Best Supreme chair Designs in India-Buyers Guide

A supreme chair is an expensive furniture item that you can find in the homes of celebrities and VIPs. These chairs are pretty similar to those found in hotels and lounges, but they are incredibly comfortable. Supreme Chairs make using a good quality fabric that allows the user to sit comfortably on them for hours at a time. Supreme is a favorite brand of many Indians. This article highlights the best supreme chairs in India and their general features.

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Top 10 Best Supreme Chair Models in India

List of Supreme Chairs

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1. Supreme Futura Plastic Chairs Supreme-Futura-Plastic-Chairs
2. Supreme Web Designer Plastic Chair Supreme Web Designer Plastic Chair
3. Supreme Strawberry Chairs Supreme Strawberry Chairs
4. Supreme Ornate Set of 2 Plastic Chairs Supreme Ornate Set of 2 Plastic Chairs
5. Supreme Cambridge Chair Supreme Cambridge Chair
6. Supreme Texas Plastic Chairs for Home Supreme Texas Plastic Chairs for Home
7. Supreme Turbo Super Plastic Chairs Supreme Turbo Super Plastic Chairs
8. Supreme Citizen Chair Supreme Citizen Chair
9. Supreme Villa Chair Supreme Villa Chair
10. Supreme Dream Chair Supreme Dream Chair

Features of Supreme chairs

  • The best supreme chairs in India come with a variety of features.
  • They usually have comfortable seating, making them suitable for long hours of digestion sessions and work-related activities such as reading documents or chatting with friends.
  • Additionally, these chairs have exceptionally ergonomic seating that does not make users tired when they use them for long hours.
  • These chairs also come with thick cushions and are made from the best quality fabric materials to ensure the comfort of their user.

Types of Supreme chairs

  • There are several supreme chairs in India, and most of them come with different designs.
  • Popular types include the executive chair, lounge desk, armchair, and club chair.
  • All these chairs have unique seats suitable for patrons from various backgrounds because they handle personal spaces excellently.
  • Also, each type comes in different sizes to suit its users’ needs and comfort levels.

How to use Supreme chairs?

  • While using these chairs, you will have to prepare yourself before sitting on them.
  • You must make sure that the furniture is in good condition and has all its parts intact because otherwise, they may break while using them.
  • Also, avoid closing the door of your room when you are seated on a supreme chair, as it can irritate some users who do not know how this cooling function works.

Buyers Guide for Supreme chairs

  • There are a lot of supreme chair Designs in India available for purchase.
  • You can go through several online and offline sites to spot the best ones according to your requirements, price range, and other relevant criteria.
  • However, you must know that not all these pieces come with features such as comfortable seating or air-conditioning function, as mentioned in this article.
  • Always get the best quality for your sitting needs, and make sure that you know about your options.

List of Top 10 Best Supreme chairs in India-Buyers Guide

1. Supreme Futura Plastic Chairs (Set of 4, Brown)

The Supreme Futura plastic chairs are strong, durable, and come in a set of four in Brown. The seats on these plastic chairs are firm and comfortable.

Supreme Futura Plastic Chairs


  • This plastic chair is Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable seating


  • Material is thin for some customers
  • Not suitable for high-intensity activities


2. Supreme Web Designer Plastic Chair (Set of 2, Lemon Yellow)

Another excellent Supreme plastic chair for home or office use is their Web Designer collection. It comes in a set of two, and you will also get an instruction manual with it.

Supreme Web Designer Plastic Chair


  • It’s easy to transport
  • Good for activities like reading
  • The color will last for a long time frame


  • Chair legs are blending
  • Some parts of the plastic chair might peel off


3. Supreme Strawberry Chairs (Plastic, Red), Standard

A recent trend in furniture is to purchase plastic chairs that are stylish and elegant. This chair is meant to look like dessert and can be easily wiped clean by just spraying it down.

Supreme Strawberry Chairs


  • The shape makes it more comfortable.
  • The material is strong and doesn’t scratch easily
  • Being a standard chair, it is compatible with a most seating configuration


  • Doesn’t resist stains
  • It has only 6 months warranty


4. Supreme Ornate Set of 2 Plastic Chairs with Cushion (Red & Black)

These two chairs are specially for use in home and office. They come with a soft cushion for your comfort level.

Supreme Ornate Set of 2 Plastic Chairs


  • Wipes clean easily
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • They’re perfect for reading and watching television


  • Doesn’t have much of a design that makes it stand out
  • Some parts are flexible and might break after intensive use


5. Supreme Cambridge Chair (Plastic, Brown, Wenge), Standard (CambridgeWenge2)

It is a standard chair from the Cambridge series. This is an affordable model and doesn’t have an intricate appearance like other items in this collection; the Supreme Cambridge Chair has a simple plastic-like look.

Supreme Cambridge Chair


  • Easy to wash
  • Thin and lightweight Material
  • Versatile for most seating arrangements


  • Not too sturdy and requires more care
  • Thin and lightweight Material that scratches easily


6. Supreme Texas Plastic Chairs for Home, Outdoor & Garden (Set of 2, Black)

Just like their siblings, these two chairs are plastic and shiny. The imitation wood material is ideal for an outdoor setting, such as a patio in the backyard.

Supreme Texas Plastic Chairs for Home


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • They’re both sturdy enough not to get damaged when kids play with it


  • The design is only a very basic imitation of an actual chair
  • The color isn’t as bright as the pictures may lead you to believe


7. Supreme Turbo Super Plastic Chairs for Home (Set of 4, Globus Brown)

They’re pretty durable, sturdy enough for use in indoor or outdoor settings, water-resistant, and easy to wash.

Supreme Turbo Super Plastic Chairs for Home


  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy Material makes it hard
  • They’re perfect if you want one chair for every setting


  • The design looks a little too simple
  • Not made for a higher quality of home audiences


8. Supreme Citizen Chair (Plastic, Beige)

It’s a simple plastic chair with an easy-to-add, lightweight design. A basic design that doesn’t take away from the elegance.

Supreme Citizen Chair


  • Lightweight and disposable
  • Prioritized comfort and warmth
  • Easily addable to a variety of settings


  • The design is not too intricate
  • The color may not be for everyone’s liking


9. Supreme Villa Chair (Plastic, Green,2 Pieces)

An indoor chair with primary, forgiving material is easy to add designs. Unobtrusive means it doesn’t distract from the beauty of an outside environment.

Supreme Villa Chair


  • Easy and convenient for your outdoor setting
  • Basic design means it doesn’t clash with other pieces
  • Perfect if you want one chair or set of chairs in the backyard


  • A bit pricey for some customers
  • The design isn’t that sophisticated


10. Supreme Dream Chair (Plastic, Brown)

Easy to add designs and decor elements, a basic structure that doesn’t overpower the surrounding environment. Durable Material gives it enough quality for any outdoor setting.

Supreme Dream Chair


  • Pretty simple
  • Has a lightweight feel
  • Sturdy design for outdoor settings


  • The design isn’t super sophisticated
  • Not made from the strongest Material



The Supreme Collection remains a set of comfortable and sturdy outdoor furniture. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and convenient for your patio or backyard. The Supreme models come in various designs, materials, and colors. They also last for a long time without fading or falling apart. The best thing about these models is that they are pretty simple. The appeal lies in the simplicity and functionality, making them appealing to most customers.


1. What are the best supreme chairs?

There are a variety of supreme chairs available; each has its ideal setting. Some will work well indoors, while others for outside settings.

2. What is the cost of the supreme chair?

Price varies from 650 to 6,600 INR depending upon the series and the quality. You can choose the one which suits your needs.