Best Trolley Bags in India-Buyers Guide

A trolley bag is the one that makes the difference when you are traveling. You have to pick the standard bags and have to walk around until you put them down. Quite exhausting! But you only need to wheel the trolley bag. Well, this is just basic science. The same suitcase is put on wheels. And the wheels make it easier to move and sway with the luggage. Further, trolley luggage bags are over 100 years old. Here we have listed the Gym Bags, Duffle Bags, School Bags, School Bags for girls, laptop bags, air pillows, sleeping bags, blankets in India.

Since 1887 some baggage experts were trying to put the luggage on wheels. But they were never able to commercially introduce their discovery. Although their designs were good enough. But they required over a couple of people to pull the trolley. After a series of efforts, finally, in 1970, the present-day trolley bag was introduced.

Top 10 Best Trolley Bags in India-Buyers Guide

List of the best trolley luggage bags Check at Amazon
1. Mi Trolley Luggage Bag  Mi-Hardsided-Cabin
2. Nasher Miles 55cm Black Bag  Nasher-Miles-Lombard
3. American Tourister Trolley Bag American-Tourister-Polyester1
4. Safari Blue Polyester Trolley Bag  Safari Polyester Luggage
5. SAMSONITE Astra Trolley bag  SAMSONITE-Polycarbonate-Luggage
6. Skybags Trooper Trolley Bag  Skybags-Polycarbonate-Hardsided
7. VIP Tryst Polyester Ink Blue Bag  VIP-Polyester-Softsided
8. Aristocrat Juke Trolley Luggage Bag  Aristocrat-Polycarbonate-Suitcase
9. Kamiliant by American Tourister Trolley bag  Kamiliant-Trolley-Luggage
10. BagsRUs Matte Luggage Bag  BagsRUs-Polyester-Bag

Buyers Guide – Trolley Bag

There are a few things that you should consider when buying a trolley bag.

  • First, the bags are always different for every trip. The everyday journey to the office requires a different bag. And moving to another city on a short trip required a different type. So, first, consider the luggage you need to carry. How big a bag would cover all the items? Ascertain the weight and then look for a bag.
  • The expandable trolley luggage bags can accommodate a large amount of luggage.
  • But they are limited to a certain weight. If you have picked a bag, check for its manufacturer. Check the reviews about them and the terms of service.
  • Price cannot always guarantee quality. At times some expensive bags could not last for long.
  • On the other hand, some cheap bags do a fine job.
  • When you are picking up a trolley luggage bag, you need to check a few things. Like the quality of the wheels, stitch type or material, and the handle strength and grip. These matter a lot in the trolley bags.
  • The wheels should be smooth and drive easily. After putting the luggage the handle should have a slight elasticity, but not bent.
  • And the bag should have TSA locks for better protection.

Features of Trolley Bags 

A trolley bag may have plenty of features depending on its size and price.

  1. Basically, the main feature of a trolley bag is its wheels. The wheels make traveling quite easy.
  2. Especially, when the luggage is to be transported from one terminal to another.
  3. The trolley luggage bag just needs to be wheeled instead of carrying it.
  4. Further, some pricey bags have additional features. Such as they have expandable columns to add more luggage if needed.
  5. Also, many of the modern bags are equipped with TSA locks.
  6. This protects the luggage to be opened anonymously.
  7. Ahead of that, some trolley luggage bags are made for commercial traveling. They include multiple shells to keep the luggage safe and protected over a span of time.

Types of Trolley Bags

Various styles and fashion entities combine to form the types of trolley bags.

Vintage Bag

It is a standard trolley bag but with a retro appearance. Similarly, the tote bags are the lightweight version of a trolley bag.

Trolley Hand Bag

Further, the women’s collection includes the trolley handbags. It is a large woman purse attached to wheels and a handle.

Shopper’s Trolley Bag

Then comes the shopper’s trolley bag. It is an environmentally friendly solution to reduce plastic shopping bags.

Egg-shaped Bag

Ahead of that are the egg-shaped bags. These serve as school bags for kids. Well, if a duffle bag is put on wheels, it becomes a duffle trolley luggage bag.

Swivel Bag

Further, the swivel bags are the modern shape of the trolley bags. They can spin 360o on their base. This means no carrying is required to turn the bag. Just twist it.

Why Trolley Bags are preferred?

A trolley bag works in a very simple way. Indeed it has helped moving luggage a lot. And there is plenty of easy-to-move luggage in a trolley bag. Well, there is a basic science involved in the trolley luggage bag operation. It is called the wheelbarrow movement. A wheelbarrow is pushed forward with the load added to it.

But a trolley bag is pulled from behind with luggage in it. Some great physicists made the wheelbarrow theory applicable to luggage after the world began to travel a lot.

The handle in the trolley luggage bag serves as the lever. The actual weight remains the same. But the handle reduces the tension. Further, the weight to power ratio should balance. That is why there is a weight capacity for each bag. If the weight increases, the wheels will not move. And if the power increases, the wheels can damage.

List of Top 10 Best Trolley Bags in India-Buyers Guide

We have assembled a list of the top 10 trolley bags. Review them and choose the best one for you:

1. Mi Cabin Luggage Trolley Bag

This is the perfect option for those who prefer lively colors and modern features. Mi Luggage Trolley Bag is another suitcase style bag on our list. There are plenty of cool colors available in this bag. And the colors like grey and black make it count amid the VIP trolley bags. Further, there are cool features added to this bag. Like the handle, the height is adjustable at four points.

Ahead of that, the Mi Cabin Luggage Trolley Luggage Bag features the TSA standard advanced security lock. The external polycarbonate covering is 55 cm thick. And inside it has dual luggage storage compartments.Mi Trolley Bag Red 55cms Hardsided Cabin Luggage


  • Mi Trolley luggage bag main features include Hard Casing, TSA-approved lock, Lightweight scratch-resistant Honeycomb design, and High-quality spinner wheels.
  • This bag has 4 adjustable handle height settings.
  • It is a pretty lightweight bag and carrying it along is quite easy.
  • The scratch and wear-resistant surface keep the bag new for a long time.


  • There is only a 1-year manufacturer warranty available. It is quite less compared to many other products.
  • This is not compatible with carrying the laptop.
  • Also, this bag is not water-resistant.

Mi Luggage Bag

2. Nasher Miles 55cm Black Trolley Bag Lombard Polycarbonate Cabin

This is a polycarbonate cabin luggage bag. Nasher Trolley Bag is available in 5 different colors. Namely, they are black, blue, grey, maroon and white. Further, the outer covering is 55 cm thick. As per the manufacturer, the bag is designed for international traveling where luggage needs to be taken care of quite proactively.

Well, designing is fabulous. The zig-zag stripes on the front make it look stylish and modern. Ahead of that, it has a total capacity of 40 liters. Additional benefits include hard shell covering and water resistance.Nasher Miles 55cm Black Trolley Bag Lombard Hard-Sided Polycarbonate Cabin


  • Nasher Trolley Bag main features include Spacious main compartment, Water Resistant, Fully lined roomy interiors with the down straps, Seamless top carry handle, and a zippered divider
  • The color options make it easier to pick the right color of your choice.
  • Corner guards protect the bag from wearing and tearing.
  • Also, it keeps the luggage safe.


  • Its durability is a bit at stake. Regular usage can damage the wheels.

Nasher Miles Bag

3. American Tourister Polyester Blue 55 cms Cruze Spinner Hardsided Suitcase Trolley Bag

This bag from the American Tourister adds VIP status to the baggage. American Tourister trolley bags are styled the modern way. And alongside they are added with the needed features to make the luggage safe.

Well, this American Tourister Cruze Spinner bag also has the capacity to store 110 liters of luggage. Further, these bags are water-resistant and even have a harder sheet.American Tourister Polyester 55 cms Cruze Spinner Blue Hardsided Suitcase Trolley Bag


  • American Tourister Trolley Luggage Bag’s main features include Hard Casing, Number Lock, Wear Resistant, Water Resistance, and Water Proof
  • The covering outer design is good and stylish.
  • The 55 cm hard-sided ABS covering offers safety to your luggage.


  • The wheels on American Tourister Cruze Spinner’s quality is low.
  • And this is not suitable for carrying a laptop.

American Tourister Trolley Bag

4. Safari Blue Polyester Trolley Bag Softsided 65 cms Check-in Luggage

Most people love to travel simply. They do not fancy any VIP trolley bags. Instead, they love to get simple polyester bags like the Safari 65 cms trolley luggage bag. The Safari luggage bag is available in a decent blue color with a soft casing. It can accommodate up to 90 liters of luggage. That is a pretty huge amount to carry.

And all those who plan long trips prefer this kind of bag. Well, the Safari luggage trolley bags look simple. But it has plenty of features to pack luggage. Like it has a separate garment section.Safari Blue Polyester Trolley Bag Softsided Check-in Luggage 65 cms


  • Safari trolley bag main features include Soft Casing, Internal Garment Section, Expandable trolley, 3 Dial Combination Fixed Lock and Detailed Interiors with Corner Guards
  • The huge capacity(90 liters) allows packing luggage for a fortnight-long trip.
  • Safari Bag comes with 5 Years International Warranty
  • The triple-dial combination lock offers additional safety to keep the luggage safe.


  • This is not compatible with carrying the laptop.
  • Also, this bag is neither water-resistant nor wear-resistant.
  • Everyone does not like a blue color trolley bag. Some prefer even lighter colors.

Safari Trolley Bag

5. SAMSONITE 55 cms Astra Polycarbonate Trolley bag with Graphite Grey Hardsided Cabin

Here comes another option from the VIP trolley bags. The Samsonite Astra is surely a bit expensive. But its quality matches its price. Well, Astra is a 41-liter polycarbonate trolley luggage bag. Further, the outer surface is 55 cm thick which is potentially quite enough to protect the luggage. Well, the design is perfect and the shape is fantastic.SAMSONITE Astra Polycarbonate 55 cms Trolley bag witrh Graphite Grey Hardsided Cabin


  • Samsonite Trolley Bag main features include Hard Casing, Polycarbonate Material, Expander & Practical Interior and Mass Appeal Glossy Finishing Colors
  • Astra has the TSA advanced security lock feature for additional safety.
  • Three years manufacturer warranty is sufficient to cover the major portion of the useful life of Astra.


  • No laptops, no worries, but Astra is too expensive.

SAMSONITE Polycarbonate Luggage Bag

6. Skybags Trooper Trolley Bag with Polycarbonate Blue Hardsided Cabin

The polycarbonate bags offer comprehensive protection to the luggage. The Skybags polycarbonate bag has a 55 cm thick sheet of covering. Further, it has the capacity to accommodate 28 liters of luggage. Additionally, it comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Alongside this, the bag is durable and could serve on long journeys. Ahead of that, it is only available in a single design. It is purely a luggage carrier. And it does not have any slot for the laptops.Skybags Trooper Trolley Bag with Polycarbonate Blue Hardsided Cabin


  • Skybags trolley bag main features include 360° Rotating Wheels, Stainless Steel Strolly, Premium Polycarbonate, and Adjustable Straps.
  • Micro-Diamond Finish in the outer side is helpful in Scratch-Resistance and reduced scraping visibility.
  • The thick covering provides added safety for luggage movement.
  • And the cross strap holds the luggage firmly in the order you put it.


  • TSA advanced security locks are not featured in this trolley luggage bag.
  • This is not a water-resistant bag.

Skybags Trolley Bag Polycarbonate

7. VIP Tryst Ink Blue 55 cms Polyester Trolley Bag with Softsided Cabin

VIP Trolley bags with a variety of sizes increase the option for the consumers. Standard size is not always suitable. Instead, some need bigger bags and some can do with the smaller ones. Well, the VIP Tryst polyester trolley luggage bag is available in 3 sizes. The smallest being of 30 liters. The medium bags have a capacity of 42 liters. And the large can store 97 liters.VIP Tryst Polyester Ink Blue 55 cms with Softsided Cabin Luggage


  • VIP Trysat Trolley bag’s main features include Fixed Combination Lock, Soft Casing, Corner Guards, Butterfly Lock, and Extra Volume\
  • The variety of size and color options gives a wide room for selection to the consumers.
  • An expendable luggage section is a handy feature to adjust additional luggage.


  • The wear and tear resistance of polyester is quite vulnerable.

VIP Polyester Softsided Trolley

8. Aristocrat Juke Trolley Luggage Bag 65 cms Polycarbonate Grey Hard-Sided Cabin

A lot of people prefer getting a suitcase carrying luggage. Aristocrat brings them an easy solution for their traveling needs in Juke. It is a suitcase-style trolley luggage bag with 52 liters of capacity. Travelling becomes easier with the wheels to move and a handle to tote. Further, the manufacturer gives 5 years warranty for this product.

Alongside, the thick 65 cms polycarbonate sheet ensures that your luggage is in safe hands. Ahead of that, Juke comes in an elegant grey color. It is equally liked by men and women.Aristocrat Juke Bag 65 cms Polycarbonate Grey Hard Sided Suitcase


  • Aristocrat trolley bag main features include hard casing, scratch resistance textured surface, fixed combination lock, stylish exteriors with sturdy spinners
  • The scratch-resistant surface keeps Juke fresh for a long time. It appears new and elegant every time you take it along.
  • Its smart dimensions make it suitable for every type of transport.
  • And the storage is spacious and convi-pack for convenient packing


  • The outer surface may get a crack if not handled with care.
  • This is neither water-resistant nor wear-resistant.

Aristocrat Trolley Luggage Bag Suitcase

9. Kamiliant by American Tourister 26 inch Aquamarine Trolley bag Softsided

The soft-top trolley luggage bags are stylish and quite attractive. Kamila by American Tourister is a retro-style soft-top bag. Well, Kamiliant has a 67 cms polycarbonate structure at the exterior. And inside it measures 45 liters. It means you get enough space to carry along the trip’s luggage.

Further, Kamiliant comes in a cool aquamarine shade. Ahead of that, the dual luggage compartments are good to settle the luggage in order.Kamiliant by American Tourister 26 inch Aquamarine bag Zaka Polyester Aquamarine Softsided


  • Kamiliant Trolley bag main features include Soft Casing, Premium 2 tone fabric, Expandability option for extra space, branded push-button and handle.
  • The four wheels make the movement easy and quite comfortable.
  • This is wear-resistant and best for any travel adventure.
  • Also, the expandable compartments make the luggage storage convenient.


  • Laptops cannot be carried in Kamiliant luggage bags.
  • And this is not a water-resistant bag.

Kamiliant Trolley Luggage Bag

10. BagsRUs 48 cms Matte Polyester Trolley Bag with Black Softsided Carry-On Cabin

The polyester bags are quite stylish and attractive. BagRUs Matte polyester trolley bag is one of the fine VIP trolley luggage bags. The external covering is made of 48 cms thick polyester sheet. And inside it has 36 liters of capacity. Further, there are three compartments to properly align the luggage.

And the handle height is adjustable. The soft mate bags look very nice. And the walk becomes graceful with such bags.BagsRUs Matte Polyester 48 cms Bag with Black Softsided Carry-On Cabin


  • BagsRus trolley bag main features include Soft Casing, Extendable Handle, Water Resistant Polyester material, and Perfect Travel Companion
  • The zip closure is an easy way to open and close the bag.
  • The key lock adds the requisite safety to secure the luggage.


  • The bag is not wear-resistant and has prone to sharp surfaces.
  • This trolley luggage bag is not suitable for a laptop.
  • And also not wear-resistant too

BagsRUs Trolley

Finally, you have successfully reviewed the Top 10 Best Trolley Bags. So, it should be easy for you to determine which trolley bag will meet your requirements. The quality guarantees you durability which may take over years.

First of all, you need to check the features of the most popular trolley bags in the market before purchasing. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the trolley luggage bags along with valuable benefits.