Best Toilet Papers in India – Buyers Guide

The toilet paper is our best friend while we are on our bathroom throne. Everybody knows how important a good quality toilet roll is. And let’s not forget how useful tissue paper is as well in different situations. However, not all the toilet rolls and tissue papers have a decent quality.

Some may even irritate our skin, which is not so pleasant. So here you will find out 10 of the best tissue and paper roll products. They will make sure you don’t regret you have used them. Since they are supposed to provide good quality while being used, the price may also raise a little. However, it is worth it.

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Best Top Toilet Papers in India

List of the best toilet papers Check at Amazon
1. Amazon Presto Toilet Paper Roll Amazon-Brand-Presto
2. Amazon Brand Solimo Toilet Paper Roll Amazon-Brand-Solimo
3. Jackson Pack of 10 Toilet Tissue Paper Roll ackson-Bathroom-Tissue
4. Origami Reusable and Washable Wipes Nonwoven Origami-Nonwoven
5. Origami So Soft Toilet Tissue Origami-So-Soft
6. Tshot Toilet Papers Rolls tshot-toilet
7. Selpak Toilet Tissue Roll Selpak-Toilet-Roll
8. Kleenex Bathroom Tissue kleenex-ultra
9. Fluf White Bathroom Toilet Paper fluff-toilet
10. Tempo Cotton Touch Toilet Tissue Tempo-Toilet

Buyers Guide – Toilet Paper

Now that you know the types of toilet paper, you need to ask yourself another question. That question is: How do I know I have found the best toilet paper?

So here you have a couple of tips to consider while looking for a toilet roll:

  1. Make sure the toilet paper doesn’t have chlorine. Chlorine is very dangerous for the environment because it pollutes the air and water.
  2. Let’s save nature! Try to always look for recycled toilet paper, as it doesn’t require a tree to be cut for it.
  3. Be aware of the number of plies. Most of the time they range from 1-4 plies.
  4. Check the number of sheets on each roll. You don’t want to buy a very expensive toilet paper, just to run without it within 2 days!
  5. Take some time to find a soft toilet paper. You don’t want to buy a rough paper that can irritate your intimate parts.
  6. A good toilet paper should not be pierced very easily. The reason for this is that it can break apart and leave your hand vulnerable.
  7. This is not as important, but check how easy it is to tear the sheet roll from its perforation.

Features of Toilet Paper: 

A good quality toilet paper is very gentle on your private body spots.

Safe: It makes sure it doesn’t hurt or irritate sensitive skin.

Functionality: It cleans the whole mess you created down there. This is the best way to ensure hygiene and elegance.

Easy to Tear: The paper is easily torn from the paper roll. Also, it is soft, but very resistant, even after it was wet. It ensures it doesn’t break apart when you use it.

Multipurpose: A good tissue paper can be used for multiple purposes. Some of them are: blowing your nose, absorbing water, clean our mouths while eating, etc.

Easily Dissolve: It dissolves in water. This is a safety measure so that it doesn’t plug our toilets, which would be inconvenient.

Types of Toilet Papers:

It may sound crazy, but there is not only one type of toilet paper. Actually, the production is quite high. And so, there are 2 main categories of toilet paper on the market. And those are the standard toilet paper and the recycled one.

But the three different types of toilet paper are the following:

  • The low-tier toilet paper: It is made from 1-2 plies, it’s cheap and rough. It is not a good experience at all. Maybe use it for absorbing water.
  • The medium-tier toilet paper: This one is made with a different, better texture. It is soft, with 2 quality plies and has great durability.
  • The high, premium-tier toilet roll: The most comfortable paper, with 2-4 plies. It may have wax in composition so that it is softer than the usual toilet paper. Of course, it has great durability as well.

How Toilet Paper Works?

This seems at first a bit useless since most people know how to use toilet paper. However, you will find out there are some who actually don’t know how to do it. The reason for it is that some people have bidets in their homes that deprive them of using paper.

But what happens when you travel and have no bidets in your room’s bathroom? What do you do? Well, here is a step by step guide to toilet paper usage:

  • Tear some toilet paper from the toilet roll.
  • Don’t raise yourself from the toilet yet.
  • Take the toilet paper and fold it one or two times, so that it doesn’t break apart.
  • Bring your hand all the way to your intimate parts.
  • Start wiping with your dominant hand by using the pointer, middle, and ring finger.
  • Repeat a couple of times so that it is completely clean.
  • Throw the paper in the toilet or in the trash can. It depends if the paper can dissolve itself in water.
  • Wash your hands to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Top 10 List of Toilet Papers in India Buyers Guide

By the time you get to this section, you might already know how to find a good toilet and tissue paper. However, for the ones that prefer to choose from a specific list, there you have some of the best toilet paper models available to buy:

1. Presto 3 Plies Tissue Roll:

The product comes with 4 rolls, each having 300 sheets of toilet paper. Since it has 3 plies, it ensures strength and prevents it from tearing apart.Amazon Brand Presto 4 Rolls 3 Ply Toilet Paper Roll

  • It has 3 plies, which make sure it is soft and pleasant to the skin.
  • The roll has in composition only natural paper. This means there are no materials that can pollute the environment.
  • The product comes with 4 papers, each having 400 sheets of toilet paper. It ensures long usage.
  • The paper is still very thin. It still has a chance of tearing apart.
  • Some rolls have uneven perforations and when you start using it gets a little messy and you waste some good paper.

Presto Toilet Tissue

2. Amazon Brand Solimo 3 Ply Toilet Paper Roll:

It comes with 4 rolls with 300 sheets each. Similar to the previous product.Amazon Brand Solimo 4 Rolls 3 Ply Toilet Paper Roll

  • It dissolves easily and absorbs water without issues. It makes it very user-friendly.
  • The paper has zero OBA.
  • The tissues have a smooth texture and don’t irritate the skin.
  • It is unavailable on Amazon. Because of this, you will need to find it on other websites.
  • Some sheets have uneven folds that can be annoying.

Amazon Solimo Tissue

3. Jackson Pack of 10 Toilet Tissue Paper Roll:

This pack comes with a total of 10 rolls and over 270 sheets of paper to use.Jackson Pack of 10 Toilet Tissue Paper Roll

  • The texture is specially made to avoid irritation and rough experience. It is very smooth.
  • It is a very good water retainer and helps wipe everything down there.
  • The paper has 2 plies. However, it has a premium tier quality, which makes it better than some 3 ply papers
  • The rolls have a small size and can be easily finished
  • The rolls don’t have perforations for tearing the sheets.

Jackson Toilet Paper

4. Origami Reusable and Washable pack of 3 Kitchen Wipes Nonwoven:

The product comes with 3 big rolls, each having 80 sheets of paper. From its name you can see that they are meant for kitchen use. However, they may work for the toilet as well.Origami Reusable and Washable pack of 3 Kitchen Wipes Nonwoven

  • The tissues can be washed and reused, which is uncommon, but a great and beneficial feature.
  • The tissues absorb water very well, which makes cleaning easier than before.
  • The product is made from recycled paper. A very good product which can help the environment.
  • They are not specifically made for toilet interactions.
  • There are only 80 sheets on each roll, which don’t last for very long.

Origami Reusable Kitchen

5. Origami So Soft 160 Pulls 3 Ply Toilet Tissue:

This 12 rolls pack product comes with 100 sheets of paper per roll. Nonetheless, it has 2 plies toilet paper with a soft texture and a good price.Origami So Soft 160 Pulls 3 Ply Toilet Tissue

  • The paper is very soft and has no issues with hygiene.
  • It dissolves very easily so that you don’t plug the toilet.
  • The 2 plies are very thick and of good quality. They ensure strength.
  • Compared to other products, this one has fewer paper sheets, which don’t last long.
  • Some rolls have bad perforations.

Origami So Soft Toilet Tissue

6. Tshot Pack of 6 Toilet Papers Roll:

This is a pack of 6 rolls, each having 320 sheets. The number of sheets makes this product a good choice.Tshot Pack of 6 Toilet Papers Rolls

  • 320 sheets on each roll. This means 1920 sheets, which is quite a lot.
  • The tissues are very soft and feel very smooth.
  • It ensures good hygiene
  • There are only 6 rolls. A 12 roll product with the same features could be a better option.
  • A 2 plies paper roll might not be as soft as a 3 plies paper roll

tshot toilet paper

7. Selpak 3 Ply Toilet Roll:

This is a more expensive product, which comes with 3 plies and in an environmentally friendly package.Selpak 3ply 8 rolls Toilet Tissue Roll

  • The 3 plies paper is stronger and has a better quality overall.
  • It is very soft and doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • The paper has in composition only cellulose.
  • It is more expensive than the other toilet paper available on the market.
  • When wet it tends to tear apart quickly

Selpak Toilet

8. Kleenex Ultra 2 Ply 375 Soft Pulls Bathroom Tissue:

The paper comes with 2 plies toilet paper rolls, each having 375 sheets. This makes it a medium to a premium quality product. There are 6 rolls on the package.Kleenex Ultra 2 Ply 375 Soft Pulls Bathroom Tissue

  • 375 sheets on each roll, which ensures long usage.
  • 2 plies of textured paper.
  • It can dissolve very quickly in water.
  • The material can be pretty rough.
  • More expensive than other products.

kleenex toilet paper

9. Fluf White Bathroom Toilet Tissue 2 Ply 3 Rolls:

The package includes 3 rolls of 180 sheets each, with an accessible price as well.Fluf White Bathroom Toilet Paper 2 Ply 3 Rolls

  • The 2 plies tissue paper is very soft, comfortable, and doesn’t irritate.
  • It has an accessible price.
  • It is very strong and resistant to water.
  • There are not so many sheets, compared with the other products from the list.

fluff paper

10. Tempo Cotton Touch Toilet Tissue 3 Ply 4 Rolls:

The last from this list. The package comes with 4 rolls of 2 plies toilet paper.Tempo Cotton Touch Toilet Tissue 3 Ply 4 Rolls

  • The 2 plies toilet paper is soft and comfortable to use.
  • The paper is strong and resistant.
  • It has 300 sheets per roll, which ensure a long usage
  • Currently, it is not available on Amazon, which makes it harder to find.
  • However, the options are limitless and you have a big variety of products. The best for you it’s only your choice.

Tempo Toilet Tissue

In the conclusion part, it is evidently clear that there are some best toilet papers you can choose. Now, it’s on you whether you will prefer branded tissue paper from the mentioned ones. In other words, you have to consider the buying guide, the reviews are the pros and cons before you make the final call on buying any toilet paper.

Now you are able to choose a good and quality tissue roll for you. Make sure that you will always address your requirements and budget for buying toilet paper and then consider the suggested branded tissue papers to buy.