Best Swimming Goggles in India Buyers Guide

Swimming goggles are essential gears for swimming underwater. This accessory helps with visibility underwater giving a clear vision of the surroundings. Also, they help prevent getting sore eyes due to long hours of contact with water.

Swimming can be much more enjoyable if the right apparel is used in the process. The body’s design, in general, is very responsive to the sense of sight. For any movement to be precise, therefore, the swimmer has to have a sufficient sighting of his or her heading.

This is of course not to say that it’s not possible to swim without sight. After all, there are quite efficient and fast swimming categories that are void of forwarding vision such as the backstroke. This category is even competed in during the international Olympic Games.

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Best 14 Swimming Goggles in India

List of the swimming goggles

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1. VIVA-200 Swimming Goggles Sports-200-Swimming
2. Nivia 4088 Vulcan Goggles Nivia-4088-Vulcan
3. Cosco Aqua Dash Swimming Goggles Cosco-Aqua-Swim
4. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles Aqua-Sphere-Kayenne
5. Adidas V86948NS Goggles
6. X J.X.N. Swimming goggles X-J-X-N-Swimming
7. Puma Swimming Regular Unisex Goggles PUMA-SWIMMING
8. AREO Swimming Goggles AREO-Silicone
9. TYR Big Swimple Mirrored Goggles TYR-Mirrored-Goggles
10. Arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Swim Arena-Swimming-Goggles
11. Speedo Futura Biofuse Swimming Goggles Speedo-Biofuse-Swimming
12. Neska Moda Pink Double Strap Unisex Silicone Goggles Neska-Swimming-Earplugs
13. Aurion Swim Goggles AURION-Mirrored-Protection
14. Finis H2 Swim Goggles Finis-Swimming

Buyers Guide – Swimming Goggles

Although all swimming goggles serve the same purpose of clear visibility and protection of the eyes, some factors need to be considered before purchasing a pair. The lens is the most important part of the goggle, most of the goggles are now featured with UV protection and anti-fog coating.

There are quite a number of considerations that can help to determine the perfect swimming goggles for any use. Better to go with sporting goggles because these can operate well at high speeds without experiencing any leaks.

The following factors are necessary to consider since they affect the user experience:


  • The lenses selected can easily alter the vision and make the glasses either comfortable or uncomfortable.
  • For instance, having tinted lenses can help promote a better site in sunlit conditions like the beach.
  • The clear lenses will make night-time swimming way more comfortable.
  • Colored lenses have also been known to improve vision if they are made to suit environmental conditions.
  • UV lenses specifically designed to offer enhanced protection can also be crucial.
  • This is especially true for sensitive eyes as well as for individuals who wear tinted prescription glasses or contacts.

Fit & Comfort:

  • No matter how many cool features the goggles may possess, if they aren’t comfortable, they are definitely not worth it.
  • Select the model that is a perfect fit for your face structure to ensure that it can’t cause any bruising during operation.
  • The fit also ensures better sealing capabilities and prevents leakages in the eyes.

Goggle Supports:

  • Most goggles utilize a strapping mechanism to attach them snugly on the face.
  • The design of these straps, however, is very important in determining the comfort levels and efficiency.
  • And the best way to fully evaluate any pair would be to actually strap them on, however.

Fog Repellence:

  • One of the worst things to happen during a swimming session is probably experiencing blurred vision on the goggles.
  • This is usually due to fog formation on the lenses.
  • The proper goggles should be able to repel the formation of this fog.
  • They must maintain a clear vision despite outside conditions otherwise they become useless and ineffective in most conditions.


  • The best goggles must provide customization features.
  • These include nose mold adjustments or strap extensions.
  • The danger of one-size-fits-all designs is not always a good choice.
  • And the moment a differently formed face uses the goggles, they will never fit the same on the original wearer.

Importance of Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles are used by all types of swimmers, such as professionals during the Olympics and undersea scuba divers during their expeditions. These enable divers to orient themselves on their surroundings for any lurking hindrances or threats. It is quite possible to see underwater without the use of goggles. There is however more to wearing swimming goggles than just a perfect underwater vision.

Non-competitive swimming happens to be the most common type of swimming there is. The swimming experience in this category is enhanced way more by the ability to actually see beneath the surface. Divers, for instance, would be less enthralled by the act if they didn’t get a chance to admire the sights. These include the waterbed species and coral reefs.

Usage of Swimming Goggles:

The water that we swim in is rarely pure and uncontaminated. Contaminants include chlorine which is means for treating pool water or the saltwater found in lakes and seas. These cause great discomfort to the eyes which will leave them looking bloodshot.

  • If one intends to be among the company after the swim, perhaps looking like a drunkard is not the best idea.
  • The sealing effects of the goggles, therefore, keep the eyes safe and unscathed.
  • However, the time that can be spent underwater with eyes wide open is quite limited.
  • The clarity experienced is also very much distinguishable.
  • Physical harm is also very much reality from contact with water plants like seaweed and other submerged objects.
  • The eye, being so sensitive, can, therefore, be easily injured especially when swimming at a fast pace or diving.
  • Goggles can easily prevent such mishaps and the population that wears prescription glasses may need specially made swimming goggles.
  • These can rectify the same problem and make underwater vision as normal as above-ground vision through the prescription lens.
  • There are also available swimsuits for women, tracksuits for men, and tracksuits for women.

Types of Swimming Goggles

The swimming goggles can be divided into 4 types based on their purpose of usage. Goggles can simply be classified based on their specific usages. These have multiple straps or broader single straps that are more likely to provide the best comfort and sealing properties. This strapping or buckling mechanism should also be adjustable to ensure the greatest fit.

The main types of goggles include:

Wide Water-Bodies Goggles:

  • These goggles are meant for more expansive water bodies and are sometimes referred to as open water goggles.
  • They have a panoramic effect on the wearer which allows a wider viewing range from side to side.
  • This is achieved without necessarily much maneuvering.
  • These goggles can also be classified as fun goggles and are common because of their comfort and leisurely design.
  • Professional swimmers have however often noted that these goggles are less efficient when it comes to keeping the water out.
  • However, they’re generally a favorite and can come with a wide variety of lens designs and colors.

Sporting Goggles:

  • These goggles are designed with speed and efficiency in the water as the main objective.
  • They also feature much clearer material for the best clarity.
  • In addition, they have specially molded forms to fit comfortably on the eyes.

Swedish Type Goggles:

  • This type of goggles is mostly unique for its portable size.
  • They are significantly smaller than regular swimming goggles that can be found anywhere else.
  • The Swedish goggles feature a single unit design with fewer cushioning features which makes them a tad uncomfortable.

Masking Goggles:

  • This type is a diver’s most prized possession & these goggles are designed to snugly insulate the diver from the elements deep within the water bodies.
  • They therefore effectively extend the submerged period.
  • They are however cumbersome as a result and hence not so practical for leisurely use.
  • Other professions have however found them very useful in their operations.
  • These include pool maintenance boat repair personnel although in retrospect they can be classified as divers just as well.

How to Take Care of Swimming Goggles?

Just like any other possession, swimming goggles require diligent caring. Without this, they will become inefficient within a short space of time. Proper care will not only extend the lifespan of the goggles but also retain their perfect vision and fitting characteristics.

Alternatively, use mild shampoo mixed with warm water to help retain the anti-fogging capabilities. Avoid putting them on early to circumvent damage risks.

  • Avoid damage to the lens since it can lead to reduced visibility & clean the goggles regularly using slightly warm water only.
  • Maintain and replenish the anti-fog component using standard liquids designed specifically for the purpose.
  • Needless to say, do DON’T TOUCH the goggle lenses with your hands.
  • It will lead to contamination of the anti-fogging film.
  • Also, it will leave marks and scratches that will render the goggles useless with time.
  • To prevent any damage from contact, use a specially made case for storing the goggles.
  • It is always better to only wear the goggles just before entry when you are traveling into the water.
  • Keep the goggles out of extreme light even if they have UV protection.
  • The sun can not only damage the integrity of the lenses but also weaken other fittings such as rubber straps.
  • Finally, do not rub with a cloth or wipe the lens to dry them.
  • Rather, shake them up lightly and leave them in a slightly sunny or shaded area.
  • This will help to air dry for just a few minutes before storing properly.

List of Top Swimming Goggles in India Buyers Guide

Try to purchase the Swedish-type goggles because these are quite sturdy and can be ideal in more polluted waters or for fast-paced swimming. Keep in mind that store the goggles only when they are fully dry to prevent any water damage.

1. VIVA-200 Swimming Goggles:

This goggle is manufactured by the viva brand. And these goggles come in a black, durable, and stretchy frame that offers great fit and comfort to the wearer.



  • Viva Swimming Goggles are specifically designed for sporting activities
  • And these are well-loved by professionals.
  • These are stretchable & durable.

Sports Swimming Goggles

2. Nivia 4088 Vulcan Swimming Goggles:

These goggles are from the Nivea brand. And these adult swimming goggles come in black & best for regular swimmers.



  • Nivea Swimming Goggles made of Silicone material and comes with a PC lens.
  • They feature a perfectly molded nose bridge designed to offer comfort & perfect streamlining for minimal water movement resistance.
  • They have superior anti-fog capabilities plus UV protection all bundled up in a durable and attractive frame.

Nivia Swimming Goggles

3. Cosco Aqua Dash Swimming Goggles:

These goggles are manufactured by the Cosco brand. And these particular varieties of goggles come in multiple ranges of colors.

Cosco Aqua Dash Swimming Goggle, Senior
Cosco Aqua Dash Swimming Goggle, Senior


  • Cosco Swimming Goggles comes with anti-fog lenses along with a twin color strap.
  • It features perfect vision lenses and a durable frame
  • That can withstand any water onslaught without springing leakages.

Cosco Swimming Goggles

4. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles:

The Aqua design swim goggles are specially designed for adults. Best for persons who need special UV protection & anti-fog characteristics.



  • Aqua Sphere Swimming Goggles come in a single-piece design.
  • They allow the swimmer to have an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Aqua Kayenne Goggles

5. Adidas V86948NS Swimming Goggles:

These are manufactured by the Adidas brand. And these goggles come in a legendary design.



  • Adidas Swimming Goggles comes with an impressive adjustable nosepiece and a perfect fit.
  • It offers extreme comfort and an impermeable water barrier.
  • These are especially good for boys.

Adidas Swimming Goggles

6. X J.X.N. Swimming Goggles:

These goggles are manufactured by the X.J.X.N brand. And these goggles come in a cool design.



  • X.J.X.N Goggles comes with a cushioned gasket that promises an ultra-comfortable experience.
  • They are fully anti-fogging capable and UV protective.
  • Also, these features an adjustable strapping mechanism all wrapped up in a single black design.

X-J-X-N Swimming goggles

7. Puma Swimming Regular Unisex Goggles:

These are manufactured by the Puma brand. And the design of these goggles is quite versatile. The best suitable for both genders can use them easily.Puma Swimming Regular Unisex GogglesPuma Swimming Regular Unisex Goggles


  • Puma Swimming Goggles are made with a comfortable design.
  • That sits snuggly on the face with zero leakages.
  • The brand also provides total UV protection.


8. AREO Swimming Goggles:

These goggles are manufactured by the AREO brand. And these were specially designed for men.

AREO Swimming Googles for Mens, Boys Girls Eyewear Adult Prescription Optical Myopia
AREO Swimming Googles for Mens, Boys Girls Eyewear Adult Prescription Optical Myopia


  • AREO Swimming Goggles can be worn both professionally and leisurely with ease & style.
  • The design provides top-notch water sealing abilities
  • And these come with efficient sun blocking features.

AREO Swimming Goggles

9. TYR Big Swimple Mirrored Goggles:

These goggles are manufactured by the TYR brand. And the lenses have efficient anti-fogging abilities These come with a durable frame in metallic silver color. The dimensions are 12.54 cm x 2.54 cm x 5.50 cm & weight is 454gms.

TYR Big Swimple Mirrored Goggles
TYR Big Swimple Mirrored Goggles


  • TYR Swimming Goggles design features a cool-looking metallic silver finish on top of a comfortable design mold.
  • The goggles provide an impressive peripheral view that is suitable for amateur divers and casual swimmers.
  • These also have perfect water sealing features.


10. Arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Swim Goggles:

These goggles are manufactured by the Arena brand. And the design of these goggles provides a comfortable experience.

arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Swim Goggles
arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Swim Goggles


  • Arena Cobra Swimming Goggles are made in a blade shape along with high-tech molding.
  • The design comes in a wide range of colors that will definitely appeal to all tastes.
  • These come with cushioning and a durable frame.
  • Also, these ultimate racing goggles come with UV protection.


11. Speedo Futura Biofuse Swimming Goggles:

These Goggles are manufactured by the Speedo brand. And these model goggles are perfect training for both speed and efficiency.



  • Speedo Swimming Goggles comes with a sturdy frame and watertight fit.
  • These are extremely comfortable goggles.
  • Also, these come in an attractive blue or white color variation.


12. Neska Moda Pink Double Strap Unisex Silicone Goggles:

These goggles are manufactured by the Neska brand. And these can be worn across gender bounds. And bets for those who will experience the exhilaration. The dimensions are 10 cm x 5 cm & weight is 100 grams.

Neska Moda Pink Double Strap Unisex Silicon Swimming Goggle with Earplugs-Free Size
Neska Moda Pink Double Strap Unisex Silicone Swimming Goggle with Earplugs-Free Size


  • Neska Swimming Goggles made with sturdy silicon & anti-fogging design.
  • This design comes with free earplugs for ear protection.
  • The model’s frame is both comfortable and water sealing to provide an amazing experience.


13. Aurion Swim Goggles:

These goggles are manufactured by the Aurion brand. And these come with a rubber strap & a comfortable fit.



  • Aurion Swimming Goggles are made with a sturdy silicone frame.
  • That is easy to adjust through a rubber strap to ensure perfect water sealing.
  • And these are a comfortable fit.
  • The perfect UV protection and anti-fog abilities make this model stand out.

AURION Swimming Goggles

14. Finis H2 Swimming Goggles:

These goggles are manufactured by the Finis brand. The design fits the younger generations between 4 to 13 years with a comfortable and snug-fitting frame. This ensures that no water trickles in.

And these come with an adjustable clip. The dimensions are 7.01 inch x 2.99 inch x 2.01 inch & weight is 454gms



  • Finis Swimming Goggles are made with a sturdy silicon-based frame.
  • These come with cool anti-fogging abilities.

Finis Swimming Goggles


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