Best Teacup Sets in India-Buyers Guide

A teacup set is a popular tableware dish used for serving tea and coffee. Teacups are used for both practical and decorative purposes. Teacups may or may not have a handle. Typically, the teacup is made of ceramic or bone china material that is delicate.

Teacups usually come in a set with a saucer that supports and protects the teacup. However, not all of the teacup sets have saucers. They also vary in size depending on personal preference. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best steel teacup sets, Teacup & saucers sets, tea powders, Girnar Tea, Tata Tea, Brooke bond Red Label Tea, Coffee Machine, Coffee Mugs, Milk Powders, Coffee Table, Tea Glasses, Teapoy, Masala tea powders, Green tea & Coffee Powders buyers guide.

There is a wide variety of teacups available in the market. These are large, medium, and small size teacups that hold different quantities of hot beverages inside.

Top 10 Best Tea Cup Sets in India

List of teacup sets

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1. BP Bharat Bone China 6 Pieces Coffee Mug Set BP-Bharat
2. SEOSES ceramic Magique Mirror Finish Coffee Cup Set 6 Pieces SEOSES-cera
3. JRP Mart Ceramic Tea Coffee Cup 6 Pieces JRP-Mart
4. My Tea Cup Tea & Coffee Cup Set 6 pcs My-Coffee
5. B37 Apollo Series Ceramic Coffee Mugs 6 Pieces Shaped-Satin
6. ExclusiveLane Serving Tea Cups Set  ExclusiveLane
7. JRP MART Tea & Coffee Cup Set of 6
8. Diva from La Opala Plain Opalware Cup & Saucer Set 6 pcs LaOpala-Diva
9. KITTENS Hand Painted Large Ceramic Coffee Mug Set of 6 KITTENS-Painted
10. Clay Craft Bone China Jackson Studioline Coffee Mug 6 Pieces Set Clay-Craft-Studio

Buyers Guide – Tea Cup Set

A teacup set is dishware used for serving tea and coffee, therefore, its primary purpose is to hold hot beverages inside it.

If you are intending to buy a teacup set, you must consider the following factors:

The material of the teacup set

  • Make sure you purchase a teacup set that is of good quality.
  • It should also be thick to avoid heat damage, dripping, and overflowing.

Size and width of the teacup set

  • Teacup sets come in various sizes and widths.
  • Every tea lover consumes different amounts of tea during the day.
  • Depending on these tea intake patterns, you can choose a teacup size and width.

Stylish and classy

  • Teacup sets can give a classy and stylish touch to the kitchen or your home decor.
  • You can opt for the type based on your preference and taste.


  • Various brands offer different types and prices of teacup sets.
  • You may choose a teacup set depending on your budget.
  • Just remember that high-quality teacup sets are usually made of better material and last longer.


  • Before buying a teacup from a certain brand, you must read the reviews.
  • This will give you an insight into the product’s quality.

Features of a Tea Cup Set

  • Teacups come in different designs, patterns, sizes, and heights.
  • Some teacups have floral, fun, artistic, nature-related, gold-line designs or they can even be solid and with no design on them.
  • Artistic teacups are also used for decorative purposes.
  • Teacups are made of porcelain or ceramic material.
  • The material used usually is chip-resistant and durable.
  • Most teacups are manufactured to be dishwasher safe and microwave safe.
  • Teacups are made of food-grade material that does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Types of Teacup Sets

There are six types of teacup sets. Each teacup is of a different size and volume.

Breakfast Cup

  • The breakfast cup is 3 ¼ inches in height.
  • And the diameter of the teacup can range from 4 ½ to 5 ¾ inches.


  • Regular mugs are 3-4 inches in height and width.


  • A teacup has a diameter of 3 ¼ to 3 ¾ inches. The height varies.

Coffee Cup

  • Coffee cups are usually narrower and usually taller.

Chocolate Cup

  • These are narrow cups – 3 inches in height and 2 inches in diameter.

Demitasse Cup

  • These are 2 ½ inches in width and height.

Uses of Teacup Set?

There are many uses of teacup sets.

They are the following:

  1. A breakfast teacup is for the first cup of tea of the day and is usually large.
  2. A mug is a wide cup & passionate tea lovers use it for drinking a large amount of tea in the morning or evening.
  3. A teacup is a standard cup size. People use it for drinking tea or coffee.
  4. A coffee cup is usually taller & it is a cup specially designed for drinking coffee.
  5. The chocolate cup is a cup that is used for chocolate drinks in the morning.
  6. The after-dinner coffee cup is another coffee cup, smaller in width and size.
  7. After dinner, people usually drink a small quantity of coffee.
  8. So, the cup is manufactured accordingly.
  9. Demitasse cup is small and people use it to consume coffee or espresso.

List of Top 10 Best Tea Cup Sets in India Buyers Guide

1. BP Bharat Bone China Coffee Mug:

This is an excellent-quality mug set of 6 pieces. The cups are white and have a capacity of 140 ml.

BP Bharat Bone China 6 Pieces Coffee Mug Set


  • This is an attractive, stylish, and elegant one
  • They are made of bone china
  • Manufacturers provide a 1-year replacement warranty


  • Users have said that the cups are small in size


2. SEOSES U Shape Mirror Finish Tea/Coffee Cups Microwave Safe:

This brand offers great quality cups at an affordable price range. The cups are U-shaped and come in different colours.

SEOSES ceramic Magique U Shape Mirror Finish Tea Coffee Cup Set 6 Pieces


  • SEOSES Tea Cup Set made with ceramic material, the cups are thick
  • They are lightweight and durable
  • You get different colours of cups in this package


  • Customers have complained that they received broken and different products

March Microwave

3. JRP Mart Ceramic Tea/Coffee Cup:

This offers the best-quality ceramic teacups. The teacups are stylish and elegant and help to improve the look of your kitchen.


JRP Mart Ceramic Tea Coffee Cup 6 Pieces


  • JRP Tea Cup Sets are perfect for everyday use
  • You get the classic teacups at an affordable rate
  • The teacups have a professional matte black finish


  • Users have complained that the cups break within a few days

JRP Tea Cup Set

4. My Tea Cup Tea & Coffee Cup Set:

These are transparent glass teacups that come in a set of 6. They look both stylish and are also practical for measuring the amount of beverage in the cup.

My Tea Cup Tea & Coffee Cup Set 6 pcs


  • My Teacups have an amazing 170ml capacity
  • It is a top-quality glass teacup
  • The cups are made of high-quality break-resistant glass


  • Customers have said that the cup gets air marks too soon


5. B37 Apollo Series Ceramic Coffee Mugs:

These ceramic mugs are made by the brand B37. The mugs have a premium appearance and the set comes in varied colours.

B37 Apollo Series Ceramic Coffee Mugs 6 Pieces


  • These cups are made from food-grade and chemical-free material
  • Also, these cups are handmade & durable


  • Users complain that the coating inside the mug wears off within a few days


6. ExclusiveLane Serving Tea Cups Set & Ceramic Mugs Set of 2 (320 ML):

These mugs are stylish and are brown and cream in colour. They are perfect for tea as well as coffee.ExclusiveLane Serving Tea Cups Set & Ceramic Coffee Mugs Set of 2


  • ExclusiveLane Tea Cups have a large capacity of 320 ml
  • The cups have a special and unique design
  • The product is dishwasher safe and microwave safe


  • Users have complained that the teacup set is made of cheap-quality materials


7. JRP MART New Tea & Coffee Cup Set Medium Size – 130 ML (Set of 6):

These cups are medium-sized with a capacity of 130 ml. They come in a variety of colours.JRP MART Tea & Coffee Cup Set of 6


  • JRP MART Tea Cup Set cups have high-quality
  • The cups are multipurpose, suitable for coffee as well as tea
  • They are break-resistant cups


  • Users have asserted that the cups are of pathetic quality


8. Laopala Diva Iris Set Of 6 Cup and 6 Saucers :

This is a traditional white-coloured teacup set that has an excellent look and finishing.Diva from La Opala Plain Opalware Cup & Saucer Set 6 pcs


  • Made of Opalware, the cups look premium-quality
  • In this deal, you get 6 cups as well as 6 saucers
  • The product is microwave and dishwasher safe


  • Users have complained that the product is injurious to health as the glass particles come off


9. KITTENS Hand Painted Large Ceramic 275ml Coffee Mug Set of 6:

This is one of our most recommended cups on this list. The cups feature a classic and beautiful design.KITTENS Hand Painted Large Ceramic Coffee Mug Set of 6


  • These teacups are hand-painted items by local artists
  • The cups are microwave/dishwasher/freezer safe
  • Also, the cups have a capacity of 280 ml


  • Users have complained about the quality


10. Clay Craft Bone China Jackson Studioline Coffee Mug Set:

With white and red leaf patterns, these coffee mugs stand out amidst your crockery. The look and feel of the product are premium.Clay Craft Bone China Jackson Studioline Coffee Mug 6 Pieces Set


  • Mugs have a 150 ml capacity
  • The mugs are highly chip-resistant
  • Also, the cups are durable


  • Users have complained about the quality



A teacup set usually consists of cups and saucers that people use to serve coffee or tea. Different types of teacups are used to serve different amounts of beverages at different times of the day.

A teacup is usually different from a coffee cup. Coffee cups are usually taller and narrower. Teacups should be made of good quality materials that make them durable and strong.


Why did tea serve in small cups?

People serve tea in small cups because it is advisable to limit the amount of tea consumed at a time.

What should a tea set include?

Apart from the cups and saucers, a typical tea set contains three dishware pieces: a teapot, a cream/milk jug, and a bowl for sugar.