The toothpick is a highly beneficial tool for proper tooth care. It is quite annoying to have food stuck between teeth. The ignorance in maintaining oral health can cause us tooth issues including tooth decay and cavities.

It is better to take care of our teeth rather than going to the dentist with a bad toothache. With time the food particle causes the production of bacteria that leads to cavities.

Therefore, the importance of taking out the food particles goes without saying so is the importance of toothpick.

Top 10 Best Toothpicks Brand in India

List of toothpicks

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1. BAMBOOOZ Bamboo Skewer Stick Bamboooz disposable-bamb
2. Norpro Wood Toothpicks Norpro-360
3. Tulips Wooden Toothpicks Tulips-Wooden 250-reusable
4. Toothpicks by Tea Tree Therapy oothpicks tea-tree-ther
5. Tea Tree Therapy Menthol Toothpicks Therapy-Menthol
6. Gmark Premium Toothpicks okeshi-Toothp
7. Auromere Ayurvedic Toothpicks,
8. Creative Converting Toothpicks Creative-Convert
9. Tea Tree Toothpicks 6702-Tea
10. Origami Toothpicks Origami 500

Buyers Guide – Toothpick

Toothpicks are essential to use especially after having meals. To ensure the proper hygiene of your teeth you must purchase the right pack of toothpicks.

  • The length of the sticks is an important fact.
  • You should go for the length that you are comfortable with.
  • And the end should not be sharp enough to hurt your gum.
  • The toothpick should not contain any preservatives or chemicals.
  • Natural toothpicks provide the services to your teeth.
  • The colorful toothpicks are good for party or event use as they provide a fine impression.
  • And the menthol flavor toothpick is a good option to try for freshening up your mouth after a meal.

Features of Toothpick

  • A toothpick is generally made of wood, bamboo, and plastic.
  • It is a tiny and thin stick that comes with one or two pointed ends.
  • These picks come in a plastic compartment in a decent number.
  • The main purpose of toothpick has always been dental hygiene.
  • Besides that, it is also used to serve appetizers and hold other foods.
  • Some of the toothpicks come with no taste while you can find flavored toothpicks.

Types of Toothpicks

  • A vast number of companies commercially produce toothpicks.
  • You can commonly find packs of 100, 200, 250, 300, and 500 toothpicks.
  • Most people use wood-made toothpicks.
  • Bamboo toothpicks are also famous among people.
  • A fewer number of people prefer plastic toothpicks.
  • You can find multicolor toothpicks and they are best to use in parties and events.

How to use a Toothpick

  1. Take out the food particles stuck between the teeth with the pointed end of the toothpick.
  2. You can use the toothpick to hold appetizers, fruits, and other foods.
  3. Some of the toothpicks need to be kept in water for 10 min to provide the best use.
  4. Lastly, follow the instructions of the particular pack that you buy.

List of Top 10 Best Toothpick Brands in India

Here we bring you a list of the top 10 toothpicks.

1. Bambooz Bamboo Skewer Stick

This pack contains 8 Inches length of 100 toothpicks.BAMBOOOZ Bamboo Skewer Stick


  • Made of high-grade Bamboo.
  • The toothpicks are 100% natural and free of any chemical.
  • Don’t get burned easily.


  • Some of the toothpicks come in a slightly different size.


2. Norpro 360 Wood Toothpick

This product comes with 360 wooden toothpicks.Norpro Wood Toothpicks


  • Easily cleans the food particles.
  • The toothpicks are sturdy and the tips are sharp enough.
  • Good to use with snacks.


  • According to the reviews, there is not an issue with the toothpicks.


3. Tulips Wooden Toothpicks

The 3 packs contain each of 250 sticks.Tulips Wooden Toothpicks


  • Made of rich-quality Birchwood.
  • Comes in a reusable container.
  • Easily cleans the food particles.


  • According to the reviews, there is not an issue with the toothpicks.


4. Toothpicks by Tea Tree Therapy

This pack contains 100 wooden toothpicks.Toothpicks by Tea Tree Therapy


  • Leaves a minty and cinnamon taste after use.
  • Made of good quality softwood.
  • Helps you to overcome nicotine.


  • Not suitable for people who prefer tasteless toothpicks.


5. Tea Tree Therapy- Tea Tree and Menthol Toothpicks

Each of the 6 packs contains 100 toothpicks.Tea Tree Therapy Menthol Toothpicks


  • The toothpicks contain antibacterial components.
  • Comes with a minty and cinnamon taste.
  • Freshens up your mouth.
  • Helps you to overcome nicotine.


  • Not suitable for people who prefer tasteless toothpicks.


6. Gmark Premium 4” Kokeshi Toothpicks

Each of the 2 packs contains 250 toothpicks.Gmark Premium Toothpicks


  • Cleans the food particles easily.
  • The tip is sharp enough.
  • Made of high-quality white Birchwood.
  • Great to use with appetizers.


  • According to the reviews, there is not an issue with the toothpicks.


7. Auromere Ayurvedic Toothpicks

The pack contains 100 wooden toothpicks with neem bark extract.Auromere Ayurvedic Toothpicks,


  • Comes in natural flavor.
  • Freshens up your mouth.
  • Useful to quit smoking.


  • Not suitable for people who prefer tasteless toothpicks.


8. Creative Converting Party Picks

This pack contains 300 colorful toothpicks.Creative Converting Toothpicks


  • Comes in bright colors.
  • Cleans the food particles easily.
  • Great to use with appetizers.


  • Not for people who prefer 100% natural wooden toothpicks.


9. Tea Tree Toothpicks

The pack contains 100 toothpicks.Tea Tree Toothpicks


  • Leaves a minty aftertaste.
  • Made of good quality wood.
  • Helps you to overcome nicotine.
  • Cleans the food particles easily.


  • Not suitable for people who prefer tasteless toothpicks.


10. Orgami Toothpicks

The pack contains 500 wooden toothpicks.Origami Toothpicks


  • Cost-effective.
  • Cleans the food particles easily.
  • Made of good quality wood.


  • The toothpicks are not sturdy enough.



Beautiful and healthy teeth boost our confidence level up to 2X. We must maintain oral health on a mandatory basis in our day to day life.


Is it good to use toothpicks?

Yes, toothpicks are essential to use to maintain dental hygiene properly. To avoid picking your tooth and to get rid of the annoyance of stuck foods toothpicks are best to use.

Why do people chew toothpicks?

Chewing toothpicks is a common habit. Though a lot of people find it tacky but some people are fond of chewing toothpicks after use. Some people find it useful to overcome smoking.

How much does a toothpick cost?

Toothpicks are generally sold in packs containing 100, 200, 300, and 500 toothpicks. The cost differs from one variety to another.

Are toothpicks toxic?

No, toothpicks are produced ensuring the safety of use. They come in different flavors and varieties. But the safety issue remains mandatory.