Best Table Top Wash Basins in India-Buyers Guide

It is easy to forget that the simple Table Top wash basin was not always a standard fixture in homes. Also known as sinks or washbowls, washbasins have existed since Roman times. In ancient Rome, bathhouses had washbasins filled with warm water to wash both hands and faces. Personal basins were available to the wealthy, made from carved stone. The first kinds of washbasins known today originated around the 16th century.

Washstands in wealthy households held basins used for personal hygiene, which changed over the centuries. At the turn of the 20th century, household plumbing for ordinary people became widespread. To meet the demands of mass-produced household plumbing, crafting durable products needed to meet demand. Additionally, experiments in detailed designs developed with changing décor trends. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Cera Wash Basins, western Toilet seat, western toilet closet, toilet cleaners, and Septic tank cleaners in India.

Top 10 Best Table Top Wash Basins in India

List of Table Top Wash Basins

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1. Aranaut Modular Washbasin ARANAUT-Arvind-Sanitary
2. Generic Vessel Sink Generic Vessel Sink
3. Designer Table Top Wash Basin Designer Table Top Wash Basin Designer Table Top Wash Basin
4. Sulit Vessel Wash Basin Sulit Vessel Wash Basin Sulit Vessel Wash Basin
5. Most White Table Top Wash Basin Most White Table Most White Table
6. Noble Resin Wash Basin Noble Resin Wash Basin Noble Resin Wash Basin
7. NC-119 Washbasin NC-119 Washbasin NC-119 Washbasin
8. Kemjo Orbit Wash Basin Kemjo Orbit Wash Basin Kemjo Orbit Wash Basin
9. B Backline Designer Vessel Wash Sink B Backline Designer B Backline Designer
10. Bassino Art Wash Basin Bassino Art Wash Basin Bassino Art Wash Basin

Features of Table or Counter Top Wash Basin

  • The tabletop washbasin comes in a variety of materials.
  • Standard materials include ceramic, enamel cast iron, and glass.
  • Over the years, technology has improved, and designs have become more stylish.
  • The kinds of material used is stainless steel, fiberglass, artificial marble, and even treated wood.
  • Another crucial feature is the tap which has many stylish designs.
  • The drain also varies, with some having a special built-in plug or a separate rubber plug.
  • Lastly, basins mount into a countertop or directly onto the countertop, depending on the favored design.

Types of Table Top Wash Basins

  • Bathroom sinks come in many varieties depending on personal tastes and budget.
  • Firstly, for corners, there are angle basins.
  • Sinks can be mounted on walls or have a stem connected to the floor.
  • Then, there are freestanding basins that connect on top of a countertop.
  • There are vertical basins, which come in many designs and decorations.
  • Sinks usually come with three water holes: one for drainage, one for the tap, and one for water spillage.

Buyers Guide for Table Top Wash Basin

  • When purchasing a washbasin, be aware of the basin quality.
  • Be sure to check the glazing for any bubbles or missing enamel and uneven gloss finish.
  • It is a good idea to measure the inside of your bathroom to purchase the correct sink size and design.
  • Decide whether the basin is used only for washing hands or will it have multiple uses.
  • Also, take a look at the prices available as the costs can get expensive, including the cost of an expert plumber.

How to use Table Top Wash Basin?

  • When installing a new washbasin, make sure you hire an experienced plumber.
  • After installation, make sure the tap operated as needed, either single cold water or hot and cold water tap.
  • The water drain may either have a built-in pug or an external one.
  • When cleaning a basin, make sure not to use any sharp objects and avoid using any acidic substances.

List of Top 10 Best Table Top Wash Basins in India-Buyers Guide

1. Aranaut Modular Washbasin

The Aeronaut modular washbasin is a clear glass bowl batla set. It features a clear glass bowl and steel floor mount.

Aranaut Modular Washbasin


  • A complete set including the glass bowl and steel floor mount
  • Mounting it is easy and suitable for tiles floors
  • It includes a towel rail under the glass counter


  • A small impact can easily damage the basin
  • Water and dirt can collect between the base and the bowl


2. Generic Vessel Sink

Here we have a generic vessel sink made from polished ceramic at an affordable price.

Generic Vessel Sink


  • It has a smooth, polished surface for easy cleaning
  • It has a germproof coasting
  • The design is compact and durable


  • The size is small and not versatile
  • The materials are generic


3. Designer Table Top Wash Basin

This designer tabletop sink is a generic sink with an elaborate design pattern.

Designer Table Top Wash Basin


  • A sleek design made from solid glazed ceramic
  • It is easy to maintain and keep clean
  • It can mount onto different surfaces


  • This package only comes with one basin
  • It is expensive compared to other generic sinks


4. Sulit Vessel Wash Basin

The Sulit vessel basin is a generic vessel washbasin with a scratch-resistant matt finish.

Sulit Vessel Wash Basin


  • The ceramic is scratch-resistant
  • It is durable to last a long time
  • It can be easily cleaned and maintained


  • The cost is expensive, compared to similar products
  • The design might not suit all tastes


5. Most White Table Top Wash Basin

Premium quality brand Most produces quality basins with corrosion-proof glazed ceramic.

Most White Table Top Wash Basin


  • It is made from high-quality ceramic
  • It uses a corrosion-proof glaze
  • The basin is scratch-resistant and easy to clean


  • The package only includes the sink
  • It is heavy and won’t suit all countertops


6. Noble Resin Wash Basin

The Noble range of sinks features dynamic designs with durable construction.

Noble Resin Wash Basin


  • The build quality is durable and long-lasting
  • It features a stylish pebble design
  • It is lightweight and easy to install


  •  It does not come with a corrosion-proof glaze
  • The design will not suit all bathrooms


7. NC-119 Washbasin

The NC-119 basin is a generic ceramic basin made with a crystalline glaze for a smooth finish and durable construction.

NC-119 Washbasin


  • The ceramic is high quality, glazed with crystalline
  • It can fit on glass, granite, wood, or other solid surfaces
  • It is easy to clean and maintain


  • Water and dirt can collect at the bottom of the bowl
  • It can’t be wall-mounted


8. Kemjo Orbit Wash Basin

Here we have the Kemjo orbit washbasin with which can be wall or table mounted.

Kemjo Orbit Wash Basin


  • The glaze is smooth and has an anti-germ coating
  • It can be cleaned easily and is scratch-proof
  • This basin is suitable for home or commercial use


  • At 14kg, it is a heavy basin
  • It does not include accessories


9. B Backline Designer Vessel Wash Sink

This vessel wash sink has excellent ceramic build quality with a detailed design pattern.

B Backline Designer Vessel Wash Sink


  • It has a ceramic construction with a smooth crystalline glaze
  • It features a thin, sleek design with an ornate pattern finish
  • This sink is easy to clean


  • The price tag is expensive
  • The ceramic does not feature an anti-corrosion glaze


10. Bassino Art Wash Basin

The Bassino art washbasin has a modern and detailed design. The material is durable, smooth ceramic, and is suitable on any countertop.

Bassino Art Wash Basin


  • It consists of high quality, crystalline glazed ceramic
  • The sink can be mounted on any countertop, whether glass, granite, or wood
  • Installing the sink is easy


  • It can be prone to chipping and scratching
  • This sink is expensive



There is a wide range of washbasins on the market to suit all needs. When deciding on which is the best basin for your bathroom, you have many factors to consider. The materials and glazes come in many varieties and can be decorated depending on individual tastes. So, next time you are on the lookout for a new washbasin, remember which features and designs suit your bathroom needs.


What is a tabletop washbasin?

A tabletop washbasin is a bathroom fixture installed on top of a counter. You can use washbasins for washing both your hands and face.


Which is the best tabletop washbasin?

The best tabletop washbasin is the Most series, as they have high-quality ceramic and feature improved glaze technology. Pricing is competitive compared to similar products on the market.

What is the price of a tabletop washbasin?

Prices range from 2100 INR to over 10,000 INR for premium products.