Best Sweatshirt for Men in India-Buyers Guide

Sweatshirts for men are made using materials such as cotton and polyester. They are worn by people who are seeking protection from cold temperatures and by people who want to look stylish. Sweatshirts are suitable for wearing directly — without shirts/t-shirts/polo shirts underneath. That is what differentiates them from ordinary sweaters: which normally have to be worn with shirts/t-shirts/polo-shirts underneath. Of course, if one prefers to wear a sweatshirt with some shirt underneath, there is nothing to bar them. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best sweater for women, Hoodies for Men, Jockey Thermal Wear, Tracksuit for Boys & Tracksuits for Men in India.

Mostly, sweatshirts fall within the category of casual wear clothing. They tend to match very well with jeans trousers (and other casual pants). They normally come in rich colors, and with long sleeves. Some come with hoods as well. The patterns on them usually range from solid to stripped to ribbed and everything in between. Also, we have different Sweatshirts for Women, Cardigans for Women & Hoodies for Women

Top 10 Best Sweatshirts for men in India

List of Sweatshirts

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1. Allen Solly Sweatshirts Allen-Solly-Sweatshirt Allen-Solly-Sweatshirt
2. Qube By Fort Collins Sweatshirts Qube By Fort Collins Sweatshirt Qube By Fort Collins Sweatshirt
3. Amazon Brand – Symbol Men’s Sweatshirts Symbol Men’s Sweatshirt  
4. Scott International Men’s Sweatshirts Scott International Men's Scott International Men's
5. Van Heusen Men’s Sweatshirts Van Heusen Men's Van Heusen Men's
6. Qube By Fort Collins Sweatshirts for Men Qube By Fort Collins Qube By Fort Collins
7. THE ARCHER Printed Men’s Sweatshirts THE ARCHER Printed THE ARCHER Printed
8. JUGULAR Men’s Hooded Sweatshirts JUGULAR Men's Hooded JUGULAR Men's Hooded
10. Alan Jones Clothing Men’s Fleece Sweatshirts Alan Jones Clothing Men's Alan Jones Clothing Men's

Features of Sweatshirt

  • One feature that is important in a sweatshirt is its color.
  • This determines how elegant/stylish the sweatshirts look.
  • Another feature that is important in sweatshirts for men is their thickness.
  • This has an influence on how comfortable it would be to wear sweatshirts under various temperature conditions.
  • Yet another important feature in sweatshirts for men is their fabric type.
  • This determines how durable the sweatshirts is likely to be, whether it will be prone to shrinking… and so on.
  • Fit type is important in sweatshirts for men, as is its texture and neck type.
  • Whether or not sweatshirts have a hood is also important.

Types of Men Sweatshirts

  • There are normal size sweatshirts for men. Then there are plus-size sweatshirts for men.
  • There are some sweatshirts that come with hoods. Then there are hoodless sweatshirts.
  • There are slim-fit sweatshirts for men. Then there are regular-fit sweatshirts for men.
  • We have sweatshirts for men that come with kangaroo pockets. Then we have others that come without pockets.

How to wear a Sweatshirt?

  • You first need to make a decision on what type of pants you are to wear your sweatshirt with.
  • This may be anything from a pair of jeans trousers to khaki trousers, including plain cotton/polyester trousers.
  • You also need to make a decision on whether you are to wear the sweatshirt directly.
  • The alternative to that is to wear the sweatshirt with something (like a t-shirt or formal shirt) underneath.
  • Normally, sweatshirts are not tucked in. So you leave them loose after wearing them.
  • With regard to cleaning, you may machine wash, hand wash, or dry clean your sweatshirt.
  • How you need to clean the sweatshirt will depend largely on what fabric it is made from.

Buying guide for Sweatshirt

  • You have the option of buying your sweatshirts online or from local clothing stores.
  • Buying online may give you the benefits of lower prices and convenience.
  • Before buying a sweatshirt, consider its size and fit type.
  • The objective is to ensure that you end up with a sweatshirt that is comfortable and fits you well.
  • Further, check the sweatshirt’s fabric.
  • Ensure that it is something that is suitable for your needs, and something you can manage to take care of.
  • Pay attention to the sweatshirt’s pattern type, as well as it’s color and neck style.
  • You may also consider what you are planning to be wearing the sweatshirt mostly with.
  • Further, consider the climatic conditions under which you are planning to be wearing the sweatshirt.

List of Top 10 Best Sweatshirts for men in India-Buyers Guide

1. Allen Solly (Men’s) Sweatshirt

Comes with a round neck. Fit type is regular.

Allen Solly (Men's) Sweatshirt


  • Has rich color
  • Appearance is stylish
  • The texture is reasonably smooth


  • May be somewhat prone to slight shrinkage effect over time
  • Drying after washing may take a long while


2. Qube By Fort Collins (Men’s) Sweatshirt

Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Has long sleeves, with round neck.

Qube By Fort Collins (Men's) Sweatshirt


  • It has a trendy stylish look
  • Color doesn’t attract dirt easily
  • Comfortable even in moderately cold temperature


  • Requires hand washing
  • Some may find the sweater slightly stiff


3. Amazon Brand – Symbol (Hooded) Men’s Sweatshirt

Comes with a hood and kangaroo pockets. It is a regular-fit sweatshirt with long sleeves.

Amazon Brand – Symbol (Hooded) Men’s Sweatshirt


  • Offers lots of warmth even in winter
  • Comes with a hood
  • Also comes with a pair of big kangaroo pockets for carrying stuff


  • May fade over time
  • Requires washing by hand


4. Scott International Men’s Cotton Blend Sweatshirt

What you get here is a hooded sweatshirt. The closure type is by zipping.

Scott International Men's Cotton Blend Sweatshirt


  • Appearance is stylish
  • Hood translates into greater warmth
  • Matches with a wide array of pants


  • Zip may eventually start jamming
  • It May be uncomfortable to wear during warmer conditions (once wintry conditions are over)


5. Van Heusen Men’s (Cotton) Sweatshirt

Comes with a round neck. The fabric is cotton.

Van Heusen Men's (Cotton) Sweatshirt


  • Has soft texture
  • Color is rich (and not prone to easy fading)
  • Appearance is highly stylish


  • It is relatively thin
  • It May take a while to dry after washing


6. Qube By Fort Collins Sweatshirt for Men

Fabric is 40% polyester and 60% cotton. The neck is of a round type.

Qube By Fort Collins Sweatshirt for Men


  • Design is stylish
  • The stitching appears to be of high quality
  • The texture is quite soft


  • Color is not very rich
  • May require frequent washing (as it may attract dirt somewhat more easily)


7. THE ARCHER Printed Men’s Sweatshirt

Comes with full sleeves. Also includes a hood.

THE ARCHER Printed Men's Sweatshirt


  • It is thick and offers adequate warmth
  • Comes with a hood for more wearer comfort
  • Price is quite low


  • Some may find the dragon prints to be somewhat inelegant
  • It May take longer to dry after every wash


8. JUGULAR Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt

Fabric is cotton (100%). Has long sleeves with hood.

JUGULAR Men's Hooded Sweatshirt


  • Trendy stylish look
  • Includes a hood
  • The colors are deep and rich


  • Some may find it rather heavy
  • Maybe prone to some degree of creasing


9. AWG (ALL WEATHER GEAR) Men’s Sweatshirt

This is a regular-fit cotton sweatshirt. Comes with full zip.

AWG (ALL WEATHER GEAR) Men's Sweatshirt


  • Combines elegance with stylishness
  • Matches with a wide variety of pants
  • Comes with a high neck (for better warmth)


  • May fade slightly with time
  • The zipper may eventually start jamming (but usually after a very long service)


10. Alan Jones Clothing Men’s Fleece Sweatshirt

Comes with a high-quality hood. Fit type is regular.

Alan Jones Clothing Men's Fleece Sweatshirt


  • It is trendy and stylish in appearance
  • Dries reasonably fast after washing
  • Offers considerable warmth to the wearer


  • It is relatively heavy (and hence uncomfortable to some wearers)
  • Texture may be slightly stiff to some



A proper sweatshirt keeps you feeling warm while also giving you a trendy and stylish look. Armed with the information in this guide, you should be in a position to easily select a proper sweatshirt.


What is the use of a sweatshirt?

A sweatshirt mainly keeps the wearer warm during colder weather.

Which is the best sweatshirt for men?

The best sweatshirt for men is one that is comfortable to wear, warm, and decent in appearance.

What is the price range of sweatshirts?

The sweatshirt price range is mostly from 400 to 900 Indian rupees.