Best Swimming Costume for Men in India – Buyers Guide

People often consider men’s swimwear a non-necessity. Also, society has a casual tolerance for male semi-nudity. In fact, most, if not all, swimming costumes for men are just simple shorts without any top covering. Funny enough, the term ‘trunk’ is actually applicable to any shorts that are loose-fitting. Men generally wear them for sporting activities such as boxing and of course swimming.

Shorts that extend to the knees casually became known as board shorts. Other designs defy this norm, however.  Also, people actually consider the board shorts as swimming trunks just the same.

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Best Swimming Costume For Men in India

List of best swimming costumes for men                                 Check price at Amazon
1. The Morning Play Swimming costume kit MORNING-PLAY
2. Golden Girl Kids Swimming Kit GOLDEN-GIRL-Swimming
3. Jockey Men’s Tactal Trunks Jockey-Swimming-Costume-for-Men
4. Baby & Sons Men Swimming Costume Baby-Sons-Swimming-Costume-for-Men
5. SLYK Men Swimming Trunk SLYK-Swimming-Costume
6. Body Maxx Swimming Kit Swimming-Shorts
7. Kanu Surf Men’s Haywire Swim Trunk Kanu-Surf-Haywire
8. Body Maxx Men’s Square Legs Regular Fit SwimsuitTrunks Square-Regular
9. Egab 4 in 1 Combo Swimming Kit Egab-Combo
10. Rovars Men’s Swimwear Rovars-Spandex
11. Viva Sports Adult’s Swimming Jammers Sports-VSJ-003
12. StarX Swmikit3 Latex Swimming Kit StarX-Swmikit3-Latex

Buyers Guide – Swimming Costume for Men

Selecting the appropriate swimsuit requires a few considerations. The first important aspect is fabric. Nylon, cotton, polyester, and Polybutylene Terephthalate are some of the best choices.

  • Comfort:

These materials ensure the utmost comfort. But, for instance, is actually reactive to movements to prevent excessive friction with the body. This reduces chafing and lessens friction drag in the water.

  • Chlorine Resistance:

Since the swimsuit will spend a considerable amount of its useful life in pool water, it definitely needs chlorine resistance. This can be practical on just about any material in order to prevent degradation or reaction. Without this feature, the swimsuit will quickly lose its luster and colorfulness in a short space of time.

  • Smoothness:

Another useful feature of a good swimsuit is its aerodynamic smoothness. This helps reduce the resistance to motion while swimming hence requiring less effort. This is quite important especially for competition use since the slightest inconvenience can be quite costly. Lightweight brings more comfort in both wet and dry states.

  • Drying Efficiency:

Good swimsuits have good drying efficiency. This means that their water retention abilities must be very low to allow quick drying. Designers avoid denser material like wool for this reason.

  • Frictional Activity:

Consider the static and frictional properties of the swimsuit. This is simply considering that swimming involves constant rubbing between the water and the suit itself. It would be pretty unpleasant to have a static-shocking trunk. Poor materials can cause uncomfortable frictional activity like squeaky sounds or bundling up of the material.

Types of Swimming Costumes for Men

We all know however that this isn’t true. Rather, men usually don’t bother to be particular about their swimsuit selection. Instead, they just grab the most readily available items. This, however, is not at all ideal because each type comes with its relevant comfort.

Here are a few swimsuit categories for men that can help to make more informed selections:

Regular Trunks:

  • This very basic category is mainly for versatile use. In fact, people often refer to this category as simply swimming trunks.
  • Water activities and waterside fun can definitely be enjoyed with the regular trunks which are pretty versatile.
  • Trunks can be worn by both babies and seniors since they are also quite versatile across ages.
  • The designs of the regular trunks are mainly concerned with comfort.
  • This is especially so when it comes to body contact and aeration.
  • Trunks are generally loose-fitting with adjustable mechanisms like elastics or drawstrings.
  • Also, they never go past the knees.

Board Shorts:

  • Surfing activities originally prompted the designing of this category as the name implies.
  • The trunk attaches firmly to the waist comfortably yet in a more secure manner.
  • It must also be loose enough to allow free leg and body movement without any discomfort.
  • They’re also a common attire for activities like boating and even swimming.
  • The main distinguishing feature for this category is the waist attachment which is never elastic.
  • It utilizes a Velcro design or a rigid waist accompanied by a zipper or button-up arrangement for easy dressing.

Square Cut Trunks:

  • This category is a compromise between regular boxer underwear and full-body speedos.
  • The design leaves sufficient leg area for comfort while maintaining a sleek look.
  • They often end abruptly well before the knees.
  • It’s also designed to be in contact with the body in all regions.
  • Commonly used by casual swimmers but they can also work as regular swimming trunks.
  • This would, however, take someone who is more comfortable with his body because they leave very little to the imagination.


  • These swimming trunks are form-fitting by design.
  • Jammers are quite short enough to allow more comfort and free leg movement.


  • Competing purposes originally prompted the design of this type of swimwear.
  • They are form-fitting to reduce water drag and can vary in terms of body coverage.
  • More commonly known as speedos.


  • As the name suggests, this type of men’s swimwear comes as a single unit.
  • It is mostly in strips to promote freer movement and aeration.
  • Funny enough, the majority of men think this design is only for women.
  • The design is however far from comfortable for casual wear.

Benefits of Swimming Costume for Men

There’s definitely a marked difference in people who dress differently especially when relaxing or competing. Men’s swimsuits offer quite a several advantages over just any regular clothing in these setups. Any other gear would make the experience rather uncomfortable or inefficient.

  • The obvious benefit is definitely comfort. Imagine having to swim in denim jeans! It would be a pretty horrible and tiresome experience for sure.
  • Swimming trunks provide the necessary comfort that comes with a relaxation agenda or a flawless competition.
  • Softer fabrics mostly comprise the majority of swimsuit designs. They also possess better form-fitting designs and technology.
  • The fashionable effect of wearing swimming trunks is definitely unquestionable. They tend to give off a vibe that is both attractive and pleasing.
  • In any case, they help to promote scenario blending whether at the beach or pool party.
  • Standing out in these scenes simply because you’re differently dressed is definitely an unfortunate experience.
  • Testosterone is a funny thing, making a man want to show dominance and superiority.
  • Swimming trunks are definitely a great way to show off an amazing body at the beach.
  • Get the attention and respect that comes with being an impressive and superior male amongst others.
  • The convenience that comes with swimming trunks is quite apparent. Swimsuits generally dry quickly. They also pack easily whether wet or dry.
  • There is also available swimming suit for women, tracksuits for men and tracksuits for women.

List of Top Swimming Costumes for Men in India Buyers Guide

People end up referring to these shorts as swimming trunks because of their widespread use for regular swimming. Conveniently, these come in different shapes and sizes depending on the intended use although they generally fall shy of the knees.

The availability of several designs for men’s swimming costumes is quite convenient. Each particular category has its own set of advantages based on its design purpose or intent. It is a common notion that man barely has a wide range to select from. That’s why we are providing the following list with bet products.

1. The Morning Play Swimming Costumes For Men Free Size:

This swimming kit is made of soft and safe silicone material. And the silicone is molded using heat & pressure to give the final product which is elastic and flexible. This is one of the best choices for casual swimming.

THE MORNING PLAY Men Swimming Costume Free Size Goggles Cap 2 EARPLUG Nose Clip Swimsuit Swimming Kit
THE MORNING PLAY Men’s Swimming Kit
  • The Morning Play Swimming Costume for Men comes with convenient goggles, nose plugs, and a standard cap that is both shapely and comfortable.
  • It is just the final touch that completes and compliments the poolside or beachside look effortlessly.
  • The swimming costume weight is 410 Grams.

MORNING PLAY Swimming Trunk

2. Golden Kids Swimming Kit

This swimming kit comes with a top-of-the-range swimming costume for Boys Kids & Men. It includes swimming goggles, a swimming cap and a lot of other extras like nose and earplugs are also part of the package.Golden Girl Kids Swimming Kit-SP28-D.Blue Blend Swimming Set, 3-6 Years

  • Boys and men actually prompted this design despite the misleading name.
  • Beachside strolling perfectly suits this design.
  • They have a low-cut free movement-enhancing design.
  • Swimming is also a breeze with this comfy design.


3. Jockey Swimming Trunks for Men: 

These trunks come in multiple color variations and a wide range of convenient sizes for all preferences. And the material used is Tactical Nylon & Spandex. This trunk is available in a total of 7 different colors.

Jockey Men's Tactal Trunks
Jockey Men’s  Swimming Trunks
  • Jockey Swimming Trunks fabric is purely non-static and offers minimal friction with the main material being the tactical nylon and some spandex for a better fit.
  • You can feel at ease with these comfortable & branded trunks for men from Jockey.
  • The complete look is pretty fashionable with a modern touch yet retaining all comfort that comes with generic swimwear.
  • Careful and expert design skills combine together to give this trunk an elegant finish.

Jockey Trunks

4. Baby & Sons Men Swimming Costume:

This swimming kit comes as a fully equipped kit for both younger and older men. A few extras like plugs are also available for convenience. 3D technology expertly created this design. Also, this is available in multicolor with 7 different sizes.

Baby & Sons Men Swimming Costume Free Size - Complete Swimming Kit with Cap and Goggles
Baby & Sons Men Complete Swimming Kit with Free Size
  • Baby & Sons Swimming Kit contains a customizable collection of swimming caps and goggles plus the swimming costume.
  • The best fit is guaranteed. The goggles have impressive anti-fogging abilities.
  • Top-quality material fabricates the swimwear designed to give a very comfortable fit.
  • It also features non-abrasive material and chlorine-resistant fabrics for better pool performance. The swim suite weight is 150gms

Baby Swimming Costume for Men

5. SLYK Men Swimming Trunk

This Swimming kit is the definition of comfort with a perfect fit that is suitable for any occasion. The design comes with a wide selection of sizes to suit all body forms. Also, the elastic waist ensures a more comfortable fit while retaining the trunk’s stylish shape.

SLYK Men Swimming Costume-Swimming Trunk -Swimming Jammer
SLYK Men Swimming Trunk – Swimming Jammer
  • SLYK Swimming Trunks are perfect for poolside lounging or just regular beach strolls.
  • It also gives the swimmer free movement and flexible maneuvering for both competitive and leisurely swimming.
  • Designers made the inner lining is specifically to offer comfortablecushioning for the sensitive parts.
  • It features a straight leg design for a much more striking look.

SLYK Costume

6. Body Maxx Swimming Kit

This swimming kit comes with swimming shorts, a silicone swim cap, goggles as well as convenient ear and nose plugs. And the whole kit is convenient for everyone. The swimming goggles provide real clarity of vision.

Body Maxx Swimming Kit Swimming Shorts, Silicone Swim Cap, Goggle, 2 Pc Ear Plugs and 1 Nose Clip Combo
Body Maxx Swimming Kit Silicone Combo
  • SLYK Swimming Costume for Men has a comfortable elastic band waist that has a backup drawstring for extra adjustment and securing.
  • A 3D design on the cap ensures the perfect fit and comfort in any maneuver.
  • Elastic features promote form-following characteristics and improve aerodynamics and drag features.
  • An adjusting strap features the silicon goggles for better sealing purposes and comfort.

Swimming Shorts Silicone swimming costume

7. Kanu Surf Men’s Haywire Swim Trunk

This swimming kit reduces the risk of conditions like pneumonia and discoloring quite significantly. It comes with A very classic finish that features the design of the whole kit with triple-needled seams. The design features pretty convenient side pockets that are handy for pocketing seashells and any other findings on the beach. This kit is available in a total of 3 colors.

Kanu Surf Men's Haywire Stripe Quick Dry Beach Board Shorts Swim Trunk
Kanu Surf Men’s Beach Board Shorts Trunk
  • Kanu Surf Swimming Costume for Men is unique mainly for its quick-drying feature.
  • It’s quite handy when making a quick transition from water lounging to solid ground activities.
  • Machine washing can easily clean a swimsuit.
  • The lightweight nature makes it easy and quick to clean when dirty.
  • It also has a comfort-enhancing inner lining made of a special quick-drying mesh.
  • A drawstring aided by a comfort-padded elastic waist offers convenient fitting mechanisms.

Kanu Surf swimming costume for men

8. Body Maxx Men’s Square Legs Regular Fit Swimsuit Trunks

This swimming kit comes with a regular fit and you can wear this for daily swimming. It is entirely form-fitting and suitable for competition purposes due to its minimum water drag.

Body Maxx Men's Square Legs Regular Fit Swimsuit-Swimming Trunks
Body Maxx Regular Fit Men’s Swimming Trunks
  • Body Maxx Swimming Trunks has square legged design that gives a classier finish.
  • It simultaneously retains comfort and aerodynamic features.
  • The suit design is entirely sweat-absorbent for better comfort and less staining.

Square Swimming costume for men

9. Egab 4 in 1 Swimming Costume for Men Combo:

This swimming kit offers cool extras like earplugs and nose blockers to enhance the whole swimming experience. And the quality of material for both the goggles and swimsuits makes it last for a lifetime.

Egab 4 in 1 Combo Swimming Kit for Goggle Cap Nose Plug and Ear Clip
Egab Swimming Kit Combo
  • Egab Swimming Costume for Men 4 in 1 combo pack is a must-have for anyone wishing to have an amazing swimming experience.
  • The shorts for the combo offer minimum water resistance which helps bolster speed and efficiency.
  • This is only possible however with proper care.

Egab Swimming Combo

10. Rovars Men’s Swimwear Costume:

This swimwear contains a bit of spandex for better stretching abilities. A comfortable swimming experience is a guarantee with this swimwear. This product is also available in different sizes.

Rovars Men's Swimwear
Rovars Men’s Swimming Trunks
  • Rovars Swimming trunks for Men features an adjustable drawstring that makes for a more perfect fit.
  • Polyester makes up the main component of the trunk.
  • Raring reviews come with this design.
  • Water and non-water activities are perfectly suitable for this design.

Rovars Swimwear

11. Viva Sports Adult’s Swimming Costume for Men:

This swimming trunk comes in red and black color tones in a variety of sizes. It is very comfortable and easily washable too.

Viva Sports VSJ-003 Adult's Swimming Jammers
Viva Sports Adults Swimming Trunks
  • Viva Sports Swimming Trunks are the best swimming jammers for men due to their comfortable nature.
  • The design reduces significantly the friction during water maneuvers and any competitive swimming.
  • A convenient elastic and drawstring ensure that the swimsuit stays put without any mishaps.

Sports VSJ Swimming Trunks

12. StarX Swimming Costume for Men:

This swimming kit comes with a complimentary pair of swimming goggles that have cool anti-fog abilities. It is durable and long-lasting too.

StarX Swimikit3 Latex Swimming Kit, Adult Free Size
StarX Swimming Kit with Free Size
  • StarX Swimming costume for Men offers the least resistance to water motion and pretty good chlorine resistance which makes it last much longer.
  • This latex swimsuit offers pure efficiency and a comfortable form-fit.
  • As a cherry on top, a swimming cap and containing bag are also part of the package.

StarX Swimming costume for men


Finally, you have successfully reviewed the Top 10 Swimming Costume for Men. So, it should be easy for you to determine which swimming kit will meet your requirements. The quality always guarantees the life of the product.

First of all, you need to check the features of the most popular Men’s Swimming Costumes online before purchasing. Above all options make it easy for you to make a good choice of swimwear for men along with valuable benefits.