Therefore, you can use the tubeless scooter tyre to cover some mileage. Another benefit of these is that the tubeless tyre price is affordable. Thus, you can check the top ten list for the best tires.


Do tubeless Tyres get punctured?

Yes, these get punctures. However, you can still drive at low speed because there is no sudden air loss.

Which is better, tube or tubeless TYRE?

The tubeless tyre price is budge-friendly, and it has more benefits.

What is the price of the tubeless tyres?             

The price is between 900 INR to 2,000 INR.